Friday, May 31, 2013

May Totals

Run   325.7 km
YTD 1,515 km

Thats it for May

Finished the month off with one more lunch run logging yet another 5K at an avg 6:00 pace.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sulphur Pictures

Had to  do something with the 50+ freebie pictures ....

Favorite one...

The rest ...

Lunch Run

Just another 5K Run done on my lunch break this morning.   Post Sulphur pain is all gone ,  looking forward to get back on the trail after working mids through this weekend.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recovery Run

5K at a 6:00 pace this morning on my lunch break.   This is the first Run since Sulphur.  I still have a bit of pain in my calves but I expect it will be gone in a day or two.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sulphur Springs 50 Mile Trail Race - May 25, 2013

 It was a great day to be running in the Dundas Valley yesterday and the weather really helped me to get an unexpected PB.

   The alarm was set for 02:30 am but after 4 hours of broken sleep I was up before the alarm went off  feeling surprisingly rested and ready to Run.   Picked Grant up in Varney at 2:40 am ,  one stop on the way ...Tims in Guelph.  I was counting on a more substantial breakfast but they don't start server until 05:00 am !!!!! SO race morning nutrition consisted of ,  Coffee , OJ , Yogurt and a couple of cookies!   Arrived at the race at 5:00 am ,  picked up the race kit then prepared in the car with the heat cranked avoiding the 3C temps ...brrrr.

 The 100 Mile and 50 Mile races both started at 06:00 am so nearly 200 of us lined up for the chilly start.  I was wearing shorts, compression shirt with a long sleeve T over top as well as a compression hat and gloves.   ...I was a little chilled but anxious to get a few K s behind us.    I didn't really have much of a race plan and thought that maybe ,  just maybe this would be the day that things seem to come together.  Last year I went out way too fast logging a 2hr10min first 20K loop.  I had my Garmin with me and used it to slow at the start   with a lap goal of 2hrs30min.   Lap one was uneventful and I felt good.   I was a bit fast through the "Gatehouse" loop but the first 7K are by far the fastest.  Bumped into Chris McPeak  doing the 100 Miler and jokingly reminded him of what happened last year when we both logged a quick start!    Started leap frogging LeAnne and Christa ...this would go on pretty much the remainder of the day!   Finishing the first loop Christa gave me a bag of "Magic Balls" ... a peanut butter ,  maple syrup , coconut and a whole lot of other things in them.  After having only a couple of Ciff bars before the race the solid food on the run was a welcome addition to my race nutrition.    Completed the first loop in 2hrs21min a little fast but  feeling good.  Heading back out on the second loop I passed Grant coming up the big hill at the finish ,  he was about 3 minutes behind me looking really good and thoroughly enjoying the run.    Temp were starting to rise as we entered the "Gatehouse Loop" ,  I contemplated loosing the 2nd layer up top but it was still pretty chilly in spots so I opted to keep it on.    I was more or less taking an S Cap hourly  and gelling 2 -3 times / loop and getting 8-16 cups of water and or coke/loop and this would go on all day.   Past 30K I started to get a bit of pain in my legs but this is a normal thing that I knew would pass.   The Garmins battery isn't up to a 12 hour day so I had it off for loop 2 and was pacing my feel.   Finished the 2nd loop in 2hrs31 mins   only one minute over my planned time.   Grant had closed the gap on me and we got to run together for a few Ks heading out on the 3rd loop.   Grant was looking really strong and was really feeling the effects of the Caffeine on the Gels ,  he was literally bouncing around the trails.   I lost Grant early on in the Gatehouse loop when I decided to take the long sleeve T off.   I slowed to a walk for a bit when I removed the shirt ,  took off my back pack and stuffed it in where the bladder resides.  I was definitely beginning to overheat and it took me a bit to recover and get going again.  I was hoping to hold pace aiming for another 2hrs30min loop but it felt like I was really slowing down.   Heading into the "Lollipop Loop" is not the place to make up time .... its up up and up then a very long downhill that tired legs didn't seem to handle all that well.  Finishing the 3rd loop I was interviewed by some students doing some sort of a fitness project.  I wish I had of had my camera on and captured the look on their face...they ask whats your post race recovery food and I answered " A Big Mac meal with a Giant Coke and Giant Fries" .   Passed Grant heading back out just before the start finish ,  he was about 3 minutes in front of me and yelled " hurry up"  which brought allot of laughter to those hanging out at the start finish!   Finished the 3rd loop in 2hrs44min...fired the Garmin back up with the intention of making me run faster.   I was sort of thinking sub 10 hours heading out but realistically I just wanted to get it under last years 10hrs32min for PB.   Caught up with Grant at the bottom of the hill at the start and we ran together through the "Gatehouse Loop".  Grant talked about making a time and I told him not to worry about it .... just keep running.    I really found this loop to be much better then the previous.  Although fatigued there is nothing sweeter then bringing it home knowing the finish is near.   I was moving well and keeping an eye on the Garmin.   Grant ran out of water and refilled his bladder at the  Aid Station at the end of the "Gatehouse Loop"... I didn't see him again.   I just kept pressing doing my last Gel entering the "Lollipop Loop".   Kim doing the 100 Miler caught up with me climbing the "Three Sisters" ,  we chatted for a bit until I pushed on.   Doing the climb I knew it wouldn't be a sub 10 hour day but I still pushed hard to the finish.   Crossed the line logging 2hrs40min for loop 4 tripping the clock at 10hrs17min42sec... a PB by 14 minutes.

