Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Looking for Pacer(s)

 Doing the Dirty Girls 48 hour race 08:00 am Friday Aug 9th through Sunday Aug 11 08:00.     Looking for anyone who may be interested in doing a lap or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 with me.  I expect to be moving  well through Saturday morning,  second 24 hours could be hit and miss but I feel confident that I can get to at least 200K.   So if your free and are interested email me

July Totals

July      262.3km
YTD 2,086.5km

A little lite for July but doing  Ultras June 22, 29 July 6 and 13 didn't leave allot of room for running in between.   I expect to be over 300 for August  with my 200 km Dirty Girls Goal Aug 9, 10, 11.

Lunch Run

5K 6:00 pace ,  I am happy with that!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Better yet

Woke up before my alarm at 06:00 am and when I got up nothing hurt...weird.   One again I did my "lunch run" a 5K at a 6:00 pace and nothing hurt ...even weirder.  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Trail

Logged 10.2K on my trail this afternoon.   Things are really starting to improve there are fewer hazards and no k\more branches to duck under.   Temps were quite cool and comfortable for late July.  

Saturday, July 27, 2013


 Finally  managed to get in a somewhat longer decent run this morning.  Stuck to the back roads of West Grey so it was more or less cruise control.  Garmin said "low battery" when I fired it up so I took a route that I have run many times before logging 21.5K in a little over 2.5 hours.    Nothing hurt today ,  all the bits were working well together.   I was expecting rain so I headed out with my "Ron Hill Rain Jacket" and Shorts as well as I took the Ultra Spire pack along for the ride.   I wasn't 3K in when I realized I was melting ...stopped and tied the jacket around my waste ...  it never did rain!   Also realized why I haven't been wearing my hydration pack through the heat ...holy hot having the back covered.   Deer flies were still bad here and there.  Caught one trying to bite through my Buff. 48 Hour Dirty Girls  in 2 weeks so maybe one more longish run tomorrow then a bunch of shorter ones over the next 10 days or so.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nothing Crazy

Had big running plans for today but opted for a smaller outing today covering 10.3K at an avg 7:10 pace.   I really haven't been feeling up to much lately.   Last night I was in bed by 8:30 and slept close to 9 hours getting up at 06:00.   Thought I would just go easy today logging a shorter run up the 2nd then back the Baseline.   Really loving the new Montrails ....not even a peep from right foot.    Right Calve spoke up then left Knee and the grand finally was a bit of a complaint from my left Achilles.    The weather was great 18C , Sun and a stiff breeze kept the Deer Flies pretty much away and I didn't melt either.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Better but ...

After a rough nights sleep ( everything hurt) I had a pretty decent lunch run with all the parts co-operating.  Another 5K at a 6:00 pace logged today.  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Couldn't resist posting...

My Trail as of July 22, 2013

Still have lots of tweaking to do on  the 1.6K loop I recently completed.  Be gone rocks,  roots ,  stumps and branches.     First up is completing a 130 meter loop at the "easy" loop at the back.  Going to make it an even Kilometer.  This new section is going to be narrow single track through some very dense Cedars...everything else is double track.    After that I am going to work on some "side" trails.   Missing are about 3 or 4 contour  line ,  top hill is 410-420 meters.

For more details click on the image to open.

You know you are an Ultra Runner when... wake up with a stiff sore neck and you are happy because something else hurts for a change.  5K logged at a 6:00 pace today at lunch.   The neck feels better as a result!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Doing my homework

10 reluctant Ks done at the end of my 12 hour day shift today.   Unlike yesterday when I had wished I could go 20 K all I wanted today was to quite.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lunch Run

Working 12s today I had enough time to run a 10K at a 6:00 pace today on my lunch break.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Indoor Shoes

Back to work after a 3 week break so its back to the treadmill at lunch.   5K at a 6:00 pace today.  It was easier to get going a felt pretty good.    Did a weigh in afterwards and I am tipping the scaled at 176 lbs which is more or less where I have been through 2013.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Running Loops

 Its hot so I loaded up the ATV with Beer, Water and Ice and drove over the big hill parking then the ATV became an aide station whilst I ran my 0.870 K loop 11 times logging 9.6K on the trail today.  Back to work to tomorrow ... its been 3 weeks since I ran on a treadmill.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wow Run

 The "recovery run" turned out to be a "wow run".   Its hard to believe that after all the runs that I have done a little 11.3K Run around the neighborhood can fire you up and make you excited.

