Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Limberlost Challenge 56 km Trail - July 8, 2017

 Did my 6th Limberlost Race this past Saturday.   The race has a reputation of extreme beauty ,  the best of Muskoka as well as being deceptively tough and once again it didn't disappoint.

 The day started early up before the alarm allowing for all my usual  routines.  This is one of the longer race day drives so I left  home at 4am arriving at the race a little after 7am.    Took care of getting suited up and all the necessities in the moments leading up to race time and before I knew it we were off.

 The weather was very good we were not going to melt nor would we be knee deep in mud like last year.   Did allot of chatting on the first loop going out super easy just enjoying the day.   At the end of the first 3 loops I shot a little video recap so thats the story I am going to tell ....

First Loop Video Recap
Heading out o the 2nd loop I burned 10-15 min walking trying to get my camera set to do a time lapse of the course.  Fumbled with the camera for quite some time but gave up.   During a race is not really the best time to figure stuff out but I wasn't looking for a time just a solid outing!

Second Loop Video Recap

 The third loop was really all about getting to the 4th and final loop.   I moved well through the 3rd loop but i was starting to go a little behind on the Hydration and Calories.  

 Third Loop Video Recap.

 The 4th loop was slower again but i managed to keep moving posting an average sub 10 min Ks. The highlight  of the loop was at the first aid station.  It was manned by the youth that the race was fund raising for.   They came from primarily urban areas and were responsible for building and maintaining the trail.   The video I shot was using the wrong camera but it did capture the chant which was really cute....

1 st Aid Station Video
The pleasant breeze that we had all day seemed to vanish during the 4th loop and when that happened it got a whole lot warmer and  the deer flies made an appearance.   It was kind of miserable at times but being the final stages of the run it was a whole lot more tolerable.  Tripped the mat at 9hrs15min which is pretty close to the past few times I have run this course.      I was going to do a video at the end but forgot I was focused on some real food and a clean up.   Enjoyed the BBQed Chicken on a skewer ...to die for!     Didn't waste any time and was cleaned up changed and back in my car before I knew it!

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