Friday, December 31, 2010

7 Days

7 Days , that's how long its been since I Ran. Managed to do an easy 5K at a 6:00 pace this morning at lunch. I probably shouldn't have because I am hacking and coughing like crazy now but I wanted just one last run before the end of the year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not Running

Well it happened , Christmas Eve I fell ill with a Virus that settled into my Lungs and Stomach. I missed the Boxing Day 10 Miler in Hamilton. I was really looking forward to the race , I guess it will have to wait until next year. So its been 6 days without running and its driving me crazy. I was a good role ramping up my mileage and getting back to my weekly long runs. Unfortunately I am definitely going to fore go the long one this week , as matter fact I will be lucky if I get to run before I go on Vacation in Mexico next week.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Long Run

I wasn't about to let Christmas or the race on Sunday interfere with my weekly long run! Tonight at the end of my shift I jumped on the treadmill for a 26K run at a 5:30 pace.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tempo Tuesday

Did a 7K tempo run at a 4:30 pace followed by a 1K cool down .... it was sweet!

So I am going along feeling really good , in other words nothing hurts ... at all! Then 6+K in what a brief moment of pain from my left knee. It was the same pain as before but it was only for one foot fall then no pain.

Monday, December 20, 2010

2nd time today

Taking cross training to the extreme. After an evening of Alpine Skiing I spent an hour swimming toady and this eve at work I did a 5K run at a 5:30 pace.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not Running

I always feel a since of guilt when I don't Run. Instead I did an upper body weight routine then I went over yo Blue for some Alpine Skiing...I consider it cross training!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Long Friday

Managed to find a 3 hour block of time and just happened to be near work so I came in before my shift at 4pm and did a 25K run, my longest since mid October. Slowly worked up to a 5:30 pace and did 20K at that speed. Didn't feel like a huge effort , biggest problem was chaffing...OUCH! Note to self ...pack some body glide in the gym bag. On a positive note the insides of my legs have a rather seasonal red glow to them!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lunch Run

Working Eves this week , managed a 10K run at a 5:30 pace. It was one of those runs that you wish would never end. I love getting lost in my mind!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NOT Tempo Tuesday

Had some DLP after Sundays race on Monday. Not too bad just enough to remind me of the up and down run. Today it was all about snow! A very persistent squall off Georgian Bay nailed us yesterday so it was 4 hours of snow removal today. In spite of all the activity and a late night bed at 4am after working to 2am getting home close to 3am I managed to get a 5K run at an easy 5:30 pace . This was suppose to be a tempo run but I just wasn't up to it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Egg Nog Jog 1010

Did my third consecutive Egg Nog Jog on Sunday. I was really indecisive when it came to what I was going to wear. The temperature was hovering around freezing just like last year when I wore shorts! This time I opted for tights , long sleeve tech T, Sugoi firewall jacket and a Saucony compression hat. I also used my new Yaktrax over my Trail shoes ...Trail shoes and Yaks for a road race??????? I must admit it was a little weird running at a a sub 4:00 pace with this strange foot ware but it seemed to be OK. Headed out with Anne for the first K. We were cruising along and Anne said to me " I thought you were going to go out easy ... we are doing a 3:30 pace". Strangely enough we chatted for a bit before she stopped to tie her shoe lace .." catch up with you later..." was the last I heard of Anne until the race was over! Going out fast is the right thing to do at the Nog Jog. Logged the first 2K at an avg 3:44 and 3:54 pace just a little ahead of my 4:00 target! After peeling off a 100m or so of elevation in the first 2Ks the course flattens out for a bit , this is where I changed gears .. caught up on my o2 in preparation for the climb. Next 3K were a bit rolling with an overall elevation gain , manged them in 4:59, 4:57 and 4:54. 5K in we hit our first bit of gravel road .... and the first time the Yaktrax actually were somewhat needed! Heading up the steepest hill I really felt bogged down , legs were burning and I felt like a fish out of water ....what a great course, managed the big climb logging my slowest of the day at 6:08. I hadn't looked at my Garmin yet and I really didn't care to because I was more or less giving it all that I had. With 4K to go there was still a bit of climbing before it flattens out at the top ... managed the next 3 k in 5:20 4:56 and 4:46. With 2K to go I looked at my Garmin and realized that I wasn't going to PB last years 49:44 but I dug in a picked up the pace , 10th K was done in 4:30 on a mucky wet gravel rd ... I forgot to turn the Garmin off so I missed the time on the last 800K but it was fast as I hit my fastest pace of the day hitting a speed of felt ridiculously fast with Yaktrax on dry pavement ... noisy too! Oh , did I mention that it rained the entire race!

Finished in50:59, 46th out of 502 finishers, 13th out of 66 in my 40-49 ag. It was 75 seconds slower then last year.

Splits 2010 vs 2009 and 2008

2010 Garmin Data

Next year ...sub 50 for the year I turn 50! New AG too, cant wait!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lunch Run

Working a 12 hour day so I was able to get a 10K run at a 5:30 pace in at lunch.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting lost at lunch

OK , sitting in the hot tub this morning at -23C I was having second thoughts about driving 2 hours to run in the cold on Sunday! Today on my lunch run I totally got into the idea of racing on Sunday! Look out Egg Nog Jog here I come and bring on the snow , lots of snow! I bought some Yak Trax on the weekend so I am ready for the worst mother nature can throw at us. Another 5K run was done with my thoughts on the Nog Jog ... could have ran forever!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lunch Run

5K at a 5:30 pace , after yesterdays effort it felt like I was walking. Left Knee was stiff when I got out of bed but has been 100% OK since.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tempo Tuesday

Left knee stiffened up this morning after I got out of the hot tub. I was limping walking to the Gym but the Run was good ... 7K done , 6K at a 4:30 pace and a 1K cool down. Knee is OK after running.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

29C warmer then yesterday

Took it indoors today and did a 10K run at a 5:30 pace. It was only 23C but it felt like 30C running next to the wood stove.

NOTE to self ... get a fan!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Long Cold Run

Took the long run outside this week. Its was dark, very dark ...light snow and -7C with a northerly breeze. The cold was always pressing, I could always feel it creeping in...its relentless! Managed to do 21.4K in by bubble of light , avg pace 5:54 min/km.

Friday, December 3, 2010

First Winter Run

I have been waiting for things to freeze up and haven't ran outside for the past couple of weeks. Today was perfect foe my first Winter run, -1C , fresh snow and its been cold for about a week. Did a 13.2K run , went out easy for 8K then picked up the pace for the last 8K , averaged a 5:39 pace. 21K run either Saturday or Sunday , indoors or maybe out ...see what the weather is doing.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Totals

November 182.1 km

YTD 3044.2 km

99th out of 31,147

Yup its official, placed 99th out of 31,147 in the Trail Runner 2010 Trophy Series...YAH HOO!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tempo Tuesday

7K Run today at lunch, 6K at a 4:30 pace followed by a 1K cool down. Jumped on the treadmill and cranked it up to 13.3 kmh , it didn't feel all that fast. After a little over a K in I felt very comfortable. The mind wandered and the next thing I knew I was 3K into the run. At 4K I felt a little hot and then at 4.5K I realized the fan was no longer blowing on me and I was getting really hot. With 1.5K at 4:30 pace to go getting off to adjust the fan wasn't an option so I toughed it out. So I was hot , real hot the kind of red face hot. 30 minutes later after having a shower I am still wiping sweat off my forehead!

I like a theme...going forward every Tuesday is now "TEMPO TUESDAY". 6K @ 4:30 is a good start. I may go a little faster and or further as the Tuesdays go by....I like running fast!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Run Sunday

12K @ 5:30 pace done on my lunch break today. Weighed in again and tipped the scales a little under 180lbs , 3lbs liter and I had my first Christmas Dinner last night... go figure!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Did an upper body weight routine today , first time in a week. Weighed in after and I am tipping the scales at 183 lbs. That's up 8-10 lbs over my summer weight primarily I hope due to starting my weight routine back in mid September. Run tomorrow!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lunch Run

Back working days again. Did a 5K lunch Run , 4.5K at a 5:30 pace followed by a 0.5K cool down.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turning the corner

Did my longest run since mid October today. The ramp up for the 2011 season has begun. Did a 20K treadmill run at home. As is usual it was hot , 23C . I had the window open the whole time and the temperature dropped to 20C but without a fan and the IR heat from the fire place I was really sweating. Managed a 2 hour run covering a total of 20K.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Quality Lunch Run

Last night shift for 6weeks! Did a quality run .... 10K at a 5:30 pace followed by 5K at a 4:30 pace and then a 1K cool down. I haven't been doing the "long run" since mid October but the short run with a push at then end is really beneficial. The things that have been hurting like the faster shorter stuff so I will more or less keep the routine for another couple of weeks. Through Dec I am going to stretch out the longer runs and by mid Jan I will be back to the 3X Month 30+K Runs.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

5am Tempo Run

After 5 busy and somewhat stressful hours at work I took my meal period at 5:00 am and jumped on the treadmill for a tempo run. Immediately cranked it up to 13.3kmh and held it there for 6 K then I did a 1 K cool down. At first it felt ridiculously fast but after a K I got use to it. The breathing went from laboured at the start to almost easy as I went along. Could have gone another K or 2 but I wasn't to see how the things that hurt do with this sort of run.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Back to Back to Back

Its been awhile since I ran three consecutive days but things were feeling very good and I needed to get a start to my night shift so I came in to work early and did a 10K at a 5:30. It was one of those runs that felt like I could go forever. Left knee was absolutely 100% perfect and there was only a tiny bit of discomfort in the right ankle. I will head back to the gym on my meal break to do an upper body weight routine.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lunch Run

I was feeling great after yesterdays run so I thought why not lets do a 5K at lunch. Took it easy at a 5:30 pace , felt great! Afterwards the left knee has stiffened up a bit , no pain just stiff...getting frustrated!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Speed work ...