First shoes.   Not just any new shoes these are my first pair of  Montrails the " Mountain Masochist II".   Montrail very graciously gave me these shoes as for Running a 50K Ultra inside the Owen Sound Runners Den on their short track during the "Grand Re-Opening".  I have been dying to take these new kicks for a ride but with 4 back to back Ultras in 4 weeks there was no opportunity to "try something new".   I have been looking at these shoes even trying them on a few times...first thought were "fast" and "good foot support".  I say fast because of the heal design.  The mid sole is more akin to a  road shoe with a bit more flex for a better launch off the toe.   The support was right under my arch and I suspected would really help my Metatarsal issues.     I was a little leery  of how they would perform on the nasty parts of the Bruce Trail ...maybe not quite the rock plate that I so often look for.     So once I put these puppy's on they felt great.   The foot started to act up a bit but I was able to relax into the shoe and it became quite comfortable with no added support.    It was really hot and I am still recovering from Limerblost but first impression was very favorable..... glad to have these guys in my running arsenal .

 Montrail also gave me some recovery sandals the "Molokai"  These are the ones that you put on the oven then form them to your feet.   Let just say everyone who has ever laced up should be so lucky as to have a pair of these to slip into.

The other thing that got me fired up today was running my new trails.   Did a little 4.7K Gravel Road / Tractor Trail / Trail then ran the "easy" part of my new trail.  As it turns out there is a .870 K loop at back of my 1.6K loop.  Its 90% shade most of the day and has about a +/- 60 meter change with no monster hills more gradual.   The elevation is according to the Garmin so I have a suspicion that its not all that accurate but averaged over time I may get a better idea.   I loved the loop ,  all double track ,  few hazards and I will eventually totally eliminate them soon.     I am going to add a little .130 K flat , narrow single track side trail to make it an even K ...very excited.  I am also going to look into a timing system capable of counting loops  and also multiple runners....see where I am going with this!  

Enough of the blah blah blah...time to hit the pool with a Ice Cold OV.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Limberlost Challenge - July 13, 2013

 Once again Limberlost lived up to its name and was quite a "Challenge".   Wrapped up 4 Ultras in 4 weekends finishing the race in 9hrs18min44sec my slowest time at this venue!   The course had a short new section adding a few hundred meters or so to the race making it 57km vs the advertised 56km.    Last year I was 9hrs14min25sec so I would have beat last years time if the course were shorter ....ha ha it really doesn't matter!!!!

