Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tobermory Marathon - Saturday September 22, 2018

 Second  Marathon in as many Saturdays is in the log books.   This was a repeat performance doing this race for the first time last year.  The race starts in Tobermory and more or less follows the Bruce Trail to Cyprus Lake then back.

 This years weather was perfect ,  started a little cool around 9C with wind but ended up being a warm and sunny 16C at the end.   Started with a long sleeve tech T ,  compression hat ,  gloves and Shorts.   Quickly lost the hat then the gloves and at the 21K aid station it was the shirt.  I wasn't moving too fast hanging out with Patrick Rose ,   he was on the tail end of a chest cold and wasn't 100% but he is one tough runner determined to get it done.    We mainly ran the entire 42.2 albeit rather slowly.    Only did water,  1 gel and a baggie of mixed chips.   Not moving fast I really didn't need any nutrition at all just had to ensure that I stayed hydrated and thats what I did.   We stopped along the way to take pictures ,  paused at the Grotto and just generally took it all in.   There was a very generous cutoff but I we couldn't goof off too much so as to miss it.    Time flew by ,  only the last 5Ks were a little quiet wanting to bring it home.    Crossed the mat at 7hrs11min an hour longer then last year but way more satisfied having a great day on the Bruce Trail sharing with some fantastic running friends.

 Made a B line from the finish to the Brew Pub ( conveniently located at the start/finish ) .  Had Beers  and a bite with Doug and Joanne Barber as well as Gord England....long over due event.   Took in the awards ceremony at 4pm then headed back to the Brew Pub waiting for Grant the Sweeper to return. 


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