Monday, December 30, 2013

Last longish Run of 2013

Wrapping up another series of night shifts this morning logging a 16K run at a mostly 5:30 pace.   Threw in a couple of 5:00 Ks...haven't run much at that pace for a long long time.   Run4Kids 6 hours this Saturday so no long ones planned through the week.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Getting there

One more mid to go then off until Sunday.   Logged 16K at a mostly 5:30 pace.   Threw in 1K at a 5:00 pace.   What a huge difference... much more body heat and a very different rhythm .  When I slowed back o a 5:30 pace it seemed harder.  

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Getting it done...

Left the run a bit too long this morning getting on the treadmill at 3:40 am.   Logged 10K at a mostly 5:30 pace.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


More or less the same run as yesterday... 3am ,  10K ,  5:30 pace .  Got er done!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

10K - 3am - Christmas Day

2nd mid ,  stretched out the lunch run a bit covering 10K at a mostly 5:30 pace.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

First Mid

Working through Xmas ,  5K done at a 5:30 pace this morning.

Monday, December 23, 2013

6.8K the tough way!

Forgot the Yaktrax ...oops.  Determined to run my loop I logged 6.8K in 1hr20min.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Some Trail

1 loop done, trail was great after yesterdays effort and last nights freezing rain.  Thought I left the Fire Damper wide open so I headed home after a loop and found it already adjusted ... can never be too careful.  Instead of heading back on the trail I went South on the 2nd towards Durham and turned around just short of the Edges Rd heading home.   Felt a bit chilled tonight thermal long sleeve with the shell didn't quite cut it but then again I did work up a sweat in the first 2Ks.    Called it a night at 10.6K, 1hr27min  satisfied that I got it done.

I could walk backwards faster!

After a bit of freezing rain Friday night I decided to hit the trail Saturday afternoon.    I was breaking through a crust of ice with every step.   I was determined to beat it down open up the trail and thats more or less what I did but it took me nearly 2 hours to cover 10K!!!!!    We are suppose to get even more freezing rain overnight so I am going to have to do it again tomorrow.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lunch Run

Didn't get ti run earlier today so I logged an extra couple of Ks on my meal break going 8K at an avg 5:30 pace.  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2nd run for the 3rd consecutive day

Lunch run done,  5K@5:30 pace!


Did the same as yesterday but with a little twist at the end running once around my trail loop. 2K in Knee deep heavy snow one word ...GRUELING! My 900+m loop wasn't too bad.   The laps I did on Saturday were evident.   If I had of done a few laps I would have had the trail at about the same state as I left it in on Saturday.    Logged a total of 12K ,  first 10 at an avg 6:25 pace and well you know about the extra 2Ks.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2nd Run

6K@5:30 pace tonight on my meal break.

Run not Ski

To Run or Ski ... what a delima today.  decided I need a run more!!!  Went the opposite way on the 2nd today heading North 5K then turning around and heading back.   Footing was a bit slippery on the fresh snow.  Managed to hold the same pace as yesterday ,  5:59 avg.   With just under a K to go a guy went buy me with a load of firewood.   A piece fell off so I grabbed it and through it on the Fire when I got home.  

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mr. Golden Sun

Sunshine today ...just had to soak it in.   Didn't want to run in the shade so I went South on the 2nd to Michael Schmidts Farm then turned around and ran back.   It was pretty cold and I was slightly overdressed but pretty comfortable. 10K logged just under a 6:00 pace.  

Lunch Run

Eves again this week.  In spite of a busy night I did manage to fit in a 5K @ 5:30 pace.  Felt great afterwards...better then coffee!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Not long but hard

Today was just one of those busy ones where there wasn't any time to run.  Decided to do my loop tonight heading out into the dark cold night at 7:30 pm.    I decided to do 5 loops then return.  The snow wasnt as deep but it was real heavy.   Calves were on fire just getting to the trail head then the uphills set the quads ablaze!  Logged 6.1K in  1hr2min.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Thanks I needed that

 Ok ,  this is turning out to be one of those weeks when it just to darn tough to fit the runs in.  I forgo ed the run M, T, T driving Mason from Hanover to Home on my meal break.  M, T , F is Skied at Blue ... pure bliss.  Throw in Snow,  lots of snow and the associated snow clean get the picture.

