Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Back at it!

Havent run since wrapping up Talley on Sunday.  Logged 5K on the beach today ,  lots of pop in the legs feeling Endur ready...sort of!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Tally in the Valley 24 hour trail race - July 27/28, 2019

 It wasn't quite the day I expected but I still consider it to be another successful outing.    I haven't done a 24 hour or gone longer the 50 km in the past couple of years so this was an event to get my feet wet again! 

 My story of the day was  run and recover then run the 7 km loop again.   It was really really hot ,  temps pushing 30 or greater ,  high humidity ,  little wind and lots of Sun exposure.   About as tough as Summer running gets in Southern Ontario.

 The race started at 9 am and it was already hot just standing around I was sweating.   Below is my fitbit HR data with each loop marked.

 Lap 1 and 2 were more or less back to back and the fastest laps of the day.  Lap 2 wrapped up around 11 am and it was then that I knew I had to take a break and re hydrate and refuel.  After a good long break I headed out and did laps 3 and 4 more or less back to back then it was time for an even bigger break.   Lap 5 was the hottest run lap of the day coming mid afternoon.   I was sweating so much it was like I just got out of the pool!   Didn't run lap 6 at all ...used my poles and pretty much walked the entire lap. Still had the pools on lap 7 but I was able to get moving again.    Lap 8 started just before 9 pm.   I started moving much better and was able to run all the flats and downhills and more or less did that the rest of the race.    After lap 10 it was around midnight so I took it to the car and had a little cat nap before heading out on what would be my final lap.  Ended lap 11 around 3am ,  hit the car again and debated whether to call it a day or head back out.  I was consistent with my performance finding the other gear and still running all the easy stuff.   The goal was to get to 100 km but or be there for the 9 am. finish.  Mulled over the idea of heading home and decided that woudl be in my best interest.  I wanted to drive in the dark and no traffic arriving home at 6am and that is what I did.

Watched the HR throughout the day.   When the heat was on during laps 3,4, and 5 I felt the pressure across the shoulders.  This happens when the blood thickens and its also accompanied by a higher HR pushing into the 150's ...unsustainable!   When In was sitting in the Zero Gravity Chair after a loop the resting HR was in the mid to high 90's.   When "Ran" the 2+ km rail trail the HR was in the high 80's to low 90's ...go figure!    From the 9pm loop on I found " the other gear" and the HR wasm in the 130's ...sustainable. 

Fueled the entire race with real food.  Calories came from a mix of Beer ( at the end of most laps  followed by a water ) ,  Butter Tarts ,  Almonds, Cashews, Gummy Worms in the evening it was all that plus AS food ,  grilled cheese and cheese quesadillas...yum! 

It sure wasn't the race I expected but I was able to manage it relatively well.  I love running in the heat but it does take a tole on me I rose to the challenge and did what I could given the circumstance.    The temps never dropped much overnight when I left it was 24C!!!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Monday -  backpacked into McKay Harbor Monday afternoon logging 7.8 km with a 40 lb pack.

Tuesday - backpacked out of McKay Harbor logging 4.7 km with a 30 lb pack.   Backpacked into Reeds Dump logging 4.7 km with a 30 lb pack

Wednesday - backpacked out of McKay Harbor logging 4.7 km  with a 30 lb pack.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Weekend Running

Working eves Friday I lifted at lunch then logged 4k on the backyard trail at midnight.   It was 24C ,  super humid so much so my headlight didn't illuminate the ground.   It was more like running in a Sauna.   Enjoyed some Hammock time afterwards.  Saturday morning it was 6 laps on the backyard trail before it got too hot ....5.6K,  recovery was in the pool!  Probably no run today ,   hiking M/T/W and have a 24 hour run coming up next weekend. 

Thursday, July 18, 2019


Another routine 5K @ 6:00 pace this eve on my meal break.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Have socks but ....

Made it home yesterday remember to grab some socks.  Working 12 hours today,  not enough sleep almost skipped it but did the usual 5km @ 6:00 pace. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Lunch Run

Still no socks ... haven't made it home in a few days so it was another excuse not to do speed work.   Logged another 5K @ 6:00 pace this evening on my meal break.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Work Monday

Was planning a Heart run this eve but I didn't have my running socks so I went without running a 5Ker at an easy 6:00 pace. 

