Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Totals

Run 203.6 km
YTD 881.4

 March was a bit of a blow out only covering 68% of my planned distance.  Had some major right leg issues through the month that really sidelined me.   There was 7 days when I didn't even Run trying to give in to what hurt.  I am much better but nit anywhere near ready for the season but I seem to be heading in the right direction now.  Managed to end the month with a 30K LSD ATB on the 24th and then a 24.8K LSD on the 30th.  

LSD follow up.

Ideally I would be doing back to back LSD in prep for the Ultra Season just around the corner.   Just getting out the door today was enough.  I really tuckered myself out yesterday but I wanted  to do some kind of a Run today.  I felt great this morning,  IBU free and nothing hurts.     Headed out with unknown intentions...thought about 12K, 10K, 8K 4K then decided to make it 1 hour and take what I get.   Light rain ,  overcast and  a stiff Southerly Breeze this morning.   Headed North on the 2nd ,   went 4K then decided to turn back.  Felt 100% through 5K but then the top of my right Quad really started to ache.  Walked a couple of Hills but I found that running a little faster seemed to help.   Made it back home in 1hr2min logging 8K...good enough!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

LSD Saturday

  It wasn't pretty but I got it done.   Logged a 24.8K in 3hrs7min today.   Did a run I haven't done in some time heading  South on the 2nd ,  through the Saugeen Valley Conservation Area then a loop around Durham and back.  Getting to town was OK ,  around town was OK but heading back home I walked the Conservation Area doing a Gel and an S Cap then ran the flats and downhills and walked then walked 4 hills over an 8K stretch running the rest around a 6:30 pace.   I alway
s find it beneficial to add some walks to a LSD just for the challenge of running after walking.  The troubles I have been having lately didn't really bother me with the exception of some right foot pain.   One thing I did have nailed today was how I was dressed.   Wore s for shorts for the first time this spring and a long sleeve Mizuno Breathe Thermal long sleeve tech T.   I had a plan B and plan C and even a plan D if I got cold but I was almost perfect over the entire 3 hours.   Dropped 400 mg of IBU with a meal of Kraft Dinner when I got home.   Other then being dead tired I had lower back pain then subsided after I laid around for an hour.   I knew it was going to be a little tough today but I expect next weekends long one will be a bit better.   I really need to get out on the trail but there is still a ton of Snow in the Forest so it will probably be another week or two before that happens.  

Friday, March 29, 2013

Lunch again

 7K logged on my lunch break today.   I was sore after yesterdays run so yesterday when I ate lunch I downed 400mg of IBU and was 100% for the rest of the day.  Felt great this morning but when I hit the treadmill the Right Butt started to ache.  At 3K I walked for 300m then transitioned to a run again.  Recently this sort of action really hurt but today it was mildly uncomfortable.  Now that I am done its more of an ached then a hurt.  If when I grab my meal its making me walk funny then I am going to grab some  more IBU.  Going to take it outside for an LSD tomorrow so I am going to take a preventative 200-400 mg IBU a few hours before I Run.    I don't want the ached to spoil my pleasure.   Weighed in today ,  178lbs  about where I usually tip the scales at this time of year.  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lunch Run

5K at a mostly 5:30 pace today.  Left Knee and Right Hip were aching prior to the Run.   The Kneed smoothed out but the hip remained achy through the 30 minute Run.  Took a day off yesterday because everything felt pretty good ...probably would have been better off to run.   Tomorrow I will repeat the lunch run and Saturday its LSD time 20-30K 2-3.5 hours planned.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Around the Bay 2013 Race Video

Been shooting some video again ...

Here is the link to the Zoom Photo Video ...

and here is a link to the video below...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2nd Run Today

 5.3K done on night one of the Flesherton 5K Run Clinic.  I had a gad time keeping up with the constant Runners tonight.  They averaged better then a 6:52 pace.  I am hurting now ... tail bone is sore and its going down into my thigh.  

Best Finish Line Picture Ever

Lunch Run

5K done ramped up to a 5:00 pace then brought it down over the last K   After ATB the stuff that was bothering me the past few weeks was 98% gone.  Nothing like a 30K under trained Run to ale what hurts! Today the ASS hurts a bit but I am 100% IBU free.    First of the 5K Flesherton Run Clinics tonight ...looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Elliptical today

After yesterdays ATB I am a bit sore but IBU free so I hot the Elliptical for 30 minutes at lunch today.   Have to be able to  run 5K for tomorrows Flesherton Run Clinic.

