Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Totals

January  - 279 km

Two races ,  Run4Kids Jan 4,  56.5 km in 6 hours  and the Frosty Jan 18, 31.5 km in 6 hours.

and thats a wrap folks!

Last run of January 2014 this eve.   Just a little 5K the usual way on my meal break this evening.  

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Second run for the second day in a row.   Just a little 5K at a mostly 5:30 pace on my meal break this eve.  

Its a fine line!

Once again I came in before work.  A little later today but I did manage to squeeze in an 11K run at a mostly 5:30 pace this afternoon.    Between the Running and Snow removal as well as adjusting to sleeping past 5am I would have to say I am a wee bit pooped.   Not sure if I am doing to much or just not getting enough sleep but I am feeling tired ,  a little irritable and not sleeping so good!    In a strange sort of way its a good feeling.   Off to the Gym in an hour or so for a second run!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Round 2

Jumped on the treadmill at 7pm and logged another 5K today.    Took a couple of Ks to fell comfortable but I could have gone another 16 again ... back to work!

Before work today!

A couple of hours of free time opened up this afternoon so I took advantage of it and came into work early and did a 16K run mostly at a 5:30 pace.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Powered by Hedly

Back on Eves this week .... three themes came up on my run this eve!

1)  I am pooped ,  really tired.   Been doing tons of cross training ,  snow removal that is.   So much so today that after 4 hour of back breaking labor I came in the house and had an overwhelming desire to sleep...instead I went to work! Its all good cross training I suppose.

2) Trying to sleep and trying to forget about running when your running have allot in common.  In both cases your mind wonders and you forget about what it is you are trying to do.

3) Was going to stop at 5K but just as I was about to begin the cool down sequence Hedlys " I can do anything" song came on OZ FM ,  the Rock of the Rock.   Had to keep going logging 6K tonight on my lunch run!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Different weekend!

So wanted to take it to the track at the Owen Sound Y this weekend but things just didn't work out.  Mother nature dictated my activities this weekend,  snow, snow and more snow!   Had to do some running around so I dropped into work and did a 16K run at a mostly 5:30 pace.  

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well that was different!

Planned on an indoor run today but the road to Owen Sound was closed so that put a damper on my plans.   Decided to take it outside for a 10K just to get my Run on.  It was snowing hard,  very windy and temps around-10C.  Had a tough tough time wrapping my head around getting out the door.  Shed a tear as I passed on my shorts for a pair of tights!    Wore my Addida Super Noava Gortex for the first time.   Combined with my Gator they kept my feet warm  and dry.   Heading North on the 2nd I was into the wind....must admit really didn't enjoy that much.  Turning around 5K out the wind at my back things started to come together and I was actually starting to enjoy the moment.   Pulled the plug at 10K satisfied that I got it done.     Going to try to get up to the Y tomorrow.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

testing testing 123

Felt like someone was pounding on my Knee Caps with a meat tenderizer riding the life at Blue last night.  -20C and a howling wind was absolute  bone chilling.  ( ).  Was a little worried that I may have done some damage but the lunch run today went off without a hitch.   5K done at an avg 5:30 pace.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lunch Run

Made sure I packed the shorts and managed to do a 5K run at a mostly 6:00 pace today at lunch.

Blue tonight!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dumb Ass

18 consecutive days of running has just come to an end.   Forgot to pack my shorts!!!!!   Now what to do an my meal break?  

Dreaming of Summer

I enjoy Winter at the same time I miss Summer.  I especially enjoy those carefree runs when its shorts and shoes ...GO!    Super looking forward to getting back on the trail I built last Summer.  At the tail end of Summer I shot some video  and this is the result...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lunch Run + Go for liftoff!

Did the classic 5K@5:30 pace today.   My mid was on my planned Saturday Run.  I am heading to the Owen Sound Y's indoor 166 meter track.    I have the OK from the Y to set up and aid station so I am planning on doing a 4-6 hour run starting around 09:00...minimum of 40K.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Lunch Run

6K done at a mostly 5:30 pace today on my lunch break.  Wee bit of pain in my Calves otherwise 100%.