Weekend Running

Did all my weekend running in one run Friday after work logging 28.3 km running to Durham ,  doing a loop then running home.

Relive 'Afternoon Jul 12th'

Wanted to pick it it up a little to a more respectable road  pace.  The first and last 8 Ks are rather rolling ,  no monster hills but nothing really flat.  On the way out I logged a few 5:30 Ks ,  was hoping to repeat on the way back but the 5:30's became 6:00 ...still OK.   Hope to get in a little more speed work before Endur in another month.   24 hour Tally coming up in less then 2 weeks ... really looking forward to the adventure going long for the first time in a few years. 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

More Speed Work

As planned it was my second 7K Heart Run done today on my meal break.

Trail Wednesday

5.6 km again yesterday on the backyard trail after work .   Another comfortably warm evening with some fantastic Hammock time afterwards. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

W Lunch

Wednesdays lunch run was another 5ker @ 6:00 pace.   

Two Run Tuesday

 6 laps good for 5.6 km logged on the backyard trail after work yesterday.   It was a super nice warm but dry evening.   The forest was very quiet in the heat...a good place to be. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Lunch Run

5K @ 6:00 pace today on my meal break.

Two Run Monday

4K logged on the backyard trail  after work ... really it was just a good excuse to have a few beers in the Hammock. 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Speed Monday

7K Heart Run done on my meal break today.  HR was lower then ever peaking at 139 bpm and recovering to 100 bpm after the recovery. 

Sunday Rest Day

It was bit odd but I took Sunday off.  I ran every day since the start of May ... May and June Challenge. 

Saturday Trail ... should have been road!

Planned a road run this weekend but it was smoking hot when I headed out mid afternoon therefore I decided to take it to the forest.   Broke  it up into two events.  Started with 6 laps on the backyard trail then I headed out for a loop around the neighborhood.  With the absence of the planned road / speed workout I picked up the pace on the Tractor Trail where i manged to roll the left ankle out rather badly.  It was one of those moments of extreme pain followed buy being pisses off.   Walked it off and after I started running slowly I did it again#@#@$$&#$7  .  Ended the first one at 10.9 km then hot the pool for a cool down before prepping for another 12 laps on the backyard trail...most important was the cooler and tunes.   Did 12 laps for a total of 10.4 km.

So long run day turned out to be somewhat abbreviated but I did manage 3+ hours of running in the 30C heat.  That should be enough ,  maybe next weekend I will hit the road,  Endur training pending.    I do have two planned heart runs this week and Thursday. 

Forgetful Friday

Forgot to post .... Friday was a 5 km run followed by a weight routine on my meal break. 

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Easier today

No hangover from yesterdays run logged a 5 km run today on my meal break.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Heart Run

Haven't done one of these in forever but with Endur looming next month its time for a bit of speed work.  I am happy with todays run ,  the ramp up HR was gradual not going as high as over the winter and it maxed out at 143 recovering to 104 after the cool down. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Back to work...

Long Weekend is done I am back to work logging a 5 km run on the treadmill on my meal break. 

June Totals

June -   265.5 km
May ( missed the post ) - 282.7 km
YTD - 1373.1 km

There were two races in June Conquer the Canuck 50 km and the Pure Grit 52.5 km.   Did a Backpack (30-40 lbs) ...decided to add it to my monthly totals and blog.   Experimented running with the weight ,  thinking fast-packing.  If I can get it down to under 25 lbs I should be good for and easy pace ,  under 20 lbs is easy! 

Trail 10x  -  134.5 km
Beach 6x - 30 km
Road 1x - 5 km
Treadmill 12 x - 75 km
Hike 2x - 21 km

Only one race in July Talley 24 hour at the end of the month.  I will need to do at least two 30 km plus LSD between now and then and I should be good to go.   Looking towards August its the Endur week so I will be looking to introduce a wee bit more road and a wee bit of speed work. 

Long Weekend Running

Saturday and Sunday I logged 5 km each day on the beach at Sauble.

Monday I logged 5.9 km around my childhood neighborhood.  I was looking for some of the old trails I use to frequent back in the 60's and 70's ...found one that was more or less exactly the same but many were missing.

the old neighborhood run ....

Thursday Friday Trail

Lifted at lunch Thursday then logged 4k on the backyard trail after work followed by a really good hammock session. 

Friday I logged another little 4k run on the backyard trail before heading to Sauble.