Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Endurrun Stage 3 - 30 km Trail Run

 Stage 3 is in the books 3h18m39 seconds a few minutes slower then last year but a very successful fun run.   I started out rather slowish ,  was super slugish and was really feeling tired and had no pop in the legs.    Couldn't decided weather the pain I was feeling in my " traps" was 48 or 24 hour DOMs LOL!   After abusing my heart the first 2 days it was a real novelty running the first 10K with the HR in the 120's.   

Fitbit HR data ...

The data at the start is wrong...it happens allot when I first start out.    As the day went on I got faster and as you can see the HR increased to my max of 164 crossing the finish line. 

The 30 km race takes place on a 5K loop at Bechtel Park in Kitchener.  Its a fast course about 50% cross country and 50% trail.   In the 4th lap I decided to make my last lap the fastest of the day ...or at least I would try!   It was hot but I was taking care consuming about 2.5 liters of water ,   took 4 gels and 4 s caps.    I was at about the max input at the 5th loop based on feeling the oh so sweet feeling like you want to puke!  I was wearing my hydration waste belt ...imagined that it was an anchor and I cast it off heading out on the 6th loop...no gels,  no water and no S Caps just run! 

Race splits...

So as you can see I was successful in my plan! 

Garmin data...

 I finished 53rd out of 73 that started the run and 35th out of 45 men that started.   Up next ,  stage 4 the 16 km Heidelberg Hill Run tomorrow evening.   Hop I have a little more pop in the legs! 

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