Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday Run

Did what probably will be my last run of Oct 2010 yesterday, 16.4K Townsend Lake Loop at a 5:36 pace. Overcast , wind and high single digit numbers made for less then perfect conditions but I was just happy to be out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

At home

Fired up the treadmill at home today, first time since the spring. Did a very warm 5K running at an easy 6:00 pace beside the wood stove.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trail Tuesday

Headed out today for another West Grey back road adventure but it was rather windy so I opted to hit the trail instead. Not much energy today , a little slow in getting going due to some GI issues. The trail was a little treacherous with lots of new wind fall and leaves covering the hazards. Ran into a Porcupine and a young BUCK that smelled like a cow. The left knee , right ankle and groin all complained a little ...nothing serious just letting me know to take it easy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Run

Great day for a fall run. It was a comfortable afternoon and I was able to run shirt free...pretty cool for October 25! Did my Townsend Lake loop , 16.3K done at a 5:42 pace. Still running every other day with 1/2 the distance that I was doing. Left Knee , Right Ankle are slowly improving. Opened it up on a few of the downhills today. Going faster was actually easier on the knee then breaking!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Run Clinic

Did a 7.9K Run with the Run clinic last night. Headed out with 12 year old Dylan Pust. This young fellow could really move . The first K was logged in 4:49 . He slowed it down a bit as we went along which was a good thing because I was a little overdressed for the 9C weather with Tights and my Sagoi Firewall Jacket. It was a beautiful Sunset that very quickly turned into a dark night . I was really glad I had my headlamp and flasher on.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lunch and more lunch...

Yesterday at lunch I did my upper body weight routine , today it was a 5K at a little faster 5:15 pace. Left Knee and Right Ankle complained a little but allot less then recent runs...nothing major.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lunch Run

Registered for Boston this morning! It took 5 attempts before it worked but it was worth the effort as they are over the 10K mark already. At least I will be running instead of cheering because I purchased the Air tickets and booked a Hotel two weeks ago!

Did a 5K run at a 5:30 pace on the treadmill at lunch today. Left knee and right ankle complained a little but a whole lot quieter then in the past few weeks. Time for some easy relaxed running to give the body a chance to repair its self.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vulture Bait 50K

After doing 44K on the Bruce Trail Tuesday I did the Vulture Bait 50K Ultra today. This was my best Ultra performance of the year just a few minutes short of a PB. I wasn't really planning on doing two long runs this week and I am sure that it had a small impact on my results but irregardless I was pleased with my time and the way that I ran the race.

Race day start was very routine, I could do a cut paste from just about any other race report. The weather was rather spectacular Sunny morning with a cool 4C temp but almost no breeze. They were calling for a 15C high so I was confident that I would be comfortable in a Tech T and Shorts. Prior to the race start I found a comfortable quiet spot away from the crowds.

Race start was a bit slow with all 300 of us heading off. I never get hung up about that sort of thing because there was lots of Ks ahead to make adjustments. It only took a few Ks before things spread out and I was running my own pace. First 5K had lots of roads and tractor trails. On the roads I was running upright and relaxed at around my 5:00 Marathon Pace , on the trails I would hunch down into the defensive position dropping to a 6:00 pace. My goal was to get through the first 25K loop in 2hrs30min. I tried to leave lots of distance between when ever I was tailing someone. If the gap closed I quickly passed. I find that if I am following someone that I watch their feet more then the trail which was not a good idea with lots of leaves covering the roots and rocks. I didn't have quite enough Gels or Eload to get through the day and held off until 17K before I did a Gel , at 20K it was 3 eload caps and 500mg of table salt! At the last aide station , 22K in I found out that they had Gels available so every aide station for the last 28K I did a Gel , Cup of Water and a Coke. Finished the first loop in 2hrs32min and avg 6:01 pace ...close enough to my target but I was starting to fade a bit and knew it wasn't going to be a Sub 5 hour day. Heading out my goal was to break 5hrs15min , doing the math it worked out to a 2hr13min loop. Heading back out reset the Garmins Lap Counter , it was now a 25K run with a new goal! The first road section it became apparent that I would be slowing it down 30sec/K ... playing the fade! The numbers didn't quite work out to a 5:15 but with 23K to go I knew I should be close as long as I didn't blow up. When I was running my legs felt pretty good but at the 5K aide station I walked up a long hill while gelling and drinking and the legs were really burning. When I started running again the pain would subside. I also felt like I had to urinate but I decided that the discomfort was a motivating pain that kept me moving along. I also didn't want to tale the time to stop , things just don't work normally and "going" takes too much time! I kept moving along pretty good on through the final 20K. Crunch time came at the last aide station. With 3K remaining I quickly downed a Coke and Water and skipped the Gel. I figured I still had a shot at a Sub 5:15 and really tried to pick it up. Last 3Ks were done at a 5:30 pace , crossed the line with the clock ticking past 5:16. Garmin time of the second loop was 2hrs43min , 11mins slower then the first loop for an average pace of 6:28/K.

