Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017 Summarry

Run -  275.1 km
YTD- 766.8 km

 No races this month.   Missed one long run but the 2 36K LSDs on the track at the Y were solid.   It was good to get out on the roads and trails again.   The winter is leaving early this year so I look forward to allot more trail time in April.     Left Knee is a bit tender ... not running but when I get out of bed.   I suspect the rough trail I was running took a bit of a toll then again it could be the speed I introduced a couple of weeks ago.  The Knee is not anything that I haven't experienced before and I am not the least bit concerned.   The " broken ass " flared up a bit earlier in the month but seems to be settling a bit now.   The cure all is to get off the track,  treadmill and log more Ks on the trails and back roads.    Ultra season opens in April with PYP at the end of the month.  

Breakdown ....

Track     2 Runs  = 72 km
Road      4 Runs = 40.1 km
Treadmill 21 Runs = 147 km
Trail 4 Runs = 16.1 km
Rest Days =  3

Mid 4

Wrapped up the month with yet another 7K Heart Run.  HR was a we bit higher tonight before during and after.  Slept better today but had a Tims FV and Neutella Donut 90 min before the Run.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mid 3

Another 7K Heart Run this morning on my meal break.  It was a little tougher hitting 140 at 21 min then peaking at 146 at the start of the cool down breaking into the high 130s at the 32 min mark.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mid 2

Same as yesterday another 7K Heart Run on my meal break.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mid 1

 Had a bad case of the D.O.T.S. yesterday ( Monday )  ......thats " Delayed Onset Tired Syndrome".    A very common phenomena that forces one to skip a run LOL!  "DOTS" commonly occurs 48 hours after a long LSD hangover!  

Logged another 7K heart run this was hard to get the HR up there but I managed about 8min between the 85 and 90 % range!

Monday, March 27, 2017


 Did what is probably my last LSD indoors at the Y on Saturday logging 36 km on the track.   Used a wider metatarsal support and it really agreed with my feet ... had been having a few issues,  nothing new!    The long one was done without calories just 1.5 l water and 2 s caps.   Hit the switch over from Glycogen to Body Mass around the 25 K mark just geared it down from a slightly sub 6:00 pace to a slightly sub 7:00 pace and cruised along  until I wrapped it up.   As is usual I walked the last 2Ks.

 Was feeling pretty pooped on Sunday but really wanted to get a run on so I headed out on the backyard trail logging a little 4Ker.     Snow  was 75% gone and looking at the weather forecast there will be allot more trail time very soon!  

Friday, March 24, 2017

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday Evening

7K for the heart this eve on my meal break ....weigh in 174 lbs.

Tuesday Afternoon

It wasn't moody or blue just sunny with a stiff cool breeze. Was on the backyard trail again this time it was not as firm with lots of post holing going on it was however a great workout ...used the full bag of "Stability" muscles logging a little 4Ker.

Monday, March 20, 2017

2 Run Monday

Another 7K " Lunch Heart Run" this evening on my meal break.

Monday Trail

Just a little backyard trail today logging 4K.

The Weekend

Cross training Saturday helping a friend move.   It was B.A.M. Sunday logging an out and back 10ker on the 2nd.  Legs felt a bit heavy from all the stair climbing with weights!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Almost the weekend

Friday at work ran another 7Ker the new way ...very effective run!

Two Run Thursday

 4.1K trail ,  yes trail Run logged on the backyard trail last night.   It was windy with temps around the freezing mark but the longer days were calling me to get out and log some time in the forest.   In the cedars the snow was rough but very firm up to 2' in depth in places.   It was good to run on such an uneven surface ...I needed that!  

Thursday, March 16, 2017

I'm lik'in It

7K more or less the same way as yesterday.

This is my new go to lunch run.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bravo Heart Bravo

Totally revamped the 7K lunch run today.

