Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fast Fast Fast this morn, I can still do it !

Check out ... its my running home!

Did a fast 10K on the treadmill at 04:30 am , 45:03 . First K was a 6 min pace so getting close to 45 was a real feat! Now I am ready for bed , finish work at 8 so it wont be long.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Indoors the past couple of mornings

Working Mids , 5K and weights a 4 am yesterday and today! Maybe I can go longer tonight.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Last week , 5K/Weights and a 21K

Funny last week , I was bummed out about my results on Sunday and a wee bit sore , the top / front of my legs were sore until about mid week. Running on ice was a tippy toe sort of short stride thing, by far my worse running experience. I always like facing all and any elements but Sunday sucked mainly due to the fact that I just wasn't dressed for a drenching rain with an air temp below freezing. I have purchased some " non-cotton " running apparel this week. Bought Adidas "Clima Proof" running pants , a deal of course . The pants are polyester with a lining , designed to breath I guess . I also picked up a running jacket , Nike Wind/Rain!

Wed I hit the gym and did a 5K on the treadmill , easy run. After that I hit the weights , this is something I haven't done for a few months. Did a few set of upper body stuff! Chest hurt Thurs thru Sat ! I am going to keep the weights up , going lighter then before . Trying to do 3x20 sets .. lighter weights with more reps.

Sunday I did the "Big One" , havent gone long in awhile but it was the perfect day to do it. I was well rested , it was a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze and temps just below freezing . Base layer was my cotton PJ bottoms with a Metal Shirt . On top was my new running pants and a heavy Roots Sweatshirt . Top that off with a wool hat and mitts! Started off at a good pace , I knew this was the day to go long before I hit the 1K mark. The thing that really made the difference was that I was running with Tunes ! I took a good 7K to get into a decent pace , partly due to the face that I faced some pretty good hills to that point. Kept the heart rate much lower then previous runs , around 150 . Breathing was deep but not laboured. I ran north on the 2nd , up past the Glenelg / Holland base line then a few K up in to Holland TWP . At the half way point I was very hi and could see Williamsford a away. I paused for a few minutes , enjoyed the view and did a Mint Chocolate Kaboom ... yummy . Washed it down with some Power Aide that I was drinking the whole way. When I resumed after my few minute pause I was very chilled up top . It took a good 5 minutes before I started to feel comfortable but I ran through it . The new pants were great , legs were nice and toasty but not too much . I think I may have got away with out the PJ bottoms. So I was petty comfortable , lost the hat at around the 4 K mark. Still getting use to the new kicks , the Supernovas are great but I really notice the motion control. Its a bit uncomfortable but I keep telling myself that I really needed this sort of thing to prevent problems down the road .

Finished the 21K in 1:52:45 , a pace of 5:29 ... elevation was +/- 366m.

Today I reset, start mids tonight . Hope to do a light 5K with weights again.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Worst weather I have ever run in !


Well it didnt exactly turn out like I planned. There were a couple of things that really slowed me down.

1) The weather sucked, a couple of hours before the start of the race it was -7C and belive it or not raining. By 10am the worrld was an Ice Rink. It was impossible to get any kind of footing , folks were wiping out everywhere. It rained through the entire race, I wasnt prepared for this and well I got wet and cold and very heavy with rain soaked clothes ! Next running investment is some proper clothing!

2) I got a really bad cramp at the 8.5Km mark. I was going to pick up the pace a little but I had a cramp that stayed with me to te end . For the next couole of Ks I wa bent over running with pain. I considered walking but I knew I woudl freeze and porbably not be able to finish or pick it up again. I slowed to a 6:00/6:30 pace and maagd , pickd it up a little at the 11K mark but never fully recovered.

Lesson learned .... dont run in cold wet weather without proper clothing. Another plus would have been to have somthing to slip over the shoe for traction . I saw folks with these runnber things that seemed to give them a bit more traction.

The race was very well done, it would have been fun of the weather had have cooperated. I was ready for a cold run ... not a wet one ! Looking forward to spring and the warmer / longer runs.


Results ...
63 454 Ronald Irwin 1:08:42 LM45-49 7/9 49 8:35 1:08:34 Durham

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fast 10 today

Had a great 10K North on the 2nd and back today. Temps was -3C with wind from the South, wore PJ Bottoms/Running Pants , Metal shirt /Sweetshirt and because of the wind a Nylon Wind breaker.

First 5K I had the wind at my back , didnt realize that until I turned around and headed South. I also didnt relize how much the breeze helped the time , at the split it was 24:49. Though I would really break though the 50min mark until I headed back into the wind ! The run back was hard , managed to keep it together and came in at 49:43. A couple of things stand out about this run , the Avg heart rate has usually been around 158 ... this time it was 162. Usually I would feel a lack of O2 at this rate but not today ! Another thing , I forgot to wear my base layer in the middle that hold the boys in place ! On the way back I ended up with a rather frozen appendage .... I had to try to warm it up a bit !!!! This definelty slowed me down and caused a wee bit of discomfort after the run !

