Friday, November 15, 2013

Understanding and learning!

You would think I have cold weather running figured out by now but then again I avoided winter runs up until last year in favor of the treadmill.  Yesterday it was just above freezing,  rather breezy with a very low Sun when I headed out to my "trail loop" around 3:30 pm yesterday. Started with my compression hat , gloves,  mid weight Mizuno Breathe Right thermal long sleeve compression shirt ,  my Ron Hill Wind/Water Proof Shell and Tights.   First 800+meter laps was comfortable ,  second lap I was starting to feel  warm,  third lap I dropped the hat , 5th lap the shell cam off.     So I was running through the snow with temps +2C down to a single layer.  I was still too warm judging from the sweat dripping from my forehead.   There will always be sweat but when its dripping I know I am too hot.   In spite of obviously being a little too hot I felt chilled at the same time.   The cool breeze seemed to press on the compression shirt that was wicking away sweat giving me the chills yet I continued to sweat.   I suspect a loose fitting long sleeve Tech T with the Shell breaking wind probably would have been a better choice.    Another option would have been shorts.    Its so much simpler heading out on a warm day.

I logged 12 laps good for 10.3K +/- 635m in 1hr20min good for an average 7:48 pace.    I did a ton of work yesterday on the "new floors" and am really feeling achy today.   Haven't had time for a long run this week but I am satisfied with what I have done.   I will take it outdoors this afternoon for one more 10+Ker before I head back to the treadmill working the next 6 days.  

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