Friday, August 16, 2019

Endur Stage 5 - 26.6 km Alpine Run

Stage 5 is in the books tripping the clock at 3h13m53s ,  much faster the last years 3h27m30s but just shy of 2017's 3h11m49s.   Once again I ran a disciplined race with even spits ...

Lap 1 39:06, Lap 2 38:10, lap 3 38:18, Lap 4 39:17, Lap 5 39:02

HR data said I had more in the tank I should have pushed a wee bit harder for a PB.   There was lots of overhead,  breathing was heavy but the HR didn't skyrocket.

The data at the start is false...

This race has lots of elevation advertised as +/- 1,000 metres.

Garmin Data

Cadence is all over the map ,  walking up 3 hills/loop and flying down 3 hills/loop.

Relive 'Morning Aug 16th'

I am please with todays results ,  the weather was pleasant much cooler then last year.  I was getting a wee bit warm on the last lap otherwise not too bad.   

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