Wednesday, April 30, 2008

25K LSD today

Did the Durham "Tims" run again today. The LSD seems to be getting a bit easier , 5th consecutive week doing it. Next week I am going to back off a bit due to the 10K May 10, think I will do a 16K LSD with a quicker pace, would like to do 3 consecutive short days early in the week then lay off Thurs and Friday with the Race on Sat!
Today was a bit chilly, 3C with a strong W NW Wind. Was a bit chilled now and again but I liked it better then last weeks LSD , blazing sun and 24C ... I wasn't ready for that kind of heat. I was surprised that the results were almost identical to last weeks , I thought I had picked it up a bit but the data doesn't lie. I am happy with the results.
Going to do more Fire Wood tomorrow, no run after the LSD today and on Friday I am going t do my 15K trail loop!

Monday, April 28, 2008

10K Road today , the McCormick Loop

10K blowout , legs felt like concrete! I had been blocking fire
wood for an hour before dinner , ate , helped my wife lay a tile floor then went for a run ..... don't do these things before running !
The firewood is particularly a bad thing to do before running , all the stretching an strain on the legs require a bit of time before I am able to go at it again !


Saturday, April 26, 2008

10K on treadmill today

More or less did an O2 Max on the treadmill at lunch today , 4:25 pace! First 5K were at 1 1% grade. Lowered it to flat then simulated a couple of hill at 6.5 and 9.3K. Faded a bit at 20 min but got though it. Do not notice that sort of thing doing LSD Runs !

Only 13 days til Mount Forest , doing a "fast run" build confidence. If its a good day I should break 44:00.... maybe !


Thursday, April 24, 2008

All trail today

Wow , did a 15K trail run today . Up / Down and Around was the way it went. Didn't care much about pace/time/distance. What really go my attention was the elevation change, kinda forgot about the rest!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Its all about Heat

LSD on Tuesday at 24C with a very strong sun! I cant win, I go from freezing to overheating in just a few weeks, and here I thought I was looking forward to the warmer weather!

Sunday was a small 5K at 2am at a 5:30 pace. I just wasn't in to it!

LSD was at a 5:50 Pace , did about 1K shorter then last week. I was too hot and figured I would really benefit from walking the last K. With the exception of the heat the the long run seems to be getting a bit easier. Its fun to run from home and do a lap of Durham. Its 8K to the edge of town, 3K gravel and 5K Tar Chip. Its a straight shot with lots of changes in elevation, a wee bit boring the sort of typical country thing Cows and Pasture Land , shouldn't complain though because every other place I run is in the Bush. When I get t town I run through the conservation area parallel to the Saugeen River. I am in the parks for about 3K, there are lots of trails that go though cedar forests , its really very nice. In town I do a loop around the "Downtown" , past the Retirement Home , past the school , past Tim Horton's back through a residemtial side street running over the Saugeen another 3 times then back to the park. Exiting the park I am at the 16K mark and an 8K straight shot North to home.

Its been awhile since heat was a factor, how soon we forget. My thoughts turned to the Summer events planned and just how am I going to do it! We do get use to it.

Dress for the run was for the first time this year my Nike Running Shorts with a Nike Base Layer for a shirt and a hat ! One big problem for a Sunny day ...... I was dressed in Black!!!!!

Used Water this time , a full container... even dumped some on my head. Nutrition was some Karboom and a yogurt square at 13K.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fun on the treadmill

Did something a little different this morning , did an interesting 16K on the treadmill. 0-10K was a real easy 5:30 pace, 10-15K I cranked it up to my 10K race pace 4:30, 15-15.5K cool down at a 6:00 pace then 15.5-16K at a 11 min pace. I wasn't that laboured at the end , breathing was heavy but not maxed out , legs felt good , overall I felt like I could hold this pace for another 5K or even pick it up a little.

Real pumped about Trillium 10K in Mount Forest May 10 . This will be my 4th consecutive year here , 2005 47:33, 2006 46:15 and 2007 was 44:51 .... 2008 ??:??

One more night shift to go , 8-8 Sunday . Will probably sneak in an easy 10K at lunch , rest Monday with my LSD on Tuesday.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Run by the light of the Moon

Wed and Thurs night I did a 10K run after dark! Pace both nights was around 4:50.

Wed I didn't look at my Garmin until I was done , I really thought that I was smokin fast but as it turns out that wasn't the case. I recall biking in the dark and it always seemed like I was going allot faster then in the day ... guess that's the same for running too.

Spring has sprung, no tunes required I was serenaded by the Peepers in the Pond ... best music ever!


Monday, April 14, 2008


25+K today at a 5:50 pace! Weather was good with the exception of the Wind, temp was +7C , Sunny with a strong gusty cool North Wind! I was trying to judge the wind direction but it was hard to tell , always like to run into the wind first. The last 8K were head on into it , I was getting a cold chest.

Overall it was a good day , am starting Mids tonight so I was in bed til noon. Had a bowl of cereal and coffee and was out of the house by 1pm. The first 100m I had massive lower back pain , I get this in the morning ! The pain didnt take long to go away and I was loose after a few hundred meters. Tried something a little different today , new socks. They were the padded type and well worth the $15.00 cost. I still l put band aids forward on the inner arch. The socks helped allot , less blisters and the feet didn't feel as sore when I was done . I did however notice that the my feet were allot warmer ... don't know how this will go over in the Summer.