This was the best 50K Trail Ultra result of 2010. In spite of falling a little short of my goal I considered the run a successful end to the Ultra season. I am now going to take a little time off racing and will concentrate on "easy" runs around home maintaining my current fitness level.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On the Bruce Trail with Henri

Hung in with Henri on his Bruce Trail odyssey for a 44K trail run ...not exactly LSD style. Considering Henri has been running for over a week and logged some 350+km running 50+km a day. Believe or not I honestly had a tough time keeping up with him. He was moving like it was his first day after a season of training and a well executed taper. Started in Eugenia and headed towards the back of Blue Mountain. The weather was just about perfect and the scenery was spectacular to incredibly spectacular. Lots of cool rock formations all kinds of sweeping views of Georgian Bay. Diane met us at just about ever road crossing. They have the logistics of the run nailed down. The Van was full of everything required , it was a mobile aide station. Dressing for comfort on the trail was quite variable. At times it was Hat , Shell over long sleeve tech T , Gloves and of course Shorts . Depending on Wind Sun and whether we were going Up/Down or on a tough technical section it was gloves on/off , hat on/off and Shell on/off. As is usual I over heated and got a little dehydrated. When I dialed in after a few hours I started drinking allot more and wearing allot less. The last 7 K were tough , I had been eating at all stops but it wasn't enough and the lack of carbs were starting to affect me. It wasn't real bad but it did make for a tougher last hour. I have no doubt that Henri is going to be successful in his attempt . I would like to join him again but I need a rest first!

Henri's Blog

Henri and I at around 09:00 am at Eugenia

Monday, October 11, 2010

Not running

Got on the treadmill again but it didn't feel right so I jumped off and did a weight routine instead. The left knee and right ankle felt much better after yesterdays 10K so I thought why push it , will try to get out for a short one this eve.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lunch Run

10K on the treadmill at lunch this evening. First couple of K were rough but once I got going I was into to it. Tomorrow I will repeat but add a few more Ks.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Run Clinic

5.1K done at the run clinic this evening. We followed the course that will be the Tornado Trot, a fund raiser for the Durham Activity Center tomorrow. Unfortunately working mids this week I am not going to be able to participate.

In the Gym

30min spin on the recumbent bike yesterday, 30 min upper body weight routine today. will run tonight...left knee is acting up again. Its different this time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Running in a bubble of light

Running in a bubble of light this eve. Dawned the head light , waist light and tail light and headed out for a night run. Cool crisp fall air with no wind at all made for rather pleasant running. The 8C temps were good for shorts , long sleeve tech but I forgot the gloves and ended up with rather chilly hands . Did a nice little 10.k tractor trail/gravel road run at an avg 6:03 pace.

In the Gym

Hit the Gym before my night shift last eve. Did an upper body and core strengthening routine. Jumped on the treadmill for an intended 5K BUT it felt awkward so I switched to the recumbent bike and did a 30 minute spin instead.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Run for the Toad 50K

Not sure how I managed to plan this but I just completed my second Marathon of the Week, Run for the Toad 50K. I wasn't sure what to expect after Sundays 3:29:09 STWM. I was feeling quite recovered and was really thinking that I may be able to beat last years Toad time of 5:28:42. The weather started off pretty good. Driving down the 401 the Cedar Rd Exit was marked by a Rainbow, it was like I was going to find a pot of golf at my exit. Little did I know it would be the last time I would see the sun that day. Picked up my race kit and some Gels at he expo and one last Tim Horton Coffee.

