Monday, December 31, 2007

Missed a good one

Ugh ... last day of 2007 and I missed a chance for a perfect winter run. I was going to head out around 09:00 am , the plow hadn't been by yet and there was a few cm of fresh snow on to of ice . Decided that it was just too dangerous for the road so I planned on heading to work early to hit the gym again. I left the house at 10:00 am.. it was gorgeous out ! -3C, no wind, little ice fog kinda a hazy sunshine and the road was plowed and the running area looked to be hard packed snow . I almost go back up into the driveway to do a road run but I had a time thing going on, had to be at work for Noon.

Anyway I settled for a 10K on the treadmill , 48:04 ! Not fast but it felt like an effort. I my never ending ways of finding creativity on the rubber belt I started off slow , 1st K in 6:00, second in 5:30 then at the 2K mark hot 12 kmh then every 500 meters upped it 0.1 Kmh until I hot 9.5Km then I did 15Kmh for the last 500m. Always different ! Had the heart rate pegged at 174 for the last 500m , heck the last 2 were at 165 bpm . So the 48:04 isn't bad when the first 2 K were so slow.

10K is a funny distance, there isn't enough Ks to make it up in the end. For me its a more less flat out event ! Now long races , start easy , conserve and pick it up as you go .... that's more like it.

Tomorrow is New Years day , maybe , just maybe I may be able to hit the road . Just think only another 3 months to spring ....UGH !


Saturday, December 29, 2007

No road run today

It thawed overnight , started to freeze this morning so the road run was somewhat dangerous due to ice. The sander had been down the road but the load was in the middle of the road. Its been my experience that running down the middle of the road is not a good idea!

So I jumped in my car and drove 21K to the Gym to run 10K on the treadmill.... doesn't make a whole lot of sense ! On the way to the Gym I noticed the sensation in my right ankle, I was beginning to think that I shouldn't be running at all but I came up with a really good idea....use my trail shoes. Sauconys on a treadmill are like strapping a pair of trampolines on the bottom of your feet , but it worked ! Shorty after I started another fellow came into the Gym so I had a good gab while I was running! Did my 10K in 48 minutes and changed.

I had to drive one of the kids to Angus today. On my return trip there were a couple of people running on the road . I always get a kick out of watching people run. You can tell so much about the person by .the way they run. Its kind of like the guy who guesses your weight at the carnival. A few days ago on my way home from work I saw some folks running down Highway 6. I don't normally take that route but I turned just to drive by and watch them run.
Races are an amazing place to watch other runners , the best time is as they arrive . From the Vanity Plates on there car to the clothes they where to the set of legs they have carved its all very cool.

Maybe tomorrow I can get out on the road .... hm wonder who will be watching me!


Friday, December 28, 2007

16K Yesterday

Did a 16K on the treadmill yesterday , not even sure about the time... somewhere around 80 minutes. Broke it up into thirds, 1st@11.5K 2nd@12.2 3rd@12.7. I haven't been running much in the way of distance in the last couple of months so it was a little tired. The treadmill is definitely harder on the joints, have a little something up with the right ankle. I only get this sort of thing on the treadmill . The constant repetitive nature is not great . Running on gravel roads, trails or even in the snow don't bring this sensation on. When the weather is crappy the treadmill is the only game around so I guess I will stick to it but stay away from distant runs until the weather improves in a few months.
I am pumped to get out on the road with the Garmen this weekend , hopefully the weather will allow me too!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

5K today

5K at lunch on the treadmill ! Was going to go further but the legs felt a bit stiff from yesterday so I thought hey... why push and stopped. Its is so so so important to listen to what your body is telling you. I love to run and would do it everyday if I could but I also recognize that there are limits and when the body says slow down ... you slow down !

Maybe tomorrow I will feel a little looser , want to get a 16Ker on the treadmill before the end of the week.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New toy ... Garmen Forerunner 305

Isn't Christmas wonderful ! Been playing with my Garmen Forerunner 305, unfortunately it will be a few days before I take it for a spin !

Working days this week, yesterday at lunch I squeezed in a 5K at lunch in 23:40. First few K were easy , 11-12 Km/Hour ... last two were at 13.3 Km/Hour ! Uneventful treadmill run hardly worth mention, how I long for spring !

Today , I managed a 10K at lunch. Did it is 48:12 , 800 x 200 5:00km/4:00km intervals. Running like this is as good for the physical side of things as mental ! I really believe I can do a 10K in under 43:00 , best was last May 44:51 ! Varied the elevation between +1% to-1% , two thirds were on the plus side. I believe this helps to break up the monotony of the repetitive foot strike !

Hope to do an easy 16K in the next day or two , it will have to be indoors. Maybe by the weekend I can tale the Garmin for a ride.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Best winter run

Did my 10K road run in 50:05 yesterday , great for this time of year. Going out I was into the wind , temps were around the freezing point . Was dress like my previous road runs and was quiet comfotable at hat temp. Legs felt a little stiff but that was only for the first 10 minutes. Hit the 5K mark at 27:33 , coming back the wind was at my back and I was able to pick up the pace to 22:35 for the last 5K , this is my 10K pace to make under 45:00 !!! Very pleased, the way I have been running I have been thinking that a 43:00-44:00 10K may be possible in 08.... we will see. Today and tomorrow the weather is rain so the run is going to have to be indoors. Want to do a 16K easy next ...tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Friday I did another 10K on the road, down the second to the Schmidt farm and back again. This time it was a little cooler , about -6C with a gusty breeze and a bit of snow! The snowmobile trails are open , the route I normally take in the summer is where the goes. The had just groomed it , it looked pretty solid so I thought I would give it a try. Well I was wrong ... its was harder then running in powdery sand... back to the road. There was a light dusting of snow so it was a little bit slippery , just had to mind the hills a little bit more. Running back I started to get a little cold. My muscles felt stiff , when I got home my legs were red ! Next time I am going to layer my legs too. Running back I noticed that my tracks weren't covered as I neared home. I have been working on technique , trying to land under my body. I though that this was shortening my stride but I was wrong , I was surprised at the distance between the foot prints. It kinda feels like I am shuffling along when landing on the balls of my feet. The stiffness brought on by the cold slowed me down a bit and I came in just over the 48 minute mark... couldn't have ran any further without dressing a little warmer! After the run I dropped in the Hot Tub....I usually pour a tall glass of milk but we were out so I opted for a beer instead . Boy you want to talk about a cheap drunk !!!!!!

Sunday I was working , been real busy at work lately so I was surprised to get away. Did an easy 16K run on the treadmill. This is the longest run I have done since late October . It felt great , even though it was the treadmill I got into that meditative state at around the 10K mark ! Felt like I could run forever .... I ran about 3K off in LA LA land not even realizing that I was running . The pace was fairly easy , at around 5:10 /km . I was entertained by my heart rate , kept it in the 130-140 range !

