Thursday, August 15, 2019

Endur Stage 4 - 10 Mile Hill Run

 Stage 4 is in the books,  a wee bit slower then last year but again a good solid effort so I am quite pleased with my 1h31m37s  ,  only 49 seconds slower then  last year.   I wasn't sure how the legs were going to take flying down the downhills but I am pleased to say that it wasn't an issue.   Its the following day that I am writing this report and I feel pretty good,  a wee bit hungry ,  slightly tired and only a bit of Quad pain ,  not noticeable unless I put pressure on the muscle and even then its only slight.  I feel well prepared for tomorrows Alpine event at Chicopee. 

Once again I found myself watching the HR ,  especially on the climbs.  Tried to maintain in  the mid 140's then low 150's on the climbs and then opened up the last couple of Ks getting to 163 bpm on the last climb to the finish...max is 169 (  new figured it was around 164 pre Endur 2019 )

Looking at the Garmin data...

Relive 'Evening Aug 14th'

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