Glad I Did

Wasn't sure what I wanted to do yesterday.    I felt great but was sleepy tired as a result of being  quite gassy after all the Chilly I ate at the Frosty Saturday.   Originally I decided to fit a 16K on the treadmill at work.  I had to do some running around later in the day and would be passing Allan Park so I though why not.    As is so often the case plans changed  and I started watching RADX that had a program about a camp at the N Pole and one segment featured the “North Pole Marathon”.     At 4:pm I met my Father In-law in Williamsford  to transport  our youngest friend back to his place on the 2nd.   Around 5pm or there abouts on of my Middle Children still had not left Waterloo yet … I was to pick him up sometime Sunday Eve in Hanover.   My dear wife was in the process of making a Stew and didn't have many Potatoes so I made a quick trip down the 2nd to Echardts for a bag of Spuds.  Dam near got stuck going down the 2nd so I headed back up Hwy #6 and across Grey Rd 12.    Now making it back around 5:45 pm I learned that the “Middle had just left Waterloo … BINGO ,  I still had time to get a Run in.     Told my Wife that I was going to the GYM and would run for 1 hour and then need 10min to shower before getting “Middle” in Hanover.    I also  had to make a trip to Walkerton before Hanover to drop some stuff off for “Oldest” Sons family.   Figured I may keep “Middle” waiting for a bit. 

I don’t often include much about anything  other then running in my Blog.  The reason of the above is because I wanted to demonstrate that I am “always fitting it in”.  As much as I Love to Run its not my priority and it doesn't have to be….I fit it in to my life its just that simple!   There is the odd day when I don’t find the time to fit it in but it doesn't happen very often.  I average about 2 races/month year after year and I would have to say that that is one time that it does get rather intrusive after all lacing up in a past time ,  a hobby something that gives back far more then I put in!  

So I Ran ,  yep I fir it in and it felt marvelous.     Starting is always a touch uncomfortable but not last night.  Nothing hurt and it felt like I was already warmed up.   Felt so good that I stretched it out to a 12Ker at a mostly 5:30 pace.     Reflected allot on what I did at the Frosty and looked forward to what I need to do between now and the LS100!   

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Frosty 6 Hour - Good LS100K Practice Run

Did the Frosty 6 Hour today.   A snowy loop made for some rather arduous trudging but overall extremely satisfying.   A goal was beyond 42.2,  B 42.2 and C get to 35K.  Failed all three but I had another mission to accomplish and that was to run outside in -9C weather for 6 hours without taking a "warming break" and to remain comfortable!     I decided to use the run as a Laura Secord 100K training opportunity suiting up with all my gear required to go for up to 20 hours.  

Started the day wearing ,   Mizuno Breathe  Thermal Mid Weight Long Sleeve Compression T with a second Mizuno  Midweight then my Ron Hill Shell Over top.   On the head was a Compression Cap.  On my hands were 2 pairs of gloves the very thin Columbia Gloves with with the silver metal reflectors and then over top a roomy pair of Columbia Omni Shield Gloves.    Below the waste it was a a pair of wind proof Running Underwear,  my Suguoi Tights ,  Injinjji Toes Socks and over top of them was the Inov Winter Socks with a built in Gator.     Decided on the Saucony Exodus Gortex with a pair of Yak Trax.  

Now I also wore a fanny pack with a water bottle empty until need to prevent freezing as well as my Ultra Aspire Pack ,  no bladder!    Stuffed 2 gels in the fanny pack ,  8 gels in the Ultra Aspire.    Also in the Ultra Aspire I had the following,   extra compression gloves,  extra compression Cap ,   2 extra Mizuno Thermal tops ( the same as what I was wearing ) ,  3 Buffs ,  HD Video Camera ,  iPod Shuffle and some S Caps.   I probably forgot a thing or 2 but if I was going out for 20 hours in cold or wet conditions I would have been OK.  Needed way more calories but that can be picked up along the way.  Everything was packed in plastic bags to keep things dry.  