 Slept great the night before getting up at 3:30 am then out the door by 4 am arriving at the race 3 hours later.    Temps were comfortable when we started out at 8:00 am.  It was going to get mid to upper 20s but the air was drier then it has been and the course is 90%+  shaded.     Felt great through the first loop.  I left the Garmin at home and was guessing somewhere around 1hrs45min but  tripped the lap clock at 1hrs55min ...there goes a sub 8 hour day!   I was hydrating well and taking my S Caps but I failed to start on the calories.   All of the OUS races I have done this year had Gels available so I only took 4 with me for the times I needed it between aide stations or if they ran out.   I wasn't expecting Gels on the first loop but was looking for them  in lap 2 but there were none to be had!  So I am 3+hours in somewhere around 21K and have not had even a single calorie.  I knew that I made a fatal mistake but I also knew that I could make up the calorie deficit so I started stuffing my face with as much as I could get in!  Struggled to find the 2nd gear through the last 7K of the second loop.  The "Deer Flies"  were absolutely horrible as the temps increased.   I though they were bad at home but they were beyond annoying driving me batty.   I had thoughts of packing it in after the 2nd loop but knowing that there were much longer days.   Heading out on the 3rd loop I was still moving OK but I would quickly get out of breath and the heart would be racing a sure sign of metabolizing body mass vs burning the easy glycogen.  After 29 Ks I had my first Gel of the day.  Hitting AS1 I stuffed myself with giant M&Ms then grabbed a handful of pretzels.   I was getting a pain across my shoulders and the occasional sharp stabbing pain mid back.   I  haven't had this sensation in a long long time and I was pretty confident it was a result of my under fueling ... "  Hello ,  this is your heart speaking ... please stop".  The third loop felt like it was my last one  and seemed to take forever.      The RDs pre-race blah blah blah   said that the course cane be rather "grueling"...  this was the days  ear worm. Over and over and over again that stupid word echoed through my skull gruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelingvgruelingvgruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggruelinggrueling
Oh and the other wonderful thoughts were the other words the RD mentioned,  three laps were 42.9km therefore anyone doing a 42.2 would end up running an Ultra that day.   Gelled again half way through the third loop ,  ate as much as I could and started on Coke ... not the real thing but good enough.  Another rather discouraging  finishing #3 was  getting lapped but a whole lot of folks finishing close to the 7 hour mark  and having the AS folks commenting on my last lap and having to fire back "One more to go".   Heading out on the fourth and final loop I Gelled again and was starting to feel better.  The pain across my shoulder has subsided and I was no longer breathing like a fish out of water.   So I cranked up the tunes feeling and moving much better and then WHAM .... down I went.   Nailed a small stump that stopped me dead in my tracks.  It was a soft landing in a bed of Spruce Needles which of course stuck very well to sweat soaked me!    I have been wearing Metatarsal supports that more or less sit under the arch of the foot.   Theses things stay put but the strike caused the cushion  to move up under my toes so I had no choice but to stop ,  remove my shoe then preposition it.  I was a little discouraged after the fall but walked it off.  Getting to AS1 seemed to take forever but it was a great mile stone knowing there was a little less then 10K to go.   I more or less was running pain free again and was breathing much better and running all but the steeper inclines.   I finally felt like I was starting to get ahead of my fueling and was happy that that kept going overcoming the "Grueling" course.    Finished feeling a little hot ,  little hungry but a whole lot of satisfied to have got er done.  

 Today ,  Monday I feel pretty good.  There is no muscle pain whatsoever.  The Right Knee is acting up again feeling rather stiff and and looking a but swollen.  Its making the grinding noise again but there is Zero pain and once I get moving it  the sound goes away and it doesn't feel stiff.  

 I have no races planned until the Dirty Girls Aug 9th.    I am working this  weekend so there will be no "long one" ,  that will have to wait until mid next week.    Most likely do a "recovery run " tomorrow.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Loop done, Limberlost tomorrow

1.6K  +/-  110  meters loop trail is completed.  Up next is some tweaking  and breaking it in.  

Limberlost 56K Ultra tomorrow,  4th consecutive weekend for a 50+K Ultra.   Right knee has been weird.  After Creemore it was swollen and stiff but recovered bu Monday.    Last night and this morning it clicked going downstairs  and sounded like grinding sand going down.    This could be a factor tomorrow but I have a suspicion

its just one of those things you just run through.

1.6K loop Elevation Profile ...

1.6K loop ...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Running on Full

Half a medium Pizza and a beer then run problemo!  

10.3 fantastic Ks logged today.  All the bits cooperated as well as Mother Nature.  Still warm but it was windy ...even gave those pesky "pursuit flies" a run for their money.

Off to build more trails now!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shake Out Run

6.6Ks logged late this afternoon.  Really didn't feel a whole lot like running but I wanted to get out and stretch the legs.  Headed North on the 2nd.  Had some trouble early on with my right foot...stopped and .adjusted the metatarsal supports but it didn't help.  Stopped again and removed the support..helped a little.  Then stopped again and put the support back in and all this before logging 2Ks.   Turned around at the 2.5K mark and things finally started to settle down but the "Deer Flies" ruined the moment ..ouch.   So I was ready to give up but came up with the brilliant idea to run the trail I but over the past week.  Its not quite a loop yet but I did add 1.6K running my "lollipop".  The hill was slippery after the rain so I had to walk the steep part. For what its worth the Garmin reported + 97m/-115m.    Its going to be really cool when I get my trail completed ...will be back at it tomorrow!

My trail so far ....

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Creemore Vertical Challenge 50K Ultra - July 6, 2013

Returned to Creemore yesterday for my 6th consecutive year running my 5th 50ker at this event.  It was probably the warmest CVC ever with lots of Sun exposure,  temps around 30 and a humidex somewhere in the mid 30's...somehow I was OK with that!   I know its wasn't going to be a PB in that kind of heat but I was determined to "Run" this one leaving the camera at home.

