Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014 Totals

July        310.5 km
YTD   1,997.3 km

And here is the breakdown

Total Runs = 30
# of reset days = 5

Treadmill   -   40.0 km
Road         -  77.5 km
Trail          -  193.0 km

I did one race the 50 km Creemore Vertical Challenge.   Was registered for the North Face 50 miler but had to skip it for personal reasons.   Of the 193.0 km on the trail 117.5 km were Run  in my backyard on the Trail I built last Summer.   That works out to 141 laps of my 833 meter loop!  

Lunch Run

Back to work today!   5K done on my meal break.   And thats a wrap for July.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


10k looping my trail this morning then it was Chainsaw time.   Finished clearing a small area of Cedar bush in prep for a new fire pit.  Dug out the pit and found about a foot of top soil on top of gravel.  At the top of the gravel there was evidence of a fire.  I read that around 1900 the forest around here was burned to create ashes that were used for ferterlizer.  I also have a suspicion that the land I was clearing was once farmed.   So I came to four possible reasons for the ash and coals a foot under the top soil.

1. Ancient forest fire not too long after the glaciers receded.
2. Around 1850 when the land was settled part of the "clearing of the land involved burning and the ash / coals made it a foot under when the land was cultivated.
3.  It was a result of the burn around 1900 and the reminents maded it a foot under when the land was cultivated.
4.  Someone else had a campfire in the exact same spot as I decided too.

Now what does this have to do with a running blog?  The answer is the fire pit is part of the trail I have been developing and running on this Summer.

Little Trail

Took Sunday off enjoying the hot weather.   Did a little 5km trail run yesterday .  Didn't want to spend any more time running wanting to do some other activities.  

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Hit the Allan Park Trails with Grant today.  Good weather ,  nasty deer not wear black!  They were all over Grants black shirt but stayed away from my fluorescent lime!   We were running a    5.1K loop.  Felt like I needed some carbs after the 4th loop so we refuelled with an ice cold Beer before we did lap 5  logging a total of  25.5ks.  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Little longer today

 Been awhile since I logged an LSD.   I have been running just about every day ,  trail ,  tractor trail and back roads.    Headed N on the 2nd ,  E on the Holland Glenelg Towline then S on the Baseline until the 6th SR then rejoined the second for the final leg.   16.3 K logged today ... almost constant run.  About 9K in the right Knee  had a bit of shooting pain here and there .  Walked for a bit then returned running with a slightly shorter stride and a little more of a flat footed landing.  Deer fly's were nasty again particularly along the 6th side road.