Oh ya the race ... felt like a bit of a goof showing up at the start of the 2.1K loop outfitted to run forever but then we were off an all was forgotten.   Walked the first 2.1K talking with Chris  ( Chars Husband).  Walking the loop I knew the Shell had to come off so I tied it around my waste.    Didn't take long for the compression cap to come off and eventually the second pair of gloves.   After a couple of hours the Cap was back on and too were the second pair of gloves.   Caught a bit of a chill a little after an hour again after sweating a bit on a little more aggressive 3rd loop.    Decided to try to run dry ,  not sweat and more of less held the pace to the brink of sweating.    It was tough going on the snowy trail and there was a bit of variability here and there so that  meant a variable effort.   This sort of running can lead to big sweats so I was careful to regulate the effort in order to keep the sweat at bay.  

 So I spent the day comfortable plodding along.  Did Gels ,  Pretzels ,  Chili ( Twice) , Chocolate ,  Coke and Water.  I had enough Calories and Fluids and not seating I didn't need any S Caps.  

 Finished the 6 hours  feeling like I could keep going  another 14 hours.  Felt very comfortably dressed the whole day.   Legs were a tiny beat beat up from all the sliding around but not too bad.   Didn't log as may Ks as I had planned but I was satisfied the if the LS100 was -8C / Snow I could get it done.  About the only thing I would add would be some chemical hand warmers...just in case!  

Logged a total of 31.5K in somewhere around 5hrs53mins.  Could have went out for another 1/2K or so but I hurried back to the pot of Chilli!    

Friday, January 17, 2014

Taper time!

Began my 21 hour taper running the Frosty 6 hour tomorrow!    No real objective tomorrow ,  just a good old supported long run with a few friends.    Want at least 35K  and anything beyond 42.2K would be  a bonus.   Stay tuned...

5K @ 5:30 pace done at lunch today.  

Thursday, January 16, 2014


5 effortless Ks today at lunch.   One more luncher then its the Frosty 6 hour.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No Support

Wore the Brooks Cascadia again this time without the metatarsal supports.   5 uneventful Ks logged at a mostly 5:30 pace.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Shoes

5K lunch run done the usual way with new Brooks Cascadia Shoes.  Trail shoes on a treadmill are a bit of an oddity but a good way to get a bit of a feel for the new kicks.    First thing I noticed was a scraping sound just prior to foot fall.   Most be something a bit different with the sole!  The shoes were real cushioning got the point where it felt like I was using some extra horse power to get it done.   The are size 11 ,  perhaps a touch too big but its a bit of a blessing because the longer you go the bigger the feet get.   Uppers are very soft and accommodating.    Looking forward to taking them outside.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Its OK

Almost skipped the lunch run but I didn't and I am glad.  Felt real solid.   In spite of the left knee being a bit tender going to bed its OK today...nothing that I haven't dealt with before.  Logged 5K at a mostly 5:30 pace.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tired Legs

Felt the last few days on this afternoons run.  Run/Ski Thursday, Ski Friday, Run Saturday and then again today ...a busy few days.  I am pooped and my left knee is a bit tender ,  nothing new nothing different.  Not going
to do much more then short lunch runs with the Frosty 6 Hour this Saturday.   Logged 12K today ,  same route as yesterday just turned back sooner.

Bad but good!