Tuesday after work I jumped back on the treadmill ! It was Fartlek day , did 800x5:13/Km then 200 at 3:45/Km. did this until I hit the 10K mark! Running like this made me feel like I could break 40:00 .... best was May 2007s Trillium where I broke 45:00 for the first time. I varied the elevation from +2 to -1 . It helped to break the monotony of the indoor run. Kept an eye on the heart rate too . Each set I did it pegged high ... mid 160s to low 170s then dropped back to the mid 140s in recovery ! I can see where this sort of a run weekly will help to increase the speed .

I am going to keep this sort of distance / mix going through Jan/Feb . Come March I am going to try to speed things up again preparing for the first 10K in May although I ultimately want to run more , run further ! I haven't done a Marathon yet , gained a ton of respect for distance over the Summer . I could do it today but I am toying with the idea of doing a 50ker before the 42 !


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Running in the Snow

Another first today, ran in the snow! It was just below freezing , a wee bit windy and there was the occasional squall! Did a 10K on 2nd , 5K towards Durham, turnaround was the Schmidt farm and then back ... all in the grand sum and total time of 53:35 ! Sounds slow but this spring when I did the 10K in under 45 I was running this route in about 49 and change !

This morning when I got up it was sunny , no wind and a couple of degrees below freezing ... Perfect! I waited a few hours then went out and I had about 30 seconds of Sun the rest was snow/blowing snow ! Wind chill was a factor too . Heading South towards Durham the wind was a little behind but more to the right of me. The front was pretty much shielded and I was comfortable . On my return it was a little different , wind was almost in my face ... more to my left . There is a couple of high open spots that I had to shield my face with may hand! All and I I was fairly comfortable . Wore regular socks .. Feet were 100%, almost hot. Had some "running pants" that I had bought on EBay ... not bad , wee bit breezy but it sure beats shorts. On top I had my metal T with a Cotton sweatshirt and a Nylon Wind Jacket ! The crowning achievement was a wool touque, I almost didn't grab this and am I ever glad I did. I wouldn't wanted to go further dressed like this . I was hot underneath , a little damp from sweat but not really too uncomfortable . So bottom line ... the dress gets a passing grade !

The road was plowed this morning I was running on hard packed snow , a little give along the edge but very similar to running on pavement. The only time I really noticed I was ruining on snow was on Hills. Had to be real careful not to break going down or get too much up on the toes going up or I lost traction. I have been working on landing more on the balls of my foot as compared to the heel by landing under the body instead of in front , this also helped me run in the slippery conditions! Breathing was no problem at all ... it wasn't too cold so I really didn't notice it. I regret not bringing a water bottle , I was craving a drink at the 5K mark.

The route I took wasn't my favorite ! Where I like to go is under a meter of snow! However I really didn't mind, the snow made it all look allot different ! Best part was the fact that it was ploughed this morning.

So , I will be back! I am resigned to get outside and run over the next four months, just have to time it!


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Been running

Been a funny week , working nights and running is strange ! All were on the treadmill , did a ...
Wed 3am 7K , stopped at 7 becasue I had to go !
Thurs 3am 7K , stopped at 7 because I had to go back to work.
Fri, 5k at 6am ! Didnt have enough time to run furtehr
Sat , finally a 10K at 4:00 am .

Its been hard to be back on the tradmill after the great runs in Maryland last week. I find myself imagining I am back on teh trails and its summer !

Wed I did an easy run , about 11Kmh east pace. I jumped off at 7K because a I had to go! Thurs was my first attempt at Fartleks, easy run 12Kmh but at the 3,4,5,6,7 K marks I did a 200meter run at 14 mh. Friaday a did a short / moderate 5K in around 23:00. Fianlly this mronnig I did an easy 10K 11/11.5/12 and the last K was at 13.3 Kmh.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Had another great run on the Rockcreek trail in Rockville. Found the start of the trail at Lake Needwood and ran to where is started the day before at Veirs Mills Road. In the two days I ran , 2:40 minutes I cover from Lake Needwood to about 2K into the "Rock Cliff Park" . I cover at least 15 of the 20 miles of trails. I highly recommend these trails, with the exception of crossing the odd road you wouldn't even know that your running in a large urban area , no problem with the air either ! See .

I started off wanting to run the trail around lake Needwood but there was construction at the Dam and the trail was closed. I didn't realize it but I was at the North end of the Rock Creek Trail ... just lucky ! So off I went , beautiful sunny late fall day , temps around 13C .. a little warmer then the day before. The trail was beautiful, big old Oak/Ash/Beech forest. Some of the Oak trees still had lots of leaves, they were a copper colour and with the sun shine it made them glow ! The trail runs though a valley between very exclusive homes, There were rock outcrops here and there and you could see where climbers had left hardware in rock face . Not much on the way of hills , more or less flat . There were these neat little arched bridges that crossed the river here and there . Came across a half dozen or so roads on the way to Viers Mills but only one was a major thoroughfare.

I didn't eat anything before I ran at 12:3O pm and I was started to feel the lack of energy ! Legs were a wee bit tired from the day before and they actually had a bit of a burn on . Rarely do I feel that way but hey I havent been doing too much running outside lately . I was wearing shorts , a metal shirt and a light nylon wind breaker . I was comfortable to warm , probably could have lost the jacket !

So its back to the snow tomorrow , when winter sets in and things freeze up I will attempt to take to the road again , all be it with a layer or two of clothing on.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Been running , haven't been blogging!

Had a classic head cold that headed south towards the lungs on the 17/18. Did my first run on the treadmill on Thur Nov 22 11 days since I ran on the beach n the DR. Only did 6.6 K that day , my lungs were a little congested so I didn't want to push it , not to mention it was the first run in awhile.

Friday Nov 23 , did a 10K on the treadmill. Didn't worry too much about the time. Somewhere around 54 minutes.

Did the same on Sunday Nov 25 , 1oK on the treadmill in a little under 50 mins. As is usual I broke the run up into thirds. First 3.3 was at 11K , next at 12K and finally crossed the line at 13.3 ! At the 6.66k mark the heart rate checked in at 146 bpm . Not to bad ! Was thinking always go harder faster in any run , never back off and make it easier unless you are overheating or behind in the O2 or you need to conserve energy to make it the rest of the way.