I have never followed any sort of training regime. When I need some speed I work on going fast and when I need to go long I work on going long. With two short races next month and a need to recover I have started working on the speed thing. Working mids this week I came in at 10:30 pm and jumped on the treadmill for an 11K jaunt! It was a mixed bag thing, 1k to get up to a 5:00 pace then after 5K I did a 4:30K then back to 6:00 pace for a K then I dropped the treadmill to a -2 deg inclination and did a K at a 4:00 pace followed by a half K flat at a 6:00 pace then cranked it up to a +5 deg inclination and then continued for another K at a 6:00 pace.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Upper body weight routine done this morning. Doing the weights about 2.5 times/week since mid Sept. Weighed in and am tipping the scales a little over 180 lbs up about 5 lbs since the summer. Probably a 50/50 split of fat and muscle!

OUS 2011 schedule is out ... 3 dates fall on my weekend mids making it a little bit tough to attend. Will have to book some time off to fit in the races. Big events are April / Boston , first OUS and trail event will be 100 miles at Sulphur and then a must go Dirty Girls 24 in August. Will miss Seaton due to Boston and PYP due to working Mids.

Will run sometime today or tonight!

Monday, November 15, 2010

11K Yesterday

Its was dark , cool and a tiny bit damp yesterday so I opted for an indoor run at home. Did an 11K run , 0.5K warm up , 9K@5:30 then 1K @ 5:00 and then 1K @ 4:30 and a 0.5K cool down . It was hot running by the fire , too hot so I opened a window a few Ks in. The last K at a 4:30 pace was tough , couldn't get enough O2.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Working on my Tan

Another perfect November Running day. 16C , Sun and no wind meant shirt free right from the start. Did an 11K trail run at a speedy 6:18 pace. I was a little tentative heading out ... having trouble walking as a result of my left knee. It didn't bother me running at all...simple solution, just run. After the run I was 100% , better then before the run. I usually find that things work and feel better it I run 6 days a week. This every other day thing sucks but I will sort of continue doing this for another couple of weeks and then ramp it up in December into January.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Running Free

Its not often that you can run in November shirt free but it was another incredibly beautiful day! Yes I was running free on the trail and enjoying every moment. After yesterday speedy run I decided and easy to moderate trail run was in order. About 5K in I encounter a 100m climb over 1km , nice and gentle but for ever going up. This is the perfect place to do Hill repeats as the somewhat perfect trail also loop back along the top of the ridge and then drops back down to the beginning of the ascent. The loop is just shy of 2K ... did 3 repeats running up a total of 4 times. The way that the Sunshine filtered through the trees it never seemed like I was running the same trail over and over again. I could have run around that circle for hours and probably would have if I had brought water and I didn't have to go home and make dinner and be at work for 4 pm! Towards the end of the run I encounters 2 folks on Horse Back taking advantage of the perfect November weather . They were moving and due to the sun didn't see me until they nearly ran me over ....I moved off the trail of course. The left knee was almost 100% quiet and the right ankle complained a little but all and all things seem to be slowly getting back to "normal". Its been hard not going the distance the last few weeks but its been a very good for the things that hurt!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Too nice not to Run

Well I squeezed one in just because it was sooo beautiful outside today .... NOV 9th and 13C + SUN + NO WIND=AMAZING

Haven't been doing the longer runs and going every other day to give the body a chance to heal. In keeping with the program I decided to do a quality 10K today. Went out at a moderate to 5:11 pace. Nailed the last 2K at a 4:37 pace. Egg Nog Jog is 4 weeks away so short and fast is the flavour of the day.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov 7 ...still on the trail

Sun, 8C , no wind and no frozen ground just had to be a trail run today. Headed out late in the day 30 minutes before Sunset. Figured I had just enough daylight left to squeeze in an 11.2K run. It was a fast first K , 5:18 pace but I was trying to warm up fast! I wore shorts and a long sleeve tech T with gloves. I still got a good sweat on but I could always feel the cold outside of the thin shirt, Left Knee and Right Ankle were much better , only a whisper heard! I was really really able to run the downhills today , it was nice to be back. I ran music free in the silent forest which was a nice change. Scared up two deer and a few partridges. Other then the crunching leaves it was a very quiet peaceful run.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Run Clinic ...last night

Did a 7.2K RUN , yes RUN at a 5:03 pace. Headed out with 12 year old Dylan again ...the kid has a future in running if he sticks with it! I told Dylan go another 35K at that pace and you have run a 3:30 Marathon. Wrapped up the fall clinic by meeting up with John , Jamie and Gary at Crabby Joe's for a Beer.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Run this Eve

Working an unexpected night shift so I came in at 10pm and did a 12K run at a 5:30 pace before starting my shift.

Monday, November 1, 2010

October Totals

October Totals

13 Runs for a total distance of 236km

Year to date 2862.1km

Nov Run

First Run of November was at lunch indoors on the treadmill. Did an easy 5K at a 5:30 pace.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday Run

Did what probably will be my last run of Oct 2010 yesterday, 16.4K Townsend Lake Loop at a 5:36 pace. Overcast , wind and high single digit numbers made for less then perfect conditions but I was just happy to be out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

At home

Fired up the treadmill at home today, first time since the spring. Did a very warm 5K running at an easy 6:00 pace beside the wood stove.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trail Tuesday

Headed out today for another West Grey back road adventure but it was rather windy so I opted to hit the trail instead. Not much energy today , a little slow in getting going due to some GI issues. The trail was a little treacherous with lots of new wind fall and leaves covering the hazards. Ran into a Porcupine and a young BUCK that smelled like a cow. The left knee , right ankle and groin all complained a little ...nothing serious just letting me know to take it easy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Run

Great day for a fall run. It was a comfortable afternoon and I was able to run shirt free...pretty cool for October 25! Did my Townsend Lake loop , 16.3K done at a 5:42 pace. Still running every other day with 1/2 the distance that I was doing. Left Knee , Right Ankle are slowly improving. Opened it up on a few of the downhills today. Going faster was actually easier on the knee then breaking!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Run Clinic

Did a 7.9K Run with the Run clinic last night. Headed out with 12 year old Dylan Pust. This young fellow could really move . The first K was logged in 4:49 . He slowed it down a bit as we went along which was a good thing because I was a little overdressed for the 9C weather with Tights and my Sagoi Firewall Jacket. It was a beautiful Sunset that very quickly turned into a dark night . I was really glad I had my headlamp and flasher on.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lunch and more lunch...

Yesterday at lunch I did my upper body weight routine , today it was a 5K at a little faster 5:15 pace. Left Knee and Right Ankle complained a little but allot less then recent runs...nothing major.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lunch Run

Registered for Boston this morning! It took 5 attempts before it worked but it was worth the effort as they are over the 10K mark already. At least I will be running instead of cheering because I purchased the Air tickets and booked a Hotel two weeks ago!

Did a 5K run at a 5:30 pace on the treadmill at lunch today. Left knee and right ankle complained a little but a whole lot quieter then in the past few weeks. Time for some easy relaxed running to give the body a chance to repair its self.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vulture Bait 50K

After doing 44K on the Bruce Trail Tuesday I did the Vulture Bait 50K Ultra today. This was my best Ultra performance of the year just a few minutes short of a PB. I wasn't really planning on doing two long runs this week and I am sure that it had a small impact on my results but irregardless I was pleased with my time and the way that I ran the race.

Race day start was very routine, I could do a cut paste from just about any other race report. The weather was rather spectacular Sunny morning with a cool 4C temp but almost no breeze. They were calling for a 15C high so I was confident that I would be comfortable in a Tech T and Shorts. Prior to the race start I found a comfortable quiet spot away from the crowds.

