Saturday, June 29, 2013

Had a blast!

50+K's in 7hrs45min on this track today ...

 A big thank you to Scott and Tracy and to Doug for running and fueling me.   I was very excited when Scott emailed me a few weeks ago asking me to run an Ultra on the Grand Re-Opening Day of the Owen Sound Runners Den.   Without hesitation I jumped at the opportunity to do something so unique.   It wasn't really all that difficult running for hours on end on such a tiny track.  There were so many distractions along the way I often forgot what I was doing and probably forgot to "click" the lap counter a few times.    There were reps from many different companies there and I ended up with some pretty amazing gifts.   I am too tired to go into details at this time but I will certainly  be posting more in the next few days.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Niagara Videos

Did two videos. Watch in YouTube for full screen. The "Coles Notes" version The long drawn out Blah Blah Blah version

Getting my run on

5K @ 6:00 pace at lunch today!  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Feeling Great

With the exception of a really big appetite as well as feeling a bit tired I have fully recovered from the Niagara Ultra on Saturday.    Did a short 5K recovery run today at lunch.  

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Niagara Ultra - June 22, 2013

 Did my 4th Niagara 50K Ultra yesterday.  It was my slowest time but I didn't give a rats ass because I was out to have fun and I had a blast!

 Out of bed at 02:30 am and on the road by 3:00 am with ZERO hesitation.  Let just say I was a little bit excited to to this race again.  I knew it was going to be another hot one but I was OK with that after freezing my ass off to too many times this year!  I had my HD Video Camera and was determined to shoot tons of video and totally take in all the run had to offer.      Decided to leave the Ultraspire Pack home not wanting to cover my back ...too hot.   Ended up wearing ,  shorts,  sans shirt ,  hand held water bottle and my "10K Belt...very low profile pack and knowing my sweat bands would never keep up I opted for a buff made into a headband.  I through having so much on my forehead would cause heating but it worked out rather well.  

 The race started at 07:00 am and 150+ joined me heading out from Niagara on the Lake to the Horseshoe Falls.   I wasn't even a K in and I stopped to shoot my first video and I probably didn't do any constant runs all the way to the falls ...way too much to see.   Heading out of Niagara on the Lake we ran past a series of Vineyards to the sounds of "Gun Shots" going off warding off the Birds.  It made me reflect on the War of 1812.   Ran with Vertical Pierre for a couple of Ks.  After getting over a series of injuries and surgery this was his first crack at the 50K in a few years.   I lost Pierre at the 5K Aide Aide Station spending a bit of time in the Porata Potty .... without going into details lets just say I am 3 for 4 in the past 4 races !!!!!!!!    So heading back out I was right at the tail end of the pack and started leap frogging a woman from Barrie doing  her first Ultra.   Heading into Queenston/Lewiston the Vineyards gave way to stately mansion.  Before climbing the escarpment I came across Laura Secords House.  1000+  folks were doing the "Laura Secord " 32km walk marking to 200 the anniversary of a walk she did .  The story goes like this .....

 on June 22nd, 1813, Laura quietly set out on her journey. She went first to St. David's to see her half-brother Charles Ingersoll who was ill and would serve as an excuse for her trip if the Americans stopped her. To avoid the main roads, she went through fields and woods. Laura followed the course of 12 Mile Creek, which flowed past DeCew's house. Towards evening when she had gone about 32 km (19 miles), she stumbled into a Native encampment which was an outpost to Fitzgibbon's headquarters. Terrified, she convinced the chief that she had an important message. He brought her to Fitzgibbon and she told the Lieutenant her news. Two days later, on June 24th, the British and First Nations warriors intercepted and engaged the Americans at the Battle of Beaver Dams. Trapped in open ground by the enemy, the American commander surrendered his 542 troops to a British force of 300 First Nation warriors and Fitzgibbon's 50 soldiers.

After climbing the Escarpment we head across the "Sir Adam Beck" Hydro Station.