Around the Bay - Sunday March 24, 2013

 Did the 30K ATB  Road Race yesterday.  The way things have been going it was really just all about getting through it  in one piece and that's more or less what I did.

 Shot lots of video along the way and generally took my time and enjoyed the day as much as I could.  The "Ass" troubles that I have been having didn't bother me at all but my right foot and tummy troubles did.   It was a good day for things to go wrong so I just plugged away.  Most of the time I was moving along at a 6:30 pace.  Ran the entire race all be it very slowly but I took allot of time along the was to shoot video and  get some relief from my tummy pressure.

I finished in 3hrs32min04sec finishing 5755 out of 6753 participants ,  3160 out of 3426 men and 486/525 in my AG...lets just say I wasn't racing.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Getting My Run On

Squeezed in a brief 3K Run this evening.  I was feeling great and wanted to see how it would go.    ATB tomorrow ...heading to bed now.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Not so bad

Much better today ,  logged 10K this afternoon at a mostly 5:30 pace .   Did another 30 min on the elliptical for a cool down.   I was hurting a bit this morning ,  did 400 mg of IB a few hours before running.  It hurt when I started and really hurt at 5K when I walked for 200m then started running again its was tender but it smooths out as I go.  The hot shower after helped and I fell pretty good this eve ...IB free!   ATB in 2 days and I think I should be OK.    I will have some IB in me and with me just in case.  Going to do a 5-10K again tomorrow.     

Thursday, March 21, 2013

3K but its OK

Its been another full day.   I didn't run Tuesday just because I felt so darn normal.  Wednesday was just one of those days when there was no time to run.  Today I made it to Blue and I wouldn't trade the day for any run.   This evening on my way back from the Hanover Hospital I dropped into work and tried to run...tried to run...tried to run.   Legs are done tonight.  Last week I had the same feeling after spending a day hobbling around the next day the legs were messed up and I couldn't run.  So 3K done tonight OK but now I have a delima,  I want to Ski again tomorrow but ATB is getting close so I should probably get a run on ....10-15K.    RATs ...what do I do???????  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Woke up and was a bit sore and stiff.  Did 200mg of IB at 10:00 am  it took the edge off but it was still a bit achy.  Dropped another 200mg at 1:00 pm in anticipation of running before work.  Got busy and didn't  get a chance to run.   I have an opportunity to run at dinner tonight but I have decided to make this a reset day because at this time I am 100%.   I can sit and walk normally and there is not pain or ache or any other sensation and its been 5 1/2 hours since I did IB.  As of midnight I am  off until Monday ,  hope to Ski tomorrow morning ( first time in 3 weeks ).

Monday, March 18, 2013

Good one today

Switched from days to Eves.   Came in early and logged 10K at a 5:30 pace.   For the first time in weeks it felt natural and easy.   The right foot acted up a bit in the last 5K and there was a bit of a sensation in my butt ...really no big deal.   This mornings breakfast at 09:00 am included 200mg of IB as well as another 200mg with lunch at 1:00 pm.  Ran between 3 and 4pm so I was definitly  under the IB influence.   After today's Run  I was a bit stiff and sore but its now 7pm  and the pain is gone and I am walking normally IB free.     If I feel unconfortable I may do another 200mg of IB.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


 OK its Sunday ,  2nd of 2 12 hour days.  Took advantage of the longer lunch break today logging a 10K Run.   Took 200mg of Ibuprofen at 07:00.  It didn't provide the relief I was looking for so I dropped another 200mg at 09:00 am.  Running at 3pm I doubt there was much of the stuff left in the system and I felt a fair bit of discomfort whilst running.  When I finished up the Hot Shower felt good and then I downed another 200mg of Ib.  

 Working Eve Mon/Tues then I am off through the Weekend.  Hope to get to Blue this week and get some out of doors runs in.   ATB is Sunday ,  30K seems like a really long way to run but I am planning on running on Ib that day ...400mg an hour before the start should take care of things.  