When I got to Durham instead of heading down Hwy 4 I cut through the conservation area , this is by far my preferred way to go . I haven't been using the park due to snow on the trails and even today I had to step around a bit . There is still a fair bit of snow in the forest! At the park I was going to run over the first dam but the walkway was closed , there was so much water recently that it washed out the the area north of the dam , I cut down a trail that was quiet eroded by the water and managed to snag my shirt on a cedar and put a nasty tear in it . I was a littled bummed as this was my "Damm Tuff Bluff" shirt from last summer .... oh well a true trail runner will face these sort of perils now and again , call it a war wound perhaps ! Did a lap around Durham then back out through the park. At 15K I did a Karb Boom Chocolate Gel , actually yummy! It took a few K to kick in but I did get a boost but not as much as I expected . I may have had something to do with the strong North Wind I was facing. I was tired but felt pretty good, the chest was cold when I finished and I quickly jumped into the hot tun for a 30 min soak, its a great way to cool down ( keep my tub at 97 ) . Weather looks good this week , I am doing mids so it will probably be some indoor stuff at 3am, if I get a decent sleep I may do an evening run or two .


Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick 5 this eve

Originally intended on another 10K on the treadmill but did a 5 instead. I was into to it the first couple of K then boom off to la la land , felt like I could have run an Ultra !

Anyway I will probable be a day or 2 before LSD , I am really looking forward to it !


10K on the dreadmill

Busy day , worked the Eve putting in a 12hour 4-4 so I snuck in a 10K mid shift. Started real easy an worked up to a 4:30 or better pace by the 4K mark. Finished with an average pace of 4:40.
Dropped into the running room in Owen Sound today, as is usual Scott was very helpful. Picked up some Kaboom and Goo for my LSD days and also a $15.00 pair of padded socks. Have been suffering some blisters on the inner front part of the arch.
Working another 12 tomorrow so I will try to get another run in mid shift. LSD on the weekend looks a little iffy , wet and cool. I am off Monday so I am hoping things improve so I can get out then.
Looking forward to the Trillium 10K in 3 weeks!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

10K Yesterday

Did a moderate 10K on the road yesterday , 5:10 pace. It was coolish , damp , dark and windy not exactly great running weather. To top it off I was tired and the whole run just seemed like allot of work, but heck... I was running.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

LSD Yesterday

Did my "Long Slow Distance" run yesterday , 24+k at a 5:46 pace.

Weather was great , Sunny , 10C with a 10Kmh Breeze from the South. Dressed real comfortable , had a base tech shirt with my Dam Tuff Ruff Bluff T over top , running pants ... the Adidas Climaproof , Running Cap and my Wool Gloves! Wasn't sure about the gloves but they were right on ! I must of looked like quiet the geek with the short sleeve T with Gloves !

First 8 K were in to the Wind , a bit uncomfortable but I was running straight in to the Sun so it offset the breeze. 8-12 K were along highway 4 heading east into Durham , I really don't like running when there is a bunch of cars going by , big gulps of exhaust fumes are not nice . The loop through town was pretty cool. 12-14K were on sidewalks and side streets ( Noy a whole lot of traffic ). At about 13K I slowed from a 4:50 to a 6:20 pace and I really fely like I had run out of Steam . AT 15K I paused for a few moments , had a couple of the carb loaded Carmel Squares and a 100 ml of Power Aid . After a few minutes I hit the road and what a difference , like a new runner . The next 9-10 K were not bad at all , kept it around 5:50 pace didnt feel too fatigued righ to the end.

I noticed that after 15K when I hit a hill I usually went faster up then I did down! It almost felt like a force was pulling me up the hill! I know that I had the wind at my back but I didnt have that sensation running flat or down hill ... Bizare!

After the run I was beat , cooled down in a Lawn Chair in the Sun with a can of Blue ! I could have easily fell asleep sitting up! The rest of teh evening I had an overwhelming tired an I felt almost fevered! After a good night sleep I was good as new , ready to run again!

Tomorrow I will do an easy 10K on the road beofore I go to work at 4:00.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

O2 Max today

Did a fast 10K , 4:45 pace. Temp was -3 /Sun/Light Westerly Breeze. I headed South on the 2nd toward the Schmidt Farm. The run has a +/- 200m change in elevation so its a bit of a challange at times. Best I had done this run beofre was somewhere 49minutes and change ! Today I smashed that number with a 47:29 time! I really have run thoughought the Winter , minimum of 30K a week and a Max of 70K. The effort seems to be paying off. Saturday I did a LSD 25K, Monday it was an easy 10K on the treadmill at a 5:30 pace . I have a 10K coming up in 5 weeks , last year I did 44:51 , if all goes as planned I hope to break the 44 minute mark , maybe even 43 but thats a bit of a stretch. I think I will try to do some weights tomrrow or Friday then another long run on Sat ... may squeeeze in a Run !