Tuesday, September 30, 2014

After work

Rounded out Sept running with a little 5ker on the treadmill after work

Monday, September 29, 2014

Just for the record

Yupper ,  another 5K lunch run logged.  Dreaming of the trails...maybe 5K looping after work if the weather holds.  

Not quite but enough!

12 laps looping for a total of 10K on the trail Saturday.  I was going to repeat Sunday but got tied up with my WiMax install.  I was up and down my big ass hill so many times I lost count!  

With the Toad 50K on Saturday I won't be up to too much this week.  Lunch Runs Mon - Thurs with a 5K trail or 2 after work and then a reset day Friday!  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Back on the trail!

5K looping on my trail last night.     Glad to be back on dirt and thats the way it will be through the weekend.   With the Toad looming and last weeks 12 hour it will be pleasant shorter Runs this weekend.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lunch Run

5K done on my lunch break today .  Cold is slowly going away .  If I have time I would like to take it to the trail for a little 5Ker after work.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back at it

First run since Saturdays 12 hour run.   Coming off the tail end of a head cold too.   Felt great to lace up again.  I fell fully recovered from the long one and cant wait to return to the trail in the next day or two.   

Logged a 5ker at a mostly 5:30 pace at  lunch today.   

Monday, September 22, 2014

Double Whammy

 I always enjoy the day after go whenever I go long.   Sure there is a bit of muscle pain ,  yeah I may nurse a blister or 2 and holy smokes do I have an appetite and usually feel relaxed beyond imagination.   Sunday was a really strange day for me .   Saturday night I retired with a bit of a sore throat which is something that occurs from time to time when I go long.   Sunday morning I woke up to an incredibly sore throat...not sure about that I thought.  As the day progressed I realized I had come down with a classic head cold..YIKES!   I don't do very well when I try to sleep and I cant breath but last night was just one of those nights.  Not only was I suffering the effects of a head cold add on all the post long run stuff including the "Rash of Scarlet Fever" that I get after the core temp is elevated for a long period of time oh yeah and not to mention the slight Sun Burn I got from nearly 12 hours of on again off again Sun exposure!   On the bright side the timing of my cold couldn't be any better!  I was going to have a day or two of rest anyway so in no way is the cold going to interrupt my "training" ...pretty cool I would say.   No if only I could breath...LOL MAN COLD!!!!!

 Most of the tine when I blog a race its all about the technical aspect of getting it done.   I am always learning and memory is fickled so having    the details to look back on is just part of the process of understanding however I think I am getting pretty good at doing these sorts of things.   "Pretty Good" is very personal because I am allot slower then most  but I really don't care all that much about that's sorts of thing however I do recognize that its a race and from time to time I will rise the occasion.   The way I see it I have  been to Boston so I don't have to run fast any more .....although I am planning a return some time in the next 6 years!  I really measure my success or not by how I run the race.  Saturday I ran almost the entire event ,  6:00 pace at the start 7:00 pace at the end ...not a bad fad after 12 hours,  success in my books!  

 I have a few memories of the Dam Hill Run.   First that pops to mind is running whilst eating a big  ass slice of pizza 3.5 hours into the day...  its was so good and besides the Eggs it was the only solid food I had all day.   It was fun sharing the trails with the dog walkers,  cyclist ,   in line skaters,  families  out for a Sunday stroll ,  all the runners not in the race and of course all those that I was running with.  It was really cool to see Chris Bakers reaction with about 45 minutes to go in his 6 hour race.  He checked with the timers at the start finish and he was leading the event.  It sure out some spring into his step and I am pretty sure he was the first overall...way to be Chris!   Had a nice chat with Christa when I had my mid race break.   The 6 hour folks were bringing it home just before I took my break.  I came across one lady who said " I was amazing" and she went on to tell me she was "just doing a Marathon"...."JUST a Marathon I responded ...look at you ypu did a Marathon today ,,,,you are AMAZING".     How about Debbie doing the 6 hour as a "training run for the Toad".  And to the amazing Brian who flew buy me time and time again just like last year.   The   overall winner of the race was Steve Parks ...one truly talented guy who has worked hard and is truly an inspiration to me.   I am very far removed from the that talent pool yet Steve always makes me feel somewhat accomplished...LOL!     Steve was out to run 100 miles in 16 hours.  Rather an interesting goal when you realize its a 12 hour race.   I tried to wrap my head around why he would do such a thing when there is nothing to gain by it but purely personal satisfaction.  Its probably his fastest 100 miler ever yet he didn't win race or go done in the record books as a official race it was just about doing it .... no glory, no shiny trophy ,  not much fan fare cause everyone was long gone just a personal satisfaction of getting it done ...  I sure respect and admire that!   Cant forget about Chris and  Char!   Cudos to Chris for hanging in there .   He hasn't been running so he pretty much walked the entire event.   Would have loved to have seen Char out there running but she was  part of the enabling crew getting Steve Parks where he needed to be.  If Char isn't running she is usually working some of her race magic.    