 I was quite happy with the unexpected results and chalk it up to not going out too fast as well as perfect weather.

 I avoided right foot pain using "Ball of Foot" Spenco Cushions and wearing the Toe Socks I only had 1 Blister on my right baby toe.   My feet  were burning at the end and I had a little trouble walking but not too bad.   Its been 20hrs since I stopped running and I am getting a bit of quad pain but I am still doing stairs OK albeit slowly!

I was a too busy running to shoot video but I did capture the excitement at the start ...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I need that

One last run before Sulphur ,  5K at a 6:00 pace done on my meal break!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lunch Run

5K at a 6:00 pace tonight on my lunch break.  

Final Trail Before Sulphur

One more outing on the trail before Sulphur on Saturday.   Logged yet another 11.2Ks this time at an avg 7:21 pace.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2 and 2

2nd run 2nd day in a row logging 5K at a mostly 6:00 pace.

Wet and Happy

Actually warm ,  wet and happy.  Another 11.2K logged on the trail this afternoon.

Monday, May 20, 2013

2nd time today

5K @6:00 pace this evening on my lunch break.  
Before running I was outside  watching a storm approach

Hot and Happy

11.2 warm trail Ks done today,  I felt good ... loving the warm!  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back on the Trail

11.5 quick trail Ks done  this afternoon averaging a 6:56 pace.   Nice weather has returned ,  21C a bit of cloud ,  great trail running weather.  Best of all the oh so pesky black flys couldn't keep up with me.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Last night of the Spring Run Clinic

It was the last session of the Saugeen Tri Club Spring Run Clinic.  It was  9C so we were moving fast to keep warm covering 8K at an avg 6:54 pace.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Recovery Run

I am really hard pressed to call it a recovery  run.   Nothing hurts today and I feel really well rested    I am still hungry as hell bit that's an easy one to take care of.   So I jumped on the treadmill and logged 5K at a 6:00 pace on my lunch  run.     I really feel quite ready for the Sulphur 50 miler in 2 weeks.  Maybe ,  just maybe I can move a little bit faster.

Tread 6 Hour Trail Race- Mansfield, Ontario - May 12,2013

Did the inaugural Tread 6 Hour Trail Race at Mansfield yesterday.   Meet Grant at 07:30 at Tims in Durham for a big breakfast …  a good start to any long run.  We arrived at the race  an hour before the 10:00 am start and picked up a rather disappointing race kit containing nothing but a Bib and Chip.  There were a couple of familiar OUS faces but most were new.   The weather was less than perfect  being cold around 3-4C with a really strong wind and we were expecting snow.     The first couple of loops were OK .  I wasn't settling into a thermal happy place and was either too hot or too cold.   The course is really rolling ,  its variability as well as the forever changing weather made it tough to get comfortable.   I was wearing one layer ,  Mizuno Breathe Thermal ,  Tights , Compression Cap and Gloves.   Third loop I was having allot of lower back pain and the top right quad was really aching.    I was longing for it to be a bit warmer but the wind , ice pellets ,  snow  was really persistent.  I wasn't moving very fast and told Grant to go ahead.  The fourth loop was my slowest of the day but I managed to hang in there and started to move a little faster.    Heading out on the 4th loop 2 hours remained and I wasn't noticing my back or right quad pain any longer.  The endorphin's were really starting to kick in and I had a really  good “Runners High” going on.   I was no longer noticing the cold , snow, ice pellets or wind that wanted to blow right through me.   My last loop was the fastest of the entire day and I felt really good.  Didn't do any nutrition or electrolytes only took a bit of water from my UltraSpire Pack.    So I finished feeling really really hungry.   They had nothing other than Water and Heed on the course…. Luckily I had some Gels with me!    Logged 6 loops for a total of 39km in just under 6 hours.   Not having anything on the course made me rather famished so I assumed that there would be some sort of something afterwards but I was wrong…not even so much as a water bottle!  

