Monday, July 17, 2017

North Face 50 km - Blue Mountain - July 15, 2017

Another weekend another Ultra ... ho hum,  just kidding I really like doing this!

Love ,  love love the course start to finish fantastic.  Scenic and challenging it has it all!   The race started at 7am and I headed out with Patrick Rose.  Wasn't 100% that I would stick with him but its not often a race plan is running with a friend and I was really enjoying it so I hung in there with him.  I was happy that they change the course since its inaugural event  in 2016.   Back then you did the 40K loop then headed back and more or less did the last bit over again which meant you did the tougher part of the course back to back at the end of the day...yikes!   This year we did the 10K loop first then the 40K look covering the first part of the course at the last ... more or less!    Patrick trashed his quads in the first 12k ,  fortunately the next 30K were not ll that bad and he was able to keep moving well through 40K however the quads gave out and he was only walking the downhills are there were allot of them some of the were monsters.   Now me I was having allot of fun watching Patrick suffer ... I was fine it was actually an easy day for me.    I would run ahead from time to time find a shady scenic spot ,  rest and wait for him to catch up!    Use the race Gels " Scratch " ... they were OK the price was right!   Hydrated and ate a few Pringles , M&Ms and Pretzles throughout the day and of course kept the water flowing.    I knew the course and brought a while shirt to throw on in those sunny spots.   It was warm getting up to the mid 20's but not crazy hot!  

We tripped the mat at the back of the pack in 8hrs37min.   I was dissapointed in North Face for not having any post race food ... not acceptable!   There was no swag either ,  just a lousy shirt and a water bottle and medal.  The event felt like a little bit of a money grab.    I super love the course and yes I will be back!    Headed in and got cleaned up  ( did I mention that it was really muddy ) then headed to Rusty's patio for Beer and Nachos!

Race pictures were cool but at $25.00 USD ,  no WAY!    So please excuse the water marks!

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