Waited until lat in the afternoon to head out.  It was getting dark so I suited up with full lighting.    Winds were high ,  it was raining and getting colder ...near freezing.     Wore my usual cold weather stuff,  Mizuno Thermal topped with my Ron Hill Jacket ,  Tights and my Saucony Exodus Gortex with Toe Socks.    Headed south on the 2nd intending on turning around at 5K.   A few Ks in I decided to take advantage of the worsening weather and go further.  Rain had turned to sleet and the sleet turned to snow.  The wind was blowing so hard it was moving me around.  Footing was so-so there was still lots of ice on the road.   Turned around just shy of HWY 4 and headed back.      Logged a total of 16K at a surprising
avg 6:11 pace.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A good read on nutrition

Nutrition for Your Long Training Runs

You want your nutrition to rebuild your immune system while maintaining the adaptation in
the muscles that all those miles have produced.
You spend considerable time carefully planning “a long weekend run” when you are training for your next ultra but you may not put the same amount of effort into planning your nutrition during that same run. Since there are no aid stations or crew helping you, how do you carry what you need or practice what you are going to do in the race? As anyone who has had stomach issues in a race knows, practicing sports nutrition is just as important as practicing every other aspect of the ultra run. Figuring out exactly how many calories and the amount of liquids you are going to consume per hour isn’t going to help – or settle well in your system – if you did not train your gut to accept this amount. Plus, the intensity of your effort during a race and the accompanying nervousness only add to the problem.
The Gold Standard
First let’s review what you can actually absorb while running along the trail for hours and hours. The “gold standard” is one gram of carbohydrate per minute. That is four calories per gram or 240 calories per hour for the average runner. If you are male, have lots of lean body mass or are a larger, experienced runner, you may be able to accept more. If, on the other hand, you are female, smaller or new to the sport of ultrarunning, you may only be able to digest about 200 calories per hour. This includes everything you consume – liquids, gels and food. After about four to six hours, you can start consuming protein too, at the rate of one gram protein to three or four grams of carbohydrate. This does not mean you will change the total calorie level, just the percentage that comes from carbohydrate, i.e. from 100% carbohydrate down to 75-80% carbohydrate and the rest from protein. You may be eating some fat in the fuel you consume, but you do not need any for endurance exercise. You have plenty of stored fat in your body, no matter how lean you are, to run for days and days. You may however want to eat some fat for “comfort food”, but those calories are not used during your ultra. It is much more efficient for the body to use ingested carbohydrates (glucose) and the fat already stored than to convert newly ingested fat for energy.
Sweat Rate
Next, you need to know your sweat rate to know how much liquid to consume per hour. Your sweat rate is key to understanding your hydration needs. Average sweat contains about a third of a teaspoon of salt (sodium) per liter or quart (32 ounces). Your blood contains three times as much salt; therefore, as you sweat hour after hour, your blood becomes thicker and more salt concentrated. If you replace what you lose with the same amount of water and salt as is lost in your sweat, your blood will return to normal. If you under-replace the water content, your body will continue to sweat and you will start to become encrusted with salt, lose weight, and become dehydrated. It is not possible to replace all fluids lost, because you simply cannot absorb that much while exercising at a faster than walking pace. If you over-replace the water content, your body will remove water to the surrounding tissues and you will experience swelling in your hands, feet, and under your watchband. You will gain weight and can become hyponatremic. Added to the equation of over-replacing is the fact that kidney function decreases after hours of exercise and you will likely stop urinating, thereby retaining even more water.
Using a scale on a couple of those long practice runs will really pay off when you are actually racing an ultra. Before a training run, go to the bathroom and then weigh yourself in the nude. Run for one to two hours. For ease with the math, drink water or sports drink from a 16-ounce bottle and keep track of how many bottles you consume. When you finish your run, urinate if you need to, towel off, and then weigh yourself again in the nude. If you ran for one hour and consumed one 16-ounce bottle of liquid and weighed the same at the beginning and end of your run, your sweat rate is 16 ounces per hour, half the average. If you lost one pound, then your sweat rate would be 32 ounces per hour, the average. If you gained a half-pound, your rate would be eight ounces per hour. (This would probably only happen to a small runner in winter/cool conditions.) You can then adjust your fluid intake accordingly and start practicing taking in this amount. You may need to do this test both in warm and in cool conditions. Also, as you become an increasingly fit, more experienced ultrarunner, you will become more efficient at staying cooler.
Make a Chart
Now that you have an idea of how much you need to drink (volume) and eat (calories) per hour, put this knowledge to use during your next long training run. Try making a chart similar to the one below, listing all the sports nutrition products, foods, liquids, etc. that you usually consume along with their calories per package or serving and the composition of those calories (carbohydrates, protein, or fat). Once you have this list, you can start to plan the amounts you will need and create a schedule of how often to eat and/or drink. Every 15 to 20 minutes is ideal. If that seems too often compared to what you have been doing, then start with every 30 minutes, but don’t wait longer than that in between feedings. Try using a variety of hydration packs, waist packs, hand-held water bottles, and gel flasks to carry all your fuel and liquids since there will be no aid stations during your practice runs. (Unless, of course, you have an angelic spouse, boy-girl friend, teenager to meet you during your training runs – ha!) Even if the weight is heavier than you might like, it will be a good strength–builder and you’ll feel like flying during the race when you don’t need to carry so much. And rather than trying to remember what you ate and drank all those hours on the trails, just keep the wrappers and when you finish, add up all the calories. This is a great learning experience.
The final part of this project is actually planning a route that can assist you with your nutrition training. A three- or four-leaf clover route is ideal, with your car at the center as an aid station. If this isn’t possible and you are doing an out-and-back course, try parking in the middle and again use your car as an aid station. If you have a chance to get water on your way, you can just carry food and powder mixes to add to your water bottle. If all else fails, you can try to stash supplies along the route beforehand. Set your watch timer to beep every 15 or 20 minutes to remind you to eat and drink. It’s easy to be attentive the first few hours, but then the “ultra haze” sets in and you can’t remember if you ate a gel at the last beep or just drank. A steady supply of calories and liquids will assure that you do not get behind in your fueling and that your stomach will be as trained as your legs.

