Monday, May 27, 2019

Ottawa Race Weekend - The Lumber Jack

 Did the Lumber Jack at the Ottawa Race Weekend.  Did a 2,  5 and 10 km race starting at 3 pm on Saturday then Sunday at 7:00 am I did the Marathon. 

Arrived Friday night around 7 pm,  checked into the Westin then headed out to dinner with a group from the Saugeen Tri Club and Patrick,  Gordon and Gary.    After dinner it was back to the hotel retiring for the night. 

 Saturday morning we picked up our race kit.   This was by far the largest haul I have ever taken in .... ended up with 5 shirts ,  2 arm sleeves and a bunch of other things.  At the Expo I picked up a Nathan Water bottle that I had been looking for  awhile.    Next up was a tour of the new Telesat HQ and SCC where I got yet another shirt ... "Team Telesat". 

 The races started Saturday afternoon and thats more or less what we did until the Marathon was completed on Sunday.  I thought we would have tons of time to kill between races but there was just so many people around that everything seemed to happen back to back although I did managed to fit a Beer in between events.


Race #1 ,  2 km
This was a PB for me just because I have never ran a 2 km race before.   I thought that I would put the hammer down and see what I can come up with after all the run will be done before the body knows whats going on.   Lining up for the race the was hundreds of little kids ,  parents , strollers so and and so forth so racing it ... no way!   It was a ton of fun running with this crowd  no child ever runs in a straight line so I just shuffled along with the crowd laughing all the way to the finish.

Tripped the clock at 11min20sec good for 507 out of the 2522 participants,  329 out of 1233 men and 8th out of 32 men 55-59.

Relive 'Afternoon May 25th'

Race #2,  5 km
Lined up with Patrick and Gary.  This was Garys first race so Patrick and I followed his pace.   Gary had great results better then he was expecting.    Video to follow!

 Tripped the clock at 33min53sec good for 3562 out of 6759 participants,  1990 out of 3002 men and 114 out of 184 men 55-59.

Relive 'Afternoon May 25th'

Race #3 ,  10 km
Lined up with Gordon and Patrick.   This was a BIG race ,   6990 participants.   The start included a flyover by an F16...  ( FB Live Video is here ...

 We headed out pretty easy,  6:30 pace  for the first half of the race picked it up at the 7 km mark.   We were passed by another Lumber Jack guy so we decided to pick it logging a 5:35 km.   At the 8km mark it was ... go get the pace bunny then at 9 km I said to Gordon " Lets Go" and we both put the hammer down doing a 4:40 pace through the last K .... it was a blast! 

Tripped the clock at 1h0min good for 3347out of 6990 participants,  2041 out of 3121 men and 157 out of 263 55-59 year old men.

At the 5K split is was in postion 4751 / 6990 and at the finish it was 3347 /6990 we passed 1,404 runners in the last 5K.     This also gave us a huge negative split 33:07 for the first 5K and 27:29 for the second 5K. 

Relive 'Evening May 25th'

Race #4,  Full Marathon
It was an early start up at 5am and running by 7am.   Ran the full with Patrick aiming for a 5 hour Marathon.    More or less approached it like a 50 ker  aiming for a 7:30 pace and thats more or less what we achieved.   Didn't do any gels just Nuhn and a handful of  the " gummies" they handed out twice.  The course was super scenic and well supported.  Heat came into play a little bit there was a fair bit of sun and a cooling breeze when you were heading the right way.   Temps started around 17C and rose to the low 20's by noon.    Normally that wouldn't be a big deal but with the cool spring no one has acclimatized.

218Ronald IrwinDurhamCANM55-592398170713001:12:1002:33:1303:42:0004:53:3905:08:30.9
@55 km00:36:597:23/km5 km00:36:592859198015807:40:50
@105 km00:35:117:02/km10 km01:12:102822196415208:16:01
@155 km00:37:177:27/km15 km01:49:262805195714908:53:17
@21.16.1 km00:43:477:10/km21.1 km02:33:132746192314709:37:04
@253.9 km00:30:207:45/km25 km03:03:332699189114610:07:23
@305 km00:38:277:41/km30 km03:42:002596182514110:45:50
@355 km00:36:197:15/km35 km04:18:182513177713711:22:08
@405 km00:35:227:04/km40 km04:53:392450173813611:57:30
@42.22.2 km00:14:536:46/km42.2 km05:08:312399170713012:12:22
TIME05:08:30.97:18/km42.2 km05:08:30.92399170713012:12:22

Tripped the clock at 5h8m30s good for 2399 out of 3519 participants ,  1707 out of 2380 mean and 130 out of 201 men 55-59. 

Relive 'Morning May 26th'

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