Monday, September 29, 2008

Scotia Water Front Half Marathon Sept 28, 2008

Accomplished a few firsts today...first race with more then 200 folks, first time running in Toronto and first time doing a Half Marathon!
The day started very early, the alarm was set for 3:00 am. As is usual I had trouble sleeping, managed about 4 hours and woke up at 02:20 pumped and ready to go! I totally skipped my normal morning routine, I quickly dressed and out the door I flew at 02:45. Stopped twice en route at 03:00 am I hit Tims in Durham, Large Coffee, OJ and an everything Bagel toasted with Butter. I also brought home made Oatmeal cookies ... now my new super weapon food! Munched on them with the coffee. Made another stop in Orangville, another large coffee and I was off.
Arrived in the city at 05:00, I was going to park in the lot where some friends were staying but it was closed. I made my way up to Nathan Philips Square and found the North Entrance to the parking lot, literally right under the race ! I walked down York St to the Strathconna Hotel and met up with Ed and Gordon. Ed had picked up my race kit for me the day before. We sat in the lobby for about 30 minutes chatting and getting ready then we made our way up York at 06:45. Folks were just starting to make their way to the starting corals, there was the Elites, Red, Yellow, Blue then another colour then Purple in the back. If you didn't put down a time you ended up in the Purple coral. Walked with Ed and Gordon to there respective starting point , that would be the last I saw of them until after the race. I made a quick trip to the bathroom and made my way top the Yellow gate at about 07:15. By starting time it was wall to wall runners , a thousand in front of me and at least ten thousand behind. I guessed that my time would be 1:45. The Yellow coral was for those folks that would do the half in 1:35 to 1:49, I made sure I was at the back of the Yellow pack!
The race started at 07:30, it took me a 2 minute walk just to make it to the Start Finish. As I got close to the mat all the heads started bobbing and down as folks were able to run. The sound of all those soles hitting the pavement was unlike anything I have every heard , kinda like a human rain sound. It was elbow to elbow first few Ks, I had to be careful not to step on anyones heals. After the 3K mark things started to spread out a bit but there was always someone within arms reach. We weaved our way East and then South though the downtown then ended up heading West on Lake Shore. The pace picked up a bit and I was running around a 4:30K, I put the brakes on and slowed down to a 5:00 pace where I would pretty much be for the rest of the race. At 5K I took my shirt off and started on the Sport Beans. I didn't stop at any aid stations , I brought a bottle of Heed which I figured would be just enough for the 21.1k. The first half was relatively uneventfull, passing over the Gardener was fun, folks were honking at the runners. Turned 10.55K at 52:14... perfect pacing maybe a wee bit fast but I was satisfied. I started to feel a bit tired but managed to maintain a 5:00 pace. At around 18K the Marathon and Half Split , I really enjoyed the last few Ks. I really thought I was picking up the pace but as it turned out I was actually maintaining the 5:00 pace , my perception was a little different then the reality. With 3K to go I spotted the 1:45 pace bunny a couple to hundred meters ahead , I spent the next 1.5K catching up to him and then continued to pass him. All I could hear was chants and cheers for the Bunny all the way up Bay St, now and again the cheers got closer to me so it was a real motivator to pick it up again .... there was no way that I was going to be passed by him !!! There was a big young fellow, mid 20s I had been following for the last couple of Ks. Had to pick someone to race at the end and he was my target! After 1km of GO BUNNY I was down to the last few hundred meters. At 200m I started to pick it up and with 50m to go I passed my target and crossed the mat in 1:44:48 ..... beat the Bunny and the Big Guy!
At first I was pumped that I had a negative split as it turns out I was wrong , it worked out to 52:14/52:33 DARN... I so wanted a negative split ... close but at least I was close and I did break my 1:45 goal . I was satisfied ! Got a nice medal , a foil blanket and after a half K walk a Bagel and Water. I quickly proceed to the catwalk above the start finish and watched the sea of humanity crossing the finish line! Got a real thrill watching the Elite Marathon Runners finishing.

Overall a great day, I would like to return next year for the Full Marathon. Go BUNNY !

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last run before the Half Sunday

Friday was yet another perfect running afternoon, 24C and Sunny. The leaves are really starting to come down. This really creates another hazard on the trail , the leaves are starting to hid rock/roots and other possible Ankle twisting potential! Took it real easy , felt good... kept holding back. Last few "Shorter" races I went out a week before and did some speed work , this really wasn't a good idea because on race day I was slower.

Its my first 1/2 Sunday , a guaranteed PB as this is the first time I have raced this one. My goal are to have a negative split and finish in 1:45 but realistically it its an amazing day it will be 1:3X , a very good day 1:4X, a good day 1:5X or maybe I am not sure what happened day more then 2:XX... we will see.

Looking forward to the " Big City" run , 7K in the 1/2 and nearly that much again in the full. It will probably be a 1/2 Km just to reach the start mat! Not looking forward to is getting up at 3:00 am for the 2.5 hour drive!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

12K Trail Run this afternoon

Did a 12K trail run while I was waiting for paint to dry! It was pretty warm for late Sept , mid 20's , only wore shorts today and it was really nice ! Did bring enough water , 3/4 of my water bottle to start but I could have had more! I found that I was a little dehydrated today , I have been drinking lost since the run but I am still dry.... its a good reminder to really hit the fluids the next few days before the race on Sunday.

Monday, September 22, 2008

12K Trail Run

It was a nice evening for a trail run. Did an relatively easy 5:55 pace getting ready for Sundays 1/2.
Right Leg/Knee was OK , Fridays LSD ended in a walk and and a bunch of pain ... not sure what it was all about!

Friday, September 19, 2008

30K LSD today , not without trouble!

