Sunday, July 28, 2019

Tally in the Valley 24 hour trail race - July 27/28, 2019

 It wasn't quite the day I expected but I still consider it to be another successful outing.    I haven't done a 24 hour or gone longer the 50 km in the past couple of years so this was an event to get my feet wet again! 

 My story of the day was  run and recover then run the 7 km loop again.   It was really really hot ,  temps pushing 30 or greater ,  high humidity ,  little wind and lots of Sun exposure.   About as tough as Summer running gets in Southern Ontario.

 The race started at 9 am and it was already hot just standing around I was sweating.   Below is my fitbit HR data with each loop marked.

 Lap 1 and 2 were more or less back to back and the fastest laps of the day.  Lap 2 wrapped up around 11 am and it was then that I knew I had to take a break and re hydrate and refuel.  After a good long break I headed out and did laps 3 and 4 more or less back to back then it was time for an even bigger break.   Lap 5 was the hottest run lap of the day coming mid afternoon.   I was sweating so much it was like I just got out of the pool!   Didn't run lap 6 at all ...used my poles and pretty much walked the entire lap. Still had the pools on lap 7 but I was able to get moving again.    Lap 8 started just before 9 pm.   I started moving much better and was able to run all the flats and downhills and more or less did that the rest of the race.    After lap 10 it was around midnight so I took it to the car and had a little cat nap before heading out on what would be my final lap.  Ended lap 11 around 3am ,  hit the car again and debated whether to call it a day or head back out.  I was consistent with my performance finding the other gear and still running all the easy stuff.   The goal was to get to 100 km but or be there for the 9 am. finish.  Mulled over the idea of heading home and decided that woudl be in my best interest.  I wanted to drive in the dark and no traffic arriving home at 6am and that is what I did.

Watched the HR throughout the day.   When the heat was on during laps 3,4, and 5 I felt the pressure across the shoulders.  This happens when the blood thickens and its also accompanied by a higher HR pushing into the 150's ...unsustainable!   When In was sitting in the Zero Gravity Chair after a loop the resting HR was in the mid to high 90's.   When "Ran" the 2+ km rail trail the HR was in the high 80's to low 90's ...go figure!    From the 9pm loop on I found " the other gear" and the HR wasm in the 130's ...sustainable. 

Fueled the entire race with real food.  Calories came from a mix of Beer ( at the end of most laps  followed by a water ) ,  Butter Tarts ,  Almonds, Cashews, Gummy Worms in the evening it was all that plus AS food ,  grilled cheese and cheese quesadillas...yum! 

It sure wasn't the race I expected but I was able to manage it relatively well.  I love running in the heat but it does take a tole on me I rose to the challenge and did what I could given the circumstance.    The temps never dropped much overnight when I left it was 24C!!!!!

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Robin said...

Great running in the heat!! I think you are better served doing what you did with the EndurRun coming up. Have a great time!