I find myself in Washington DC this week , before I came I Googled running in the DC area . Came up with a series of trails running through Rockville. Today was perfect conditions for a run , Sunny , light breeze and temps near 10C ! The trails are some 20+miles in all and run from the North end of Rockville all the way to DC . Not sure where I got on but it I parked at a Soccer field that runs next to the trail . Started running South towards DC, the trail was paved and in no time at all I found myself in the middle of a forest in the middle of a very big city yet it felt like I was on a run at home in the middle of the bush ! There was a mix of Ash / Oak and Beach trees . Some were very mature. The leaves were still on allot of trees, much like running at home in mid October . The trail ran through allot of parks and crossed fewer streets then I imagined it would. At around the 10k mark I entered "Rockcliff Park" , I am sure I have seen this place used in a movie set. The highlight came at about 40 minutes in to the run when I came across a historical plaque , it went something like ... here in 1774 George Washington built a Mill to help feed .... Wow , 1774 ... two years before the US became a country. So I turned back and picked up the pace a little and found myself back at the car in 1:20 . It was a pretty flat run so I estimate I did around 15k . I hope to try a different trail tomorrow ...


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

70K on the Beach Last Week!

Ran, most of the way :<), a 10K each day Mon Nov 5 thru Sunday Nov 11 !

I was staying at the Palladium , when I hit the beach and turned left West ) I ran to the Grand Bahia Primncipie 5K. If I turned right ( East ) I ran past the dolphin pens and the turnaround occurred at the wharf , 5K ! I used Google earth to map out the course and distance before I went !

First run was way to late in the morning . First day there I started the run at 08:30 , it was more then 20C warmer then my last run at home. Temps were near 30C with high Humidity , not to mention the Sun beating down on me with no Breeze ... I WAS HOT! First 20 minutes were OK . When the internal body temp started to rise I was done! The solution to overheating is simple , cool down. Throughout the week when I found I was overheating I would walk for awhile. Another thing I did the rest of the week was to run much earlier .

Highlights of a week of running on the beach ......

  • Dodging the waves , it got to be second nature! The sand is very powdery , no shells. The only firm surface was where the waves washed up!
  • Smelling the Food Prep at all the resorts!
  • Other runners, in the 100's of Ks I have ran at home this year I have never passed another runner nor encounter more then a pedestrian or two. There were three types of runners on the beach 1) the ones the serious types ( like myself) 2) the so-so runners that well do some running now and again 3) the I am going to run on the beach because I am on a Holiday.... not runners at all. OK , now I am new at encountering runners on the beach but I was expecting a friendlier bunch of folks , after all we are all brothers and sisters with a very strong bond! Only 1 in 3 runners I said Hello to or waved at even acknowledged my existence!
  • SUN , good and bad. The sun was low in the sky and it felt SO Good until I overheated
  • Clouds, when it was too hot I prayed for clouds... better yet RAIN !
  • Other folks on the beach , I was fun seeing everyone . I was amazed how many were on the beach at 07:00 am !
  • Taking laps through the Grand Bahia Precipice ! I stayed here a couple of years ago and it was cool to return ... brought back lots of memories !
  • I really appreciated the different climate/topography/vegetation. The palms all along the beach, the sound of the waves !
  • At then end of the run I would grad a couple of bottles of water , remove my shoes and lounge by the pool then jump in and cool down. I had time on my side so I would take 30 to 60 minutes after to cool down!

The reset of the week I was usually out around 07:00 am . Temps were around 25C so it wasn't to to bad. I was use to these sort of temps running last summer !

I was surprised how few Type 1 runners had water bottles! I had my fuel belt , I would have never been able to run as far without it !

This past week I was busy working on some projects at home and then I had to work 12 hour days Fri/Sat/Sun , I also came down with a classic head cold so I haven't had a chance to run in the past 7 days. Mentally and physically I really look forward to getting back on track, it may be on the trad mill or maybe outside ... doesn't really matter just want to get moving !


Friday, November 2, 2007

Cool runn'in !

Did my 16K loop today, 1:28:41. Weather was 8C, sunny with gusty winds. I wore my shorts, cotton T with a Nylon Wind Breaker and for the first time ever , cotton gloves. I was pretty comfortable , opened and closed the wind breaker as I heated and cooled. Gloves were supper, you can tell the seasoned runners this time of year...they are all wearing gloves. Its amazing how cold your hands get and how uncomfortable it is even at 8C. Lets felt OK, little stiff but I suspect that may have some thing to do with the cooler temps and shorts . I just got a pair of running pants , I thought that they would be too warm today, I will wait until it gets a little closer to freezing to wear them.
Heading to the Caribbean next week for some R&R with my wife. I have a route all mapped out where I am going, a 10 and 20 beach run. Looking forward to be back in the warmth , it will probably take a couple of days to thin the blood a bit !


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It was an indoor run today , 10K in 47:36 ! Strangely enough I didn't mind , I am working a 12 hour day shift so it was great to get a run in at lunch !


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Horror Hill 15K Road Race 1:13

Wow , 1:13:?? I figured around 1:20...maybe if it ws a good day around 1:15 ! I read a blog last night after googling "Horror Hill" .... a guy wrote that it should have been called Horror Hills , he also went on about not being happy with his time 1:26 and mentioned running Boston ! So I thought my goal of 1:20 was do able but would be a bit tough.

Weather was 14C , gusty winds with occasional showers! I was deterninted to pace myself in this race , I wanted to do the first 5 k at a 5 min / K pace. When I crossed the 1K mark it was right at the 5:00 mark . From reading budys blog he said that majority of the hills were in the first 8K. Based on this I decided to try to keep a 5 min pace to the 8K mark and then pick it up for the last half of the race . The BIG hill came between 4-5K, it was tough but I am use to running simialr inclines in my 16K loop. At the 8K mark I was 40:30 , a wee bit off pace and a little concerened that I didnt have it in me today ! 8-9 K was a flat strecth so I thaough its do or die and I never looked back. Crossed the 9K at about 44:50 , really turned it on to gain the lost time. Beyond 9K I backed off a little but every K there after to the finish was under 5:00 .
I started passing runners at between the 9 and 10K mark , by the time I made it to the end I passed 4 runners in the last 5K and wasnt passed by anyone ! And yes... its allot more fun to pass that it is to be passed !!!!!! Had a little fun in the last few K , there was a fellow in front of me that I gained on the hills then he streched it out on the flats. I came within a few meters the he streched it out to 20 meters . We went back an forth a few time then at last hill, and it was a big one, with about 300 merters to go I passed him , at the top of the hill with 150m to go he passed me. In the last 100m I passed him again and sprinted to the finish. As I passed him he commented "Way to go" !!!!! I love runners , I love running .... how very cool that was !