One more

Last lunch run ,  time to take it outside.   Logged 5K @ 5:30 pace again today.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Almost fully recovered from Saturdays R4K.  Noticed a wee bit of muscle pain in the hot tub this morning.    Logged a 6K lunch run at a mostly 5:30 pace.  First time this week that I enjoyed it running more or less pain free.  Looking forward to taking it outside this weekend.  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lunch Run

Muscle pain is almost gone but I am dead beat tired after endless hours of snow removal over the past couple of days.   Logged a 5K run at a mostly 5:30 pace.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Lunch Run

Little faster today ,  5K at a 5:30 pace at lunch. 

A little more muscle pain ,  left outside qaud above the knee and both upper outside ankles!   

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Recovery Run +

5K done at a mostly 6:00 pace.   It hut more at first then settled but there was always a bit of muscle pain.  

In addition to a bit of no big deal muscle pain I have a heat rash which tells me my core was a bit too hot for too long yesterday.  Thats probably what slowed me down more then anything... the body get what it wants!

I didn't mention my shoes in the R4K report.  I wore my Mizuno Wave Elixer 8's with the metatarsal supports.   Its a really lite shoe with little stability ,  a great feeling on the heal with almost no cushioning off the toe.   I always figured they would make a good 10K maybe even 1/2 shoe but going longer ... no way.  Last week I wore them on my treadmill runs and was quite surprised that they really agreed with my feet.     So I gave them a shot and they were fantastic ,  no foot pain ,  no blisters ...perfect for the 56.5K on the track!

Grant has a really good day yesterday covering 56k.   looking at his splits he ran a very consistent pace and didn't waver at all.   He nailed the nutrition and hydration and it showed...way to be Grant!

Run4Kids 6 Hour Indoor Ultra - Jan 4, 2014

  Nothing like running the first Ultra of 2014 just 4 days into the new year.   Returned to the Toronto Tack and Field Clubs indoor track at York U yesterday and managed to PB by 0.5 km over last years result.  A Goal was to get to 60K,  B pass 56 K for a PB and C get past 50K.   I was pretty solid over the first 4 hours with a good chance of my A goal but then I slowed down and it was all about getting to the B goal.  Managed to pull it off logging 56.5K in 5hrs58min35sec.