Ramped up from an initial 10 kmh to 12 kmh in the first km then at the 2 km mark increased to 12.2 kmh,  3 km  mark 12.4 kmh , 4 km mark 12.6 kmh then held the pace until the 5 km mark where I did a 13.3 kmh fartlek for 0.2 km then back to 12.6 kmh until the 6 km  mark then I did a 0.1 km 13.3 kmh fartlek gradually gearing down to a 5.1 kmh walk at the 6.7 km mark.

Spent about 12 minutes in the 140-145 BPM zone thats 85%-87% of max HR!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


7K the usual way on my meal break today.

Wanted to see if I got to the 85% ...

Made it to 135 bpm going into the 0.2K 4:45 fartlek ,  marked "1".   Recover from 138 back to 136 going into fartlek "2".  Recovered back to 136 going into fartlek "3" and made it up to 138 again before I started the cool down.

Next time at fartlek 2 I am going to hold the 4:45 pace until I start the cool down ,  1.2Ks all together.  Really want to push the HR up into the 140s...gotta make the most of that lunch run it truly is the staple for my running diet!  

the big X ...false data!

Monday, March 13, 2017

143 baby!

 Haven't been watching the HR too closely as of late but have been reading and thinking about it for awhile ... this months flavor!   Logging the 7Ker lunch run today I check the HR into my second fartek at the 5K point and the HR  was 143 BPM good enough to get me into the 85%   zone....checked again at the end of my 6K fartlek and it was still above 140.    So without really knowing it the 7Kers I have been doing in place of the 5Kers is way way way more effective at building Heart fiteness.    

Cold and Windy Sunday

Took a rest day Saturday the Y took a little bit out of me!  Did a Sunday BAM logging an out and back 10Ker on the 2nd.   It was cold ... sunny ... windy!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Friday Track

Returned to the Y in Owen Sound yesterday logging 36 km on the track.

Thats 216 lap with 864 90 degree bends.  Ran for about 3.5 hours then did a 20 min walk at the end.   Its a huge mind gaming running track...yeah there is music however it only occupys me a little bit of the time.    First off I run with elastics ,  every lap at the half way point I transfer one of 6 elastic from my outside arm to my inside arm.  When there are no elastics on my outside arm I tap my lap counter at the AS is have set up.   Other big mind occupier is breaking the run up into little bits.  I aim to average 10 km a day  ...thats about all I need to do to "train" for everything I am about to do.   Last week I ran 7K  W,T,F at work then 10K S,S.   This week at work it was 7K M,T,W and T.    So heading out the first 3K made up for last T,  next 3K last W,  next 3K last T so and and so forth until I was caught up to averaging 10K/day since my last run .   Once I hot 21K I was on to Friday  and when I hit 31K I was ll causght up then the other 5K was for today LOL.   Yeah its a bit mental but it gets it done.   I was really looking forward to the Beer ,  Pizza and Hot Tub after too so that was another thing that made me a little impatient.

Oh and the run .... solid ,  solid ,  solid .   No calories consumed ,  2 s caps at 10K and 21K  mark  and 2 liters of water.  Started to run out of Glycogen at 23K  and was spent by 27K so I geared it down from a slightly under 6:00 pace to something closer to a 7:00 pace and I was A OK!  Contemplated running a full but decided I wanted the Beer and Pizza and Hot Tub besides I did enough.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lunch Run and VO2 thoughts

7K done the usual  way today on my meal break.      I need to run more in the 85% max hr category ... I am close.  Max HR is around 165 so 85% of that is 140.  After running a few Ks at lunch I get the HR up to the 135-140 range.   I am going to try to push more of my time running to the 85% close!  

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Windy Wednesday

 It super windy outside so I really didn't mind hitting the treadmill for my usual 7K run.  

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017

Back to work

7K the usual way today on my meal break.

Pair of 10's

 Back to back 10Kers on the second this weekend.   Saturday was cold ,  Sunday was nice on the way out felt comfortably warm but when I turned around and returned it was into a stiff breeze and brrrr was it cold.

Friday, March 3, 2017

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