Sunday, August 12, 2018

Endurrun - Stage 1 - Half Marathon

Stage 1 is done ,  not quite what I was expecting but a close second.    Stage 1 is a 1/2 Marathon ,  a rather pleasant course with a few little climbs. 

I started out fast ,  it seemed OK tried to real it in about the middle of the run as the heart rate had climbed out of sustainable 140's into the rather fatiguing 150's    .... max is around 165 ( probably establish that number tomorrow LOL ).   

Fitbit HR Data .....

Garmin Data ....

Garmin Splits ...

 So I was solid through the first half then slowed down allot in the second half ,  was trying to get it under last years 1h59m5sec and was pretty close to doign that until the 20K mark then I ended up walking  for a bit as a result of lack of O2 to the brain ...yes I was seeing Dorthy!   Guess I was a bit dehydrated ,  perhaps slowing down at the last wasnt a good idea causing blood to pool in the legs.  Anyhow I goofed ,  was going to take in a Gel and 500 ml of water at the 13K mark but ran right past thinking I was OK.   I have a suspicion things maybe ,  just maybe would have been a bit easier at the end! 

 So I finished 2h3m12s in 54th place out of 78 finishers.

Up tomorrow ,  15K time trial.    I expect to be OK ,    to short to pass out hopefully faster then last years 1h18m41sec....yikes! 

Stage 1 Picture

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