Friday, October 26, 2007

15K run tomorrow

In the morning I am going to do a 15K "Country Road" Race. Its . Apparently the "Hill" part should be "HillS". I hope to do it in 1:20 , given the hills and all. I run hills all the time so I hope that it pays off and I can make it in time I suspect I can do! Its always a bit of a game to try to predict how you are going to do.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1:26:27 , learning to run in the cold!

Did my 16K loop today in 1:26:27... a new personal best! Weather was cool, 6C , overcast with a bit of wind.

Did the first K in 4:43, as fast as I have gone in awhile. Tried to slow it down a little to about 5:00/K pace for at least the first 5k. I wasn't sure how to dress , I had shorts on with my moisture wicking "metal" top and an old vented Rebok Nylon Coat. After a few K I felt a little warm and opened the front of the coat. By the time I got to the 8K mark I started to cool down and did the coat back up again! All in all I was warm enough except for my hands. I noticed them getting cold around 10K and by the time I made it to the end they were frozen. Next time I run under these conditions I will wear a light pair of gloves.

I really liked running in the cold , better then the heat! The time I did was a new PB for this route . I just broke the cold mark I set a couple of weeks ago by about 20 seconds. Its amazing how far you can go and how close you are to earlier times . By far the #1 thing that slowed me down this summer wad those really hot days!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

1/2 on Thursday

Did my 21K run on Thursday in 2:10 . I haven't done a long run in awhile and I really noticed it in the last 5K.

On Wednesday Evening I did a 1.5 hour intense upper weight routine. Got up Friday morning , had a couple of small cups of coffee and took off. The weather was overcast , threatening rain and about 15C. At first I was comfortable but there was a strong wind when I was in the open areas. I have two chances to shorten the run , at 4K and can turn it into a 10K run , at 8K I can turn it into my 16K run. At the 4 and 8K turn offs I felt good and there was no doubt it was going to be a long one.

I was a little worried that if it started to rain I would get cold. Next time I run in these conditions I think I will add a Garbage Bag to my fanny pack as a just in case move.

I did a Gel pack starting at 11K, its getting harder to enjoy this stuff and I made sure I took it with lots of water .

At 14K I hit a really big hill that really took allot out of me , its about a 40m climb over about 300 meters, some parts steeper then others! Good thing about this hill was that there is about a 1K gradual downhill after for recovery but at the end of the downhill there was another steep on similar to the one that I just climbed !

Last few K were a real shuffle, my chest was cold. Wasn't sure if it was cold or just a tight feeling but it wasn't comfortable. I had the same feeling another time when I ran under similar conditions. I think I should have had more then just a light cotton short on. I really have to learn how to dress and run when its cooler!

After I finished I felt really tired , grabbed a big glass of Milk and jumped in the Hot Tub for 30 minutes. After the hot tub I had some chili and toast and hit the couch . I didn't feel very good , I was getting chills and I felt sleepy tired ... so I slept for an hour. It wasn't until dinner that I shook the chills and tired feeling.

I was going to use this run to see decide if I was ready for a 6 hour attempt ... I AM NOT ! There is a 15K road race that I think I will do and I haven't dismissed the Marathon in early November !

Stay tuned... Ron.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Treadmill at 2am

Did a 10k in 49:30 on the treadmill at 02:00 am this morning! It was OK, got lost in thought while I ran. Its truly the only way to make time on the treadmill a less boring! Did the first 5K in 27 minutes, then I cranked it up and did the next 5 in 22:30! That's definitely going above the heart rate of around 140 but it felt good to go faster.

Today's thoughts turned to pacing again! I have decided that its better to pass then to be passed in a race. I can see the benefit of splitting the race into thirds , each consecutive one cranking it up a notch. Pacing it a tough thing to do when you start in a race but I can see the benefit and it would really help make it so I don't get passed !


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Havent been up to much, working mids this week and as i sso often the case I have been challanged to get enough sleep !

Sunday I did my 16K loop , 1:36 ! Not to bad but it was a warm day , 23C with high humidity. Heat wasnt a huge factor but it was 10 minutes slower then runnign at 16C .

Thursday I did an easy 10K on the treadmill , 52:00 ! The night before that I lifted weights.

I was going to run overnight but I was too tired. Sometimes its allot better to lay off when you don't feel up to it!

Will get another treadmill run in this evening. I find it to be a we bit on the boring side hitting the treadmill bit I am sure that as the weather gets colder I will be more motivated to run indoors !

Still thinking about doing a 6 hour race in a couple of weeks. Sometimes I think I am up to it , sometimes I know I am not up to it ,,, how fickle ! I am not going to commit for another week or so , see how it goes.


Friday, October 5, 2007

HOT run today

Did my 16K loop today , it was HOT HOT HOT! The heat monster was definitely at work , it was 28C and very humid. I turned in a 1:42:53 , very slow but quiet understandable. On Monday I did the same run in 1:26 .
I walked the last 500m, figured I wouldn't have it in me for a cool down after running ! As soon as I was done I grabbed a tall glass of Milk and hit the Hot Tub for 30 minutes. I have the tub a couple of degrees below body temp at 96F so it was a good cool down. After the hot tub I grabbed a tall cool Beer and jumped in the swimming pool and floated around on an air mattress for another 30 minutes. So all in all a good day , its not often that you get this kind of weather around here this time of year.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

10K Blowout *(^&*%^(%*^&

Every now and again you just know its not the day to be running , well today was one of those days. As is usual I did walke away learning a few things, here is what I know!

New Rule #1 .... DO NOT , I REALY MEAN >>> DO NOT have a massive steak dinner and then try to run the next morning ! This isn't the first time I have been suspicious that a big steak the night before is slowing me down but now I know this for a fact ! back in July I did a 10K and had some disappointing results, I expected to break the 45 min mark and came in closer to 48 minutes , the whole race felt like it was uphill ! The meal the night before the race was a big Steak!

I started out wanting to do a 16K run today , the route I take I can abort the longer run at the 4.5K mark and turn it into a 10K and that's exactly what I did. I felt very sluggish and a cramp. I even walked up one of my last big hills . Ended up with a whopping 1:02:53 , real slow for me. I didn't really get into the run until about the 8K mark ! Things started to come together at that time and I could have kept going but called it a day !

Before I set out today I had a large OJ, 2 Cups of Coffee and an English Muffin with Peanut Butter. Tuesday when I did a new PB for the 16K I has OJ, Coffee and a couple of Cinnamon buns !

On an upside I did wear my Heart Rate Monitor today . Learned that I am doing 150 bpm when I am at a comfortable , sustainable stride ... about 11.0-11.5 Kmh. I was suprised when I hit the hills and the rate climbed close to my MAX ! Regardless of my age of 46 years my Max rate is is around 175 bpm , so running at 150 bpm puts me in the 85% of max . Now this is a wee bit high , I probably should run more around 140 bpm or 80% of my Max . When I got above 160 bpm I notice that I was stressed , falling behind in o2 and generally felt tired ! One thing I didn't like about the HRM was the tightness of the strap around my chest.

