Monday, March 31, 2008

10K indoors at lunch

Did a 10K on the tradmill at an easy 5:10 pace. Its raining today and the snow is slowly disappearing , wont be much longer before I get on the trails.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Run to Durham and back

Did a LSD run today , 24K AT A 5:49 pace....I am now officially beat!

Weather was great , just at freezing, Sun and little Wind. Dressed a little lighter , used a thin sweatshirt over top of my base layer and running pants, Cap and Wool Gloved and I was for the most part very comfortable.

Made it to town , about 11K mark and realized that I switched off the Gamin about 4K back. I was watching the distance to decide when to turn back ... d'oh!

You sure have to respect distance , everything I read tells me that I should do these long runs without building up to it.. they may be right ! I am beat , the last 24K was tough ! Strangely enough I found that the pace was at around the 6:00 mark but when it came to up hills I charged at a 5:30 pace and then died on the downhill , around a 6:30 pace... go figure.

I was glad to be done, Pizza and Beer awaited . Been having some pain in my right ankle , doesnt seem to bother me when I run , one very brief moment of pain that I ran through. At the 20K point I noticed that it felt a little numb. I think there may be some kind of nerve thing going on.

Day of rest Sunday and then a 10L planned on Monday, maybe on the dreadmill.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Outside today

Last night at 11pm I did an easy 5K on the treadmill, 5:30 pace. This morning I did a "faster" 10K on the road, 4:57 pace.

Signed up for the Trillium 10K in Mount Forest , this will be my 4th consecutive year doing this one !


Saturday, March 22, 2008

This week

Hasn't been the best running week , work, family and some painful leg mussel ! Tuesday after work I did a 5K on the "dread mill" , averaged an easy pace of 5:30. No running until Friday , did another spin on the dread mill . A 10K at an easy pace of 5:30. Today was the run that keeps me coming back for more , 13K road/snowmobile trail run at a 5:21 pace. It was a sunny day , temps at -3 and a bit of a stiff breeze in places. When I escaped the wind it was a very comfortable run! Tomorrow I will ski, working Eves next week so hopefully there will be a few more opportunities to get out. Lets hope the weather cooperates.\


Thursday, March 13, 2008

13K today

Did a 13K run today at a 5:35 pace, half was on a sidewalk/half on Myrtle Beach! It was really warm, low 20s and Sun, shirt was off and I was very comfortable. The Beach was packed with folks so it was a pretty interesting run, had to dodge a few kids that darted out in front of me! At the half way point I got a cramp in the big mussel of my right leg. It was dull at first but when I picked up the pace at 10K it really started to hurt so I backed off. The pain was still there for the next few Ks but I managed to get through it. I was motivated to finish, had three cans of Blue on Ice by the pool which just so happened to be the finish line .... SWEET!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

20K on the Beach

Great start to my "long" run day. Did 20K on Myrtle Beach at a 5:51 pace yesterday . Feet took a beating, wet/sand and thin Lycra Socks made for some nasty blisters. The beach isn't the best running surface but it sure is scenic! I wanted to go another 5K but my feet were not up to it , I was also feeling a little tired. Today is a rest day, going shell hunting!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

10K on and off the beach today

Did another 10K on Myrtle Beach , did a few k up Ocean Blvd just North of the "Main Drag" then back to the beach. Pace was around 5:15 , a little faster then yesterday. Still feeling a bit tired, Want to do a long run some time this week but I am not sure I will be up to it.
One thing I did learn today was that running in sand is definitely a greater effort then on a hard surface ! The few Ks I did on the sidewalk were at a 4:45 pace with about the same heart rate as 5:15 on the sand.
By the way , the picture ... my running venue today!


This week...

Wednesday I did a little different routine...
-Ran 3K lifted weights
-Ran another 2K lifted again
-Did another 3 , once again lifted
-2 more K's and one more set of weights

Talk about mixed up...very cool.

Today/Sunday I did a 12K easy run on Myrtle Beach at a 5:24 pace. If your are going to run on a beach this probably the best one! Temps were cool, 15C with a light breeze but I was comfortable in running pants and a technical T. Best part of the run today was the beers by the pool after!


Monday, March 3, 2008

Another 10 this morn

Did a 10K on the treadmill at 4:15 am this morning , easy pace 5:20.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Been running, well a little bit !

Sat I did an easy 5K on the treadmill then did an upper body weight routine. Sunday morning I did a 6K on the tread!
I am so looking forward to getting outside. I am finding it a little tough to go long on the treadmill , it just to boring!