Going across the Dam is always out first taste of the real heat of the day being fully exposed to the elements.  It was warm ,  in the high 20's and very humid but there was a lovely breeze.   With all the stops I was doing plus the lovely breeze I was hot but not all that uncomfortable.    I had been drinking lots of water and had started on the S Caps but didn't take in any  calories until the 15K Aide Station.  I wasn't going Gel but the race supplied them so why not!   Getting to the 20K Aide Station seemed to take for ever with the anticipation of the "Tourist Area".    It was also the time when the leaders of the 50K run  came by me on the return to NOL.   Stopped and shot a video of the first 5.    Seeing ,  hearing and the feeling the Mist from the Falls is always a special moment.    Putting an effort into getting there makes it even more satisfying.   It was around 10:00 am and there were lots of Tourist around making it even more fun.    I hung out at the turnaround aide station for a bit then stopped and took in the Falls for a bit.    Heading back out I stopped and took a shot with a Mountie ...

Heading back I felt great,  not too hot well fueld and hydrated.  In the past the return has always been a challenge but today I really felt it would be different.    In the first 5K back I shot a bit more video ,  paused a few time to look around.    Passing the 30K mark I was satisfied that I had taken it all in and decided I would  see what I could do in the heat.  Water , Gels , S Caps galore were in order.  Maintained all the important things running at a pace just shy of heat stroke and managed a consonant run for the last couple of hours of the race.   Tripped the clock at  6:07:11   93rd of the 178 that started the race. 

 Felt surprisingly good when I finished.   Dumped 2 cups of water over my head the grabbed Pizza, Potato Salad and Beer for recovery.  Didn't sit down for about 10 min after I finished then I sat around for 30 minutes or so chatting up some of my running friends.   Driving home I dropped some stuff off at my daughters in St. Catherines then I didn't make it past Grimsby before I stopped of a large Carmel Ice Cap Supreme.   Had some pain in my right Quad  which is fairly common after this sorts of race.        Today ,  Sunday I feel a bit tired but there is no delayed muscle pain running in the heat.   

 So it was a hugely successful day.  I wasn't looking for a time ,  had a ton of fun and actually had my best ever last 20Ks in this event.    

Thursday, June 20, 2013

4X50X4 ...the start of something big!

Today's lunch run ,  a 5K at a leisurely 6:00 pace starts off a rather interesting 4 weeks...

1st up the Niagara 50K this Saturday June 22 Ultra

2nd and very unique event  on June 29 an indoor 50K Ultra to kick off the Runners Den Owen Sound Grand reopening.  It's  a huge new store complete with a small running track.   I will get a real kick out of Doug Barber counting 2380 laps!   My only worry is the corners ,  hopefully not too sharp... they could be the game changer.

3rd "Creemore Vertical Challenge" July 6th.  50K with no annoying flat section. 

4th "The Limerlost Challenge" July 13.  56k of some of the most beautiful trails you could ever run ... Muskoka at its best.

So 4 Ultras in 4 weeks...the 1 day taper begin!   

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trail again

Missed running at lunch the past 2 days but I did manage to log 11.6Ks on the trail late this afternoon.    Recovery was a jump in the pool and then floated around with an Ice Cold Blue!

Monday, June 17, 2013

More Trail

11.4Ks on the trail this afternoon.  I was either baking in the Sun or enjoying a nice cool breeze today.  Wore my "Bear Bell" again...they are around!   Didn't see any Bear tacks but I did come across what looked like Cougar...I know they are around!  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Trail Sunday

11.3K on the trails today.  Been busy building a trail on my property ,  800 meters done with 1200 meters to go.    Lots of elevation with very few annoying flat sections.   Looking forward to doing 4 Ultras in the next 4 Weekends ...up next is Niagara ,  not racing just going to cover the distance and shoot a really cool video!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Durham LSD

With Niagara looming next week a long constant exposed run was in order.  Stepped out the door and headed to Durham on the 2nd then did a lap around town and returned on  the 2nd logging a constant run ,  27K at an avg 6:28 pace.   Walked the last 0.9 K as a "cool down" for a total of 27.9Ks today.

I was really solid through the entire run.   Did an S Cap at 60 and 120 minutes and was drinking water throughout the run.  Skipped the nutrition ..., didn't
really need it but the last couple of Ks were saying EAT.  Feet were  fine in the ASICS GT-2000 shoes extra support!   A couple of times the oh so familiar pain started to come on but instead of curling up my toes I relaxed my foot and the feeling passed!  