 Its Friday and I managed a "normal" meal break logging 5K at a mostly 5:30 pace.  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Testing my resolve

It finally really snowed overnight.   Originally I had wanted to go Skiing today but a couple of odd jobs around the house as well as  taking care of the Snow meant staying home.   Made sure to make and hour and a bit for running.   This was the first time running my loop in deep snow.   In the open areas it was Knee deep ,   in the Cedars it was Ankle deep and in a few spots where it was drifting it was Hip deep.   It took way way way more effort.  It was like having elastics attached to my calves pushing my legs through the snow.   I was through 3 loops before I could see my shoes.....

Not sure if Gators would help but the snow accumulated under the tongue , melted and was rolling around as my ankle flexed.    After running for a bit the action created a snow ball on the front of both ankles...

The feet were wet ,  not cold just wet.    Temps were the same as yesterday and I was dressed the same but I was allot hotter due to the extra effort.    I barely noticed the cold  as there was beads of sweat running down my forehead.   A little overdressed perhaps!    

Today's selfie ...

Logged a total of 8.7K in 1hr22min...slow going but very fun and satisfying.   Made sure I had some time to recover in the Hot Tub when I was finished...

And the Garmin says...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Loopy Tuesday

Didn't get  to run yesterday .   Headed to Blue in the am  with the intention of doing a 5K on the treadmill on my meal break but things didn't work out that way burning my meal break to transport one of my children home.  Had to do the same thing this eve on my meal break so I took it outside today.   There was a few inches of fresh snow so it took a bit to pack it down. The snow wasn't packing very well and it wasn't adhered to the ground to there was allot of extra energy going into the run.    It was pretty cold today  around -9C with a bit of light snow.   I have had a pressing cold feeling across the top of my shoulders so I decided to do a loose fitting Tech T over my Mizuno Breathe Thermal all topped off with my Ron Hill Shell.   I was a we bit overdressed removing the compression hat 10 minutes into the run.    All and all pretty comfortable to slightly too warm for most of my 95 minutes.   In spite of wearing two pairs of gloves the hands go a little chilly.   Logged 11.2K today....maybe Ski tomorrow,  maybe run.  

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Trail today

Originally planned on a repeat of yesterday but with just a skiff of snow I decided to hit the trail.  Grant joined me again today.  He was the first person I have shared my 11K trail run with.   The effort was much greater then in the summer time.  Frozen leaves gave way like sand on a beach ... well almost!   Did a little diversion and showed him some 20 meter limestone cliffs along the Saugeen.  Ended up on my trail then called it a day logging 12.6K +/- 468m in  1hr44min.  

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Back Roads of Glenelg

I was fortunate to have Grant join me today.   We headed North on the 2nd , East on the Holland/Glenelg town line then South on the Baseline to the McCormick Rd.    It was snowing and around -5.  Footing was good until we hit the McCormick Rd.  logging  a total of 19.3K today.   Right foot was bugging me a bit and then my right hip started to act up.  Recovered in the hot tub with a couple of beers before trekking through the bush in search of a Christmas Tree.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Lunch Run

2nd run at a 5:30 pace covering 6K on my lunch break today.  Looking forward to taking it outside on the weekend.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

December pace

Up to my December 5:30 pace today covering 5K on my lunch break.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A little faster

Almost up to my December pace covering 5K at a mostly 5:33 pace today.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

LSD Baby

27K at a 5:36 pace this evening. Ran out of Glycogen ...didnt drink ,  didnt eat ,  did do electrolytes intentionally.    Ran out of fuel around 24K ,  pushed the pace through 26K then gave up doing a 1K cool down.  A little bit G or a few calories and maybe and S cap to go further!!!!   One surprise was an increase in heating ...really started to sweat the last couple of Ks.   Treadmill said I burned just shy of 2,000 calories and I have a tendency to believe it!!!!!