Did my first 12.5 loop in 1:18 , pretty much where I wanted to be. There was allot of traffic with 1300+ runners on the trail but it was strangely quiet! The OUS races are usually petty social , the Toad was more like a shorter Road Race. I was over dressed for the 8C weather , had my Saugeen Singlet over my long sleeve Tech T.... stopped at 5K and stripped down to the long sleeve shirt and hung the Singlet on my belt! Started on the Gels at 8K and then again at 12K ..the formula worked pretty well at STWM so I figured it may be the ticket to success today. Second loop was a little slower 1:21 , still OK but I was starting to feel fatigued. It started raining really hard on the second loop and things were getting a little slick. A funny thing happened to me shortly after I crossed the start finish for the second time. I heard the announcer call out that that the first place Woman had just crossed the matt. For a moment I though to myself that I wasn't doing too bad if I was in front of the leading women. A moment later she flew by me like I was standing still and I realized that I had just been lapped ...she finished the 50K in 3:37 and was the overall winner! Heading out on the third loop my legs were really beginning to hurt. With less traffic on the course I decided to listen to music and try to dial out from the way I was feeling. It never stopped raining on the third loop and I was concerned that in shorts with the long sleeve Tech T I may catch a chill. On a very good note my left knee was not giving me any issues at all and I was able to run all the downhills. I concentrated on not lengthening my stride and increasing my turnover on all the downhills. I was a real victory being able to run everything today. It was on the third loop that I started having waves of good and bad moments. I was still running everything but continued to slow down. I was still gelling on schedule but it didn't seem to be as effective as week earlier. It was on the third loop that I really questioned doing this race on 5 days rest after STWM...crazy, insane , good reason to drop out all kinds of negative thoughts went through my mind. I just wanted to get loop three done so I could go to the final lap and begin putting things behind me. Knowing I would have to retrace my steps one final time made loop 3 drag on. The final few K on the loop was really really slick with muddy downhills. The last of the walkers were making their way to the finish and were having a tough time negotiating the ups and downs...really slick. I found that running was easier then walking but there were a few times when I got going and couldn't stop or I would have wiped out. Finishing the 3rd loop I passed by my truck...I was debating changing into dry clothes but I didn't want to stop moving. I deiced to make a brief stop to pick up my Sagoi Shell. I was really afraid that I would slow on the final loop and would be chilled in the rain. Finished loop 3 in 1:32! Going into the fourth and final loop I was really happy to begin putting the Ks behind me. Every distance marker I passed got me that much closer to the finish. Wearing the Shell I was quite comfortable in the steady rain. The first 4Ks of the final loop were really really hard, the leg muscles were hurting quite badly and there just wasn't allot of pop left in them. I so wanted to get to the 4K aide station but it seemed to take forever ...I kept running but was starting to take the odd walking break. I would walk up the hills and then pick a spot in the distance that I would begin running again. At the 4K aide station I asked if I was the only runner on the course ....I hadn't seen anyone on the final loop yet...they assured me that there were others behind me. Stephan Miklos said to me that he though my 3rd loop was faster then my second... this gave me a boost! With around 8K to go things started to get better. I was running more and was allot less aware of the pain in my legs. It was like my mind knew that there was nothing seriously wrong and disconnected itself from he pain messages that the legs were sending. If it wasn't a dopamine affect I figured it was my brain going numb from the endless hours of cold rain falling on it. I had a strange burning pain across my chest and was concerned that the heart was sending me a message . I took a little while before I realized that the sensation was a result of a wet shirt causing chaffed nipples ...OUCH! I was moving pretty good knowing the end was near. Some really great tunes came up on the MP3 player ...the random shuffle DJ was really doing a good job. The K markers continued to count down. I play this mind game when I get close to the end , I pretend that I am running at home and am 5K from the house and I just ran by Michale Schmidt's farm and as I go along in my mind I pass by different familiar land marks! Its always a comfort knowing your on the home stretch! Going into the final K the Dandy Worhols- Bohemian Like You came on the MP3 player ...perfect song to sing along too , a magical moment. Finished standing up feeling pretty good, last loop was done in 1:43 . The fellow gathering the chips couldn't find mine under all the mud. When he did locate it he couldn't cut it off....I had to unlace my shoes to free it ! Headed back to my truck for a change into some dry clothes. Doug Barber invited me into his nice warm vehicle and offered my a beer! We chatted for awhile , talked about the race ...he beat Ron Gehl so he was pretty happy with his 5:39 toady finishing his 250th Marathon. After sharing a beer with Doug I jumped in my truck and headed home satisfied that I "got it done" today.

Finished the race in 5:54:25 , 47th out of the 115 that started the race ...there was 90 finishers.

Spits were 1:18:44, 1:21:32, 1:31:58, 1:42:59