I have a light dinner tonight , tomorrow I will have a cup of coffee and now food then hit the trail!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back on track...

Back to feeling 100%+ after last weeks flu bug. Did a 10K on the treadmill Sunday in 52:00 , felt a little tentative but I made it ! Today I did my 16K road/trail run , new PB at 1:26:53 , it felt great.
Temperature was a comfortable 16C, sky was overcast and there was about a 10Kmh swilling breeze.
Found myself watching my breathing to ensure it was deep, was conscious of the stomach movement. Heat wasn't an issue, fell behind on o2 on the uphills but recovered on the down. Had a little cramping in the right thigh , nothing major. Didn't bother with the gel this time , last time I did I spent 20 minutes trying to catch my breath after choking! Didn't miss it and ended up with my fastest time yet on this run. An hour or so before I went out I had a large Orange Juice , 2 Coffees and 2 Cinnamon Buns with White Icing mm good!
Going to save the long run for the weekend !


Saturday, September 29, 2007

I wasn't thinking about running !

Got sick on Tuesday , a flu bug hit me hard and its taking some time to recover! I am working this weekend and just had an opportunity to do an upper body weight routine and a 1K run. Weather looks great for the week ahead and I am working evenings so there should be some great opportunities to get out.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No time to blog or run but hey I made time ! haven't been sitting idle, when I am not running I think about running.

Did my 10.2 K road run on Sunday, 53:54 then on Monday I did the 16K loop in 1:31:11..

Its funny but no matter how far I run it seems like I have nothing left at the end, 10 , 16, 21 or 25 I AM DONE ! Part of it is pacing but I think a bigger part is mental. I have no idea how far I can go and how long it will take to get there but I think I am up to a 50K.

It was pretty warm on Sunday for the 10K run , heat was a bit of an issue and so too was o2 ! I didn't run since Tuesday and it does make a difference when I don't get out .... its going to be a long winter!

Mondays run was magical , time of day , weather and the time of year had everything to do with it! I went out at about 6pm after working all day. Temp was 26c which is really warm for this time of the year. First 1K was in 5:11 , good pace for the start of a longer run. Everything felt good but I knew I was going to feel it in my legs a little latter and I was right. The run was very picturesque, the leaves are starting to really turn colour and the sun was low in the sky! For awhile I had the Sun directly at my back , being low in the sky I had a running companion... my shadow! I was this giant with huge legs and a small body , when I went up hill I became shorter and going down I was Mr. Stretch all the way. Anyway it was fun watching my shadow ! About 40 minutes in I did a gel pack , first mouthful went down the wrong way making me choke. I kept going but had to slow down until I could breath again , it was at least another 10 minutes before I stopped coughing. Passed a total of 3 cars, counting cars has become somewhat of an amusing pastime , it reminds me of just how fortunate I am to live where I do and how laid back life really is in West Grey ! I have a huge hill to climb at about the 12K mark , I really felt a burning in my legs. Not enough to slow me down or make it uncomfortable but they sure were trying to tell me something. The last few K have a good 2K of gradual down hill through a very thick forest ... love to give er through this part of the run , especially when its starting to get dark ... sure makes you feel like you are flying ! The last 1/2K is a pretty good hill , climb about 20 meters and its always a sprint to the end !

may get out tonight , may wait and do a 21K tomorrow. Have to wait and see how the weather holds out or what the family is up to.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Great day for a run...

Working 12 hours days today so I had a chance to do a 10K Road/Trail run today in about 50 minutes . Heat was a bit of at 25C ! Concentrated on the breathing today and have been for awhile now. Trying to breath from the diaphram bringing air deep into the lungs vs breathign shallow from the chest !


Monday, September 17, 2007

Nice day to run

Did my 21.5 K loop yesterday , 02:00:01 ! Tried like the devil to break 02:00 but hey I was very close. Temps were great , 14C and the sun was out with a steady Southerly Wind.

First 10K was a breeze . I usually feel the fatigue start to set in around the 4-5 K mark but it didn't happen until much later in the run. I suspect that there were two things that contributed. First and foremost I believe that the cooler temps were a huge influence. Also I only did two 10Ks last week Tues/Wed
( I didn't blog Wed run but it was almost identical to Tues at 49:49 ). So I was well rested , weather was great and I was keen. Turned it up a notch in the last 3 or 4 K . After a bit of a coll down I grabbed a big glass of milk and headed to the hot tub for a 40 minute soak!

The 21.5K course is a mix of back roads and tractor trails. The "roads" are mostly wooded with a few open areas where there is pasture land. I ran between 14:00 and 16:00 on a Sunday afternoon and only encountered 7 vehicles. The air here is very clean, I often wonder how tough it would be to do this sort of thing in an Urban Environment.

Thinking of doing a 21K trail race this weekend but I am not sure if I can put it together. More then likely the next race I enter will be a month from now . In the meantime I will try to get as much outdoor running in as possible before winter comes.... here's hoping for a long dry moderate temperature Fall !


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ran indoors today , rain and cooler temps

Fall is definitely around the corner .. rain and cooler temps forced my run indoors today. Better get use to it ! Just did an easy 10K in 49:38 , played with the elevation throughout the run , trying to somewhat simulate running on an uneven surface to try to minimize the repetitive nature of running on a flat hard surface. Also played with speed , 0-3.3 K 11.5 kmh , 3.3 to 6.6 12.0 kmh, 6.6 to 9.0 12.5 kmh, 9.0 to 9.5 13.3 kmh then a wee bit of a sprint to the end around 15 kmh.

Was thinking allot about form again , this time I tried lifting my legs up more towards my but instead of a shuffle that I have a tendency to do . I can see that it is a way to cover more ground in a shorter time but its also more taxing on the muscles and knees ! I always get a kick out of watching other runners form , there is allot to be learned .


Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Road/Trail Run

Yesterday I got to give my new 21.5K course a try ! It was a great day , temps around 20C and Sunny. Did the first 1K in 5:30 , a great pace to start a long run ! Felt very relaxed and had lots of energy for about the first 8K , at the 40 minute mark I did a gel , this was also the point where I headed off on the new leg of my run . There was a guy doing Target practice at about the 10K mark , I didn't like where the target was in relation to the road I was running on so I yelled to them "Runner on the Road" , they stopped while I went by . There was a new really big hills at about the 14K mark . All and all the hills defiantly came into play ! Finished the run in 02:07:31 , seems slow to the 25K Race I ran in 2:10 a week ago but hey , there just wasn't the big hills and it was after all a race !
I do allot of blogging in my head when I am running that doesn't make it here. One thing that I always ponder is my technique ! I would say I am a heal striker that doesn't get up on the toes and more or less shuffles the feet along. Now and again I do tilt the hips ahead a wee bit more , land more on the balls of my feet , roll to the toes and then lift my leg as it move back! Sometimes its not good to change the "Natural Stride" but I believe its good to be aware and also practice some of things that I know I should be doing !