Race start was a bit slow with all 300 of us heading off. I never get hung up about that sort of thing because there was lots of Ks ahead to make adjustments. It only took a few Ks before things spread out and I was running my own pace. First 5K had lots of roads and tractor trails. On the roads I was running upright and relaxed at around my 5:00 Marathon Pace , on the trails I would hunch down into the defensive position dropping to a 6:00 pace. My goal was to get through the first 25K loop in 2hrs30min. I tried to leave lots of distance between when ever I was tailing someone. If the gap closed I quickly passed. I find that if I am following someone that I watch their feet more then the trail which was not a good idea with lots of leaves covering the roots and rocks. I didn't have quite enough Gels or Eload to get through the day and held off until 17K before I did a Gel , at 20K it was 3 eload caps and 500mg of table salt! At the last aide station , 22K in I found out that they had Gels available so every aide station for the last 28K I did a Gel , Cup of Water and a Coke. Finished the first loop in 2hrs32min and avg 6:01 pace ...close enough to my target but I was starting to fade a bit and knew it wasn't going to be a Sub 5 hour day. Heading out my goal was to break 5hrs15min , doing the math it worked out to a 2hr13min loop. Heading back out reset the Garmins Lap Counter , it was now a 25K run with a new goal! The first road section it became apparent that I would be slowing it down 30sec/K ... playing the fade! The numbers didn't quite work out to a 5:15 but with 23K to go I knew I should be close as long as I didn't blow up. When I was running my legs felt pretty good but at the 5K aide station I walked up a long hill while gelling and drinking and the legs were really burning. When I started running again the pain would subside. I also felt like I had to urinate but I decided that the discomfort was a motivating pain that kept me moving along. I also didn't want to tale the time to stop , things just don't work normally and "going" takes too much time! I kept moving along pretty good on through the final 20K. Crunch time came at the last aide station. With 3K remaining I quickly downed a Coke and Water and skipped the Gel. I figured I still had a shot at a Sub 5:15 and really tried to pick it up. Last 3Ks were done at a 5:30 pace , crossed the line with the clock ticking past 5:16. Garmin time of the second loop was 2hrs43min , 11mins slower then the first loop for an average pace of 6:28/K.

This was the best 50K Trail Ultra result of 2010. In spite of falling a little short of my goal I considered the run a successful end to the Ultra season. I am now going to take a little time off racing and will concentrate on "easy" runs around home maintaining my current fitness level.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On the Bruce Trail with Henri

Hung in with Henri on his Bruce Trail odyssey for a 44K trail run ...not exactly LSD style. Considering Henri has been running for over a week and logged some 350+km running 50+km a day. Believe or not I honestly had a tough time keeping up with him. He was moving like it was his first day after a season of training and a well executed taper. Started in Eugenia and headed towards the back of Blue Mountain. The weather was just about perfect and the scenery was spectacular to incredibly spectacular. Lots of cool rock formations all kinds of sweeping views of Georgian Bay. Diane met us at just about ever road crossing. They have the logistics of the run nailed down. The Van was full of everything required , it was a mobile aide station. Dressing for comfort on the trail was quite variable. At times it was Hat , Shell over long sleeve tech T , Gloves and of course Shorts . Depending on Wind Sun and whether we were going Up/Down or on a tough technical section it was gloves on/off , hat on/off and Shell on/off. As is usual I over heated and got a little dehydrated. When I dialed in after a few hours I started drinking allot more and wearing allot less. The last 7 K were tough , I had been eating at all stops but it wasn't enough and the lack of carbs were starting to affect me. It wasn't real bad but it did make for a tougher last hour. I have no doubt that Henri is going to be successful in his attempt . I would like to join him again but I need a rest first!

Henri's Blog

Henri and I at around 09:00 am at Eugenia

Monday, October 11, 2010

Not running

Got on the treadmill again but it didn't feel right so I jumped off and did a weight routine instead. The left knee and right ankle felt much better after yesterdays 10K so I thought why push it , will try to get out for a short one this eve.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lunch Run

10K on the treadmill at lunch this evening. First couple of K were rough but once I got going I was into to it. Tomorrow I will repeat but add a few more Ks.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Run Clinic

5.1K done at the run clinic this evening. We followed the course that will be the Tornado Trot, a fund raiser for the Durham Activity Center tomorrow. Unfortunately working mids this week I am not going to be able to participate.

In the Gym

30min spin on the recumbent bike yesterday, 30 min upper body weight routine today. will run tonight...left knee is acting up again. Its different this time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Running in a bubble of light

Running in a bubble of light this eve. Dawned the head light , waist light and tail light and headed out for a night run. Cool crisp fall air with no wind at all made for rather pleasant running. The 8C temps were good for shorts , long sleeve tech but I forgot the gloves and ended up with rather chilly hands . Did a nice little 10.k tractor trail/gravel road run at an avg 6:03 pace.

In the Gym

Hit the Gym before my night shift last eve. Did an upper body and core strengthening routine. Jumped on the treadmill for an intended 5K BUT it felt awkward so I switched to the recumbent bike and did a 30 minute spin instead.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Run for the Toad 50K

Not sure how I managed to plan this but I just completed my second Marathon of the Week, Run for the Toad 50K. I wasn't sure what to expect after Sundays 3:29:09 STWM. I was feeling quite recovered and was really thinking that I may be able to beat last years Toad time of 5:28:42. The weather started off pretty good. Driving down the 401 the Cedar Rd Exit was marked by a Rainbow, it was like I was going to find a pot of golf at my exit. Little did I know it would be the last time I would see the sun that day. Picked up my race kit and some Gels at he expo and one last Tim Horton Coffee.

Did my first 12.5 loop in 1:18 , pretty much where I wanted to be. There was allot of traffic with 1300+ runners on the trail but it was strangely quiet! The OUS races are usually petty social , the Toad was more like a shorter Road Race. I was over dressed for the 8C weather , had my Saugeen Singlet over my long sleeve Tech T.... stopped at 5K and stripped down to the long sleeve shirt and hung the Singlet on my belt! Started on the Gels at 8K and then again at 12K ..the formula worked pretty well at STWM so I figured it may be the ticket to success today. Second loop was a little slower 1:21 , still OK but I was starting to feel fatigued. It started raining really hard on the second loop and things were getting a little slick. A funny thing happened to me shortly after I crossed the start finish for the second time. I heard the announcer call out that that the first place Woman had just crossed the matt. For a moment I though to myself that I wasn't doing too bad if I was in front of the leading women. A moment later she flew by me like I was standing still and I realized that I had just been lapped ...she finished the 50K in 3:37 and was the overall winner! Heading out on the third loop my legs were really beginning to hurt. With less traffic on the course I decided to listen to music and try to dial out from the way I was feeling. It never stopped raining on the third loop and I was concerned that in shorts with the long sleeve Tech T I may catch a chill. On a very good note my left knee was not giving me any issues at all and I was able to run all the downhills. I concentrated on not lengthening my stride and increasing my turnover on all the downhills. I was a real victory being able to run everything today. It was on the third loop that I started having waves of good and bad moments. I was still running everything but continued to slow down. I was still gelling on schedule but it didn't seem to be as effective as week earlier. It was on the third loop that I really questioned doing this race on 5 days rest after STWM...crazy, insane , good reason to drop out all kinds of negative thoughts went through my mind. I just wanted to get loop three done so I could go to the final lap and begin putting things behind me. Knowing I would have to retrace my steps one final time made loop 3 drag on. The final few K on the loop was really really slick with muddy downhills. The last of the walkers were making their way to the finish and were having a tough time negotiating the ups and downs...really slick. I found that running was easier then walking but there were a few times when I got going and couldn't stop or I would have wiped out. Finishing the 3rd loop I passed by my truck...I was debating changing into dry clothes but I didn't want to stop moving. I deiced to make a brief stop to pick up my Sagoi Shell. I was really afraid that I would slow on the final loop and would be chilled in the rain. Finished loop 3 in 1:32! Going into the fourth and final loop I was really happy to begin putting the Ks behind me. Every distance marker I passed got me that much closer to the finish. Wearing the Shell I was quite comfortable in the steady rain. The first 4Ks of the final loop were really really hard, the leg muscles were hurting quite badly and there just wasn't allot of pop left in them. I so wanted to get to the 4K aide station but it seemed to take forever ...I kept running but was starting to take the odd walking break. I would walk up the hills and then pick a spot in the distance that I would begin running again. At the 4K aide station I asked if I was the only runner on the course ....I hadn't seen anyone on the final loop yet...they assured me that there were others behind me. Stephan Miklos said to me that he though my 3rd loop was faster then my second... this gave me a boost! With around 8K to go things started to get better. I was running more and was allot less aware of the pain in my legs. It was like my mind knew that there was nothing seriously wrong and disconnected itself from he pain messages that the legs were sending. If it wasn't a dopamine affect I figured it was my brain going numb from the endless hours of cold rain falling on it. I had a strange burning pain across my chest and was concerned that the heart was sending me a message . I took a little while before I realized that the sensation was a result of a wet shirt causing chaffed nipples ...OUCH! I was moving pretty good knowing the end was near. Some really great tunes came up on the MP3 player ...the random shuffle DJ was really doing a good job. The K markers continued to count down. I play this mind game when I get close to the end , I pretend that I am running at home and am 5K from the house and I just ran by Michale Schmidt's farm and as I go along in my mind I pass by different familiar land marks! Its always a comfort knowing your on the home stretch! Going into the final K the Dandy Worhols- Bohemian Like You came on the MP3 player ...perfect song to sing along too , a magical moment. Finished standing up feeling pretty good, last loop was done in 1:43 . The fellow gathering the chips couldn't find mine under all the mud. When he did locate it he couldn't cut it off....I had to unlace my shoes to free it ! Headed back to my truck for a change into some dry clothes. Doug Barber invited me into his nice warm vehicle and offered my a beer! We chatted for awhile , talked about the race ...he beat Ron Gehl so he was pretty happy with his 5:39 toady finishing his 250th Marathon. After sharing a beer with Doug I jumped in my truck and headed home satisfied that I "got it done" today.