 Had a funny sleep the night before.  Woke up thinking about the Laura Secord 100K out and back not giving much though to Run4Kids!   The alarm was set for 4am.  Did and hour in the Hot Tub with a Coffee before picking Grant up in Varney at 5:30.   We hit Tims in Orangeville and I had ,  Coffee ,  OJ, Oatmeal, Sausage and Egg on an English Muffin with a Hash Brown.    Arrived at York just before 08:00 am.

To get to 60K the race plan was to stick to a 6:00 pace.   Was a little under pace the first hour but picked it up in hours 2 and 3 banking a little time. Did my longest stop of the day at 3hrs33min logging a 4:50 lap when I took a bathroom break.    Slowed slightly in the 4th lap making it past 40K very close to the 4 hour mark.   I was getting lots of muscle pain int he legs ... it moved around and wasn't all that bad.  Its been a long time since I ran for 4 hours straight.    Up to the 4 hour mark I had done a few gels and a couple of S Caps and downed about 3 bottles of water.    As much as I knew I should eat solids I really had no interest and stuck to Gels and water.   This would be a determining factor in how the next couple of hours would go.    During the 5th hour I dropped from an average 1:20 lap  to around 1:35.    Not having enough calories I had to find the second gear and that's more or less what I did.   I also threw the A goal out the window and focused on getting to the B goal.   Held 2nd gear until 5:20,  I was getting light headed and had a tight chest.   Bottom line was I wasn't getting enough calories and was burning body mass and I didn't know it at the time but I was a little dehydrated thickening the blood making it harder for the heart to move it around.   In a last ditch attempt to salvage the B Goal I did my first Aide Station stop asking for Coke  but they didn't have any poured so I downed a couple of dixie cups of G and almost puked.    Took some time to get it together walking a lap and when I got back to the Aide Station the had a big glass of Coke waiting for me.   Took another lap to get up to speed then returned to my avg 1:35/lap pace.    It is truly amazing just how quickly the body reacts to the liquid calories.   The remaining  40 minutes of the race was all about holding the pace until I knew I would achieve the B goal.   When I knew I had it in the bag I slowed a little more walking the last 1/4 lap.

I ran a much better pace then the previous 2 years doing this event.    I am sure that if I had have brought in  more calories ,  more water and another S Cap or 2 I could have held pace.    I am usually pretty good at making sure I get enough but sometimes I just don't feel like eating  and I know at the time its going to make me slow down.   I also see this as an opportunity to run on empty because going long long you never have enough and have to give into the O2 demands of burning muscle mass!!!!

All and am thrilled with the results.    I use this event to gauge where I am at and its more of less the same place as I was in the past few years.   The Frosty 5 hours is up next in 2 weeks.   What happens here is really dependent on what Mother Nature throws at us.   I have a suspicion getting past 42.2 will be a challenge!  