Getting use to the new kicks ! The Adidas Supernova 5 Trail is really differnet but I can see that its a better overall shoe than I have been using ! Its good to get advice and pay a few extra bucks , I will be back !

I am doing a 13.3K Race on Sunday , weather is suppose to be around the freezing mark with Snow. My goal is to break 1:05 but I think I may be abke to get to 1:02 . Not going to do much the next couple of days , maybe a light jog on Saturday just to keep loose !


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

15K in the snow today!

It was -10C, with winds from the East North East and Snow! Wore my PJ bottoms, running pants , uptop it was a metal shirt, Heavt Sweetshirt and a Wind Breaker . Top it off with a hat and gloves and I was off!

Didnt intend on a 15K , was only going to do 10 but it was a really strange run . I just couldnt go fast , the legs felt like stone. I suspect that it was the cold, I have felt this way on other cold days when I have ran. I tried to pick up the pace to a 5 min/k but it was more like 5:30 to 6:00 very slow for me. Heart rate was bearly breaking 150 ! There was lots of snow , a few cm on the road ! At the 5 K mark I felt like going longer so I continued up the road . At about the 6.5 K mark I turned due west , not realizing that there was wind at my back it was great . Very pretty run , cedars covered in snow, ran over a couple of bridges with running water ... real pretty ! At the 7.5 K mark I did a 180 and headed east into the wind . BAM !!!!! I was cold , quiclky had second thoughts about going the extra but I knew in a K I would be heading South out of the wind ! By the time I got out of the wind my eyes were beginning to freeze shut ! Picked up the pace a little on the way home , felt really good going longer. Time was nothing to brag about but the conditions were not great to say the least ! When I was finished I was pumped .... faced the elements and won!

New shoes are different , Adidas Supernova 5 trail . Heel isnt locked in , there is some motion control a much firmer ride then the Saucony Grids ! Tracition is much better in the snow ! I think that this is the shoe I sould be in !

It will be interesting to see how Sundays race goes , results are really going to depend on the weather !


Sunday, February 10, 2008

10K on the road and new shoes

Yesterday I picked up some new shoes. Went to the Running Room in Owen Sound . This is the first time that I was actually fitted! My feet are a half size differnet , I was running in 10.5 and they said I needed 11 . They also said that I needed some motion control , something about my Ankles tilting in when I stand. So I tried on a few pair and ended up with the Adidas Supernova 5 Trail.

Took the new kicks for a run , did 10K N on the second in 50:55 , within 30 seconds of my best time this winter . Shoes felt solid , not allot of give. At the end of the run I ended up with blisters on the arch of my foot ! I was happy with the solid feel , I suspect that the arch thing will improve . Next time out I will have to wear bandaids !

Friday, February 8, 2008

8K Indoors but ...

Did an 8K on th treadmill last night . Origianlly intended on 16K but my legs were burning after the fast run a couple of nights previous. I just didnt have it in the legs so I packed it in half way to my goal .


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Getting ready for Feb 17

Did a 13.3K ( 8 Mile) on the treadmill in 1:02:03 . I havent run that hard in forever , started at 12.3 kmf, every K I incremented 0.1 kmh until I hit 13 kmh then finished there!

I have been buying into you shouldnt run at more then 60-70% of your Max for the majoity of your runs and I have been doing that for some time now . This is all very good and fine but when it comes time to crank it up is it ever hard!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Back on track

Back to back runs Friday/Saturday.

Friday I did 13.4 km on the treadmill in 1:08. 1-5K was an easy pace of 11 kmh, 5-10K it was at 12kmh all at a 1% grade. At the 10K mark I lowerd the treadmill to flat an cranked the speed to 13.3 kmh until I hit 12.4 K then over the next 1K I gradually slowed to 10 kmh. This is the same distance that I will be doing in the race Feb 17 , hope to do the race in anything under 1:05...I think its quiet doable !

Today , Saturday I did a 10K Road run , same one as last Sunday ! Temp was -3C , no wind and overcast. I wore light cotton PJ bottom uncer my running pants. On top it wasw my Metal Shirt with a heavy roots sweatshirt . Top it off with a wool hat and wool gloves and I was PERFECT ..... I now know how to dress for -3, wind could make a bit of a difference! Tried to keep a 5 min pace , came close .. finished in 50:35. If you factor in the +/- 200m in elevation I achieved my goal. 8.5-10K the legs felt a little tired , probably something to do with back to back running days ! Breakfast was at 09:30 Bacon / Eggs / Toast / OJ and Coffee ran at 12:30 without cramps ! When I finished I jumped in the Hot Tub with a tall glass of 1% milk and an energy bar , 18g of Protien.

Skiing on Sunday , run on Monday .