Sunday, September 21, 2014

12 Hour The Dam Hill Run - September 20, 2014 - Springbank Park , London Ontario

 This was my first race since Creemore way back on July 5th.  I have been running lots of trail and maintaining my distance but I have only done a handful of long runs since the July Race.   Almost all my trail running was done on my loop under some pretty warm conditions from time time.  The trail I Run isn't easy but not crazy hard...somewhere in between.     So I felt ready to go long ,  sort of.   There is no doubt I am in "Run Shape" ,  not speedy but in the enduring way.   In other words I felt strong but perhaps a little slow and I am OK with that because I am really happy just to be able to be out there doing these long runs.  

 I did have some goals for this race.  The A goal was 120km ...yeah right what was I thinking!  B was 100K , much more reasonable and realistic.  C was 80K not so great but at least I got a long one in.  

 Race day started the usual way ,   6 hours of mostly broken sleep , up at 3 am ,  hot tub for an hour ,   left  at 4:30 am for the 2.5 hour drive that included a Tims and Mc Donalds stop for a Mc Griddle!    Arrived about 45 minutes before the race started!  

We were off at 08:00 am sharp ,  I was a little bit late making it to the start but with 12 hours ahead it really didn't mater.   It was a beautiful morning clear Sky's ,  nice cooling breeze and comfortable temperatures.   Decided to try for a 4hr12 min Marathon,  5hr 50k and possibly keep the 50 Mile(80k ) under 10 hours...maybe.  So I headed out trying to settle into an avg 6:00 pace and that's more or less what I did over the first few hours.   Laps were 2.25k I got into a fueling routine right away and more or less nailed it through the race.   Every 3 laps I would Gel and in between take an S Cap or 2.  I took on water every time I passed the Aid Station and on the laps that I Gelled I would carry a water bottle.    I more or less only fueled with Gels over the entire 12 hours going through 16 of them.    I was only a few laps into the race when I took my shirt off.   The Sun exposure and increasing temperatures as well as humidity really warmed things up quickly.   3 hours in I started to fall off my 6:00 pace a bit .   It was just too hot so I was forced to slow down a little bit.   I cant recall my "Marathon" time but I know it wasn't 4hrs12min more like 4hrs20min ....will add the exact time when I get it.    I also knew that 5hrs for 50km was gone so I concentrated on pushing hard to the 50K mark then I would take a "lunch break".     Lapped the Garmin once I hit the 50 km mark.   Logged 50km in 5hrs24min for an avg 6:29 pace.   I was satisfied but ready for a break and some lunch so thats exactly what I did.    Nearing 50k my stomach felt a bit bloated ,  slightly nausea ...felt like I was cramming a bit too much in.  I knew the break and the addition of solid food would really help.    Looking at the Garmin Data I stopped at 1:45 pm after doing one slow lap after the 50k mark.   I took my shoes off and it really felt good.   Downed 2 Labats Blues  with 2 heavily salted boiled eggs and finished off my meal with 2 Tylonal's .... an awesome lunch!    I had briefly entertained the idea of stopping.   I was hot  and extremely salty and the idea of being home floating around the pool with a couple of Blues was very tempting.    After cooling down and letting my stomach do its thing I decided to keep going with the new minimum goal of 80K ...  100k was no way!    I didn't start my Garmin again until 2:29 pm .....YIKES ,  I didn't realize it at the time but I took nearly a 45 minute break!   I remember thinking later in the race why did stop for so long but then I reminded myself that I really needed to cool down ,   have some solids and up the calories otherwise it was going to be a rather miserable afternoon and eve.  Heading back out I walked the first lap and I kind of thought that the rest of the day was going to be that way.   I didn't enjoy the walking ,  it really sucked to on the second lap I started running again and found my new pace ,  some wheres around 7:00 min/k .... I was expecting a 7:30 pace but was pleasantly surprised at what the body wanted to do!   I entertained the idea of another sit down break when I hit 80K ,  one more beer and  egg!    I was music free through 50K but when I headed back out I grabbed the iPod and it was really great to be rocking away.    A sub 10 hour 80K was still doable so I maintained pace .  I was a little over I think it was around 10hrs9min when I tripped the 50 mile mat.    Will update when I get the official 50 mile time.    So with 1hr45 min left I decided to skip the planned break and bring er home.   Temps were cooling a bit and the Sun was almost gone so I wasn't feeling the heat any longer.  Threw my shirt back on for the last hour or so not wanting to catch a chill!   Crossed the start finish with just a little under 15 minutes remaining.   Thought about going out and tripping at least one more Mat but decided to call it a day logging 91.713k which is my longest run of 2014.