 Bib #297 - Distance 56.50 km - 6/21 Males - 10/32 Overall  - 243 Laps 5:58:35       

Lap     Information
1:    1:55    1:55   
2:    1:37    3:32   
3:    1:35    5:06   
4:    1:36    6:42   
5:    1:35    8:17
6:    1:27    9:43   
7:    1:26   11:09   
8:    1:24   12:32   
9:    1:22   13:54  
10:    1:24   15:18              
11:    1:26   16:44  
12:    1:24   18:08  
13:    1:23   19:30  
14:    1:25   20:55  
15:    1:27   22:21              
16:    1:23   23:43  
17:    1:22   25:05  
18:    1:20   26:24  
19:    1:17   27:41  
20:    1:21   29:02              
21:    1:26   30:27  
22:    1:24   31:51  
23:    1:18   33:09  
24:    1:21   34:29  
25:    1:20   35:48              
26:    1:22   37:10  
27:    1:21   38:30  
28:    1:21   39:51  
29:    1:19   41:10  
30:    1:19   42:29              
31:    1:20   43:48  
32:    1:20   45:07  
33:    1:20   46:27  
34:    1:27   47:54  
35:    1:21   49:14
36:    1:19   50:33  
37:    1:18   51:51  
38:    1:19   53:09  
39:    1:19   54:27  
40:    1:20   55:46
41:    1:19   57:05  
42:    1:17   58:21  
43:    1:19   59:40  
44:    1:19 1:00:59  
45:    1:36 1:02:34
46:    1:25 1:03:59  
47:    1:21 1:05:20  
48:    1:20 1:06:39  
49:    1:22 1:08:00  
50:    1:19 1:09:19
51:    1:17 1:10:35  
52:    1:19 1:11:54  
53:    1:20 1:13:13  
54:    1:19 1:14:31  
55:    1:18 1:15:49
56:    1:18 1:17:06  
57:    1:17 1:18:22  
58:    1:18 1:19:40  
59:    1:19 1:20:58  
60:    1:20 1:22:18
61:    1:19 1:23:37  
62:    1:19 1:24:55  
63:    1:17 1:26:12  
64:    1:19 1:27:30  
65:    1:20 1:28:49
66:    1:37 1:30:26  
67:    1:21 1:31:46  
68:    1:19 1:33:04  
69:    1:17 1:34:21  
70:    1:20 1:35:41
71:    1:19 1:36:59  
72:    1:32 1:38:31  
73:    1:26 1:39:57  
74:    1:16 1:41:12  
75:    1:19 1:42:31
76:    1:20 1:43:51  
77:    1:17 1:45:07  
78:    1:18 1:46:25  
79:    1:18 1:47:42  
80:    1:20 1:49:02
81:    1:18 1:50:19  
82:    1:17 1:51:35  
83:    1:18 1:52:53  
84:    1:20 1:54:12  
85:    1:18 1:55:30
86:    1:18 1:56:48  
87:    1:17 1:58:04  
88:    1:32 1:59:35  
89:    1:22 2:00:57  
90:    1:20 2:02:16
91:    1:17 2:03:32  
92:    1:19 2:04:51  
93:    1:19 2:06:10  
94:    1:25 2:07:34  
95:    1:16 2:08:49
96:    1:17 2:10:06  
97:    1:18 2:11:23  
98:    1:18 2:12:41  
99:    1:17 2:13:57 
100:    1:16 2:15:13
101:    1:16 2:16:29 
102:    1:17 2:17:45 
103:    1:17 2:19:02 
104:    1:19 2:20:21 
105:    1:17 2:21:37
106:    1:19 2:22:56 
107:    1:19 2:24:14 
108:    1:17 2:25:31 
109:    1:30 2:27:00 
110:    1:19 2:28:19
111:    1:19 2:29:38 
112:    1:40 2:31:17 
113:    1:16 2:32:32 
114:    1:19 2:33:50 
115:    1:17 2:35:07
116:    1:19 2:36:26 
117:    1:20 2:37:45 
118:    1:20 2:39:04 
119:    1:20 2:40:24 
120:    1:18 2:41:41
121:    1:19 2:42:59 
122:    1:18 2:44:16 
123:    1:18 2:45:34 
124:    1:21 2:46:54 
125:    1:19 2:48:13
126:    1:19 2:49:31 
127:    1:17 2:50:47 
128:    1:18 2:52:05 
129:    1:21 2:53:25 
130:    1:21 2:54:46
131:    1:44 2:56:30 
132:    1:31 2:58:00 
133:    1:20 2:59:20 
134:    1:19 3:00:39 
