Monday, January 1, 2018

Last two days of 2017

It seems rather fitting with all the cold and snowy weather that I ended 2017 on Snowshoes. 

 5.9Ks logged on the 30th click to relive. 

5.8Ks logged on the 31st click to " Relive"

Posted the splits just because they are ridiculously slow ...yes I was actually running! 

I was super happy with both runs they were a great workout and an awesome opportunity to mess around with various combos of cold weather gear.

The new Marino Wool Black MEC Socks rocked ...even at -15C no cold feet at all ,  not even a little bit.  The heavier Grey Marino Socks didn't fare as well ... go figure.   The new "Cycling Pants " rocked however they are not breathable at all and I had sweat build up in them ...OK for shorter outings but it could become problematic on a longer run.   

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