Finished the race in 5:54:25 , 47th out of the 115 that started the race ...there was 90 finishers.

Spits were 1:18:44, 1:21:32, 1:31:58, 1:42:59

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

STWM Sept 26,2010

STWM 3:29:06 a BQ and a PB


Allot of small details came together making it a magical day. The story starts August 21 , my first ITT. They say that you should be able to run ITT at around your Martahon Pace , I was 3:45:25 and then later in August I did the Bayshore 1/2 in 1:45:21 ...I was looking for 1:39:XX. These two races really rattled my mental and I was doubting that I would be able to do a Sub 3:30 Full late in September. After ITT I had the first, what I suspected may be a serious injury to my left Knee. I couldn't run more then a K without a sudden extreme pain that caused me to hobble for a half a K or so. If I run through the pain it seems to dissipate and after I run a few Ks its much better but always reminds me that something is up. Two weeks ago I did the Haliburton 50 Mile race , not exactly a good tape for STWM. Haliburton was horrible, going out it was 40K of breaking on all the downhills. I totally trashed my legs , coming back it was 40K of walking every downhill and there was allot of hills! So I really had no idea what to expect at STWM today.

Went to bed at 8pm Saturday night , I was wound and had a tough time falling asleep. Woke up at midnight after a few hours of sleep , 2 hours before the alarm was to go off. Laid there for 30 minutes but I the mind was in high gear so I proceeded to make a pot of Coffee and jump in the Hot Tub for an hour. After my soak I had my routine breakfast OJ, Oatmeal and an English Muffin with PB. I had a bit of a headache and a sore throat so I downed 2 Advil before leaving home at 2:30 am.

I was just short of two hours to the Parking Garage at Nathan Philips. The car was almost directly under the Finish Line .... best $12.00 spent on parking , ever! Now I was off to pick up my race kit at the Econo Lodge , Gerrard and Jarvis ...about 1.5K. Walking up Young was a real eye opener, all the usual night actives! I was limping but it seemed to improve the further I walked, I was concerned. Back at the Car I suited up and then made my way to the Marriott to join 100 Canadian Running Magazines Marathon Questers participants . Race registration was $90.00 and for $100.00 I could join the Marathon Quest and get a second T and a VIP area at the finish. It was really nice meeting new faces from across the country. Some really fast folks and first timers. The heated , well appointed room with washroom facilities made us feel like the Elites. We all headed to the start together around 7:00 am.

Seeded myself in the second corral not far from the 3:20 , 3:15 pace Bunnies ...didn't see 3:30. Bumped into Frank from Durham , he was running the half with a 1:45 goal, never saw him again after we started. 5 minutes before the Gun went I did my first Gel. There was allot of traffic the first few Ks but I managed to negotiate my way through the crowd maintaining close to my goal pace of 5:00/K. Didn't Gel , take any water and just concentrated on maintaining the rhythm that would carry me the rest of the day. My plan was to Gel at 8K then every 4K after that. I remember reading an RM post " if the gel gives you a boost then you waited too long to take it". I gelled again at 12K, 16K then did 4 Eload at 18K followed by a Gel at 20K. I was only drinking water when I Gelled , 2 gulps to get it down then 1 gulp a short time later...never in excess, just enough. Going through the aide station I grabbed Glass after Glass after Glass after Glass dumping it into my water bottle barley breaking stride. 21.1K in I was feeling good, very good and started to think about making my goal time. I have done this before in my 3 previous Full Marathons only crash and burn a short time later. Changed my thoughts to the task at hand or anything other then the finish. Gelled again at 24K and 28K , legs were feeling heavy and I remember the words of John from the Saugeen Tri Club " run faster, burn the lactate build up" so I would pick it up for a bit until things felt better then settle back to the 5min pace. Throughout the race I was watching my instantaneous pace vs avg due to the inaccuracy of the GPS Downtown and around the Gardiner. There was the odd person passing me and I was going by someone every now and again. The 32nd K I fell off pace a bit and I thought that the day was done! There were some hill through the Beaches, not big but on tired legs you knew it wasn't flat. The Beaches also had the biggest , loudest most supportive bunch of folks on cheering us on. I was going to do more Eload around 30K but had forgot and I started to cramp. I was between aide stations and barely had enough waster to get the 4 Eload Caps down! I gelled again at 32K , after refilling the water and this picked me up and I was back on pace again. In spite of all the gels I had done I think I was starring to go behind on the Glycogen! Past 33K I managed to hold pace but it was becoming a much greater effort. 9K to go and I was ahead by a minute or so and holding pace. Thinking about the end was OK now ... the sub 3:30 was still obtainable , the thought keep me on pace. Reaching 36K it was time to Gel again but there was only 1 left. I didn't want to go the final 6.2K without more Carbs so I delayed the Gel and took it at the 37K mark. With 5K to go I still had a minute or so in the bank. Checked the instantaneous pace it it was 5:10 ...didn't panic or try to pick it up just though to myself that 5:10 pace should be enough. I am not sure what happened but I was able to pick it up for the last 5K, just enough to bank a wee bit of time and I was passing quite a few runners ...I remember getting "the look", it felt fantastic. With a little over a K to go Helen the Haliburton RD rushed out to greet me ...another pickup moment. With less then a half K to go I heard City Hall Clock striking 11:00 am . I counted BONG , BONG , BONG. I knew that signaled the 3:30 Gun Time and figured it was going to be really really close as I knew I was about 2 minutes behind the Gun. I had thoughts of Holly S*&% , I might miss my BQ by seconds! So I screamed up Bay Street , Garmin said the last 600m was a 4:11 pace! Crossing the mat the gun time was 3:30:56 and I stopped my Garmin at 3:29...I knew I had achieved my goal! I wasn't sure how I would react but I really started getting choked up. I would be OK for a moment then it would hit me again, and again and again!

Made my way back to the Marriott and exchanged tales , good and bad with the other Marathon Questers. There was a 23 year old Women that just ran her first Marathon and BQ with a 3:03 time ... impressive! Had some water then headed to my car , grabbed the Cell and asked Carrie if she had ever been to Boston!

The following is a list of little things that made the BQ and PB possible. If any of the pieces below were altered I would be writing a different report.....

  • The weather 8C to 13C , a litte Sun and little Cloud and touch of a Breeze
  • Nurition , almost nailed it 900 Calories.
  • Electrolytes, almost nailed it too 8 Eload Caps
  • Pace, resisted the temptation to bank time. Greatest temptation between 15 and 18K until we lost the 1/2 Marathoners.
  • Left Knee issues made for about a 30% reduction in my Sept Mileage. I was forced to taper.
  • This RM post with a special thanks going out to MichaelMC.
  • Kinga Miklos " Running Ultras will make you faster". Running Ultras seemed to be making me slower. After 80K of Hell in Haliburton 42.2 on pavement was a walk in the park.
  • Blowing up in the Mississauga Full in May...what was I thinking!
  • Suffering through some really lousy Ultras this . I sucked at Sulphur, Creemore and Haliburton. Each one taught me valuable lessons when it comes to Fuel , Electrolytes and dressing for Sun Exposure.
  • Being a part of the Canadian Running Magazines " Marathon Quest". I felt an obligation to be successful. We were provided a training program that I didn't follow because I was running just about all the OUS races. When everyone was starting to taper I did 80K of Haliburton with a bad Knee. I really didn't want to be the poster child ..." How not to train for a Marathon"...great motivator.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Run Clinic

6.7K at a 6:27 pace last night with the 2nd Eve of the Run Clinic.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another positive run ...

