Monday, June 5, 2017

Rotary Huron Shores 10K - Saturday June 3, 2017

Just for fun I threw a little lung burner on the race calendar.    I had some pretty high expectations after some recent Ultra results as well as a few months of " Heart Training".   The race takes place in Southampton a little out and back along Lake Huron.    It was a perfect morning for the event and prior to the race starting I sat on a bench on the Beech looking towards Chantry Island....beautiful!   The race started on time at 09:00 am and I put the hammer down logging my first K around 4:25.   Continued a sub 4:30 pace through 5K but then the wheels fell off.   Heart Rate was hitting my Max 165 BPM mid race and I couldn't maintain it.  The body gets what the body wants and if your going beyond the limits then it's game over ,  we'll sort slow down.    I tried to somewhat hold it together in the last 5K tried to pick it back up around 7K but ended up coughing and was having trouble getting enough O2.  Picked it up through 8K ,pegged the HR around 162 BPM but that's all I got there was no other gears .

On a positive note I tripped the mat at  47min38sec and placed 11th out of 143 ,   5th of 39 Men and I won my 50-59 AG award placing 2nd of Men 50-59 out of 12.    The fellow that beat me in my AG placed in the top 3 so I sort of won my AG LOL!  

Fitbit data...started it 5min before the race start.

Garmin Data + Splits

The first 5K and second 5K are dramatically different woudl have been a
better day to make it a 5Ker LOL

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