Monday, January 31, 2011

Tried to get a long one in....

5.7K into my long run today the dog is going nuts so I jump off the treadmill to see whats up and there is a fellow at the door. Turns out he just totaled his truck in the ditch across the road ...luckily he was OK but the truck did fare so well. It was a bitterly cold day so I asked Rick in while we waited for CAA to arrive.

I am working tonight so maybe , just maybe I might get a long one in at the end of my shift!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The staple of my running diet

Another lunch run done , 6.5K 5K of which were at a 5:30 pace. When I cant run due to a busy life I always try to fit in a short one!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lunch Run

Late lunch today , jumped on the treadmill at work at 11pm and did a 5K run at a 5:30 pace. Felt like I could run forever tonight!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tempo Tuesday

Somethings just rattle around my head sometime. I remember a RM post that said "its harder to run slow then to run fast". Just about everything I have done this winter has been at a 5:30 pace yet I can get on a treadmill , crank it up to a 4:30 pace and hold it for 6K and it feels great. No fish out of water feeling , nothing hurts and I have no problem singing along to my tunes...go figure. Maybe its like the car that run really well just before it conks out!

Did a 7K lunch run , 6K at a 4:30 pace followed by a 1K cool down.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Afternoon Run

Recovered better from my LSD this week.. I am making slow progress getting back to where I was mid December. With the cold weather outside the treadmill next to the wood stove was a rather warm place to be running today. Geared up to a 5:30 pace over the first 2K but had to back down to a 6 min pace at 5K due to overheating. Did my second very warm 5K at a 6:00 pace for a total of 10K is an hour.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


OK, didn't head outdoors today in fear of getting run down and then sick so I did the easy alternative. I headed to the basement and jumped on my treadmill for a 3 hour run. Was aiming to complete 30K but only managed 29. I was on target at the 2 hour mark hitting a little over 21K but then the wheels fell off in the last hour and it was like finishing a tough 50Ker! One thing I was lacking was my Eload Caps ...probably would have helped in the last hour and burring about 800 calories and hour I was getting near the end of my easy fuel reserves. I am back on track but it really seems allot harder now. I am sure after I log a few more Ks things should get a little easier. Next week I will hit 30+ Ks!

Not Running

Was going to do the Frosty Trail 3 or 6 hour run today but I was feeling a little under the weather last night so I opted out! I am feeling better today and regretting my decision now so I am about to jump on the treadmill for a Run.

Yesterday I did a 4K run during a late lunch, 5:30 pace.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sneaking it in ...

Snuck in a little 6K run before dinner tonight. 4K at a 5:30 pace , 1K at a 5;00 pace followed by a 1K cool down.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tempo Tuesday

6K done at lunch , 5K at a 4:30 pace followed by a 1K cool down. It always amazes me how cool it is to actually run. At first it seems rather jarring but after getting use to it the tempo is rather relaxing. I think I could do a sub 45min 10K today , always a good mental benchmark for me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lunch Run

5K at a 5:30 pace done at lunch. I didn't feel like it after yesterday long run but a K in it felt great. Weighed in today at 170.6 lbs, I have lost around 12-13 lbs since I became ill before Christmas. I feel really tired today , lazy tired but in a good sort of way. Will tomorrow be a tempo Tuesday?????

Sunday, January 16, 2011


25K LSD done on the treadmill at home today. Passed the time watching music videos. The start was slow but I managed the first 20K at an avg 6:00 pace. I thought of slowing it down at 20K but decided to pick it up to a 5:30 pace for 3K before starting a 2K cool down. I feel like I am starting to rebound after being ill . The big difference now is that the run today seemed allot harder then it was prior to getting sick. Next weeks LSD in on Saturday, I am signed up for the Frosty 6 Hour but I will be satisfied once I hit 30K.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taking it out in the cold!

What contrast, took it outside yesterday afternoon. After running in 25C heat on Monday yesterdays -5C felt very cold. Breathing was better in the cooler air , didn't cough too much and really settled into the run after a few Ks . The cold was always present although I was reasonably comfortable my hands were cold from being wet near the end. Jumped into the hot tub when I was done, best way to equalize the body temp after a cold run. Managed 16.9K at a pretty reasonable 5:53 avg pace ...the run got faster the further I went! I really feel like its coming back! Going Skiing tonight with long run on the books for tomorrow.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

12K today

Jumped on the treadmill today and did a 12K Run. Still coughing through the first few K but it settled down after awhile. Took it easy doing 11K at a 6:0 pace then a 1K cool down.

Running in Mexico

Been away , been trying to run. Pleased to say it coming back after being sick for the past 3 weeks.....

Friday Jan 7

First run today since last Thursday…I am so frustrated not being able to run due to the Bronchitis that I am currently suffering from. Sleeping is a challenge! I am on Vacation in Playa de Carmen arriving on Wednesday and just did my first run here today. Managed a 11.9k run on the beach...spiting and sputtering all the way but I figured after 4 days of Antibiotics its kill or cure time. It was getting pretty hot out when I headed out at 10:24 , that combined with my laboured breathing made for a very slow run but I really didn’t care. I was running! Drank a bottle of water and ran out a K before I finished. Headed to the bar , lined up a 2oz shot of Dark Rum , Beer and Water! I was feeling pretty congested but the Rum cured that! Looking forward to getting back the fitness I have lost the last two weeks. Maybe I can go a little longer tomorrow!

Sunday Jan 9

OK , feeling a little bit better I decided to head out for a longer run today. Its was 48 hours to recover from Fridays run but strangely enough I still had muscle pain. Spent the first hour sputtering and spitting away, lungs still heavy from my Bronchitis. I was determined to go a full 2 hours, what ever the distance. Managed to log 16.1 K at a very slow 7:10 pace. It was a better run but I still have a ling way to go before I can get back where I was Dec 24!

Tues Jan 11

Still have muscle pain since the “ long” run , Sunday took allot out of me. Lungs felt very good prior to heading out but it didn’t take long to realize that I wasn’t out of the wood yet. There was a huge improvement in the O2 intake but I still was coughing a bit. This run was late in the day heading out at 4:20 pm, it was hot around 25C and very humid but there was a good breeze and the sun was obscured by clouds. I didn’t have a ton of time so I decided an hours run would be my goal. Managed a faster pace in spite of the heat, 5:55 min/k and covered a total of 10.5K. It now Wed and no muscle pain so I really feel like the legs are back on track. It will probably be another week or 2 before the lungs join the party.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st Run of 2011

Just got off the treadmill, a fitting 5K at a 5:30 pace ... the staple of my running diet as done!
Its kill or cure because I was coughing a ton ...I actally think it started things moving. Hope its for the better!

2010 Results

Competed in the OUS 50K Series, OUS Ultra Series and the Trail Runner Trophy Series in 2010. Here is where I ended up .....

OUS 50K Challenge Cup
Overall Male , finished 12 out of 254 participants

OUS Ultra Series Male Age 40 to 49
Finished 9th out of 151 participants

Trail Runner Trophy Series
Overall I finished 99th out of 31,153

Here are the races that I went in ...

How Far

3200 km is a long way to run ... a very long way! If Jan 1 2009 I started runnign due South and evertime I ran I picked it up where I left off I would have made it all the way to Puerto Lempira , Honduras....

December and 2010 Totals

Finished the year on a sour note not running for the past week due to a Virus in my Lungs.
I did manage 3 "long" runs in December so it wasn't a total blow out but I really was starting to ramp up before I crashed.

December - 165.4km

2010 TOTAL - 3209.6km