5K without major pain , little aches the first K then it was good. Just did a 5:30 pace again , ready for Sunday.

5K run clinic tonight.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lunch Run ...easy

Did a 5.5k lunch run , 5K at a 5:30 pace then a cool down. Managed to run it without hobbling Knee pain...first run in more then a month that it did happen. The pain was a knockin but I wasn't listening!

Run +

Weights at lunch followed by a 5K at 5:00 Marathon Race pace after work. Knee acted up .75K in , ran though it and feel more fluid earlier on then I have in awhile... 3K in I forgot all about it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Run Tuesday

5.5K at lunch , 5K at my 5:00 pace. Managed 1.75K before my knee acted up. It took almost 0.5 K before things settled down. Last couple of Ks were smooth and I felt really great!

Yesterday I did my upper body work routine.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Friday , logged 4.5K with night 1 of the fall run clinic. Great turn out again for the 8 week session. This time they are going to do a continuous run up to 10K . Also new is an hour of Yoga following the run. Had to pass this week , next week after due to races but I plan on stretching it out a bit when the time is right.

Sunday , 10.1K Run at a 5:12 pace.... put on the trail shoes headed north on the 2nd for 5K then turned around and came back. Mostly gentle ups and downs with a couple of small steeper sections. Managed the Knee fairly well , there was reminders but nothing that slowed me down .

STWM is 7 days away , not going to do too much this week , a few 5k or so runs at close to a 5:00 pace just to remind my body what its suppose to do next weekend.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weights today ...

Upper body weight and core routine at lunch today. Feel really good after yesterdays 12K at my 5:00 pace. Left Knee is A OK , Right Knee is complaining a but I understand what its telling me. No run until tomorrow eve then its the first night of the run clinic.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OK it works but

Did a second run this afternoon. After 5 minute warmup on the elitical I hit the treadmill for a 12.5K Run. First 5K were a little tentative but then I relaxed and things started to move more naturally and I managed 12km at my Marathon 5:00 pace.


Yup , started with 1K on the elliptical the switched to the treadmill for a 3.5K run. 3K at my Marathon pace with a 0.5K cool down. Thought I was doing good until I went for Coffee and one of my co workers asked " did you hurt your knee " !

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In the GYM

Legs feel better, almost thought the Knee was OK but 1K on the treadmill and bang it came back. So I lifted weights instead ... might try to take it outside tonight.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Haliburton 50 Mile Trail Race

Did my first 50 Mile Ultra today. This isn't the first time I have covered the distance. Last August at the Dirty Girls 24 Hour I did it in around 13 hours. I have been having some issues with my left Knee lately. Within a km I experience a sharp pain , if I keep running it goes away. Running steep downhills has also been causing me pain , if I go easy I am OK but I can't open it up. So my objective was to not blow out my Knee and to finish somewhere between 10 and 12 hours.

I traveled to Hali the night before the race arriving around 10:30pm. Had a quick beer and snack then settled into my sleeping bag in the back of my Durango. With the exception of 100's of Wolves howling sometime around 1am I slept pretty good waking when my alarm went off at 04:30 am. It was a cold morning so I dressed in a couple of layers before I got out of my sleeping bag. Tim's Coffee ( from a Thermos) , OJ , Yogurt and an Oatmeal to go made for a great breakfast. Race Kit pickup, prep and before I knew it the race was minutes away from starting.

Arrived at the start a few minutes before 6:00 am and then we were off! Less then a K in my left knee complained loudly. I limped through the pain and it passed like it always does. It was a pretty dark morning and the road was a little tough to see so I stayed near to folks running with a light and was OK. It was 6K at a 6:00 pace before we hit the first trail, heading into the forest the visibility wasn't great , just OK. Running the Normac loop was OK , was able to run down the hills but I was always breaking being cautious not to aggravate my Knee. When ever I opened up a bit on the downhills there was the occasional pain that said slow down. After 10K passed I got into a pretty good rhythm that would carry me to the 40K turnaround. I continued to be cautious but was running better on the downhills and felt like I was flying through Ben's Trail. There was a few muddy spots on Ben's but when we made it to Christa's Trail it very mucky. There were some busy Beavers over the Summer and they managed to Dam up a lake so the overflow followed out trail , we were running down the middle of a stream... no choice! Passed the 50K turnaround feeling pretty good but I had no idea what lied ahead for the next 15K. After a couple of Ks of a wet corduroy road there was a little gift from the running gods. There was a few Ks of a road that didn't have much in the way of elevation. After the road stretch it was back into the woods but the trail remained pretty runnable with a couple of big ups and downs. It was until a couple of Ks short of the 40K turnaround that the trail got a little nasty again. There was an aide station at what I thought was the turnaround but we had to keep going another half K or so past on a gravel road. Reaching the half way point I realized that I hadn't been consuming enough fluids so I really started to drink lots. At the previous stop I grabbed a bottle of water and the most wonderful Beef Burrito that I have ever ate but I ran out of water before the aide station at the turnaround. All the extra braking to prevent a knee blowout was really taking a toll on my legs. I was no longer able to run downhills, my uphill pace was faster! I was still able to run on the flat and inclines but I never ran down anything other then a 1-3 degree grade the rest of the day. My objective changes from a specific time to just finishing the race, third time this has happened to me in an Ultra this year. Around 45K I was back on the gravel stretch again and was getting rather tired of everyone passing me. Chatted and kept up to Stephan and was telling him my story. He offered me some Advil , I declined and then he commented that I wasn't limping, I took some comfort in that statement. The entire was back I continued to eat and drink as much as possible. I never was able to run downhill and I cursed every time I face a delcine. I have never swore so much at a course but it seemed like all I was doing was going up and down ... nothing was flat , very little anyway! Watching the Garmin I thought I had a chance at getting it in under 12 hours. 9hours 25min into the race with 15K to go the Garmin "low battery" indication was on. I powered off the Garmin so I could save the battery to check the time now and again and started doing the math. Running without knowing where I was made me focus on getting to Normac loop .... only a few Ks and I would be there! Heading into the Normac loop there was 12K to go. It seemed like I was the only one running the loop. It looked starkly different then the first time through . It was forever before I came across another runner and the guy was going the opposite way. "Oh no ", I thought I was going the wrong was but I asked and the fellow told be that on the way out you go one way , on the way back you go the other .... that's why I was seeing Blue blazes that I wasn't the first time. I saw 2 more 24 hour guys heading out on the loop and asked both if I was going the right way. Finally believing that I was on course I relaxed although I was still swearing at all the downhills. Coming out of the forest onto a gravel road I expected to be closer to the aide station I had just passed. Going into the loop I was told "go to the flashing light turn right run the loop go past X aide station then return here". OK I was confused standing on the road thinking I have to go the opposite way the flags were pointing... peered down the road remembering in the instructions only to have a moment of clarity and followed the flags to the "first aid station". Here they told me 6K to go and that I would be returning to the previous aide station then 2K to the finish. Fired up the GArmin and it was 4:55 pm. 6K , 65 minutes .... I CAN DO IT!!!!!!! So off I went , 4K of gravel to the next aide station! I was breathing pretty heavy but was running most of the way. I gelled on the Normac loop but it didn't tweak me event slightly...I was done! Glad to be at the 2nd Aide station I asked for the time but was confused and didn't really comprehend much but I knew I had to keep moving to finish under 12 hours. Checked the Garmin a couple of more times just to make sure and I managed to cross the line in 11hrs47min.

So , mission accomplished! Didn't blow out the knee and it feels fine 24 hours later. I also was within my goal time of 10 - 12 hours. I really believe that I can run this much close to the 10 hour mark if things were different. I have been contemplating doing the 100 miler but the way I was feeling when I was done it seems a little unfathomable. But then I thought that after 120km at the DG , heck I could do it...healthy of course!

Garmin Data ...until it died!

And my shoes ...

...and socks!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Test Run

Did a 16.3K trail run today. The primary objective was to decide if I could do Hali or not this coming weekend. I am pleased to say that I will be doing my first ever 50 mile race this Saturday!

The left Knee acted up early on and things were looking quite iffy but the longer I went the better I got. Initially uphill and flat were good but all downhills hurt. The steeper the decline the worse the pain , breaking=pain. 5K into the run I did a series of 3 hill repeats , a little less then 1K up and then 1K down...about a 50meter gain/loss over 600-800 meters. Every time I went around the knee was progressively better. I was a little concerned because I was favouring my left leg putting more work onto my right leg. Getting past an hour I started to favor the left less and running started to become a mindless effort. Not running for 4 days meant that the legs were fresh with lots of pop in them!