 The Hoka One Ones  were fantastic.     Left foot 100% ,  right foot a blister under my arch and my little toe was tender.  I didn't tightness the shoes much so that nay have contributed to the rub.   My feet were not sore or achy after pounding the enslavement all day.   The shoes really made a difference and were well worth the purchase.

I finished 6th out of 22 participants ,  5th out of 16 men logging a total of 91.713k.

Here are my times for the various distances...

1/2                2:23:24.8
Marathon  4:33:04.5
50 km          5:29:55.3  Garmin Reported 5:24:31
50 Mile      10:13:06.4
12 Hour     91.713 km 

Up next in two weeks in the Toad  50K   a nice short race!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Ran 0.5K less today logging 4.5k on my meal break.   Getting ready for my 12 hour run Saturday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lunch Run

Little 5K@5:30 pace at lunch.   Two more liek that ,  two days of not running then its on to the 12 hour in London.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Treadmill Sunday

Another 12 hour day ,  another meal break on the treadmill.   Didn't go as far today logging 10K .  Beginning a sort of taper in prep for Saturdays 12 Hour Race.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Treadmill and Hoka One One

Took the Hokas indoors today.   Logged 12K  at a mostly 5:30 pace on my meal break.  Added the Metatarsal supports and the shoe worked fine.  The soft ride made the jarring treadmill a wee bit more bearable.

Track the HR again ,  high 120's to low 130's ... a gradual increase.  There was bad data in the beginning and the last little bit was a 900m running cool down followed by a 400m walk then a few minutes of sitting.

Friday Long Run

 It was a funny week for running.   Finishing mids Monday and not going back to work until Saturday seemed like a forever amount of time to fit running in but it didn't quite work out that way but I did manage to squeeze a long one in late Friday afternoon.   Wanted to do a 100% road workout so I headed down the second and did a loop of Durham logging 23.6 km.    really put the Hokas to the test.  Most shoes I wear I add a metatarsal support.   The only shoe I get away without adding the extra support is my Brooks Cascadia's.       I am going to try out the Hokas with the added support today on my lunch run .   If all goes well the Hokas will be my choice of shoe for next weekend 12 hour run at Springbank.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hooka One One

Took the new Hooka One Ones out in the Rain this afternoon.  Was going to go longer but I have heard stories about these shoes and decided to cut it short planning on going longer tomorrow!  The shoes force a mid foot strike the every so subtlety throw you to your toe.   Not too much bounce and it didn't feel like an increased effort.  Like the downhills ,  sure took the work out of the  quads!  Although I trucked along at a avg 6:00 pace when I picked it up to a 5:30 pace the feel was similar to going much faster ,  rather pleasant.   Felt a wee bit tight in the right toe box but its probably just breaking them in and getting use to tying them.  

Monday Run 2

Rest day Tuesday ...unplanned just too busy with other things!

5K looping on my trail on Monday!  