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Not Sure

 Today is an Ibuprofen day ,  breakfast at 07:00  included 400mg of the stuff.   Felt great all day , no pain no hobble just normal walking and sitting and all that sort of stuff we just take for granted most of the time.    Jumped on the treadmill at 2:00 pm.  There wasn't the usual pain and I started Running and it felt kind of OK.   After a K or so I noticed that my right Hamstring felt a little tight and sore and so did my left Quad.   The legs didn't feel like they had any pop in them at all...rather like bricks.   The feeling persisted so at 3K i geared it down to a walk for a few hundred meters then cranked it to a 5:30 pace.   At first the more familiar shooting pain returned to the right of my tail bone but it smoothed out after a few minutes.    Things were not all that bad but it just didn't feel the least bit fluid and the effort was far greater then it should have been.   So after logging 5K I pulled the plug and jumped on the Elliptical for 30 minutes.

 Finished up with a hot shower and leaving the Gym it was back to the oh so familiar hobble.     Downed 200mg of  Ibuprofen and started to feel allot more normal 30 minutes later.  

  Yesterday the walk was slow with short steps and it was really achy ... not painful.  I think the weird walk was using muscles in a different way that I am use to and that contributed to the pains I felt when running today.  Tomorrow I will try to run again but not wait so long after taking the Ibuporfen.  I did a ton of reading on the drug and the way I am using it now is really not that big of a deal.   Maximum dosage should be no more then 3200mg and I am at a whopping total of 300mg  today and that it.  Tomorrow and the rest of the week I am going to take 200mg in the am ,  in the afternoon then again in the Eve.   A few days of walking normally and running without pain would go along way to putting the past few weeks behind me.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Running Sans Advil

Ouch ... 5K done at a 5:45 pace.  It wasn't pretty but it did smooth out a bit as I went on.  Did a 5 minute cool down on the Elitical before hitting the showers.    I will be running on Advil tomorrow!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm back

 Well at least I think I am back ...this thing is just so darned fickeled I don't know whether I am coming or going.  

 I didn't do any more Advil after 1pm yesterday and had Zero pain until Bed time.  As a matter of fact I felt so good I even forgot about the things that have been bothering me.   In bed its been pain free up until last night .  After such a great day when I laid on my right side it was very uncomfortable.  Getting up I hobbled around for awhile ,  had some Advil with breakfast at 09:00 am  and started to fell a bit better but still a little uncomfortable.  I had some running around to do and didn't  hit the treadmill until 2:00 pm.   Started running and nothing hurt.  It was 5 hours since I took 400 mg of Ibuprofen so I doubt it came into play.   So I ran at a 5:45 pace again.  In the true spirit of Ultra Running something else began to hurt.  An hour or so in my RIGHT  foot began to really bother me.  It was another 20 minutes before it started to settle down.  Pulled the plug at 15K , I felt like going longer but decided to stop and hit the Elliptical again.   So after running for 90 minutes of Running I did another 30 relaxing minutes on the Elliptical.  I am not sure about my form on this machine but I found that my heels barley made contact and I was always on my forefoot.  I was suspicious that this had something to do with my foot acting up again.  

 Got home at 4pm,  made a box of KD,  2 Vitamins ,  400mg of the Ibuprofen and washed it all down witha glass of Milk.  I feel a little stiff this evening otherwise everything right is pain free.   Working Days tomorrow I wont do any Advil and will try a little 5K at lunch.   Saturday and Sunday are both 12 hour work day so they are good for at least 10K each day.  

 Decided ATB is a go.   Going to grab my HD Video Camera and be a Tourist...gonna shoot everything interesting and not so interesting along the way!  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Running on Advil

 Popped 2 Advil before heading to the Gym this morning.   I don't like doing this sorts of thing but if it allows me to maintain my fitness and its for a short period of time the so be it.

 I really think I may have turned the corner on this one.   Today I quickly relaxed into the Run,  there wasn't any pain just a  little stiffness.  After a few K s I felt really good ...slowed things down to a 5:45 pace.   I have really been concentrating on form trying to avoid the "compensation injury".  Also concentrated on relaxing my right foot.  Ever since Dirty Girls I have more or less been Running with my Toes Curled up.   There has been problems with the structure across the front of the foot and this action is a good defensive posture.   So I ran at a constant pace and felt really OK.   Logged 10K at a mostly 5:45 pace ,  my longest Run since the troubles started March 2nd.    After a brief cool down I jumped on teh Eliptical for 30 minutes before hitting the Hot Shower.

 Yesterday ATB was a definite "No",   now its a "Maybe" based on what happens through this weekend.  There is no way I am going to Race ATB as originally planned but I would really like to make it an. LSD Run.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not so good!

