Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Totals

April -  350.6 km
YTD - 1,222.8 km

There were 2 race the Marden 1/2 early in the month and the PYP 50Ker on the last day.     I was happy with the increased volume from Marches 332.5 km I was missing a long run but it just didn't fit into my schedule.  I am pretty much where I need to be with the 100 miler looming the PYP and Seaton 50Kers will really help with both the physical and mental  aspects.

Here is a breakdown of my 35 April Runs

Trail   15 Runs,  154.9 km
Road   2 Runs, 26.5 km
Track  1 Run, 33 km
Treadmill, 17 runs 188.2 km
Rest Days,  2

Looking ahead through September the races are more or less going to dominate my long runs.  The races are the training for the next race.  In between I will throw in the odd LSD and of course the staple of my diet the " Lunch Run".

Pick Your Poison 50K - Saturday April 30, 2016

Did my 6th PYP 50Ker yesterday in 6hrs34min59sec a 1 second improvement over last year ... yeah one second LOL!

This years 12.5 K lap split ...
Lap         Lap Time        Lap Position
 1            1:38:12                 46
 2            1:35:51                 33
 3            1:39:16                 26
 4            1:41:39                 24

Last years 12.5 K lap split
Lap         Lap Time      
 1            1:33:06
 2            1:32:22
 3            1:43:15
 4            1:46:19  

All and all I would have to say it was a great season opener with good results.   I was looking for a sub 6hrs30min and really felt that I had a crack at it.    Headed out the first lap near the back of the pack with the goal in mind to finish the first 12.5Ks feeling like I had just completed a warm up lap and that is more or less exactly what I did.   Brought in only water averaging about 1.5 liters / lap throughout the day.     The weather and course was about as good as it gets ,  sunny with temps in the mid single digits and no wind.   As it warmed up the breeze picked up but the heat became a wee bit of a factor late in the afternoon.   Second lap was my fastest of the day and I totally expected it would be.   With the 12.5 Kers off the course there was allot less traffic and I was warmed up.   Half way through the lap I started to get a bit of muscle pain on my legs.  On a scale of 1-10 I would rate it a was more annoying then anything!    I was going to try no calories in the race in spite of having a half dozen GUs along for the ride.       At the 20K aid stations they had some GUs out so I figured what the hell ... I was having a solid run feeling great so I started.   Between the 20K mark and the completion of the race I gelled a total of 5 times for a total of 500 calories on the day.  The Garmin said I burned 3,500 calories so I was probably pretty close to burning mostly Glycogen vs body mass over the 6.5 hours I was running.   Over the course of the run I also consumed 5 Ezone Caps.   Stopped briefly mid way through the second lap to help a Woman who had fallen.   She was in a ton of pain and was pretty sure she has dislocated her shoulder.   She was only a K away from the last aid station on the loop  and actually  kept going and ended up there before me .... unbelievable that she carried on ,  tough lady!    Felt great heading out on the third loop  thinking that I only had to cover the same ground one more time.   I was loving the new single track  on the course ... so much fun really the best single track in all the "Outrace" courses.     The was allot more of the single track and allot less of the Tractor Trails which made it more fun but also added a bit more difficulty thus time!   Speaking of the course it has never been better or run faster.  Only one small muddy wet section.   Headed out on the 4th and last with the temps climbing to the mid teens and a very nice breeze coming up that sort of offset it.  The pain in the legs had increased to about a 4 out of 10 and was starting to affect the way I attacked the hills slowing me down a wee bit.   I was also starting to fell the affects of sun exposure and increasing temps as well as a depletion of Glycogen.   The hills climbs were a little tougher and there were time I pegged the heart rate so again I slowed down a wee bit.    Finished feeling solid like I had managed the race  properly. Did a 1K cool down walk when I was done.      There were no major issues but I was a tiny bit surprised by the leg pain.   I also underestimated the  electrolyte requirements a bit based on the salt deposits on my face ....


PYP is the start of 3 Ultras in May.    In two weeks its the Seaton 50Ker and then in 4 weeks its the Sulphur Springs 100 miler.   PYP and Seaton are good leed up races to the finally at the end of the month.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Busy Thursday

Almost didn't fit one in today logging a 5Ker on the backyard trail before dinner.   Tried to buy three pairs of shoes today but they had to be ordered.  Picked up a couple of dozen Gus and a new Water Bottle and a Car least the day wasn't all that bad.  

Two Run Wednesday

Sun was shining and I had a bit of time after work so I decided to take in a little Trail time.  Logged a 5.2 Ker on the backyard trail then retired to the Hammock for a few cold ones.     It was a wee bit cool in the high single digits but I was prepared.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Adios Treadmill

One more lunch run now I can take it outside for the next 4 days.   One more 5Ker logged on my meal break today.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


5Ker on my meal break today.   Not doing much this week with the season opener  PYP 50K on Saturday

Monday, April 25, 2016

Lunch Run

 Back to an 8 hour day shift so there was only time for a little 5Ker at lunch today.