135:    1:18 3:01:56
136:    1:29 3:03:25 
137:    1:22 3:04:46 
138:    1:17 3:06:03 
139:    1:17 3:07:19 
140:    1:18 3:08:36
141:    1:18 3:09:54 
142:    1:19 3:11:13 
143:    1:17 3:12:30 
144:    1:17 3:13:47 
145:    1:20 3:15:06
146:    1:19 3:16:25 
147:    1:19 3:17:44 
148:    1:20 3:19:03 
149:    1:21 3:20:24 
150:    1:22 3:21:46
151:    1:43 3:23:28 
152:    1:31 3:24:58 
153:    1:32 3:26:30 
154:    1:46 3:28:15 
155:    4:50 3:33:04  Bathroom  Break 
156:    1:38 3:34:42 
157:    1:38 3:36:19 
158:    1:32 3:37:51 
159:    1:31 3:39:22 
160:    1:32 3:40:53
161:    1:32 3:42:25 
162:    2:01 3:44:25 
163:    1:40 3:46:04 
164:    1:32 3:47:36 
165:    1:32 3:49:07
166:    1:39 3:50:46 
167:    1:33 3:52:19 
168:    1:29 3:53:48 
169:    1:30 3:55:17 
170:    1:27 3:56:44
171:    1:26 3:58:09 
172:    1:25 3:59:34 
173:    1:31 4:01:04 
174:    1:34 4:02:37 
175:    1:32 4:04:09
176:    1:33 4:05:41 
177:    1:30 4:07:10 
178:    1:29 4:08:39 
179:    1:32 4:10:10 
180:    1:31 4:11:41
181:    1:33 4:13:14 
182:    2:14 4:15:27 
183:    1:43 4:17:09 
184:    1:41 4:18:49 
185:    1:37 4:20:26
186:    1:41 4:22:06 
187:    1:34 4:23:39 
188:    1:35 4:25:14 
189:    1:34 4:26:47 
190:    1:35 4:28:21
191:    1:35 4:29:56 
192:    1:35 4:31:30 
193:    1:35 4:33:04 
194:    1:36 4:34:40 
195:    1:48 4:36:28
196:    2:16 4:38:43 
197:    1:35 4:40:17 
198:    1:34 4:41:51 
199:    1:33 4:43:24 
200:    1:33 4:44:57
201:    1:32 4:46:29 
202:    1:37 4:48:05 
203:    1:37 4:49:41 
204:    1:42 4:51:23 
205:    1:40 4:53:03
206:    1:40 4:54:42 
207:    1:37 4:56:18 
208:    1:35 4:57:52 
209:    1:35 4:59:27 
210:    2:31 5:01:57
211:    1:38 5:03:34 
212:    1:32 5:05:05 
213:    1:32 5:06:37 
214:    1:37 5:08:13 
215:    1:33 5:09:45
216:    1:30 5:11:14 
217:    1:33 5:12:47 
218:    1:32 5:14:19 
219:    1:33 5:15:52 
220:    1:33 5:17:25
221:    1:39 5:19:03 
222:    1:41 5:20:43 
223:    3:14 5:23:57  Aide Station stop for Gator Aide ... almost puked
224:    3:14 5:27:11  Aide Station stop for Coke then walk 
225:    1:49 5:29:00
226:    1:43 5:30:42 
227:    1:37 5:32:19 
228:    1:30 5:33:49 
229:    1:33 5:35:21 
230:    1:30 5:36:51
231:    1:32 5:38:23 
232:    1:37 5:39:59 
233:    1:37 5:41:35 
234:    1:38 5:43:13 
235:    1:37 5:44:49
236:    1:37 5:46:26 
237:    1:38 5:48:03 
238:    1:37 5:49:39 
239:    1:43 5:51:22 
240:    1:44 5:53:05
241:    1:41 5:54:46 
242:    1:49 5:56:34 
243:    2:01 5:58:35 

Friday, January 3, 2014

December + 2013 Totals

December 288.5K
2013       3534.6K

December is probably  the most challenging months to log the Ks so I am quite pleased with what I accomplished.  Until I worked mids over Christmas I logged 12 runs outside the most ever in a winter month.   I will try to continue the trend through the next few months.  Its especially important to take it outside with the 100K Laura Secord run the first of April.    

Haven't run in 2014 ,  waiting to lace up at tomorrows Run4Kids at York U.    Its a taper of sorts ....Skied M,W,T this week.