After some encouraging results over the weekend I am quite disappointed today.    Went to the Gym this morning and logged 5.5K on the treadmill.   More or less ran the first 5K with a couple of short walk breaks.  At 5K I took a longer walk break but when I tried to run again it hurt too much so I stopped.   I then jumped on the elliptical and to my surprise I was able to use it more or less pain free so I logged 30 minutes on the machine.  

 Today was the first Advil free Run and well it didn't work out so well!   Got home and took some and I am aching while blogging waiting for it to kick in.   So I am really not sure what I should be doing now,  run,  don't run I am not sure it really matters.     So I will keep poking away,  its either going to get better or worse...juries out!  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Testing testing 1,2,3

Ok ,  a little further tonight ...still holding my breath ( Ass ) .

Yesterdays runs were really positive so I wanted to go further this morning thinking 10K.    

Hit the treadmill around midnight ,  2 Advil and hour earlier.   No pain more of a stiff feeling when I quickly cranked it up to a 5:30 pace.    I don't feel all the fluid far from the way I normally feel when I run.  I was paying close attention to form trying to prevent the oh so common compensation injury.  Mentally I am really beat up as this was my furthest run since March 2.   Knowing that its going to be uncomfortable to mildly painful also makes it tough to get going and even keep going.    I wanted to take walk break 2K in but I kept going concerning myself to run through 5K at the 5:30 pace.   5K in I decided not to give in and was leaning towards going 10K but reminded myself not to push it so I opted to run through 7K the do a 1K cool down.

So I logged a stiff but relatively pain free  8K at a mostly 5:30 pace tonight.   Now its wait and see!  

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I don't know where to begin so I will start where I left off 2-3 hours ago.  

After a painful disastrous 2K attempt to Run I popped 3 regular Advil ,  waited an hour then hit the Gym again.

 I hobbled to the Gym,  jumped on the treadmill and quickly ramped my way up to a 6:00 pace.   It was still pretty uncomfortable so I thought I would try going faster increasing to a 5:30 pace ... not so bad.   Found that the quicker turnover,  shorter stride made for a much smoother gate.   2.5K in I was feeling pretty Ok  but I decided to walk for a bit.  Going from a 5:30 to a 13:00 pace felt OK but a few hundred meters later I ramped it back up to a 5:30 pace again and more or less was right back where I left off before my walk break.  Held the 5:30 pace through 5.5K then geared it down  finishing off my run logging a whopping 6K.

 Jumping off the treadmill I felt better then when I started.   Hit the shower and let hot water run over my ass for a few minutes.  Dried off and headed back to my workstation.   Walking was 100% natural and pain free.   I didn't want to sit down because the last time I felt this good was when I got out of bed Friday morning.    After walking around for a bit I grabbed some dinner.  I have been sitting for nearly 30 minutes ..... no aches or pains ,  first time in a couple of days.

 When something hurts I never know whether its something that I should just run through or give in.   I always wonder if its the "Big One" that's going to take me out of service.  So now its wait and see time.   I am going to Advil up again in a few hours and before I go to bed.  When I get up and before I run again I am going to hold off the Advil but may reach for it again if I cant run.

 Jurys still out on this one.... stay tuned.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


 Didn't run Thursday or Friday ,  doing the right thing!    Friday on the way to bed I took some Advil.  After sleeping all day I woke up pain free ,   was able to walk pain free and was like that for an hour or two before the dull ache returned.  Leaving work this morning I pivoted on my right leg heading out the door and it brought on some pain.  Slept all day ,  had discomfort in bed but when I woke up it was OK but the dull ache was back as soon as I started to walk.   Last week when this came on I could sit without pain but now I have a constant dull ache all the time.  

 Not running seems to have made no difference so I decided to give it a go tonight.  Hit the Gym  and logged an initial 2K ,  no worse for the wear...pain no better or worse.   Dropped 3 Advil when done and will jump back on the treadmill in another hour or so.

 This really really really sucks!

Giving in

 Skipped running yesterday.   After a Days Sleep I got up and walked around normally ,  pain free for about an hour.    After sitting on my Ass for a bit a dull ache returned ,  not a big deal really.   I have a full week of Skiing and Running coming up so I am going to skip this mornings Run too.  

 Its only been a week now since I cam up lame but it seems like forever.   I was on a pretty good roll completing more then a month of "Speed Work" in preparation for some shorter Spring Races.   The Re-Frigee-Eighter results were encouraging.     I wanted to get ATB around a 5:00 pace or slightly better nut now I am not so sure.  If ATB was this weekend then I would have a Bib for sale but I am pretty sure with the race being 2 weeks away I will most likely make the start line.  

