Monday, December 31, 2007

Missed a good one

Ugh ... last day of 2007 and I missed a chance for a perfect winter run. I was going to head out around 09:00 am , the plow hadn't been by yet and there was a few cm of fresh snow on to of ice . Decided that it was just too dangerous for the road so I planned on heading to work early to hit the gym again. I left the house at 10:00 am.. it was gorgeous out ! -3C, no wind, little ice fog kinda a hazy sunshine and the road was plowed and the running area looked to be hard packed snow . I almost go back up into the driveway to do a road run but I had a time thing going on, had to be at work for Noon.

Anyway I settled for a 10K on the treadmill , 48:04 ! Not fast but it felt like an effort. I my never ending ways of finding creativity on the rubber belt I started off slow , 1st K in 6:00, second in 5:30 then at the 2K mark hot 12 kmh then every 500 meters upped it 0.1 Kmh until I hot 9.5Km then I did 15Kmh for the last 500m. Always different ! Had the heart rate pegged at 174 for the last 500m , heck the last 2 were at 165 bpm . So the 48:04 isn't bad when the first 2 K were so slow.

10K is a funny distance, there isn't enough Ks to make it up in the end. For me its a more less flat out event ! Now long races , start easy , conserve and pick it up as you go .... that's more like it.

Tomorrow is New Years day , maybe , just maybe I may be able to hit the road . Just think only another 3 months to spring ....UGH !


Saturday, December 29, 2007

No road run today

It thawed overnight , started to freeze this morning so the road run was somewhat dangerous due to ice. The sander had been down the road but the load was in the middle of the road. Its been my experience that running down the middle of the road is not a good idea!

So I jumped in my car and drove 21K to the Gym to run 10K on the treadmill.... doesn't make a whole lot of sense ! On the way to the Gym I noticed the sensation in my right ankle, I was beginning to think that I shouldn't be running at all but I came up with a really good idea....use my trail shoes. Sauconys on a treadmill are like strapping a pair of trampolines on the bottom of your feet , but it worked ! Shorty after I started another fellow came into the Gym so I had a good gab while I was running! Did my 10K in 48 minutes and changed.

I had to drive one of the kids to Angus today. On my return trip there were a couple of people running on the road . I always get a kick out of watching people run. You can tell so much about the person by .the way they run. Its kind of like the guy who guesses your weight at the carnival. A few days ago on my way home from work I saw some folks running down Highway 6. I don't normally take that route but I turned just to drive by and watch them run.
Races are an amazing place to watch other runners , the best time is as they arrive . From the Vanity Plates on there car to the clothes they where to the set of legs they have carved its all very cool.

Maybe tomorrow I can get out on the road .... hm wonder who will be watching me!


Friday, December 28, 2007

16K Yesterday

Did a 16K on the treadmill yesterday , not even sure about the time... somewhere around 80 minutes. Broke it up into thirds, 1st@11.5K 2nd@12.2 3rd@12.7. I haven't been running much in the way of distance in the last couple of months so it was a little tired. The treadmill is definitely harder on the joints, have a little something up with the right ankle. I only get this sort of thing on the treadmill . The constant repetitive nature is not great . Running on gravel roads, trails or even in the snow don't bring this sensation on. When the weather is crappy the treadmill is the only game around so I guess I will stick to it but stay away from distant runs until the weather improves in a few months.
I am pumped to get out on the road with the Garmen this weekend , hopefully the weather will allow me too!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

5K today

5K at lunch on the treadmill ! Was going to go further but the legs felt a bit stiff from yesterday so I thought hey... why push and stopped. Its is so so so important to listen to what your body is telling you. I love to run and would do it everyday if I could but I also recognize that there are limits and when the body says slow down ... you slow down !

Maybe tomorrow I will feel a little looser , want to get a 16Ker on the treadmill before the end of the week.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New toy ... Garmen Forerunner 305

Isn't Christmas wonderful ! Been playing with my Garmen Forerunner 305, unfortunately it will be a few days before I take it for a spin !

Working days this week, yesterday at lunch I squeezed in a 5K at lunch in 23:40. First few K were easy , 11-12 Km/Hour ... last two were at 13.3 Km/Hour ! Uneventful treadmill run hardly worth mention, how I long for spring !

Today , I managed a 10K at lunch. Did it is 48:12 , 800 x 200 5:00km/4:00km intervals. Running like this is as good for the physical side of things as mental ! I really believe I can do a 10K in under 43:00 , best was last May 44:51 ! Varied the elevation between +1% to-1% , two thirds were on the plus side. I believe this helps to break up the monotony of the repetitive foot strike !