Cross Training

November Totals

November - 295.4 km
YTD - 3246.1 km

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Grant Run

Headed out with Grant today logging 14.2K.  Covered 8 or so Ks on the back roads ending up on my  trail loop.  It was great to have a friend on the run today.    Both of us are leaning towards the100 miler at Sulphur.   I would love to pace him but I would really like to run it myself!    

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Trail today

Another busy day replacing most of the flooring in the house.  Made some time to hit the snowy but not too cold trail logging 11Ks this afternoon.     Heading to Blue at 07:00 am for a few hours of Skiing and will hit the trail when I return in the afternoon.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Run Two

Not quite what I wanted or planned but I did manage a 17K @ 5:42 pace run after work today.  

Run One

6K@5:42 pace done on my lunch break...4 hours til I hit the treadmill again.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tradtional Lunch

Little 5K@5:42 pace at lunch today!   Treadmill LSD on the books for late tomorrow afternoon.  Aiming for a 26Ker to round off the month!  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Late afternoon run

18K@5:42 pace on the treadmill at the end of the work day today.  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trail Sunday

Did some more looping today running 12 laps and with getting there and back logged 12.2K at an avg 8:38 pace.   A little faster when it was daylight.   It was a we bit warmer too around -8C with light snow.    I was fairly comfortable for the 1hr46min that I was out there/.  Recovery was great jumping in the Hot Tub afterwards.  Didn't do that last night ans caught a bit of a chill afterwards.    The Hot Tub is perfect after a cold weather run.    

Saturday, November 23, 2013

10 for minus 10

Winters here ,  -10C,  Snow wind and dark just perfect for heading out for a trail run.   Beat down the 15cm or so of snow running my  trail loop 10 times.   It was fun running in a bubble of light.  Didn't really notice the cold too much but I did notice the extra effort required.    Hope I can keep looping all winter.    10K logged at a pretty slow avg 9:15 pace but thats to be expected.   Any day I can run 10K is a good one ,  any day I can run 10K on the trail is great!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Final treadmill run this week.

16K@5:42 pace at the end of the workday.   I am off but busy but I intend on taking it outside this weekend.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Had a couple of extra hour to kill after work so guess what the first activity comes to mind.    Jumped on the treadmill at around 3:25 pm and ran until 5:45 logging 24k at a mostly 5:42 pace.    Felt a we bit tired at first but quickly got into the run and it was more or less effortless.   Need to do more of these sorts of runs.

Monday, November 18, 2013


16K done at the end of the work day.  Tried to get away at 11am for a little 5ker but it didn't happen so I took my break at the end of the shift jumping on the treadmill.   3-13K I had company in the gym and the time just flew my ...yack, yack, yack for nearly an hour made the time fly by!  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Back to work

 10K on the treadmill this afternoon at work.    Back on days again!  

Friday, November 15, 2013

Understanding and learning!

You would think I have cold weather running figured out by now but then again I avoided winter runs up until last year in favor of the treadmill.  Yesterday it was just above freezing,  rather breezy with a very low Sun when I headed out to my "trail loop" around 3:30 pm yesterday. Started with my compression hat , gloves,  mid weight Mizuno Breathe Right thermal long sleeve compression shirt ,  my Ron Hill Wind/Water Proof Shell and Tights.   First 800+meter laps was comfortable ,  second lap I was starting to feel  warm,  third lap I dropped the hat , 5th lap the shell cam off.     So I was running through the snow with temps +2C down to a single layer.  I was still too warm judging from the sweat dripping from my forehead.   There will always be sweat but when its dripping I know I am too hot.   In spite of obviously being a little too hot I felt chilled at the same time.   The cool breeze seemed to press on the compression shirt that was wicking away sweat giving me the chills yet I continued to sweat.   I suspect a loose fitting long sleeve Tech T with the Shell breaking wind probably would have been a better choice.    Another option would have been shorts.    Its so much simpler heading out on a warm day.

