Sunday, May 12, 2019

Seaton Soaker 50 km Trail Race - Saturday May 12, 2019

 Had some getting even to do with the trail Gods after a rather grueling PYP 2 weeks ago.   PYP was OK but very slow mostly due to conditions.    Seaton was much better ,  the race started at 4C,  Sun and little wind and ended 12C , Sun and little wind.   I was a little cold at times running in a Tech T and Shorts but towards the end I was a little warm.   Mentally I really enjoyed the first of two 25 km laps.  The course had changed as a result of erosion along the river trail.  The detour was welcome it broke up a 5 km long stretch that is the start and finish but it also added a degree of difficulty to the run...a good addition that I hope remains.     Heading back out on the 2nd loop the day was starting to catch up with me and I began to feel tired but remained more or less at pace.  The Heart Rate was a wee bit high running into the 150's.  If I stay at that HR I know I will fatigue and its a wide open invite to  " The Death March"!   I needed to do 3 things, #1 more water,  #2 more calories and #3 slow down a tad.   Did all three things and was able to keep going keeping the HR in the 140's.   On the last lap I passed quite a few runners some of which I have never finished in front of.  At first I though thats just so and so having one of those days ....we all have them from time to time.   But I passed so many that I began to realize I was just having a good day.   I thought my time was way off previous years but this is a new course and it ran a wee bit slower then other years.  My finish was only 13 minutes slower then last year.   So yeah,  it was a good day although I didn't recognize it at the time.

Finished in 6h35m46s  good for 42 out of 114  participants,  36 out of 83 men and  12 out out of 32 in the 50-59 age group.   Up next in 2 weeks its the Lumber Jack in Ottawa ...I feel ready!

Relive 'Morning May 11th'

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