Just got some Hooka's for the Raod / Track.   Going to burn em in the afternoon.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Lazy Ass Run

Left it too late again this morning but there was no magic so I it cut it short logging a 5ker.   Once the heart rate monitor started picking up the signal properly I never got it above 120 BPM.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Late Run

Found almost every excuse not to head to the Gym this morning.   Finally at 06:30 with 90 minutes remaining ion my shift I hit the treadmill.  I originally planned on 10K but decided it would be OK to log 5K.    I wasn't expecting much but when I jumped on the treadmill it was great!     I quickly relaxed into the 5:30 pace.  It felt effortless and I was having fun watching my heart rate.     Almost got smooth consistent data after moistening  the chest strap before I started.  

I logged a total of 10K @ 5:30 pace.   HR crept up from low 120's to mid to high 120's.   The spikes at the start are the result of bad data!  

1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour

Working mids ,  not enough sleep again to be at 9am up at 2:00  pm but I did make good use of my time before heading to work at 8pm.     1 Hour floating in the pool with Coffee,  1 Hour Running Trail then 1 Hour in the Hot Tub then 1 Hour preparing to go back to 12 Hours of Work.

110 foo-paw again today ... logged just a little over 5K starting and ending my run in the same place but the Garmin had different
ideas where I started.  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Garmin 110

The Garmin 110 isn't  as accurate as the  305.   See the picture .... enough said I would say.

5K or 6 loops... each loop is identical at 830 meters.

Although take it out of the Forest and its much better...

Out and back on the 2nd

The 110 is a really great GPS Watch/ HR Mon.   I really like it but I am well aware that off road its not going to be very accurate.

5:30 pace @ 6:00 am over 5K = 129 BPM

Did my lunch late in  my shift in solidarity with all the folks at the start line a Haliburton this morning.     Used my HR Strap from my 305 with my new 110.  

Below is my 5K Run in just a little over 30 min.   Gradually ramped up to a 5:30 pace over the first 7 or so minutes then held pace for another 18 minutes before starting my cool down. The first 5 min  data has to be wrong.  I have seen that sorts of error in the past.  It seems that you have to work up a bot of sweat before it works properly.  

Ramped up a wee bit between the 1K mark and where I began my cool down at 4.4K.   Went from 127 BPM to 129 BPM whilst holding the 5:30 pace.   I am going to do it again tomorrow but I will be running double the distance.  

I was surprised that I was as low as I was!   129 bpm through 3.4 K is pretty decent.   I as expecting low 150's or high 149s.   I have no idea what my Max HR is but I would guess 160 - 165 range.  I will have to figure that out.   The cool down started around 26 min , between 4.4K and 4.7K is slowed from a 5:30 pace to a 7:30 pace.  Finished up the cool down with a 300 meter walk.    

Friday, September 5, 2014

Early Lunch

Done and doner ,  another 5Ker done on my meal break this morning.

Same Trail

Logged another 6 laps/5K on my trail yesterday Eve.   I was going to go longer but it was a really nice warm late Summer Eve so I just wanted to chill.     I seem to be averaging 40 minutes/ 6 loops ... it aint an easy trail but its no incredibly tough rather deceptive I would say.   It kind of reminds me of the Limnerlost course!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

In the wee morning hours.

Another 5Ker at 3am!

Great weather for some trail!

Lousy sleep again today.  More or less did the same as yesterday having breakfast at 5pm then hit the trail around 6pm for a 5ker.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I did it!

After bailing on yesterdays lunch run I managed to drag myself to the Gym and log a 5ker this morning....and now I feel great!  

Lousy sleep great run!

First mid yesterday.   Felt like crap at work so I skipped the lunch run.  Its quite rare that I don't take advantage of my break but I just wasn't up to it.  Slept lousy today ,  one hour in the am then a few in the afternoon.  Felt not too bad after breakfast and I was feeling guilty missing last nights "lunch run" so I headed out back and did a 5K trail run.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 2014 Totals

August -   300.6 km
YTD    -  2297.9 km

27 Runs,  no Races had to skip the DG 48 so I am pretty pleased logging 300+ Ks in August.

Another warm trail!

Summer arrived again ,  Sept 1.  Great 5K done on the trail looping away.   Thought about going another 6 laps but the Beer was cold and I was thirsty!