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A warm run but glad to be out ...

Did may first run after Saturdays trail race , did about 10K in about 50 minutes. Never intended on running outside today but I had 1:15 for lunch , the weather looked great ... or so I thought.
Got about 500 meters out and I had a pain from an inadequate band aid cover a blister on my left heal ... PAIN. Turned around and went back and got one .... much better!
I checked the temperature a short time before I headed out and it said 22C ..... nice ! Got going and realized that it was somewhat warmer and about 100% humidity , boy was it hot! (Upon return it was 29C ... now that's one of the warmer runs I did) . Anyway today I battled the heat monster , it slowed me down a little .
The run was 4K Tar and Chip / 2K Gravel and 4K trail at the Allan Park Trout Pond ! The run to the trail was 3K but worth it when I got there ! I havent been on these trails for a dozen years, I use to Mountain Bike them . This was the first time I have ever ran them. Anyway I will be back , way way way better then running on a treadmill in the Gym... at least until the snow flys .
Dread the winter months , I was looking at a couple of races before the end of the year. Think I will do a 10K Thanksgiving , Mon Oct 8 and then a 6 Hour Ultra Trail Event on Oct 27 . The 6 hour one is where you go as far as you can in a 6 hour time span ... my goal is to hit 50K , hope I can do it !
Probably get another 10K in Thurs or Fri then I will do my long run on Sat or Sunday , I have a new 21.4K route .... Looking forward to it , maybe it will be a little cooler !


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Paradise Lake Trail Run , Sept 1 2007 .

Had a great race " 31 227 Ronald Irwin 2:10:39 HM 26/44 26 5:14 Durham " . It was allot of fun and much easier then my last trail race !

Started the morning at 5am , an hour before the alarm was to go off . Only had about 5 hours of so so sleep but I was ready . Had a breakfast of Oatmeal , English Muffin / Peanut Butter , Coffee and Milk . Jumped in the e hot tub for an hour and then it was off to Waterloo . It was about a 90 minute drive , had a hard time shaking off the tired sleepy feeling but I knew that wouldn't last . Consumed a gel pack on the way !

Arriving at the run , 08:30 the weather was beautiful , sunny anda bout 15C . Didn't do too much to warm , more or less just picked up the race kit , suited up and then realized in the sun . Race started at 09:30 , the 5K, 10K and 25K runners all started together ... 200 +.

The run started up a lane way , bit of a hill ... didn't change pace but I could tell that it would get bigger as I approached the 25K mark . After running back to the start we dropped into the woods. There wasn't any huge hills but there was lots of a few meters up and down . Trail markers were a little tough to follow in the bush but I was just following the other runners on the first loop. The course was a 5K loop done 5 times . I wasn't sure that I would like it but I figured that at least you would know what was coming up . Did a gel pack on the second loop at about the 40 minute mark ! The race thinned out after the 10K mark as there were only 60 runners on the 25K . Passed the 10K mark at 50 minutes , a 12Km pace or 5:00 min/K ..... I was happy and figured I should be able to keep it up ! The next 5 or so K were pretty easy , I was having fun and didn't feel tired . When I passed the start/finish for the third time or 15K mark I was starting to feel a wee bit tired but was keeping pace . Did another Gel Pack at about the 1:20 mark . The 4Th loop I was really staring to feel it but managed to keep the 12 km pace going . The last 5K I really started to fatigue , I am sure this is where I started to loose a bit of time . Anyway I had a good finishing kick in the last few hundred meters and finished in 2:10:39 , I felt good !

Going forward I am going to take my weekley "long run" up a notch to around the 20K mark . Not sure on the next race but I am looking at another 25K trail race at the start of October.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No run today , letting a blister heal ! Not going to do too much on Thurs and Friday , race is Saturday morning . Figured that I would conserve energy and give my body a chance to heal . I think you going shorter / faster requires more attention to the details in the week before a race , going longer and not nearly as fast shouldn't require quiet so much finesse ! Being well rested , injury free and having lost of Ks in the log over the past few weeks is good planning .


Monday, August 27, 2007

16K today in 1:32:14 , easy run !!! Pace was great from the start , 1st K was 5:13 , a wee bit fast but no too bad . Had some trouble breathing , felt like I had Flem in the back of my throat that I couldn't clear. This happens from time to time but I usually run through it . It started at about the 2K mark and didn't clear until about the 8K mark when I consumed some Carb Gel and water . I think I just need to lubricate the throat a little . I also had a little shoe issue , I usually tie them up like they are hockey skates but I thought I would try them a little looser . About half way I noticed some pain in my right heal , sure enough a blister formed . I thought about stopping to tie my shoes tighter but I kept going thinking it was too late to make a difference .
Been playing a bit with my mechanics , looking to gain some efficiencies . I am more of a heel striker then on the ball of my foot . Found that if I tilt the hips forward a bit that I land more on the heel and the pace picks up a little . Also paid attention to the arm position and movement . I try not to hold them too high , keep them loose and moving in the same plane as the direction I am running . I use to swing the arms across the chest ... wrong ! Anyway the mechanics are important , I like to watch other runners to see how they do it , right or wrong!
Race is on Saturday , tomorrow is Tuesday and I am going to take it easy . Wednesday I am going to do and easy 10K on the treadmill and then Thurs and easy 5K trail run and finally a day of rest on Friday .


