Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Lift and Run

Another easy 5K@6:00 pace followed by an upper body weight routine this evening on my meal break,

Monday, January 21, 2019

Lunch Run

5K @ 6:00 pace this evening on my meal break.

Mont Tremblant Snowshoe

 11.7 km Snowshoe done up and down Mont Tremblant, Quebec on Saturday.   I started at the end of the "Ski Out" and headed for the summit.  Last year I tried but had to turn back due to rain turning to a blizzard ... very wet and afraid of getting too cold!     This year it was -22C ,  no wind and cloud ideal conditions.  I was a very hot reaching the summit so I changed into a dry base layer.  Heading down was comfortable,  a wee bit chilled starting out otherwise OK.    I was 1hr11min up and 44min going down.  Going up was a power hike averaging a 14:09 pace ,  going down was a run albeit rather slow 8:05 pace.  If the weather was warmer I would have liked to explore the mountain more...perhaps next year.

Going up....

Relive 'Morning Jan 19th'

Going down...

Relive 'Afternoon Jan 19th'

Cool down walk back to the condo...

Relive 'Afternoon Jan 19th'

Tuesday January 15th

10K done on the treadmill after work.  Ski vacation the rest of the week...no time to Run! 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Back to work today

Started the work week with a 7K Heart Run today on my meal break. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Snowshoe Friday .... finally!

 Winter has returned again and there was a perfect amount of snow to do a neighborhood snowshoe.   It was cold too ,  -11C ...not that -11C is all that cold but we just haven't had much in the way of really cold weather this year.   This outing was a bit of a dry run for an upcoming Mt. Tremblant Snowshoe,  its usually frigid there.   Wore merino wool socks ,  used toe warmers then my gortex trail shoes.   Legs were wrapped in tights then a non breathable water proof cycling pants.   Up top was a base of the Mazino breath thermal compression shirt then over top was a merino wool 2/3 zip top and finished off the layering with a shell.   Got a little warm quickly ,  unzipped the shell ,  wool shit and breath thermal as well as removed the hat but used a buff  as ear muffs and a sweat band.   Achived a somewhat comfortable equilibrium .... just a little bit of sweat.    Cool it down 5 degrees or add a breeze and I would have been comfortable.   

 Was aiming for a 5Kish outing ,  didn't look at the Garmin and came in at 5.5 km...I was happy with that. 

Relive 'Afternoon Jan 11th'

Going Long Wednesday

30K's @ mostly 6:00 pace logged on the track at the Y on Wednesday this week.  Wasn't sure how this one was going to go but it was OK.  Haven't gone long in a month  so I was happy with how I felt.... a little bit bored in the first hour just wanting it to be over.  Second and third hour were better its January and there are lots more folks in the gym so there was a some distractions.