I logged 12 laps good for 10.3K +/- 635m in 1hr20min good for an average 7:48 pace.    I did a ton of work yesterday on the "new floors" and am really feeling achy today.   Haven't had time for a long run this week but I am satisfied with what I have done.   I will take it outdoors this afternoon for one more 10+Ker before I head back to the treadmill working the next 6 days.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sunny Windy Comfortable

Nice day ,  rather breezy but the Ron Hill jacket was quiet effective at keeping me comfortable.   13.1K logged today ,  very similar to yesterday but a little more trail today.   I was feeling a little sluggish at the start as a result of prep work for new flooring throughout the house.    

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Run

After 7 consecutive treadmill runs it was really nice to take it outside today.   Logged 11.7ks ,  back road, tractor trail and trail.   2K in I was startled by a the deepest , loudest MOO I have ever heard,  Sounded more like a fog horn!  When I hot the trail I ran through an area that was being logged.   It was really wet and the mud had the consistency of Jello!   Finished up doing a my loop at the back of my yard.   The deer were just a step ahead of me , fresh tracks in the new snow.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Final mid ,  11K done at a mostly 5:42 pace.  Threw in a few Fartleks at a 5:30 pace.   Oh so gradually adding a bit of the oh so forgotten thing we call "speed".    Looking forward to taking it outside this week.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013


10K at a mostly 5:42 pace this morning.  Threw in some 200m fartleks a slightly faster 5:30 pace.  

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013


This weeks theme is to add a K a day to my nightly run.    This morning I logged 8K at a 5:42 pace.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lunch Run

7K @ 5:42 pace at 3:00 am.  

Horror Hill Pictures

This has to be a starting picture...I look a little cold!

It didn't take long to get comfortable  and it wasn't too long before I took off the Hat.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Pace

6K at a 5:45 pace this morning.   Decided to make all Nov treadmill runs at a slightly faster 5:45 pace vs my 6:00 pace that I have been running forever.   Dec will be 5:30!  

Bad idea #21031102 - Video

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wow , a rest day

After 34 days of daily consecutive runs I took a rest day Monday.   Felt like I was fighting off a bug Sunday/Monday so I gave into it not running yesterday and think I may have shook it off before it took hold.   Good thing too because I just started my night shift.    Logged 5K this morning at 01:30 am.    

Sunday, November 3, 2013

#1 best thing about running my trail loop in the cold!

10.1k done on my trail loop this afternoon.  #1 best thing was the fact that I didn't need ice in the cooler so I was able to fit in one more Beer....sweet!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Bad Idea #21031102"

Another fun run in Dunedin is in the books or should i say blogged about!  Vertical Pierre was at it again and put together a fun run better know as " Bad Idea #21031102".

