Sunday, November 30, 2008

11K on the road today

Did a different route today , guess I would call it the Mc Cormick loop. There was a couple of really good hills, the second one is worth mention! Here is the Elevation data is only part of the story ! What I didn't realize was that they don't maintain the hill in the winter. There is a couple of feet of snow on the ground , fortunately someone had been up and down on a snowmobile so it was compacted a bit. It was only a little over a K that wasn't service but I sure got a good burn going on! I was up on my toes and it was all I could do to run to the top but I managed somehow! Knee felt a bit better after giving er up the big one. When I reached the top I was hit with a big blast of wind , funny but I want the least bit cold. Temps were good for the run , around the freezing mark . Things were a bit slippery again . Had to really watch where I planted . I slipped a few times but nothing serious. Probably wont run outside again until next weekend. Working days this week so I will try to sneak a few 5 indoors at lunch.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

13K of Slip, Slide and Sink!

Another winter run today. Temp was at freezing making conditions a bit on the slippery side! I waited for the plow to go bay and headed out around 09:30 am. To get traction I run between the snow bank and the tire track. Today with the warmer temps it was quiet soft and required allot more effort! The extra effort and movement caused some issues for my right knee again. I could feel an ache coming on. It wasn't until a couple of hours after I ran that it really hurt. I was bringing heavy Groceries up the stairs and it suddenly start to be quiet painful. The pain has mostly passed and is now a dull pain. I am going to run again tomorrow!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

No run but

No run today but I did do my core and leg routines today at lunch!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Heart 5K

Just an easy 5km on the treadmill at lunch, 6:00/Km pace. Lots of folks in the very small gym here are work made for a fun time! Wish I had more then 45minutes for lunch.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Learning to run again

Did a speed workout at lunch today , 5K in 21:30. 2K@4:30 , 2K@4:15 and 1K@4:00 ! Think I will give the body a break tomorrow... then again you never know!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A different day

Didn't run but I did spend some time in the Gym to improve my ability to run!

Did a core workout , 12x Modified Leg Lift, 12x Advanced Prone Plank , 4x Lateral Elbow Plank ( This one was really hard) and 12X Reverse Superman. Also did 4 sets of 12 leg presses , 90lbs, 180lbs,270lbs,360lbs then I used the squat rack 4 sets of squats 40lbs,60lbs,90lbs then 110lbs.

I had to wait for the shower so after the above I did 1K at a 4:30 pace .... boy did I ever feel light!

Tomorrow I run!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

13K today

It was another perfect day in Grey , Sunny Sky's, Temp -3C and just a slight breeze from the SW. Stretched it out another 3 K today , pace was just slightly faster 5:37 but the BIG difference was the heart rate. Yesterday it averaged 157 today was 150 and I introduced an extra 40m hill! I think I may have been a bit dehydrated yesterday! The right Knee started up at 3K , thought about turning back but I figured what the heck ... its do or die. I took it easy on the hills and things improved. When I was done there was no ill effect , yesterday I was in pain and had trouble walking! I was fine after a 90 minutes in the Hot Tub ! I have run though aches and pains before , I don't think there is much wrong ...just one of those things.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

10K Winter Run

First run outside since Nov 5's 18Ker! Temp on the 5th was +20C, today -5C....what a contrast. I have gone from Summer to Winter !

I really do like running on hard packed snow. I was very comfortable , wore running pants , high cut Thoro Socks, Adda's Clima Lite Running Pants, Acis Fleece Line Tech Shirt , Sagoi Shell , Run Mania Buff, Cotton Gloves and Sun Glasses. Heading North for the first 5K there was a light breeze to my back that I didn't even notice. The return was into a breeze , no too bad but if it was stronger or the temp was 5C cooler I think I could use another layer up top!

It was like I was running through as Christmas Card today, only 2 cars in 10K ... very quiet, Lots of snow in the Cedars that lined the road ... very pretty!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back at it ...

Finally feeling better , after a 12 day absence I did my first run today. Hi the Gym at work and did a 5K on the treadmill in 28:33.. an easy pace! Everything felt great , the only problem was a lack of time and trying to squeeze it in but I did it! Got home and took the dog for a 2K walk before it got dark.

I am off this weekend and am planning my first run outside since the snow arrived , should be fun.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Body says ....dont run!

Well it finally happened , I got a bug! Had strep throat this week , started a week ago . The throat is much better but its trying to settle in the lungs. Have a bit of a cough and probably will for many days to come. So that being said I haven't been running! Now on a positive note I did have some issues recently with my right knee. I look at this downtime a an opportunity to give the body a break.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Easy 10 on the treadmill this afternoon.

Did an easy 10K at a 5:25 average pace this afternoon. Haven't run in a few days so it was really nice. Watched a U2 concert while I ran , made the time go by in a flash. This week its going to be almost impossible to get anything in , may be able to squeak a 5K at lunch . Friday is reserved for running !

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Golden Running in November

Did 12K yesterday and 18K today , South on the 2nd towards Durham and then back! Would have rather been on the trails but it deer hunting week , I don't dare venture off road!

It was really all about the weather , Sun , 20C, stiff warm breeze from the SW ...... IN NOVEMBER ..... I think that there is something up with this whole global warming thing. Oh yeah , I ran in shorts no shirt and a Buff and I was still a bit on the warm side.
The other real story today was the Sun angle on the corn fields and other dead and dying vegetation . It was a sort of Browny , Yellow , glowing Gold colour. Everything was Golden It was Nov , it was 20C , I was in shorts/no shirt and everywhere you looked it was a Gold glow!
I didn't take and music along and found that I spent a ton more time just looking around taking it all in. It was so beautiful!
As far as the knee goes it was OK until a few hours after I was done . Its acting up a bit now , if its not too bad I am going to run again tomorrow.

Monday, November 3, 2008

10K on the treamill

Rocked on to the Stones Live at the MAX ... cool tunes=good running. Ran 1st 5K at 5:18 pace , 4 at 5:00 pace and the final K at a blistering 4:30 pace. Right Knee wasn't too bad , much much better then on the trail but there is still something up.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nov 1 Trail Run...WOW!

On the trails again! I have been avoiding the tails due to the
leaves covering the hazards. Its been a few weeks since the leaves dropped and they are starting to give way to whats underneath so I thought what the heck ... trail day!

I am working mids this week , slept about 7 hours and woke up at 4 pm to bright Sunshine... I am gone! Checked out the temps and it was a little cool 6C so I decided on pants instead of shorts.

Made out fairly well until the 8K mark then the right knee started to hurt a bit. Ran through the pain again , it really wasn't to bad. The sun was low in the sky so it made from some really nice scenery. Near the end I run into an open field at the back of my property. Its was absolutely a Golden Glow , low sun and dead vegetation made for a really cool site. I need to take a camera with me when I run!

Pace was reasonable , did the 11+K in about 1:07 somewhere around a 6 min pace. Guess this could classify as an easy run but it really does take allot more energy to run off road.