Monday, June 18, 2018

The Niagara Ultra 50 km - Saturday June 16, 2018

 Niagara never disappoints ,  its very scenic and super exciting as you approach the Falls but man oh man was it a scorcher!    Wasn't racing it this year running with Patrick Rose.  Aim is to head out at around a 7:30 pace then slow it down 30 sec/k on the way back ... not by choice!   Heading out at 7 am it was already around 20 and humid but there was a cloudy haze and a nice breeze.   As we approached the falls it was at around the 3 hour mark as planned and the last few Ks to the turn around it became sunny.     We took around a 10min break at the falls taking some pictures ,  eating and just taking it in.   Heading out I was drinking  a little bit less then what I should have and did zero nutrition.   Had a little bit of catch up to do but I wasn't overly concerned because the pace was pretty slow.  It would have been a super good day to get to the falls 30 minutes sooner just to beat the warmer temps that we faced in the early afternoon.   If they ever decided to start the race at 6am I don't think they would get a single complaint.    We survived the run back and managed to keep running albeit at a little slower pace then planned but time really didn't matter that day. 

Finished in 6hrs41min29sec good for 115th out of 143 finishers.   Highlight of the day came after the race.  I had just sat down after finishing and this little guy about 3 years old came over to me and touched my on my shoulder.  I had no idea what he said so I asked him if he ran today... he said he did so I gave him my finishers medal.  He ran back to his Mom super excited and showed her she came back and wanted to give the medal back to me but I insisted that it was OK with them I would like him to keep it!

Up next weekend ... pure grit,   a local race for me in running the rolling Sand Dunes in the Pines at the Sawmill Ski trails in Hepworth. 

Pictures courtesy of Patrick Rose.

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