Race started at 6:00 am and was staged from the Dunedin, Ontario Community Center.     Originally I was thinking 50 Miles ,  then that became 50K and after the HH swollen leg it was just going to be a long one.   I worked until midnight and was aiming for a noon start and that more or less what I did.   Its a 13K loop ,  half Bruce Trail single track and half tractor trails and back roads.   I headed out in the opposite direction climbing " Lavender Hill".  Determined to run it I made it all 1.6K with a vertical gain of some wheres around 130 meters averaging a 7:40 pace .... not a bad warm up.   It was about another K to the trail head and about 5K to the other road section and aide station.  I was full of ideas about what I wanted to do.   Decided I didn't want to do the 5 or so Ks of road after the trail and decided to loop back when I reached the end of the section logging somewhere around 15K. When I got to the AS I decided to run the "Creemore" road West towards 124.  I was going to turnaround sooner but after the stop and go trail stuff the road was a nice way to stretch the legs.     Took allot of video on the way out so I was quicker coming back.   When I got to the end of the trail section I decided to follow the Bruce Trail a bit further and ended up running into Lavender.   Decided to continue the Bruce a bit further past the community along the road looking for the trail head again but tuned back a couple of Ks later heading for where the day began.   I didn't do any nutrition ,  no electrolytes just a bit if a water and 3.5 hours in I was starting to feel the lack of calories.   When I got to the finish I was 1.5K shy of 25K so did a little out and back ending the day at 25.0K  in 3hrs45mins.    

The weather was a bit of  rain and snow as well as overcast and rather breezy in the open.  Temps hovered just above freezing.  There had been a to of rain over the past day or so and the trail was a little mucky here and there.  The #1 hazard besides the cliffs was moss covered rocks.   Work my Saucony Exodus Gortex shoes and they rocked....almost dry feet.   Wore the tights to keep the legs warmer after 6 hours in the cold and wet at HH last week.  They were comfortable but felt like they were falling down!   Had my RonHill water proof ,  breathable shell with the Mizuno Breath Thermal under and of course top it off with a compression hat and gloves.   I used my Hydration vest which was a little bit of a mistake as it covered up the vents on  the jacket besides I didn't consumer much water as it really wasn't needed.

Afterwards I talked with Pierre, Sharon and Stephan over a bowl of soup and beer before I made my way home satisfied that I logged decent LSD Run.

Video to follow!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Breaking the mold!

7K tonight ,  slightly faster.   Wanted to take it outside today but the high winds meant no trail ... to dangerous.  Dunedin tomorrow when I get up ,  1X13K loop regardless but 2 would be better then I can call it a long run.

Pretty sure I have decided on the 100 miler at Sulphur in May.   Going to site on it for a bit but he more I think about it the more I would like to do it.   Registered for Run for Kids 6 hour at York in Jan.   Looking forward to that one.   Between now and then I need to get in at least 6 long runs...3-4 hours 30+ Ks.  

Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 2013 Totals

Oct      273.3 km
YTD  2950.7 km

Did one race the Horror Hill 6 hour covering 47.8 km on a cold wet mucky day.  This was the first month every  that I ran every day.  Most months I miss less then a handful of days but I was taking part in the "October Challenge" to run and minimum of 5K every day.  

And that's a wrap

Last run of October 2013...5K at lunch this evening.   And thus concludes the October Challenge and I am pleased to report that I ran 5K or longer each and every day this month.    

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lunch Run

5K the ussual was this eve.  Calves were a little tender after running on my tip toes Monday otherwise I am pretty much back to where I was before HH.

Why We Run

Too cool not to post ,  enjoy!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Todays 5K  was much better.  Swelling in the right leg is almost gone and the normal range of motion is back.  It would have been a great day to take it outside.  Bright Sunshine ,  no Wind and temperatures hovering  a little below slowly progressing to a little above made things rather pleasant.  

Yesterday ... post went missing!

Right leg is still quite swollen but feeling better. It took be nearly 1.5 K to get up to a 6:00 pace. At first I was running on my tip toes but as things loosened up it was back to more of a mid foot strike. Logged a total of 5Ks and felt pretty decent near the end of the run. I really hate it when running doesn't' come naturally!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Recovery Run

Best 5.2K  recovery run ever!  Left knee and lower leg were swollen and quite stiff as HH yesterday.   I had a suspicion that  run today may improve things and I wasn't dissapointed.  The October Challenge  really helped my out on a day that I probably would have remained idle.