I am going to hang the running shoes up for the remainder of the week. Next time I lace up it will be in Haliburton.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 2

2nd day of not running , knee fells good... mind says run , knee says not yet please!

To fill my activity void I did an upper body weight workout. Haven't been doing that in more than a year but it was my intention to start again after STWM. I believe that not strength training has hurt me a bit ...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Not running ...

Day 1 of not running ... its lunch, what am I goign to do??????????

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Now I did it!

Aggravated my left Knee carrying my 70lb 10 year old on my shoulders.... what was I thinking. Tried to run at lunch and I managed a total of 2K of run/walk... not fun! So I am going to lay off running through the weekend and then I am going to hit the trail on Monday. I find the more aggressive trail stance doesn't aggravate the knee as much as the upright relaxed road stance. Its going to be tough not to run this weekend but with the Haliburton 50 mile race a little over a week away I better take care.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another hot run

Boys had football practice again today so I headed out on the Hanover trail at a cool 25C . Managed 15.3 km at an average 5:40 pace. Ended the run with a once around the high school track at a sub 4:30 pace. Back to work tomorrow so its back to the lunch runs for the next bunch of days. I was hoping to get a long run in this week but with the heat it just wasn't possible so I settle for the middle distance stuff .

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Totals

August - 299.6 km
YTD - 2429.0 km

Last run in August 2010

Headed out with trepidation today....will I or won't I be able to Run? Robin , my 14 year old son had football practice in Hanover so I decided to go for a run on the community trail. It was a warm morning 25C at 09:00 am and 28C by the time I was done at 10:30 am.

500m in the left knee acted up, walked it off and was able to pick it up again after a few minutes. The trail is an old railway bed, it runs parallel to the Saugeen and crosses it quite a few times. Its fine crushed gravel and meter or so wide. I really like the trail because three is very little change in elevation and the running surface is even but you are still sheltered by trees. Ran the whole trail end to end then cut off on the way back and ran through town. The knee never acted up again but , ran a K of real trail ..roots , rocks and elevation and was able to do a run/walk combo without any issues. I am optimistic that being a little guarded and just running through the troubles will be enough to get me through the issue.

Managed to do 14K at an average 7:33 pace.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bayshore 1/2

Did the inaugural Bayshore 1/2 today. This was my second ever 1/2 Road Marathon. My goal was a 1:3X:XX finish. Based on recent runs I figure that a more realistic expectation would be a little under 1:45. I have been working nights this week and originally I was planning on heading to Owen Sound at the end of my shift. Instead I booked some vacation time and left work at midnight and managed 4 hours of restless sleep before race time. Up around 6:30am I dressed and was out the door by 7am . Did a coffee and a bagel at 07:30, 90 minutes before the 09:00 am start time.
The first 5k of the race were almost dead flat. We were running parallel to the Bay and were mostly shaded by trees running on the east side of the road. There was no breeze but the temperatures were creeping up probably somewhere between 22-24C. Between 6 and 7K my left knee began to hurt. I have had this issue for the past three runs. I slowed down a bit an began to hop along until the pain passed. A hundred meters or so I was back running normally pain free again. 7K in we turned East and were more or less totally exposed to the sun. At around 8.5K we began a 2 K climb that was rather steep at times. My avg pace going into the hill was around 4:50. My goal was to drop no more then a 5:00 pace though 10.5K then pick it up in the last half of the race. At the top of the climb I grabbed a cup of water at the aide station and when I paused to drink my left knee pain flared up again. Started running slowly and once again ran through the pain. Gelled at 12K , I really didn't think I would need any carbs being a short race so I t was done as a precaution. After the climb I was quiet warm but when we headed South at the top of the escarpment there was a nice breeze and I was able to recover and pick it up he pace again. 13-15K were mostly downhill bleeding off most of the elevation what we gained earlier. At 15K I managed to work the avg pace down to 4:59 and with 6K to go I knew my 1:3X:XX goal was not possible. I was now concentrating on bring it in under 1:45. Paused again for water at the aide station and once again the left knee acted up, that would be my second and last stop for water! There was no breeze after the decent and around 17K we were on an rather hot dusty gravel stretch that was really uncomfortable and slow. With 4K to go the avg pace had crept back up to 5:02 and I was fighting trying to pick up the pace. I crossed the finish line in 1:45:21 really hot and happy to be finished.
The course had lots of character with the up and down but I don't think there would be many PBs especially on such a warm day! I am handling the heat much better then earlier this summer. In the last 10K I passed a half dozen folks and was only passed by one guy that I almost caught on the last few hundred meters. I was a little disappointed in the results but all in all it was a successful run. I look forward to making this an annual event!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh and I ran too

5K at a 5:00 pace done at lunch with a little break in the middle for my left knee pain.

I hate to admit...

One of the greatest fears of any runner is injury! Nothing really bad has happened yet and I hope to keep it that way but....

Last three runs on the treadmill 2-4 K in I had a sudden sharp pain at just below my left knee cap. I had to stop , walk with a limp in pain for a bit then a few minutes later I could run again. I have had all kinds of little aches that I know I should just run through and I am hoping that this issue is one of them.

I am hopeful that it has something to do with the repetitive nature of the treadmill. On Monday I did a 16K road run with no issues what so ever. Tomorrow is the Bay shore 1/2 and I was really looking forward to a fast run but if the knee acts up it could make for a rather slow run. I was even thinking that maybe I shouldn't run tomorrow but the come and go nature of the pain means that its probably something I should just run through.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lunch Run

Another early morning lunch run. Slowed it done this morning and did a 5K run at a 5:00 pace.

Wed Run ...

Working mids, 3am Wed did a 6K tempo run. 0.5K warm up 5K at a 4:30 pace then a 0,5K cool down. Was going to go out Wed Eve but decided to put the feet up an watch the Jays ... probably did me more good to rest then run. Will hit the old treadmill around 3am again this morning.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Working on Speed

Getting ready for Sundays 1/2. I was looking for a "flat" run to work on consistent even sub 5:00 min pace. My wife was heading for Durham so I got her to drop me off at the edge of town. Managed to run 5K at a 4:56 pace but it was 24C, no breeze and I was totally exposed to the Sun. I wanted to go further but it was just too hot. 6th K was done 2 minutes slower , talk about changing gears. I gradually worked my way up to a 5min pace and managed to run the last 8K of the run actually running. Ended up with an avg 5:24 pace...OK.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

ITT 32K Trail first and last ITT

Well it wouldn't have been my last ITT but it’s the last year that the Burlington Runners Club is hosting the event. I have wanted to do this race since I started running trails a few years ago. I am pleased to say that the course lived up to its reputation. It was a mix of runnable and not so runnable terrain. One thing that did surprise me was that there wasn't a whole lot of elevation.

My goal time was 3hrs30 min. Apparently the ITT should take about the same time as a Road Marathon. I did 3hrs35min in Mississauga so my goal was reasonable. The day started at 3:40 am, 20 minutes before the alarm was set to go off. After my usual routine I was off at 5:00am arriving at the race at 6:45am. It didn’t seem like there was much time between my arrival and the start of the race.

It was the fastest start of any trail race I have ever done. A 1k downhill on a road completed in 4min50sec. Diving into the forest we did a 7K loop with 2 river crossings. Going through the river Sheldon passed me as and I joked with him stating my race report would say "he passed me in the river and I never saw him again". Also bumped into Stefan and Kinga near the end of the loop. As is usual these two were living the running adventure again this weekend. When they were done ITT they were heading to Lockport NY to pace Charlotte overnight in her 24 hour race! Heading past the start finish I was feeling pretty good but was quite winded not being use to the faster pace of this race. Passed by Dave in the parking lot... it looked like he was changing into some dry shoes. I settled into a pace that was a little more comfortable and started to relax into the run. The first few Ks into the "long loop" were pretty easy and then it started. At first there were some nasty rocky sections that I just wasn't comfortable running over so I walked. Between theses technical sections things opened up and were quite runnable. It was here that I went off course for the first of three times. Not bad, a few hundred meters and no more then 2-3 minutes. Around 9K into the loop there was a really long rocky section with the biggest and the toughest downhill of the race. At the bottom things opened up and the course went 2 ways, white blazes and blue blazes. I thought for sure it was the white blaze until I was a few hundred meters down the trail and everybody disappeared. I waited a minute or two watching up the trail only to realized that I should have followed the blue blaze. Again not a big deal but add another 3-5 minutes to my day! After the big downhill was a really big uphill to the turnaround. The last couple of Ks of the loop were quite runnable, Runners coming back from the turn around were flying down this section. Mentally it was hard as I was walking and was little bummed out about going off course again. I was happy to hear the “beep “as I crossed the mat at the turnaround but I knew I had my work cut out for me heading back. 20K done, around 12K to go I down 4 Eload Caps! Temps were a pleasant 20-22C but it was quite humid and I was sweating a ton. I wasn't drinking enough so I started on a glass of Coke and a glass of Gator Aide at every aide station on the way back. I wasn't moving as fast as on the way put but was running as much as I could. I ran some of the rock sections that I walked on the way out but my pace on the open sections had dropped a good 30 seconds. With a few Ks to go at the 2nd last road crossing I managed to go off course once again, I wasted a minute or so but the worst part was having to climb a rather steep hill to get back on course! I knew that I wasn’t going to make my 3hr30min goal and was just hoping to bring it in under 3:50. To my pleasant surprise I came in at 3hrs42min24 seconds and I have a beautiful Green Rock as proof!

