Thursday, May 29, 2008

17K Country Road Run today

Another great country road run, a beautiful sunny day temps
around 20C. This was the first back to back days that I have done in some time. I really like how fluid you feel running consecutive days. There was a nice breeze that mad things rather pleasant, otherwise I would have been too hot. Highlight of the run was coming across a Doe with a Fawn , the little on was maybe hours old and it looked really awkward walking...all legs!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On the trail today

Nice little trail run today , didn't go too hard as I was still feeling
the effects of the long run on Sunday. I like running through the bush , particularly fun hopping over things. Much different then on a solid surface shuffling along. Came accross some deer , it was almost like I was running along with them!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

LSD Sunday

Great LSD in new Ascis 2130 GT shoes, smooth ride all the way. Nice cushioned landing on the Ball of the foot and a smooth transition through to the front! Guess there is a reason why they are one of the best selling shoes!

27.47Km +654/-667 elevation in 2:41:59. Great weather , started at 12C , ended at 20C . Was a little warm on the last 8K , wind was at my back and I was totally exposed to the Mid Day Sun which was also at my back !

Jelled early and did it twice, 9K and 18K, Drank about .75 L of water , could have used more.

It was a really good LSD , didn't feel too fatigued until the last 5K. Suspect that it was mainly due to heat! Started off with 2 layers up top and a hat , lost the loose over shirt at 3.5 K , the hat at 8K and the base T at the 18K mark. Overall pretty comfortable with the exception of the last 5K where it was getting hot.

Paid a whole lot more attention to the Gels and Water and Heat today , managed it well . The longest I have been going was just short of 25K , wanted to extend it by 5K so I knew I had to pay more attention and eat and drink and take care of the heat before it fatigues me..... it worked !

Not sure what the next run will be , working Eves this week . Kayaking Tuesday !


Thursday, May 22, 2008

10K Yesterday

Its just been one of those weeks when there is just no time to run! M, T , T and F its the boys Baseball ! Did a 10K Mc Cormick Rd Loop , moderate pace! Talks about horrible weather , misty rain and 5C.... is it really May? LSD on Saturday ... cant wait!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

25k LSD Saturday

It was 2.5 weeks since my last LSD and boy did I feel it. Weather added to the misery, strong N-NW Winds with near single digit temps made it rather unpleasant at times. When I was 1/3 of the way I started to feel a bit tired, at the 12 point I did my Carboom , instead of stopping for a few minutes I wanted and ate/drank for a half a K or so. This worked out pretty well , I didn't want to cool to much due to the head wind I was going to face in the last 8K leg. The wind really played havoc with the last leg , I was so beat up I walked up one of the final hills. I hope next weeks long one is better , want to start stretching it to a weekly 30K.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

10K road

Just a little 10K before work! Have been working 10-6 this week , not allot of good opportunities to run, managed to get one in before work! Did the "Schmidt Run" , straight South on the 2nd then back. We have had some pretty wet weather so I thought it best to stick to the road.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tues Eve Trail Run

Tuesday Even run was a 10K trail. Top front of legs were
still burning a bit from the Race on the Weekend. I
really enjoyed this outing, got in the zone for the last
few Ks.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Did a 11.24 +/- 580m trail run today, Sunday . Had to get back in the saddle after yesterdays blowout in Mount Forest. It was 14C with rather gusty winds so I choose the shelter of a trail run today. I Love to get back in the bush, it was the right run for me today !

I felt tired, similar to yesterday... soenthing is up! I think I will read up on Nutrition. The legs were burning , front and top mainly. This was the same musscle that I felt after Mondays fast run. I am going to have to pay more attention to seed. I will take tomorrow off but would like to run Tues through Sat.


Trillium 10K

Well , after Mondays fast run I was really pumped about the race , confident that I would better last years 44:51 by a minute or even 2. It didn't happen and I was left feeling very disappointed. So , what went wrong???? I started fast , maybe too fast and began to fade at the 3K mark. I picked it up here and there but it just wasn't working. All kinds of folks passed me , that was the worst as last year only 2 runners passed in the last half of the race.

Here are some suspected reasons...

  • Maybe Mondays speed wasn't a good idea!
  • 6 Cups of coffee within 3 hours of the race
  • A very salty diet this week
  • Trail shoes instead of road
  • Didn't do Gels and drink much water prior to the race
  • Started warming up 30 mins prior to start
  • Went out to to fast , I thought I could string together some 4:15s
  • Hight stress levels at work this past week

That being said it was still a blast to be out. Bumped into lots of folks from previous runs! I am looking forward to next year. After three consecutive years of being faster I didn't make an improvement, some days are like that .... but its still a bummer.


Mondays fast 16K Loop

On Monday May 5 I did my 16K Loop in

record time. During the flat parts I picked it up to my 10K Race Pace. During the hilly parts I reverted to my LSD pace. It was a good mix of slow/fast , go behind them recover. The next day or 2 I did have a bit of muscle pain but it was gone by Thursday.

Best run on this loop was ...1:26:27 in Oct 07 at 6C . Mobday I smashed that time at 1:21:06.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Fast intrervals

Friday May 2nd, squeezed in a 10K in the afternoon. Not too quick but hey I was running.