Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Mid 1

Working fro home now ,  mid 1 was no run at  lunch but I did run after sleeping all day logging 5.1 km on the backyard trail ...15% snow covered now!

Sunday and Monday

Not very good at posting lately!

Sunday and Monday turned out to be a couple of more short trail runs.  Sunday was 5.8 km and Monday was 6 km just around the neighborhood.  Wanted to do a long one but the weather really wasn't nice and I wasn't into it.  Better weather days are ahead to go long ...missing the Y now! 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Thursday March 26
Felt pretty beat up of all the tough slugging on the backyard trail so I opted for a rest day. 

Friday March 27
A get er done 5 km run done just an out and back on the 2nd.  Was planning a long one Saturday so decided to mix it up hitting the road and going short.

Saturday March 28
9.5 km logged on the neighborhood trails.  It was more of a recon mission to see whats open and whats still snow covered.  Decided that Sunday is go longer day and it will all be done on the local trails. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Another great 5.6 km run logged on the backyard trail this morning.  It was warmer today +4 ,  single layer and was comfortable to a wee bit hot.  Not as much post holing however still a super good workout for the stability muscles. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

More Trail

Another 6 laps good for 5.6 km on the backyard trail this morning.   It was a little warmer and yesterdays snowfall vanished leaving a mostly hard packed surface.  I was post holing allot more it was a bit sunny and as soon as it hit teh snow there was a change.   The loop is still 95% snow covered ,  10% easy  and 50% post holes a very demanding run to say the least.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday fun run

 5.6 km logged on the backyard trail this morning.  The snow pack as hard with a few cm of new snow on top.  There was no wind and around freezing so it was super comfortable.   The deer had been doing allot of post holing when it was warm so it made for a super technical trail which I really enjoyed.   Good to give all those stability muscles a workout. 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

What a week!

Was suppose to be skiing at Whistler/Blackcomd this week but that all changed with the Covid-19 pandemic.   I did my last long run a week ago and wasn't planning on going long for 2 weeks.  I am also working from home something that I though would never happen but as it turns out I can do 95% of what I normally do  from my basement.   I didn't expect to log many Ks this week so the runs I have got in were a bonus. 

 Was at Allan Park Monday and Tuesday but the Gym is closed so no runs.   On Thursday  after work I did a 5 km out and back on the 2nd.  I really suffered afterwards due to an infection that started in my mouth...thats another story!    Woke up 5ish on Friday ,  google said it was 14C.  Looked at the weather and the temperature would be below freezing by 4pm so I did the unusual and headed out the door before work at 07:15.  May was it warm ,  the rain stopped for the first K and I was in shorts ,  tech T and rain shell.   Then the driving rain came and the temps were dropping by the minute.  Wrapped up the run super glad I did it optimistic that more warm days were coming fast.  On Saturday I worked on my Kitchen all afternoon ...just doing the prep work first, it will be 80% of the effort.   The drywall finishing in the house built 30 years ago was so-so.  I am taking this opportunity to correct many of those flaws as well as the 25+ years of damage from children and pets.    Logged a 5.6 km trail run late Saturday afternoon hitting the local snowmobile trail. 

The home office ...

The reno project ...