There were lots of really amazing runners at the last ITT. Sheldon, Kinga , Stephan had great times. Dave was just glad to finish and Rob has a story to tell with some issues on the course but still turns in an awe inspiring time.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get a better time but the preparation just wasn’t there. As a matter of fact its rare that I do the "right" thing leading up to a race but for me is it’s more about participation then results. So I am pleased with the day, it was a fun run in a really neat place with a bunch of really cool people!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adding speed to the trail

OK, Saturdays ITT is short but tough but there are sections were you can open it up. Today's trail run was a trail run for what I want to do this weekend. Worked on opening it up on the flat / downhill and easy sections and kept it moving along well on the uphill and tech sections. Managed to do a 10.4K trail run at an avg 6:02 pace. The legs had lots of pop in them...the biggest factor in the speedy run is the sub 20C temp with low humidity!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Almost a tempo run

Deep in the Ultra season I often find myself forgetting about speed. Tonight I jumped on the treadmill at lunch and did a "tempo" run. 0.5K warm up , 4K at a 4:30 pace then a 0.5K cool down. I am am going to start doing this weekly. More like a 0.5K warm up , 5K at a 4:20 pace then a 0.5K cool down.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Small trail

Took it to the trail this afternoon for a little 5.2K test run. Had significant right ankle pain in the last 5K of yesterday Eves Run. It felt a little funny through the day so I just had to give it a try and it was OK ... a little bit of a numb sensation but otherwise OK.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2nd run

Headed out around 9:30 pm for a second run today. Did a 16.3K country road run at a 6:20 pace. It was a beautiful clear , warm summer night. I was watching the stars and thunder storms off in the distance as I ran , it was magical.

Hot Sunday

11.1K trail run in the 28C heat and high humidity. Managed an avg 7:12 pace which is pretty good considering the conditions. Going to try another run tonight after dark.


Did 9K Friday Eve at then end of my evening shift. It was a "fast" one, 04:50 pace ....felt good and wanted to go longer but cut it short at midnight wanting to go home! Had great intentions of a long run Saturday but it just wasn't possible...some family issues came up and there was zero time for running! I am sure that the break was a good thing, R&R gave the feet a chance to heal up and the body a chance to recover from last weeks 24 hour run. Today its back too it ...humid and warm conditions will make for some slow progress so I think I will hit the mucky wet trail!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moving again

First run since the DG , 5K at lunch indoors. 0.5K warm up , 4K @ 4:50 pace then a 0.5K cool down. It felt awkward for the first 0.5K but then I relaxed into it and became very comfortable. It felt good to be moving again!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dirty Girls 24 Hour Run, August 7/8 2010

I got the buckle.......

Those who did 120km received the belt buckle , this was my goal but I really wanted to go the full 24 hours. Run , jog, walk or crawl across the finish I as going for it. I was really excited about doing this event. My previous Limberlost run was an 8hour+, a good primer for the Dirty Girls. My plan was to do 90 minute laps for as long as I could , keep hydrated and eat as much as I could.

Allot of the details of the race escape me , I will probably have a better idea of what really went on when I see the lap times. Last year the course was a half K short, this year it was a true 10K loop. The new course also seemed a little bit tougher. The first 3K you were more or less going up and down. The downhills were steep enough that I had to break a bit and the uphills went on forever. Past the 5K aide station the course opened up and it was mostly runnable back to the start finish. Did the first loop in 1hr31min. It was my goal time but I was a bit surprised because the effort on the first loop it felt like I was faster. The weather was perfect at the race start with temps in the low teens. Throughout the morning and into the afternoon the temperature and humidity was slowly creeping up. The day went by pretty much as I expected. On the third loop I noticed a bit of a burn in my legs and I felt some blisters forming on my right foot. The fourth loop was my one and only " music lap", cranked up the tunes and disconnected the mind from the was fun! My race plan was to get to 80K before it got dark. I fell short of this goal passing the 70K mark at 7:30 pm, 11.5 hours into the race. I was still running all the downhills and flat sections but was walking all the uphills. I was eating every 5K and drinking a liter of water every loop. I was doing eload caps every other loop and was doing the eload discs on the trail! I got a little behind on the hydration through the heat of the day but I managed to recover in the evening hours. My feet we starting to hurt , I knew that there were quite a few blisters forming and considered changing shoes and socks but decided against it thinking it would make it worse! I was very fortunate to have Anne and Luke McCutcheon join me after dark. Without their assistance and encouragement I doubt I would have had it in me to achieve my goal. Anne and I headed for my 8th lap, she was ahead of me and I followed in her foot steps. She pointed out all of the hazards as we went along. It was getting dark by the time we made it to the 5K aide station. Having company on the trail was such a moral boost it made the running seem easy again. Not sure of the lap time yet but I suspect that the 8th loop was done in around 1hr45min. The 9th loop was a really big milestone for me , every step was a new territory! My previous long run was 8oK at last years DG. I was still moving along pretty good approaching 90K but I was staring to get extremely fatigued and my feet were incredibly painful. In the 9th loop I stubbed my left foot so hard that it busted a few of the blisters. Luke headed out with me on the 10th loop. Started walking more then running but we were still making good time. Luke was a really fast walker and we were under 2 hours. Anne joined me on the 11th lap. With about 5.5 hours to go I wasn't sure that I had the buckle yet. Anne was wearing a Garmin and a watch and every couple of Ks I would ask here how far we were in the loop and what time it was. We pretty much walked this entire loop at a much slower pace. I did open it up on the longer downhills but that's about all the running I could do. Heading out on the final loop I knew I was going to be successful. I came up with the idea of going to the 2.5K mark after the 12th loop because I knew that most would be stopping after the 12th lap. It seemed like forever until we got to the 5K aide station. This last loop was LONG , when I know there is more to go I get in a mindset of just go and don't think about it but when I know its almost over I find myself focused on the moment. With less then 5K to go the buckle I was still thinking about the extra 2.5K. With 2K to go it started to rain quite heavily. It was at this point that I decided that I would stop after the 12th loop. The next couple of Ks were long but also very sweet knowing that I achieved my goal with about an hour to spare I was satisfied.

Finishing picture ...

Ouch ...

When I was done I headed for the showers and then stuck around for breakfast and the awards. I was feeling quite alert so I drove home and jumped into bed for a couple of hours then it was off to my sons baseball game at 1pm. I felt pretty good on Sunday afternoon , hit the couch and watched some TV and dozed off for another couple of hours. Felt good going to bed Sunday Eve but it was short lived. Woke up at 3:00 am to a rather severe case of the runs...not just once but several time over the next hour. I was fevered too and getting out of bed was an effort! I didn't get up until 6pm after spending nearly 20 hours in bed! Its now Tuesday and I have recovered from what ever it was that hit me yesterday. I know that what happened is a result of the 23hour effort but I really believe that it was something I ate and my troubles were a result of food poisoning. Guess I wont know until the next time I run this long .... yup , will be back for more!

Lap__Time__ Time Elapsed
1: ___1:32:15___ 1:32:15
2: ___1:21:40___ 2:53:55
3: ___1:34:54___ 4:28:48
4: ___1:32:30___ 6:01:17
5: ___1:49:55___ 7:51:12
6:___ 1:47:05___ 9:38:17
7: ___1:51:17___ 11:29:33
8: ___2:15:28 ___13:45:00
9:___ 2:20:08___ 16:05:08
10:___2:07:46___ 18:12:53
11: ___2:25:05___ 20:37:58
12: ___2:39:27___ 23:17:24

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lunch Run

Another 5K logged at lunch , 5:30 pace. Felt like running forever today then I had to go back to work!

Monday, August 2, 2010

July Totals

Just added them up ...

July 323.2 km
YTD 2129.4 km

Slowing it down at lunch ...