 Love the course  but the organizers  get failing grades for swag,  aide station and no food after.   It was a $60.00 registration  and should have been more like $30.00 to pay for the nothing that I got!    On a positive note it was good practice burning body mass vs Glycogen… only took in 4 Gels in 6 hours.   I figure there was at least a 1000 calorie deficit.  

Video to follow!

Ronald Irwin

Friday, May 10, 2013

And now I reset

5K@6:00 pace at lunch again, rest day tomorrow going long on Sunday.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Second Run

Second day in a row for a second run.  This eve it was 12.99K on my trails.    It was a little longer tonight because I included a hill repeat.     Looking forward to Sundays 6 Hour Race at Mansfield.  The weather is going  to be lousy but thats OK ,  running through it makes for a better day....face the elements I say!

Figured out the Mizunos

5K at a 6:00 pace at lunch with the new Mizuno's.   They demand a mid foot landing and return a smooth ride.  Truly a shoe made for speed.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flesherton Run Clinic

Great night for a trail run,  24C, sun and a nice cooling breeze.  Logged my fastest time on  dirt in awhile covering 7K at a blistering 7:21 pace!

Lunch Run

5K at a 6:00 done at lunch.  Broke in yet another pair of shoes the Mizuno Wave Elixer 8.   Took a bit of getting use too.  Has a familiar heal strike but it throws you forward with little effort ,  stabilization or padding. Fast indeed but not an everyday go for a long run shoe.   I have many different variations in shoes that challenge me in different ways ...fits well with trail running ! 

 Run Clinic tonight. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

You know you have been running trails when ...

You know you have been running trails when a 6:00 pace on a treadmill feels ridiculously  fast.

Lunch run done,  5K at a 6:00 pace.

Broke in a new pair of shoes today the Asics GT- 2000.   I like the "Gel" cushioning for those long road runs. Not the fastest shoe but certainly bu far the smoothest ride out there.  


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another Hot Trail

Temps in the mid 20s and a lack if wind and cloud made for an even warmer outing today.  Logged 11Ks on the trail at an avg 7:39 pace.    Recovery was a dip in the pool followed by an hour of  floating around with a Beer!  

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hot Trail

27C when I hit the trail this afternoon.   Slowed it down and really enjoyed the heat logging 11.3K at a 7:55 pace.    When I was done I jumped in the pool ...perfect!  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Small Trail

5K logged on the trail tonight.  Got the new shoes dirty!  

Lunch Run

5K at a 6:00 pace today.  Looking forward to taking it outside being off the next 3 days.   Running plans include some time on the Bruce Trail.  Pretty much recovered from Saturdays Ultra, no quad pain...just a bit tired.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Breaking in the new Kicks

5K@6:00 pace wearing the new Saucony Exodus 3.0 Shoes.   Next up is taking them outside.

April Totals and then some...

April  307.9km
YTD 1189.3km

 I am back on track after a disappointing March.   The stamina has returned but I am still lacking speed .

 Did the OUS Spring Warm Up April 13,  30K and wrapped up the month with the first OUS event the 50K PYP April 27th.

 Two races in May ,   the Tread 6 Hour Solo on the 12th and 2 weeks later its the Sulphur Springs 50 miler.

Run Clinic

Another 5K logged on teh trails of "Grey Highlands" last night.

Got some new kicks,   Saucony Exodous 3.0 the non-Gortex version.   At first I thought that they we allot different then the Gortex version I have been running with but when I looked they are identical.    After I break the new ones in I am going to A-B them with the Gortex to see if the waterproof version really is hotter.