Monday, October 22, 2018

Recovery Walk

You never know how you are going to react going " long".  Yesterday was a pretty easy Marathon but it was nasty cold.   Today the right leg is swollen ,  left a little and the right hip was very tender depending on how I laid on it. No big deal stuff just happens and I am familiar with it and I know it will go away.  Just for fun weighed in a 180 lbs... retaining fluids.     Moab pacing was 100% walking so I really haven't logged too many Ks lately.   Lack of running has caused my resting HR to go from the mid 50's to mid 60's over the past 2 weeks.     So its back to the usual routines again I suspect that in another couple of weeks I will return to the " running norm". 

Lifted and did a 1K recovery walk on the treadmill today on my meal break.

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