Friday, August 31, 2018

August 2018 Totals

August -   249.5 km
YTD    - 1857.7 km

7 Races ,  Endurrun ...signed up and looking forward to doing it again in 2019!

August Breakdown

Treadmill  3 X      21 km
Road        6 X 127.9 km
Trail          7 X  85.6 km
Beach       2 X   15   km
Rest   X 13

Wow ,  huge number of rest days!   Mid Sept is back to back 42.2s the first in two weeks the Dam Hill then a week later its the Tobermorry Trail.  

Friday Trail

Having a mid season break not running T/W/T and logging 5.6 km on the backyard trail this afternoon...and thats a wrap on August 2018!  

Monday, August 27, 2018

Moday in the Rain

Overcast,  light rain and a warm southerly breeze today on the Beach at Sauble.  Not so bad for a little 10K Run ...still moving a little faster then normal but slowing down a little bit.

Sauble Sunday

5K get done Suday afteronoon on the beach.  Still have an Endur hangover running almost 2 min faster pace then what I normally would on the beach.  I am feeling a little guilty not running much but I did lug 25-30 lbs on my back for close to 25K last W/T/F so hopefully that counts for something.  Up next is Dam Hill 42.2 in London is a few weeks with the Tobermorry 42.2 a week later.  It's going to be a busy late summer early fall.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Trail Thursday

Been Hiking and Running up on the Peninsula this week.   On Thursday afternoon Patrick and I ran from Dyers Bay to the Devils Monument and back logging just shy of 10K.  The picture below is looking Dyers Bay.

Hiked roughly 3 8Kers with a pack weighing 25lbs,  35lbs then 20 lbs.   Learned a ton and am going to start a Backpacking Blog.   

Monday, August 20, 2018

Endurrun Stage 7 - The Marathon

 Wrapped up Endurrun yesterday running the Marathon.   Started tired and a bit sore and used the first of two laps more or less as a warm up.   Ran the first half at a slow pace chatting with a friend in no hurry what so ever.   More or less used the first lap as a warm up for the second.   My heart rate was hanging on in the mid 120s through the first loop which blew me away.   Heading out on the second loop I took off at a much faster pace determined to achieve a huge negative split.    Managed Hydration ,   Nutrition and Electrolytes,  it was a much better weather not as humid and not as hot but there were a few exposed Sunny stretches where the heat would build.

Fitbit HR data ...


Garmin data...

Tripped the clock at 4h30m1sec with an 11 minute negative split good for 52nd out of 78 folks that started and I was 38th out of 53 Men.  

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Endurrun Stage 6 - 10 km Time Trail

The shortest run of the Endurrun is now in the books.   Not quite what I was looking for but an OK effort coming in at 50m49sec.  I was trying to keep all the Ks under a 5:00 pace but didn't quite have it in the legs today.  Legs felt heavy and were a little sore after yesterdays effort.

Garmin Data ...

My cadence tells the story ,  175 steps/minute in the beginning and 165 steps/min at the end and all pretty much at the same pace.   

Fitbit HR data...

Today I finished 49th out of the 72 folks who started ,   34th out of 44 men.  I was nearly 2.5 minutes slower then last year ...more redemption next year ,  good thing I am already registered!   

Friday, August 17, 2018

Endurrun Stage 5 - 25.6 km Alpine Run

Well it was " steamy" ,  pulling into the KW area the radio said it was 21C with a Humidex of 31C  ...I was hoping for rain.   I was hoping for another negative split but it wasn't the day.   It was a little over a 5K loop done 5 times there were 3 rather big climbs and a bunch of little ones and of course there were 3 rather large downhills the first one being a real leg burner!   Being so hot I was on the water right away and only a few Ks in taking an S Cap ,  gelled  after the start finish each loop walking up one of the big ones .... 4 gels and 4 S Caps and a little over 2 liters of water in the 3.5 hours I was out there.   Figured I had enough in me heading to the last 5K so I ditched the waist belt traveling a wee bit lighter.   Towards the end of the last loop I was already starting to feel the affect of not consuming again but I was able to keep going just not quite as fast as I was anticipating. 

Garmin Data ...

To be added later ,  Garmin is having trouble with their site at this time.

Fitbit Data ...

I finished in 3h27m30 sec in 51st place out of 71 folks that started and I was 36th out of  45 men.   This years finish was was slower then last years 3h11m50s that is the biggest gap in results so far.    Registered for the 2019 Endurrun so I have some getting even to do! 

Tomorrow its the 10K time trial out of water time probably my least favorite event of the week!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Endurrun Stage 4 - 10 Mile Hill Run

 Stage 4 is done and now I get a day off before tomorrows 26K Alpine Run.   It was another hot one went out trying to make every K under or as close to 6K as I could get then pick it up in the second half of the race and thats more or less what I did. 

Garmin data ...

Garmin splits ...

Fitbit data ...

I probably should have tried to go out a little bit faster but it was so hot I really wanted to keep things in check so I could finish strong.    Keeping the pace under the 6:00 goal keep me running up all the hills.  Looking at my cadence I picked it up on the down hills ... especially the " horror hill" and of course lowered the cadence on the climbs.   Started to pick up the pace at around the 9K mark not sure if I had a chance to get the it done in under 90 minutes.   It wasn't until there was 3Ks or so to go that I really picked it up thinking that maybe I may be able to reach my  " A " goal.