5K at a 5:30 pace ...slowing it down for Saturdays DG! Probably shouldn't even be running this week but what else would I do at lunch!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Small Trail

Just a little 8.2K trail run late this afternoon. Wanted to break in a new pair of Adidas Super Nova Riot Trail Shoes in preparation for Saturdays 24 Hours Dirty Girls Run. It was a very humid day, temps were low...24C but it had to be nearing 100% humidity. The forest was almost dead silent . I was running without music or hydration. Spent some time this afternoon getting ready for next weekend . Wont be doing much this week maybe a few lunch runs but that's about it.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Taking it to the streets

Long run done today , 31.4k done at an avg 5:54 pace. There were a few things that made today different! The biggest factor was cooler and dryer air , it was sunny with the occasional cloud and a nice dry breeze from the North...temps 18-22C. I wanted to churn out a moderate pace and NOT slow down near the end. I pretty much manged to do as planned but I cheated a little. At 12K I stopped for a few minutes and had a small carton of Chocolate Milk...this was the first I drank. Then I decided to climb the Durham Hill at Hwy 6 then loop through town back for more Chocolate Milk at around 20K. The milk went down great , I then decided to have a giant freezy ...YUM! OK this was a little more then an aide station break , spent 10 minutes eating the freezy watching the water go over the middle dam! No there were no excuses for the last 10K , had to be the same as the first and second 10K and that's more or less what I achieved! Got home and decided to jump on the Mountain Bike for a couple of hours ....looking for new trails! Is now the evening and I am beat , really beat ...mission accomplished.

Check out the Durham Hill, its the spike in the middle. More repeats to be done here!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last luch run this week

Another 5K lunch run today , the usual 0.5K warm up and cool down with 4k at a 4:50 pace.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2nd run

Did a 2nd run today. Picked the toughest hill . muddy trail and added a swamp! Killed the legs and was walking after 4K.! Fun Fun Fun,

Lunch again

5K the usual way

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What woudl I do without lunch

Yup , another 5K at lunch the usual way! Maybe run after work if the urge to drink beer and float around the pool doesnt win!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another short lunch run

Did another 5K lunch run the usual way! Legs felt a little tired after yesterdays speed work.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

21.1 at lunch

Was in an hour early today so I took a longer lunch and did a 21.1K on the treadmill . 5:00 pace through 18.5K then 2K at a 4:30 pace then a 600m cool down!

Great way to start the running week.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Speed Work

OK , cant forget about a little speed. 12K done at lunch today , 10K at my 4:40 pace , 1K at a 4:00 pace then 1K at a 4:30 pace. Had to make a sudden stop and called it a day at 12K! I was really lost in my head on the treadmill today, it was fun to actually run today... definitely a better after glow then the slower runs.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting turned around ...

Did a 19K Gravel Rd/Trail/Tractor Trail Run today ... totally git turned around in the forest and was going dues West when I thought I was going do East ... came out on Hwy 6 when I expected to be near Townsend Lake. It was overcast and humid with temps in the mid 20's. The weather made for a slower pace , avg 6:57 /K. Its been the Summer of learning to run slower!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saratoga Springs Run

Did my first run after TLC yesterday. Was visiting my folks in Saratoga Springs NY and did a little 12K loop through town.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

TLC 56K Ultra

Ultra #6 was completed yesterday, the Limber Lost Challenge ...and what a challenge it was !

Day started real early, 4am after a night of very restless sleep...usually a good sign, and it was. Left home at 4:40 am , it took close to 3 hours to get there but I arrived feeling fresh , awake and ready to go.

As is usual the race started without much fan fair. The course was absolutely hands down the most beautiful and very runnable trail I have ever been on! Rocks, trees and lakes it had all the trappings that we associate with Muskoka. The trails were also fairly technical, lots of roots , rocks and forever undulating and turning. At first I was thinking a 7:00 pace but I figured it would be much slower and I was. The big challenge of the day for me was to manage myself better in the heat, I didn't do that very well in Cremoore or Sulphur! The first 14K loop was done in 1hr45min. Stopped and dropped 4 eload caps , grabbed some ice and water from my cooler and headed back out feeling a little beat up . The 25C temp was starting to take its tool so I started in on eating ice. I was carrying a bag of ice on the last 3 laps (42K) and was constantly eating it when ever I walked up a hill! The second loop went well done in 1hr58 min. Stopped at the car again , did Yogurt, Watermelon and Oranges then grabbed more water and downed 4 eload caps and 500 mg of salt....I had lunch! The tummy was feeling a bit full and I was feeling quite fatigued with 28K to go. Trying to prevent a blow up I walked the first few Ks of the second loop. The goal was to recover and allow the food that I ate to be absorbed! The strategy worked because I more or less was able to run the rest of the day and almost stayed away from the big blow up. The third loop was done in about 2hrs21min. Stopped at the car for another 4 eload and 500mg of salt as well as a bottle for Gator Aid and Ice . I was really happy to still be moving well and was feeling tired but quite good. I really wanted to get the loop done and hold off the pack of runners that were not that far behind , these thoughts really moved me along in the last loop. There was a big downhill at the 11K mark that quickly got you to the 12K marker. When I got to the bottom of the descent it happen , with 2K left I was seeing stars. Nearing the end I wasn't taking in carbs or electrolytes and was starting to pay the price. I walked for the next 1.5K after running a good part for the last loop. I had vision of a ton of folks passing by but I only gave up 2 positions before I emerged on the last stretch about a 1K of gravel road. After 200m of running on the gravel I wanted to walk, looked back over my shoulder and there was 2 more runners that were just coming out of the woods. The site of them made me pick it up and I managed to jog in the last 1/2K . Last loop was done in about 2hrs19min, two minutes faster then the third loop!

All and all I would say it was a great day, I managed the heat and held it together and only gave up a couple of positions in the last part of the race. My 8hrs21 min time looks slow but I was quite pleased with the time.

......and now for the "other race report", nothing to do with time , performance or physical well being ... actually its the heart and soul of what keeps me coming back for more ...those moments with nature , the solitude and the other runners!

Pre race talked to Sheldon and Kristi and the amazing Char. Lots of Hi's , Hello , how are you nice to see you stuff and the excitement. There is nothing quite like the anticipation and bottled up excitement before the race. Lots and lots of traffic on the first loop. Lots of folks but it was very quiet. I was always with someone almost stepping on their heels. I was enjoying the natural beauty trying to imprint the various sections on my brain so I would be familiar with my surroundings when I was out there alone in the later stages! There was a really cool rock around the half way point , it was rectangular sitting up right almost like some one placed it there. This rock became know as "flat rock" , I had a great conversation with it as I passed by it. Shortly after flat rock there was a small stream crossing a smooth rock that I slipped on , after a few words I decided that this was "slippery rock"! The second loop was quite surprising, I was alone ... really alone! I didn't expect the solitude so early in the race but took it all in. Had some fun with the volunteers on the ATVs , knowing they were Ham Radio guys I laid some Morris Code on them ... Dah , Dah Dit, Dat Dit Dit Dah , which is TNX or short for thanks. I got to see my buddy's , Flat and Slippery again ... exchanged a few more words ... gave flat a high 5 and cursed slippery as I went around the slippery part! Had lunch after the second loop then slipped away into my mind going out the third time! The third loop was like running a new course , first loop was the remembering loop , second loop was the oh yea I was already here I remember this but the third loop was wholly crow , I don't remember this. 28-42K in and my mind was really playing tricks on me! Approaching Slippery and Flat I had a good old conversation with them. Shorty after seeing my friends there was a couple of hikers on the trail. I told them I was just having a little conversation with the rocks and trees, the laughed and then I joked about the wait til you see me on the next loop! The last loop was the sharing loop , I did a hop scotch kind of routine with Jerry! We were both in about the same shape with our peaks and valleys occurring at different times. Jerry would get out in front then I would be on his heels and occasionally it was the other way around. About half way through the loop a woman ( name escapes me but I will edit when I look at the results) a rather familiar face ... she looked really fresh as she flew by, I really didn't think I would see her again. I was quiet surprised but two or three times mid loop we exchanged positions but nearing the last third of the loop I didn't see her again! I also became aware that Jerry was no longer within site. All alone again I had great conversation with Slippery and Flat . Kissed flat and said see you next year...its been fun and then avoided the slippery part of slippery! It always seems to suddenly end ... the last few mile markers seem to be further apart and then that's it , ITS OVER ...SUDDENLY. 8hrs21mins , a long time for sure but wow was it ever amazing!


The day after the race I had no muscle pain but I felt really really sleepy . Drove 8 hours to Saratoga Springs NY and in spite of the coffee and coke I never shook the sleepy feeling. Monday I still had ZERO Muscle Pain...amazing!