Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Pure Grit ... I did it!

 Didn't think I would be able to do this one but I did managed to log 52.5 km on the Sawmill Ski Trails in Hepworth on Saturday. 

 It was a roughly 7.5K loop done 7 times.   Great single track course  and I love to loop.   Did 600ml  water,  1 S Cap and 2 race provided Endurance Taps every loop.   The winner of the day was my shoes....first time going long with the Hoka Speed Goat 2's.   The Vibram outsoles rocked in the sandy  terrain,  almost no slip ever.   The shoes had a bit of flex through the midsole so toeing off in the sand was no problem! 

Had super solid splits first 5 laps within a minute of each other at around 54 - 55 min.   Last 2 laps were a bit slower at around an hour each.   Super happy with the consistent  effort. 

Loved the race ,  love that its local and will definelty be back for another do at it next year. 

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