Hope to do an easy 16K in the next day or two , it will have to be indoors. Maybe by the weekend I can tale the Garmin for a ride.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Best winter run

Did my 10K road run in 50:05 yesterday , great for this time of year. Going out I was into the wind , temps were around the freezing point . Was dress like my previous road runs and was quiet comfotable at hat temp. Legs felt a little stiff but that was only for the first 10 minutes. Hit the 5K mark at 27:33 , coming back the wind was at my back and I was able to pick up the pace to 22:35 for the last 5K , this is my 10K pace to make under 45:00 !!! Very pleased, the way I have been running I have been thinking that a 43:00-44:00 10K may be possible in 08.... we will see. Today and tomorrow the weather is rain so the run is going to have to be indoors. Want to do a 16K easy next ...tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Friday I did another 10K on the road, down the second to the Schmidt farm and back again. This time it was a little cooler , about -6C with a gusty breeze and a bit of snow! The snowmobile trails are open , the route I normally take in the summer is where the goes. The had just groomed it , it looked pretty solid so I thought I would give it a try. Well I was wrong ... its was harder then running in powdery sand... back to the road. There was a light dusting of snow so it was a little bit slippery , just had to mind the hills a little bit more. Running back I started to get a little cold. My muscles felt stiff , when I got home my legs were red ! Next time I am going to layer my legs too. Running back I noticed that my tracks weren't covered as I neared home. I have been working on technique , trying to land under my body. I though that this was shortening my stride but I was wrong , I was surprised at the distance between the foot prints. It kinda feels like I am shuffling along when landing on the balls of my feet. The stiffness brought on by the cold slowed me down a bit and I came in just over the 48 minute mark... couldn't have ran any further without dressing a little warmer! After the run I dropped in the Hot Tub....I usually pour a tall glass of milk but we were out so I opted for a beer instead . Boy you want to talk about a cheap drunk !!!!!!

Sunday I was working , been real busy at work lately so I was surprised to get away. Did an easy 16K run on the treadmill. This is the longest run I have done since late October . It felt great , even though it was the treadmill I got into that meditative state at around the 10K mark ! Felt like I could run forever .... I ran about 3K off in LA LA land not even realizing that I was running . The pace was fairly easy , at around 5:10 /km . I was entertained by my heart rate , kept it in the 130-140 range !

Tuesday after work I jumped back on the treadmill ! It was Fartlek day , did 800x5:13/Km then 200 at 3:45/Km. did this until I hit the 10K mark! Running like this made me feel like I could break 40:00 .... best was May 2007s Trillium where I broke 45:00 for the first time. I varied the elevation from +2 to -1 . It helped to break the monotony of the indoor run. Kept an eye on the heart rate too . Each set I did it pegged high ... mid 160s to low 170s then dropped back to the mid 140s in recovery ! I can see where this sort of a run weekly will help to increase the speed .

I am going to keep this sort of distance / mix going through Jan/Feb . Come March I am going to try to speed things up again preparing for the first 10K in May although I ultimately want to run more , run further ! I haven't done a Marathon yet , gained a ton of respect for distance over the Summer . I could do it today but I am toying with the idea of doing a 50ker before the 42 !


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Running in the Snow

Another first today, ran in the snow! It was just below freezing , a wee bit windy and there was the occasional squall! Did a 10K on 2nd , 5K towards Durham, turnaround was the Schmidt farm and then back ... all in the grand sum and total time of 53:35 ! Sounds slow but this spring when I did the 10K in under 45 I was running this route in about 49 and change !

This morning when I got up it was sunny , no wind and a couple of degrees below freezing ... Perfect! I waited a few hours then went out and I had about 30 seconds of Sun the rest was snow/blowing snow ! Wind chill was a factor too . Heading South towards Durham the wind was a little behind but more to the right of me. The front was pretty much shielded and I was comfortable . On my return it was a little different , wind was almost in my face ... more to my left . There is a couple of high open spots that I had to shield my face with may hand! All and I I was fairly comfortable . Wore regular socks .. Feet were 100%, almost hot. Had some "running pants" that I had bought on EBay ... not bad , wee bit breezy but it sure beats shorts. On top I had my metal T with a Cotton sweatshirt and a Nylon Wind Jacket ! The crowning achievement was a wool touque, I almost didn't grab this and am I ever glad I did. I wouldn't wanted to go further dressed like this . I was hot underneath , a little damp from sweat but not really too uncomfortable . So bottom line ... the dress gets a passing grade !

The road was plowed this morning I was running on hard packed snow , a little give along the edge but very similar to running on pavement. The only time I really noticed I was ruining on snow was on Hills. Had to be real careful not to break going down or get too much up on the toes going up or I lost traction. I have been working on landing more on the balls of my foot as compared to the heel by landing under the body instead of in front , this also helped me run in the slippery conditions! Breathing was no problem at all ... it wasn't too cold so I really didn't notice it. I regret not bringing a water bottle , I was craving a drink at the 5K mark.

The route I took wasn't my favorite ! Where I like to go is under a meter of snow! However I really didn't mind, the snow made it all look allot different ! Best part was the fact that it was ploughed this morning.

So , I will be back! I am resigned to get outside and run over the next four months, just have to time it!


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Been running

Been a funny week , working nights and running is strange ! All were on the treadmill , did a ...
Wed 3am 7K , stopped at 7 becasue I had to go !
Thurs 3am 7K , stopped at 7 because I had to go back to work.
Fri, 5k at 6am ! Didnt have enough time to run furtehr
Sat , finally a 10K at 4:00 am .

Its been hard to be back on the tradmill after the great runs in Maryland last week. I find myself imagining I am back on teh trails and its summer !

Wed I did an easy run , about 11Kmh east pace. I jumped off at 7K because a I had to go! Thurs was my first attempt at Fartleks, easy run 12Kmh but at the 3,4,5,6,7 K marks I did a 200meter run at 14 mh. Friaday a did a short / moderate 5K in around 23:00. Fianlly this mronnig I did an easy 10K 11/11.5/12 and the last K was at 13.3 Kmh.