I tried to do this run yesterday but just wasn't up to it, to tired to

just not at all into it ....weird! So I made sure I got a decent nights sleep , bed at 10pm up at 5 am hot tub , meal , get he kids off and I was ready!

Headed out at 08:30 , 8C and a stiff breeze from the SE and clear. Had shorts, comp shirt and over it a tech T and my new Buff! Chilly at first , took awhile for the legs to warm up ! I can always tell what kind of a LSD I am going to have when I hit the 8K mark , today something was not quiet right and I knew it would be a chore! I drank hammer gel/water and ate sport beams at 8K , by 17K the water was gone so I stopped at MACs and got a power aid... beans were done at 21K . Did the half in about 1:55 ...not bad for part of an LSD, I wasn't given er ! At about 15K my right leg started to cramp, wasn't sure if it was a muscle or a knee thing it just felt tight. This became a huge problem past 25K , it was so still and started to hurt I walked for a half a K , ran then repeated this a couple of more times until I got home. I have had this sort of thing once before but not as bad and it went away, today it didn't !

Even with the walk I ended up with a 5:40 pace. Got home , jumped into the hot tub with a glass of ice water , 2 boiled eggs and some potatoe salid! I feel OK a couple of hours later but the right leg is a little iffy, nothing a day or two of rest cant cure...I hope.

12K Trail Run Tues Eve...Runs with Knife

Just a little 12K trail run on Tues Eve. I was very tired trying to adjust back from being on mids so I went out just to run , no to worry about the pace! As a precaution I ran with a Knife attached to my running belt . A couple of horses were attacked by Cougar 10K from here so I thought because I run in a very remote place all by myself it was a good idea to take a little precaution. I think my odds of a problem are incredibly small but why not !!!!

Half indoors Sunday at 06:30 am

Did a 1/2 in 1:44:10 , test run for the Water Front 1/2 in a couple of weeks. Broke it down into 3 7K segments, 12.0 kmh/12.2 kmh and then 12.4 kmh. First 7 was a breeze, 2nd not too bad but the third was hard! Started to feel fatigued around 1:15 , didn't do any carbs or electrolytes just water!

So what will my first half be ..... super great day 1:45 or less , great day 1:45-1:50 , good day 1:50-2:00 , bad day 2:00 or more . Realistically I think 1:50 to 1:55 will be the time, we will see.

Friday, September 12, 2008

10K on the treadmill this morning

Still on mids , at lunch I did a 10K on the treadmill at a 5:00 pace! Tried out my new Buff , seems to work rather well once you start sweating.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

17K Townsend Lake Loop

It was a nice cool evening for a run . Headed out for my 17K
Townsend Lake loop. Did it in a resonable time of 1:28 ,
somewhere around a 5:16 pace.

7K on the treadmill

Another wee run indoors , was going to do 10K at a 5:00 pace but at 7K I had to go and well ... good enough!

Monday, September 8, 2008

On the trail again!

It was a cool , dark and rainy eve... perfect for a run! Headed out
three time before I got the clothing right. First time it was shorts,
compression shorts and a Tech T over it ... too cold. Next attempt was minus the Tech T instead I had bu Sagomi Shell ... too cool on the legs.... third attempt was running pants instead of shorts !
Was going to do tunes but just as I headed out I decided to leave the music at home...

So off I went , I the rain and on the trail! Temps were 12C , steady rain and no wind. The sound of the rain drops on the leaves was hypnotic. After 4K I was staring to get HOT ... removed my cap and let some heat out! A short time later I started to feel allot more comfortable, when my compression short was soaked with sweet the Shell started to do what it was suppose to , breath ! by 8K I was really quiet comfortable , almost cool!

It was getting quiet dark and I was starting to have a hard time seeing details in the trail . Its quiet rough where I run and there was a really big danger in rolling an ankle. Took it real easy in the tough sections just to make sure .

Not the fastest run and thats OK , it was good to be out.

10K indoors this morning

Working mids this week so I did a 10K Spin on the treadmill at 1:00am this morning . I was thinking about turning it into a half but it didn't work out, finished at 10K with an average 4:57 pace.

Friday, September 5, 2008

29K not so slow LSD today

29K not so slow LSD today , fastest LSD ever! Linear distance on the Garmin was 28K there was a 1K change in elevation and the Garmin pace was 5:33, factor in the elevation and it was an overall 5:22 pace.

Weather was overcast , strong SW Wind and temps around 21C at the start which changed to 17 at the end! Got rained on at 8K, it was rather OK because I was starting to really heat up.

Today was also a confidence builder, haven't run and entire LSD is about 6 weeks . Dirty Girls and Beaver Valley was run/walk/break scenario! So it was good to run for 2:35 and cover 29K.

Only drank 1 700ml bottle of water with 5 tbsp of Hammer Gel. At 10K I started with the Sport Beans. Its probably a mind thing but every time I slowed a bit or felt fatigued I popped one and presto ... picked up the pace and felt like I had more to give. Anyway they worked ... I rally like them because , they taste good, they work and don't require a ton of water to wash them down.

The last 8K back on the 2ND was fast but I was beginning to feel the pain. Muscles were burning a bit , knees and feet were a bit sore. On a positive note I left the compression shirt at home, wore a loose tech short and didn't get the cold uncomfortable tight feeling.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

12K trail today!

It was just one of those perfect days for running , I have noticed after a hard run that I really feel light on my feet after a couple of days reset! Rest and recovery is just as important as going hard, the contrast is amazing and both are required ! Weather wise it was hot and sunny, I choose the trail just to stay keep from being exposed and it worked like a charm . I also didn't push it , somewhere less then a 6 minute pace !

LSD on Friday , cant wait!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bruce Trail Beaver Valley 35K Trail Run

Did a video blog... check it out!