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Learning to slow down a little

Working this weekend so the run had to go indoors , did a 10K on the treadmill in 48:29 . Working towards next weekends 25K trail race . According to a training calculator,7169,s6-238-277-279-0-0-0-0-0,00.html I am ran at what is know as a "tempo" pace based on a recent 10K in 44:51. Now according to what I have read .....
"Tempo runs help you improve your running economy and your running form. They are often described as "hard but controlled" runs, and they will help you prepare for races of 10,000 meters to the marathon. Tempo workouts generally fall into one of two categories: steady runs of 2 to 6 miles; or long intervals with short recoveries. Here's an example of the latter: 4 x 1 mile at tempo run pace with 2 minutes of recovery jogging between repeats. You should do tempo runs no more than once a week, and they should make up no more than 10 to 15 percent of your total training."
I should only do this once a week ..... OOPS . Guess I have been pushing it a little ! Actually I was pushing it allot , it wasn't long ago that every 10K i did was at a 4:25 pace somewhere between a tempo run and a maximum oxygen training pace . Now the o2 pace is described as ...
"Maximum oxygen','Maximum-oxygen workouts help you improve your running economy and your racing sharpness. These workouts are often called "interval workouts," and are most useful when you are preparing for a race of 5000 meters to half-marathon. Here's an example of a good maximum-oxygen workout: 6 x 800 meters at maximum-oxygen pace with 4 to 6 minutes of recovery jogging between repeats. You should do maximum-oxygen workouts no more than once a week, and they should make up no more than 6 to 10 percent of your total training. (When you run these workouts, you are running at or near 100 percent of your maximum oxygen capacity, which scientists call max O2; hence the name for these runs."
What I really should be doing is the Easy Run , better described as "Top coaches and exercise physiologists believe that most runners should do 80 to 90 percent of their weekly training at the easy run pace )this includes your long runs, done at approximately the same pace). Easy runs build your aerobic fitness, and your muscular and skeletal strength. They also help you burn more calories and recover for harder workouts. " ... again OOPS !

So bottom line , more easy runs for me ! That's the true joy of going the distance , it forces you to have an easy run . The 10K shootout is just to tempting to go like hell all the time because you can.

I will probably do an easy run tomorrow , 5;31 pace seems a wee bit slow . I think I would be doing good to do a 5:00 pace . Monday I will hit the road again , will do an easy 16K run ! When I do my long run I will try to stick to the following recomendatiosn ... " Long runs form the foundation of all marathon training programs. Long runs build everything from your confidence to your discipline to your fat-burning. So, even when you're not training for a specific marathon, it's a good idea to do at least one semi-long run a week. Because long runs are done at a relaxed pace, there's great latitude in how fast you actually run. In general, we believe that slower is better than faster. Let your long runs be your slow runs, and save your legs for other days of the week when you might do tempo runs or maximum-oxygen runs. But there are a thousand theories about how to do long runs, none of which have yet been proven superior to the others. The important thing is building up the distance and training your body to keep going for 3, 4, 5 or however many hours it's going to take you. "



Thursday, August 23, 2007

This evening I did my 16K loop in the new shoes , 1:33:14 , conditions were very warm ...24C with very high humidity . I laid off pretty good in the first 1K , it was 5:13 , this started a great starting pace . By the time I passed the 2K mark I felt like I had the rhythm I usually don't find until sometime after 10K .
At about the 10K mark I did a gel pack , I think they are a good idea . It may be more of a mental boost then anything but it seems to make a difference . At around 11K mark I was really feeling good , as a matter of fact just a wee bit on the buzzed side ! It was getting dark , I was running through a Forest ...very surreal ! Had a technical shirt on, the kind that wicks away the moisture . Its better to run with this then no shirt , its like having air conditioning turned on ... I'm sold ! Got a pretty good boost around the 12K mark . Picked up the pace and it felt good , finished the last few meters like it was a 100 yard dash !


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yesterday was a test drive... I did my 10.2Km loop with the new shoes . Did it in 50:00 , I only broke 50:00 once all summer ....hey there lots of hills ! ( 10K pb is 44:51 , )

All of the big hills are in the first 6 K , total climb is about 150 meters . My 5 K time was 24:40, between 5 and 6K there is the biggest climb so its usually around a 5:30-6:00 min/k ! I really picked up the pace around the 7K mark, the 10L time was 49:10 so may last 5K was also in 24:30 ... things are looking up .... its very rare that the last half was faster then the first . From everything that I read being quicker on the last 5K is the way to do it . I am sure that the longer runs will continue to help me pick up the pace as I go through the 10K .

As far as the shoes go, they are great ! What I noticed today .....
- A quick time
-Steep downhill on rough/loose/rocky surface was allot faster ! This can be very bone jarring but the new shoes absorbed the shock amazingly well . It gave me more confidence to open up a bit more in these tough sections .

Its suppose to be a bit warmer tomorrow , today's run was at a very comfortable 18C , forecast is for 27c on Wednesday .... hope to do the 16Km loop later in the evening , have to put off dinner until after I run .

Monday, August 20, 2007

New shoes

OK , I got the Saucony Men's Grid Excursion II, suspect that it would qualify as an entry level trail show ..... for me its just perfect !

I went into the Runner Room in Owen Sound, they had a very cool Muzano shoe but it was double the price of the shoe I bought . Its a great store and I will return soon to buy some tech pants for the cooler weather , maybe even those Muzano's too !

I was pretty bagged from working nights but just had to give the new kicks a test drive . Wow, I love them . Like any new shoe the cushioning made them feel a little bouncy . On uneven surfaces they seemed to average out the terrain a bit . Uphill was amazing , the encourage you to get up on your toes and the grip was phenomenal ! Fit was really good, not much slippage and very comfortable . So after first 5K of trail they are a 100% keeper .

Tomorrow I hope to do a 10 or even a 16K run , cant wait .

This is my running blog bit it really is tough not to include a few other things that go on on life. Running rules.... it has such a profound effect on so many aspects of ones life !

This is my last midnight shift for awhile , did a 21Km run last night so I laid off the run and lifted weights . I have changed my weight routine as a result of my desire to run further and somewhat faster . I used to lift heavy doing 3 set of 4-8 reps to exhaustion , did this for bulk and hit a Max weight of 196 lbs a couple of years ago . Now as a runner I am doing more reps at lighter weights , 4 set of 12 reps and never to exhaustion .... but close . Body weight is 181 lbs and holding . Last nights run was a 2000 calorie burn , seems that the legs are getting bigger , slightly less body fat and the bulky muscle has declined .

I doubt I will get a chance to run today , I have to change my body to sleeping at night . I am however going to get another pair of running shoes. I have two pairs I want to have a look at and
I am leaning towards the Saucony but will decide after I try them out . I know that the trail shoe is going to have to be a little more stable , I hope its not too stiff . I rally like the Addia's that I have been running with for the last 1.5 years but they are not trail shoes and are getting near the end of life .


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another indoor run blah , blah , blah .....

OK , what do you do at 1 in the morning .... RUN ? Just did a half marathon on the treadminll , 21Km in 1:44:50 . I messed around the first 10K , ran up steep hills and down little ones , walked , ran a 4:30 K . At around 10Km is settled into a 12Kmh pace running flat and it all came together , breathing was easy , I wasnt too hot , heart rate was a comfortable 140 and I was having fun ! it was like I wasnt even running . Started to get a wee bit tired around the 18Km mark but I felt like I could go another 2oK ! Didnt eat during the run but I did manage to drink a bottle of Gator Aid .


