Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pick Your Poison 50 km Trail Race - Saturday April 27, 2019

Relive 'Morning Apr 27th' ,  yeah not really sure i want to relive the run it was a really long tough day with lots of high and low moments.   

The day was all about the weather...it ruled.   Woke up at 3am to a blizzard ,  yeah thats right snow had returned with a vengeance.     Rolled back over and managed to sleep for a couple of more hours getting up 40 minutes before the alarm was set and that made for a wee bit of extra time to enjoy a coffee in the hot tub.   Race started at 09:00 ,  about a 90 minute drive to Horseshoe that turned out to be 2/3 white knuckle.    The roads were ice and snow and a little bit slushy and the summer tires did not do it justice.   I arrived a little after 8am with enough time to get ready for the start.    Did a last minute adjsutemt going down to a single long sleeve tech T with a shell.   Had on my mid weight tights,  wool socks ,  wind proof underwear,  wool gloves and a few buffs just incase.

The race started at 09:00 am ,  very slow at the back of the pack.   Things were rather white ,   rather wet and rather muddy and it was only going to get worse through the entire day!  I really hated the first two laps even entertaining the idea of a DNF...at least it kept the mind occupied.   Heading out on the second loop I got a great big soaker ...dam cold and not nice at all.   I ran with cold wet feet the reset of the day.   Temps were a little below freezing but the wind was howling.   There are allot of hills on this course and hills means generating allot of body heat!  At times I was overheating then moments later it was freezing.   I almost wore out the zipper on the the shell...up and down all day long.   Something really good happened on laps 3 and even lap 4.   Passing the half way point the misery turned to joy I felt great and really started to enjoy the day and I am not sure where that came from but I will take it.  On the 4th lap the mind completely shut down it was all about one foot in front of the other.   I had a good consistent run ( I say that before checking the splits )  no death march just kept plodding away! 

I tripped the clock at 7hrs38min54sec my slowest PYP of the 8 I have done.  Typically I would come in about and hour sooner but I do take solace that in 2014 I logged 7hrs22min!    I finished 82 out of 98 finishers. 

I will add the splits and other data when the become available.    All and all it really wasn't s bad day any day I get to run that far is a good day.   I sure hope that Seaton  has better weather and I get my but moving allot faster! 

Splits 1hr49min, 1hr53min, 1hr56min, 1hr58min  ... I am good with that nice steady effort.   I don't like to play the fade. 

Garmin stuff ...

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