 Finished in 1h30m48s compared to last years 1h29m48s and I was quite OK with that.   Out of the 77 folks running the race I finished in 47th position and 29th out of 45 men. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Endurrun Stage 3 - 30 km Trail Run

 Stage 3 is in the books 3h18m39 seconds a few minutes slower then last year but a very successful fun run.   I started out rather slowish ,  was super slugish and was really feeling tired and had no pop in the legs.    Couldn't decided weather the pain I was feeling in my " traps" was 48 or 24 hour DOMs LOL!   After abusing my heart the first 2 days it was a real novelty running the first 10K with the HR in the 120's.   

Fitbit HR data ...

The data at the start is happens allot when I first start out.    As the day went on I got faster and as you can see the HR increased to my max of 164 crossing the finish line. 

The 30 km race takes place on a 5K loop at Bechtel Park in Kitchener.  Its a fast course about 50% cross country and 50% trail.   In the 4th lap I decided to make my last lap the fastest of the day ...or at least I would try!   It was hot but I was taking care consuming about 2.5 liters of water ,   took 4 gels and 4 s caps.    I was at about the max input at the 5th loop based on feeling the oh so sweet feeling like you want to puke!  I was wearing my hydration waste belt ...imagined that it was an anchor and I cast it off heading out on the 6th gels,  no water and no S Caps just run! 

Race splits...

So as you can see I was successful in my plan! 

Garmin data...

 I finished 53rd out of 73 that started the run and 35th out of 45 men that started.   Up next ,  stage 4 the 16 km Heidelberg Hill Run tomorrow evening.   Hop I have a little more pop in the legs! 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Endurrun Stage 2 - 15 km time trial

 Had a better day today ,   cant possible screw up a 15 ker LOL!      Logged 1h18m13s 28 seconds better then last year.   It was another hot one ...headed out a wee bit too fast but pulled back the rains around the 4K mark trying to settle into a 5:20 ish pace.    I more or less held the pace through the remaining 11K picking it up at the end making my last K the same as my first K.    HR was pretty high again ,  pretty sure I found my new MAX HR @ 164 BPM. 

Garmin Data ...

Cadence was very good ,  you can see where I pulled back on the reigns trying to keep the HR in the 150's.

Garmin Splits ...

Fitbit HR data...

So I finished 45th out of 68 Runners  and 30th out of the 41 Men.  I was pleased with todays effort and results.  Get to slow it down tomorrow doing Stage 3's 30K Trail Run.

Stage 2 Picture

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Endurrun - Stage 1 - Half Marathon

Stage 1 is done ,  not quite what I was expecting but a close second.    Stage 1 is a 1/2 Marathon ,  a rather pleasant course with a few little climbs. 

I started out fast ,  it seemed OK tried to real it in about the middle of the run as the heart rate had climbed out of sustainable 140's into the rather fatiguing 150's    .... max is around 165 ( probably establish that number tomorrow LOL ).   

Fitbit HR Data .....

Garmin Data ....

Garmin Splits ...

 So I was solid through the first half then slowed down allot in the second half ,  was trying to get it under last years 1h59m5sec and was pretty close to doign that until the 20K mark then I ended up walking  for a bit as a result of lack of O2 to the brain ...yes I was seeing Dorthy!   Guess I was a bit dehydrated ,  perhaps slowing down at the last wasnt a good idea causing blood to pool in the legs.  Anyhow I goofed ,  was going to take in a Gel and 500 ml of water at the 13K mark but ran right past thinking I was OK.   I have a suspicion things maybe ,  just maybe would have been a bit easier at the end! 

 So I finished 2h3m12s in 54th place out of 78 finishers.

Up tomorrow ,  15K time trial.    I expect to be OK ,    to short to pass out hopefully faster then last years 1h18m41sec....yikes! 

Stage 1 Picture

Last week

In prep for Endurrun I took a rest day on Wednesday,  logged 2 4.8 backyard trail runs Thursday and Friday then took another rest day on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018

Final touches....

7K heart run done today on my meal break.  Almost time to gear it back in prep for Endurrun starting Sunday.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Road today

23.5 Ks running to Durham and back today.  This is my last longishh run before Enrurrun next week . 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Back to back to back to back

Last heart run of the week logging another 7Ker on my meal break today.   Rest tomorrow ,  road run to Durham and back Saturday and another trail run at Lions Head Sunday!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

One more...

7K Heart Run don today on ,y meal break.  It started off as a slow 6:00 pace with a goal of 5K in mind but I decided to ramp it up and complete the heart run.   I have some pain in my left calf which occurrs sometimes when I start doing speed work.  I think its a result of a more forefoot vs midfoot landing!   I usually don't worry too much about that sorts of muscle pain or any pain that is familiar. 

July 2018 Totals

Run -    281.5 km
YTD- 1,608.2 km

July was my biggest total Ks in a month this year.   There were no races and I  took a couple of longish runs to the road in prep for Endure in another week! 


Beach  4X = 46.7 km
Treadmill 13X = 77 km
Road 2X = 46.7 km
Trail 12X = 111.1 km
Rest = 8 days

Two Run Tuesday

5.6Ks done on the backyard trail late yesterday afternoon.  I was a pretty warm run a very fitting way to wrap up July 2018!