 More then anything my Mental has taken the greatest hit not being able to keep up the speed work.  The week I missed was going to be a bunch of  back to back to back 10-20K runs at a 5:00 pace.   Physically it probably hasn't had that great an impact.  I suspect that if I can return to running without pain by next weekend I should be good but only time will tell me the answer.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Broken Ass?

Reading  Chris Mcpeake's  blog  I think I have figured out whats wrong,  I have a "Broken Ass" ,  well at least half a one.  Things were no better  or worse after yesterdays outing so I thought what the hell I will try it again!  I sort of hummed and hahed a for a bit but when I got up off my chair at 02:30 am it felt good so off I went.

 It wasn't too bad.  I ramped up to a blazing 6:00 pace within a couple of hundred meters then held the pace through  5K.  I was OK until I did my cool down ... walking was tough!   So I showered then hobbled back to my work station and now here I am blogging!

 Will see how I feel tomorrow....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kill or Cure

5K Run ,  yes I actually ran sort of ,  done tonight before work.   I still hurt but its not the sharp shooting pain ,  more of a constant ache in the right butt.   Every one of the 2500 footfalls was painful and I was watching the clock and distance like  a hawk.   So I did lets see what happens.  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Taking it easy

 I was hurting pretty good yesterday Eve so I skipped coming in early  to run and I have also skipped the "lunch run" this morning.   The pain is no longer sharp and debilitating ,  more of an ache.   I suspect tomorrow will be a much better day ... will try to come in early.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A little better

Still in a bit of right glute pain...walking is almost normal with just a little hurt.  After running some errands today I stopped in at work logging a 4K Run...well sorta Run.   It was half walk,  half run hurt more when running and I didn't want to push it.  I stopped after 4K and now a couple of hours later I am no worse.    Working Mid #1 tonight,  going to try to get in early for another "Run".  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Test Run

Gave into the pain  yesterday run.   Started to feel better last Eve ,  even walked a few steps pain free. Bit sore this morning but much better the Fri eve or yesterday.  So I decided on a little out and back on the 2nd ...say 5K.    At first it hurt a bit going uphill then it wasn't too bad ...hmm maybe 10K I thought     Then the pain came back and I started to hobble ...thinking 5K pain is worse we will cut it off at 4K now I have to walk lets make it a 2K and so on and so forth.   Turned around at 1K ,   jogged most of the way back but had to walk a tiny uphill...pain getting increasingly worse.  

 So that's it for now,  might try later.   Its frustrating because there is nothing wrong just hurts.  

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weird Day

Ok,  its Saturday and I am off.  There is ample time to go for a semi longish run but I am sidelined with a pain in the its not "Tax Pain" but similar.  Walking is still a challenge but I am getting around.  It seems to be easing a bit and I want to try running but I know that's a dumb idea.  So I will continue doing all  those things that I should have done a long time ago but I was busy Running.  

Friday, March 1, 2013

Not Tonight

I think I jinxed myself in my Feb Totals post yesterday     Last night at work I had my feet up on the desk and when I stood up I had some lower back pain.    Woke up this morning feeling it a bit but nothing really to take notice of.   Did a 10K run this afternoon.   I was really starting to feel a sort of numbness in the right gluteus maximus  ,  felt like I should have walked ... nothing to bad though.   The real trouble started after I sat for 15  minutes up an OUCH,  couldn't move.  Took some Advil ,  waited 20min had a hot shower ...still pain but I could move although not without limping.   Fast forward to 9pm.   , I can sit .. no pain, I can stand pain, I can step with my left pain but when I load up the right leg it hurts bad enough that it makes me Nauseous .  So I headed to the Gym and jumped on the treadmill.  When I support my weight with may arms no pain but when I release OUCH.   0.2K logged ,  I quit!  

Now its probably not a big deal ,  a nights sleep and I will probably be good to go.   At most a day or two or maybe even three and it will be back to normal.   Good thing I got my run in this afternoon!  

March Start

Took it outside before work today ,  logged 10K up and down the 2nd.  

Back acted up last night ,  lower to the right almost in the butt muscle.  Small pain that I felt when I got off the chair at work.    Running today I could felt it a bit when when I was done after sitting for a few minutes when I got up I could barely move.   Downed some Advil and are waiting for it to kick in before I get ready for work.