Horror Hill 6 Hour Ultra - Saturday, October 26, 2013

 Had lots of fun at Camp Heidelberg near Waterloo yesterday.    Did this race for my second time and consecutive year.   Last year it was wet ,  really wet and it made for some pretty tough running.  I didn't think  it could be any worse but this year was something to behold.   It was around 5C cooler and for the first 3 hours it was heavy wet snow and howling winds.   In spite of what Mother Nature threw at us I actually had fun and really enjoyed most of the race.  The key was being comfortable and that I was.   For the first time ever I wore my new Ron Hill  water / wind proof jacket ,  Mizuno compression short under ,  shorts,  wind proof underwear and to round it off I used my Saucony Gortex Exodus shoes with Injji Toe Socks and of course gloves.

 Race day started early ,  up  a little after 5am,   hot tub and coffee leaving around 6:15 am.  The 90 minute drive took close to 2 hours as I hit some heavy wet Snow between Tiviotdale and Salem...plows were out!  Had lots of time before heading out at 09:00 am.

I was optimistic that I could have a faster run and headed out easy with the plan to pick it up as the day went on.   I wasn't wearing a Garmin but wanted to keep track of how many 2.5K loops I had done.    I have a hard time keeping track of numbers besides they start bouncing around in my head a drive me crazy after awhile so I came up with a different way of counting laps.     I  aim for a monthly average distance of around 300K which works out to around 10K a day.   Last week in prep for HH I logged 5X5K lunch runs.   At HH every 2 laps was 5K and made up for the distance I didn't cover through the week.  So in mind loop 1 was Monday morning ,  when I started loop 2 it was Monday afternoon,   completing loop 2 it was Tuesday morning and so on and so forth.  Did my first Gel Tuesday at lunch and then decided to do the next one Wednesday morning.   This way of keeping track of my progress was fun and helped me to Gel on schedule.    For the first 3 hours it was really snowing hard and every lap was a tiny bit harder.   It was really slippery in spots,  almost as bad as water on Ice!   I had my music on from the start and it really helped me enjoy the run.   Usually I find it mentally tough getting to the half way point but I was moving well and was really enjoying the nasty weather.    When it was Friday afternoon I had completed the first 25K of the race.   I decided to skip the weekend and start back on Monday morning again.   If I remember corrector I was also 2hrs54 minutes into the race.  My minimum goal was to get to 50K ,  maybe 51 or 52 but doing the math I didn't have much time in the bank so it was going to be a real challenge to get there.   I felt like I wasn't getting quite enough calories so I decided to do Gels every 2 laps ( once a day) instead of every 3 laps ( every 1.5 days).   The 4th hour wasn't too bad ,  the snow turned to light rain and the wind picked up but I felt warmer and took my Ball cap off.   In the 5th hour things really begin to hurt.   Right shoulder and just general aches and pains and I continued to slow down.  I did however manage to avoid the "Death March" and continued to run albeit  slowly.   More or less continued on the last hour the same as the previous and made it to my second "Friday Afternoon" crossing"  the timing mat logging 47.5K in 5hrs59minXXsec.   The moment I was done I hosed down the mud from my legs ,  removed my shoes ,  sprayed them and my feet off then walked across the parking lot to my car to change!

 All and all a fun day with great results under somewhat grueling conditions.   The general consensus   from those who ran was it was a bit tougher then last year and that was certainly reflected in the overall results.  They had some great food ,  had 2 bowls of Chilly and 2 Sausage on a Bun.   Sat ,  talked recovered for an hour or so before heading out.    Right Knee was really stiff and by the time I got home it was quite swollen.   There wasn't anything in particular that I did to it but I suspect that  it was all the slip sliding around!   Its done that sorts of thing before so I am not particularly  concerned about it.     Should make today's 5K interesting ...think I will put on some tights!

