Monday, January 15, 2018

Mont Tremblant

  I was off on a Ski Vacation in Mont Tremblant last week so there was not time to run however I did plan a day of Snowshoeing on the little Mountain so I did this on this link to relive the run.

 The weather was terrible but I was determined to summit.   It was warm but raining heavily.... wore only my Shell over a Thermal Shirt with Tights under my water proof Pants.   Going up took about 1h15m down was about 30m.    Wanted to go further but as I went up in altitude the temps dropped and the winds picked up.   With a half K to go to the summit I decided to turn around and head back logging a 9.3 km "Run" with a 526 meter elevation gain! 

Garmin data ...looking at he cadence and splits you can tell the difference between up and down.

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