Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lunch Run

Just a little 5k get your run on run this evening on my meal break.  Thought about taking it outside today but Saturdays 50k PYP is getting close rest will do me more good then any time on the trails.

Monday, April 21, 2014


 Been working on  my "Ultra Fuel Belt" as of late!  Lots of Beer and Sugary Candy as well as Overeating to the nth degree...isn't being an Ultra Runner GLORIOUS!   Tipped the scales at the high end of my weight range at 178.4 Lbs.  

Sat on my Ass all day watching the Boston Marathon.  I cant recall the last time I was glued to something like that for nearly 5.5 hours!   It was strange coming to work this eve after my binge watching!   Even had trouble sleeping last night thinking about Boston today ... Carrier clued me into that tidbit.

So up oh so early for no reason ,  4:45 am ... a day wasted ,  sort of and then an Eve of work ..... thank goodness for my little 5ker on my meal break... it was like a reboot and now I feel normal.    Only 2 more hours of today event to watch...YIKES!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

First Trail

First local trail run with Grant today.  A little snow and a little wet here and there but sun,  comfortable temps and great company made for a AAA run!   Had a " Sea to Sky" finish ran down and dipped my toes in the mighty Saugeen River then over the next K climbed to one of the highest spots in Glenelg.  The climb was somewhere between 80-100 meters ,  ran it all grabbing a couple of cans of Blue then turned off the Garmin when we hit the top.   It was a fantastic way to cap off a three hour 20.2K Run.  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Short Shadow

Lots of yard work this morning followed by a little " get er done" 10K.  Sun was high in the Sky and my shadow was really short Summer is surely just around the corner.      Hitting the trails with Grant tomorrow....still expecting
allot of snow here and there but then again its a good test run for PYP!

Friday, April 18, 2014

After work run

15k on the treadmill the usual way at the end of my work day today.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It made me laugh!

Created a video with Patrick and Lisa and entered it into a contest at Blue...

Now we are in a Peoples Choice Contest" hosted by the Magazine " Snow Board Canada ".   We asked all our friends to vote for us in an attempt to win ...

One of Patrick's friends got a kick out of my appearance on the video and emailed Patrick ...

> Subject: Voting Landslide
> To: rosepatrickronaldirwin
> From: 
> Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 12:09:53 +0000

> Firstly, Scotty that scooter poster is hilarious as is the Practice photos. 

> Second, a huge congratulations to Patrick, Ron and Lisa (and of course the Wee Prince) as their video moved forward to the finals after yesterday's online voting. 

> I am sending out a big thanks to everyone who assisted in the voting and in turn forwarding the crew's effort through to the final. The videography and editing was fantastic guys. I received many comments from those I forwarded the voting link to saying how wild the video was. More than one of my contacts said they want to hire Ron to motivate people in their units or at least bottle and sell his positive energy, lol. 

> Patrick please let us know when the next voting is and I will work some magic with my contacts to make sure we get the voters to the link. 

> Congrats again guys, 

Patrick in response wrote back ....

Thanks Stevie for voting for us.  

     Yes Ron 100% needs to be an athletic motivational speaker to inspire people everywhere.  Yes If your looking to train for a marathon and when I say marathon I mean the Boston Marathon. He's your go to man for advice and a training schedule.  He is also the founder of  "The Irwin Racing Ski and Snowboard Team."   On the side I am sure he could throw down a kick ass Satellite Telecommunications course with over 30 years experience.  If that wasn't enough he can amateur / ham radio like boss.  Once and a while I get encrypted emails from him at work in Morse Code for fun. I still have trouble with these on Mondays. 

    With teenagers about, Ron can decipher a heart broken Friday night text message that Stephen hawking would have problems with.  He is the next step of human evolution when it come to the use of technology in every day life.  His blogs West Grey Run and West Grey Skier have a mass following.  For a more personal looking into Ron's life join his youtube channel 178 videos since 2006.  He is also print media at the Owen Sound Library in some running magazine I picked up.  Wow Ron I think I better buy the rights to your biography.

     I forgot he's also a very proud grandpa.  What... he doesn't even look 30.  He may also lay claim to the fountain of youth. It would have to be Creemore and a hot tub.  I have seen him carb load 2 schultz bakery doughnuts in one sitting. His eating habits boggle the dietitians of Canada.  Rumors has it that David Suzuki from the Natures of things is working on a 4 part  documentary on Ron.  Its an in depth study of the anti ageing and distance running. Ron future plans entail opening his very own back country glade skiing on the Irwin estate.   Very impressive and thanks for inspiring us all to live life to its fullest Ron.  We are very lucky to work along side you and watch your life events unfold.