Results are up ...I was credited with 47.8 k and  out of the 20 of us who braved the weather I placed 12th,  I was  8th out of  14 males and finished 2nd out of 3 in the 50+ age group.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Taper starts

5K at lunch on the treadmill. 20 hour taper starts , Horror Hill 6 Hour tomorrow!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


5K at lunch the same as every other work day this week!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Boston Marathon 2011

 It seems like forever ago since I ran Boston in 2011.  The entire experience was totally amazing with the exception of the Marathon I tried to  Run. I don't know what I was thinking but I really believed I could BQ at Boston and went for it.  Live and learn I guess!!!!  Not being real thrilled about my run I didn't  fork out the big $$ for the race pictures.   I received an email recently offering me the pictures at a 40% discount so I figured why not ... there was one good one of me crossing the finish line.

So here is my day in pictures ....

Waiting for the race to start in Hopkinton is unlike anything I have ever experienced.   It was cold,  really cold and the place was alive with energy and pre-race jitters.  I was 100% relaxed loving every minute soaking it all in...I was running Boston!

I made it through the 1/2 at a 5:00 pace felling a bit tired but still OK.

I get a kick out of the next three shots.  Its like the guy in the red shirt thought I was going to keel over!

I think I am getting close to the finish trying desperately to keep it together.

This picture captures how I really felt.

There is nothing quite like crossing the finish line!

How quickly we forget! 

Lunch Run

5K done indoors at lunch today. Ditto the next 4 days leading up to Horror Hill on Saturday!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A little trail

Just a little trail today ,  6.8 K  done in a little over 50 minutes.  With HH looming on Saturday I wanted to begin a sort of taper today.  The weather is really nice  so I am heading out with my chain saw for the remainder of the afternoon.   This fall I will mark my 25th year of heating my home with  wood.  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cool and wet but very nice!

Got to wear my Ronhill Rain jacket today ... kept the cold and wet out and allowed the warm and wet to vent.  A truly awesome piece of running gear.    I only planned on 10K but was feeling so comfy in the rain I added another 5K to the day for a total of 15K.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

1hr34min38sec - 11,998.02 metres

1hr34min38sec covering 11,998.02 metres on the trail this afternoon. I was sheltered from the stiff breeze and from time to time the Sun broke through. It was a rather pleasant was to spend part of my afternoon. Only 1 recovery Beer afterwards, had to drive the kids to Wasaga Beach. Looking forward the Dodgers/Cardinals game this evening

Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Rain

10k done  in cool October rain.   It was just starting to rain when I headed out at 4:30 pm.    Did 12 laps on my loop at the back of my property.  I was prepared to relax in the forest with a few beers when I was done but the rain  went from light  to steady so I opted for the Hot Tub instead!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Taking it Outside

Just finished a rather pleasant run thanks to the October Challenge. Nearly 3 hours in the dental and one root canal later I wasn't really up to running. Pharmacist gave the OK to drink Beer and Run whilst taking Percosets. Just warned me I may be a little bit off balance .... just another normal day in my books! PVRed the Ball game and headed out the door with the intention of doing 5K and ended up logging 10.8K trail / road mix. Go Dodgers, go Tigers!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Bored on today's 5K treadmill run.  

Checked my Cadence.

6:00 pace  =  160
5:00 pace =   172
4:30 pace =   178

Proper cadence for "good form" is 180 foot strikes/min regardless of pace.   When I hit a 5:00 pace this is where I truly feel like I am "running" ,  anything less feels like a shuffle or a jog if you prepare!  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Same as yesterday

10K logged on my meal break today.  I miss running outside in the Sun.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Back to work!

Logged 10K on the treadmill on my meal break.  It wasn't nearly as much fun with no Beer and no Sun.  

Friday, October 11, 2013

100% Sun

Wanted to turn up the heat logging 10K on the 2nd today.    Headed straight South for 5K into a nice warm breeze and the Sun in my fave then turned around and headed North.  With the wind and Sun at my back it was a HOT return.    Once again recovery was a dip in the pool and a couple of hours floating around enjoying the Sun and some Ice Cold Beers!