Saturday, August 17, 2019

Endur Stage 6 - 10 km Track

Stage 6 is in the books,  gave it what I had and came in at 50m30s a little dissapointed that I didn't get it under 50 minutes.   I was watching  the Garmin lap pace ,  it lied ...allot&^^$#$**##$#.  Should have done the math in my head.   It was a 400 meter track so that meant 25 laps for 10 km. 

Just for laughs Garmin Data...

When you look at the cadence its very clear that I faded ,  at least it was a linear fade!

and you can see how I was fooled by the watch,  splits...

I will admit that the HR data shows that I was pretty much red lining at 160+ bpm  for the last 4 km.That really explains why it felt really tough. 

So a good effort ,  track probably made the day a little longer with 100 corners.   I suspect I would have been under 50 minutes if it was the old road course.   Anyhow I cant complain it was a solid effort with B results.  Speaking of results I am going on  record that I am going to give a 4h12m 42.2 a shot tomorrow.  It may be a little ambitious being that its going to be smokin hot....stay tuned!

Relive 'Morning Aug 17th'

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