 Bring on Niagara....8 Sleeps.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lunch Run

5K@6:00 pace today at lunch and thats it for today ,  goin long tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Great Trail

Totally got into my trail run late this afternoon.  It was one of those moments when a few Ks go by without really realizing you are running or where you are...sweet. 14.1K logged at an avg 7:30 pace   Last 0.5 K was on a newly constructed trail that I made in my backyard last night.  Check out the elevation profile ...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

2nd Run

Took advantage of the cooler tropical weather late this afternoon and did a 10.2K Gravel Road/Tractor Trail Run at an avg 6:30 pace.    North on the 2nd 2K past Grey rd 12 then cut over to the Baseline then back to the 2nd on the Mc Cormick Rd.    Its been awhile since I ran this route and I forgot that there was almost nothing flat.  There are some nice long down and up hill sections and a few really steep ones.  

New Jacket

I recently won a Ronhill Trail Tempest Jacket in Canadian Running Magazine Contest.     It was shipped DHL direct from the UK  and had to pay the $23.00 duty plus jump through a couple of loops to get it delivered but now that I have it in my hands I am thrilled,  absolutely thrilled. 

The thing that stands out is " Total Water Proof and Windproof".  That is about the only running gear I don't own .... now I can say I have it all!  

I remember last year pacing Chris Baker at Woodstock.  It was a cold wet night and I stood by in a semi hypothermic state watching him change into his warm water proof shell I was thinking that I had to buy one!      

Its raining tonight so I may just get a chance to try it out after work!    

Shorter Lunch

8 hours today only time for a 5K at a 5:30 pace today.  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hot Lunch

The Gym AC is failed ,  it was hot ...more then 25 less then 30.   Good practice for whats about to come. Logged 10K at a little faster 5:45 pace.   Wore my Mizuno Elixer 8 shoes tonight .. not too bad on the right foot.  No pain just a discomfort the longer I went.   Also ditched the Thoros in favor of some thin toes socks ... going to move 100% to thin toes socks.  

Latest Bruce Trail Run

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Back at Work

Hit the treadmill at lunch today logging 10K at a 6:00 pace.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Not quite but OK

Didn't run yesterday  just too many things on the go besides it felt like I was fighting off a bug.   I was going to go a little longer today but still feel like I am fighting something off and it was also another one of those full busy days.   Fit in a run before dinner this eve taking it to the trails for  quick 10.2K averaging a 7:07 pace.   Cooler temps and the feeling like I should be doing some
thing else made for the faster and shorter outing.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bruce Trail - Owen Sound East

Finished off map 31 today doing an out and back from km 79 to km 70.9.  Garmin recorded 16.2K at an avg 9:15 pace.  All but a 1K section were quite r unable and there was 2K of more or less flat gravel road that I was moving along at a 6:00 pace.   Highlight of the run was the Polish Tree at km 75.3.  In 1942  a Polish Airman training near Owen Sound  carved "Poland has not yet perished" in a large Beech Tree.    

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back on the Trail

 11.3K comfortable trail Ks this  evening.  First time taking it outside since Sulphur after 6 Treadmill Runs during the midnight shift.   Right foot was much better but not perfect,  used the Spenco RX Ball of Foot support in my Saucony Exodus Shoes.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Final Mid

Final night shift for a bit .  Was going to run 10-12 K but cut it short running 8K at a mostly 5:30 pace. I used my support pads in the Mizunos but it didn't work out so good causing more troubles so I stopped and called it a day.  Looking forward to taking it outside this week

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Did it anyway

Tired of nights ... ran in spite of having no desire to.  Once I got going I was OK with the exception of the right foot again!!!!!    Wore my Mizunos tonight and they were a little more accepting of my foot.    Sped things up a bit again running mostly at a 5:30 pace.  8K in I slowly increased to a 5:00 pace and held it for about 1.5k.  It felt ridiculously fast and made me super hot.    Ended with a 1.5K  cool down logging a total of 12K tonight.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

1st June Run

10K at a little faster 5:45 pace this morning at 03:30 am.  It was hard to get my mental on but once I got going I was into it.  Physically I was good with the exception of my right foot acting up again.