Saturday, August 18, 2007

No run on mids this morning , did however sign up for my next race . Going to do a 25K trail race , its a 5K loop done 5 times ! Seems like going around in circles !

Race is ... , picked this one because its only about a 70 minute drive , its also a great way to kick off the Labour Day Weekend .


Friday, August 17, 2007

Treadmill run this morning at 04:00 am ... took it easy did a 10K at 1 degree incline in 48:56 with a heart rate around 140 . I was going to lift this morning but just didn't have it in me . The legs felt great , real liquid ... felt a little low in energy the last half but pushed through .

Didn't run yesterday , instead I did a 25K Mountain Bile ride . Not use to zero effort going down hill , wee bit different then running !


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just finished a 16K run on the good old treadmill ! Not my first choice in running these days but when it2 2:00 am and you are at work your choices are limited .

Running on night shift really helps to turn my clock around and it passes time when its not too busy . I didn't get a break last night so I did took a double meal period so I was able to do my long run this morning .

Did the 16K in 1:22:57 , more or less kept the heart around 140 . Did hills , up 4 degree grade and down 2 ... cool treadmill ! Did 13-15K at my desired 10K pace of 13.3 Km .

I need a new pair of shoes , the race kit I picked up on Sunday had a book called "Get Movin with Saucony ! It explained the Pronation VS required support thing . I love the shoes I am running in now ! The ones prior to this were Dogs , felt like bricks ! What I learned from this booklet is that the shoes I love provide no stability , the ones that were dogs were stabilized . I love the " no stability" , if feels like they are an extension of my feet ! The stability shoes felt like i strapped on a couple of bricks . So much for the advice from Sport Check , they have good products at great prices but you better be a very well informed consumer.... I am learning . I think I will break down and pay a few more $$ and go to the running room . This brings me to another delima , I am going to have to buy at least two different types of shoes , one for road / treadmill and another for trail running ! I used the street shoes on the trail and did the treads ever get beat up !

Next race I am considering is a 25K trail race in Waterloo or a Half Marathon Road Race in Wasaga Beach the following weekend .... better the new shoes soon !


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well it didn't go quiet as well as I expected ! Finished in 46:47 , about 3 minutes off what I thought I could do and about 2 minutes off what I should have done !

I attribute this to.... maybe that is
-Heat , I was way too hot . Temp was 25C , Sun and lots of Humidity .
-Leading up to this race I backed way off on the speed when training . Next 10K I will do a few fast runs the week of the race .
-Maybe it was the Big Steak dinner I had the night before

Regardless it was great to be running . The first 1K was in 4:05 ... OOPS , now I did back off realizing that there was no way I would ever be able to keep the pace . I crossed the 5K mark in 22:35 , not bad I was aiming for 22:30 so I was on the mark . The only problem was the fuel tank was running empty . I was hot and my legs felt like stone . So the last 5K was in 24:17 , not the 21:30 I was looking for ... oh well as I said "regardless I was running "

What to do different ...
- More long runs . I was only in July that I started doing 16.4 K runs ! I did 3 of these prior to a 25K trail run ! I think my gains were more mental then physical . So going forward I am going to try to do at least 1 16K run a week . I will run outdoors until the winter then for the very frozen months I will do a 16 on the tread mill.
- Save the big steak until after the run! Stick to pasta the night before.

Not sure what my next event will be , this was my third this season and I sure enjoy it !


Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting closer to Sundays race , I am feeling pretty good and am hoping to reach my goal . Thursday I did a 10K on the treadmill keeping my heart rate below in the 140-150 range , allot different then the mid 160's . Anyway I did most of the run at 12K , at 7 I cranked up a little until I crossed the line at 13K , 0.3K short of my race goal !

Tonight Friday I did a 1K run then did and upper body weight routine !

Tomorrow, Saturday I am going to tale it easy !


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Getting ready for Sundays 10K ... trying to more or less layoff , keep the heart rate at 140 or below and run shorter ! Monday I did 5K , Tues around 9K and tonight Wed it was 5K . Normally I try to run 4:30 Ks , heart rate is around 155-165 and run no less then 10K .

It will be interesting to see how this affects my time on Sunday !


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Getting ready for a 10K this weekend . I am a middle of the pack sort of runner , my goal is to finish under 45 minutes , maybe some where between 43 and 44 ! I always get a big kick out of trying to guess what my finish time will be .

Now I have read a bizillion diffferent training methods , none of which I subscribe to but probably should . My bottom line philosiphy is " Jut do it" . Good or bad there is allot to be said about just do it !

Maybe its a mind thing but I always like to go fast ! Its like every run is a race . Max heart rate is somewhere around mid 170's . Typically I run in the mid 160s which goes against everything I have read . From time to time I will get behind in the O2 , heart rate pegs and my heart mussel says whoa ! So I whoa ! I like to push it and recover , I really don't think the 10K is my bag but hey I am out there running..... Just Do It .

My last race was 3 weeks ago , 25K Ultra Trail run . For those who like to recover and go hard again this is the best kind of race you can go in . Very different from the 10K crap shot !

I have been doing a 16.4 K loop weekly now for about 2 months . It seems to be helping me with my 10K . Some thing I have noticed is a spike in energy at around 7K in a 10K run !

So this weekends race I would like to do the first 5 ion 22:30 and the second in 21:30 . I know this is the right way to do it and I am hoping that my long and sometimes tuff runs will pay off !


Sunday, August 5, 2007

I had a look around at other running blogs .... boring . Who cares about how fast , how many miles , what hurts today or what its like to run with a hangover ! Yeah I will post some of that stuff , the only one it really matters to is ME !

At 46 years old , 6 years a non smoker , 25 years a smoker ( avg a couple of packs a week ) just how fast can I go ???????

Anyway running is a spiritual thing . On the treadmill I get lost in thought , heck sometimes I even forget I am running . Out on the trail its those surreal moments .

What ever your reasons are for running its good. JUST DO IT !

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Just add my favorite two routes . Gravel Roads and Tractor Trails , lots of shade, lots of hills ... at 2X20 meter, 3X10 meter climbs! In a typical run I may encounter a half a dozen vehicles !

Heres to running in West Grey !

OK , I haven't a clue if anyone will ever read this . I don't even know if I will keep it up . Regardless I thought I would give this whole blogging thing a crack ! I guess it will be a handy reference when I explain to folks why , where , when and how often I run . If anything it may be a good way to keep track of what I have been up to .
I would like to add routes , maps , pictures and my thoughts along the way .... so stay tuned World , more to come from the "West Grey Runner" .