Monday, January 8, 2018

Stride Inside - 6 Hour Track Run

 Nothing quiet like logging you first Ultra of the new year on Jan 6!     Had a great day I was looking for a consistent run and looking at my splits that was more or less what I did.   Ran the first lap in 1min37sec  walked a lap or two every 10K and ran the last lap in death march!    Did 500ml of water,  one S Cap and a bug swig of Maple Syrup ....nothing else!    The fueling was fantastic ...HR climbed through the event ,  first 10K 120's ,  2nd 10K 130's then 30K thorugh 50Ks more or less in the 140's not letting it climb into the 150's. 

You can really see my race plan in my HR....

Finished 18 out of 36 folks ,  15th out of 21 men logging just shy of 51km.     


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