The race started at 08:00 am and it was already in the low 20's and climbing fast.   Its been an awful long time since I did the "death march" so I decided to play the fade going out "fast" and taking advantage of the "cool" morning.   Breezing through the 5K aide station Morgan commented that I was really moving.     I decided to keep pushing to the base of "Hill 1" around the 7K mark and that would be my first walk of the day!   After the first climb we loop around a heavily forested property which was a nice break from the increasing Temps and Sun.   Gelled at the 2nd aide station and just about everyone after  and started drinking a bottle of water every 5K.    Past A.S. 3 its the longest downhill to be followed by the longest uphill  including "O2".   I was real conservative on the down.  It was really steep in places and my right foot complained a bit.   Ran all the way to the base of "O2" then walked the big one.    Made it AS 3 again feeling pretty good running all the way to "Top Hill" the last walking climb of the first loop.    Was real conservative going back down "Hill One",  dropping into the low lying pasture land  it was like a blast furnace ,  hot dry winds!    I know this course really well but it never ceases to amaze me just how much the last K takes out of you..once again it was another "Oh yeah now I remember moment".  I was starting to feel a bit tired and heat was building when I made it to the 25K mark ,  the start finish.   Before crossing the line I grabbed a quick Creemore on Tap and posed at the start finish while Pierre took a shot of me enjoying the Brew.   I  wasn't wearing my Garmin so I really had no idea what my time would be on the first loop.  I was thinking 2hrs45min and was a little disappointed when it was 2hrs56min.  I knew there was no way that I would get break 6 hours and was thinking maybe 6hrs20min would be possible.   Because of the increasing heat I knew there was no way I would be any quicker and was suspicious of perhaps a  7 hour day.    The second loop was all about managing the heat ,  hydration ,  electrolytes and calories.    The only variable that I  was having trouble managing was the heat.   I was running in shorts ,  no T ,  and no head ware.  I had a White Towel with me that I soaked in  water and would drape it over my head and shoulders when exposed to the sun.   This was a very effective strategy in managing the heat but I also had to decrease my pace.   Topping "Hill 1" the loop around the Forest was a gift.    Half the loop is downhill which I ran ,  the other half a gentle uphill which I ran the first time but decided to walk to bleed off some heat before heading back out into the Sun again.   Ran to A.S. 3 again then all the way down the big one.    This time I started my walk as soon as we turned and headed back up the escarpment at around the 14K mark.... first loop I ran to the base of "O2". It was at this point that my right Knee felt like it wanted to give out or lock up Never had this before and I was kind of glad it wasn't one of the recurring things that nag me from time to time.   Making my way up "O2" there was a nice breeze coming down the pipe and I was mostly shaded.    In spite of the "break" walking up the big one the day was really starting to catch up with me.  Heading back to A.S. 3  I had the towel completely soaked on my head.   The water dripping down made its  way into my mouth and it was just like taking a gulp of Sea Water.   I was also starting to get stupid thinking it  had started to rain as  water droplets were falling off my towel onto my arms and legs.  I even took the towel off seeing if there was a passing such luck.   After making it up the final climb "Top Hill" I was ran  all the was until we dropped into the Wheat Field heading off to  Valley.  With the exception of the odd small hill here and there I was able to keep moving to the finish.    Choose the Wet option at the river crossing and it felt really good on my tired feet.     Not sure of my finish time but I think it was round 6hrs26min.  I was quite please with the result on such a hot day.  

Update ...thanks Pierre ,   final time was 06:36:51.   

Past Creemores I really felt like the course beat me up but not so much this year.    Walking breaks were strategic  in an attempt to  moderate the body temps otherwise I was able to run the entire race "Death March" today!!!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

31C and its OK!

After a few hours of trail building I  hit the trail running this afternoon.  Waited until the warmest time of th e day and headed out to an overcast ,  humid ,  very little wind with  a humidex somewhere in the mid 30's.  I use to hate running in the heat but I now prefer it over freezing temps.  You do have to take care of hydration ,  electrolytes and be mindful of core temps but as long as you take care of those things you can pretty much keep going and really enjoy the run.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shaking the Cobwebs

10.2K done on the back roads and tractor trails early this evening.  It was my first run since Saturday ...right knee complained a bit  at the start then the left knee said hello but it didn't take long and I was feeling really good.    Just a wee bit of muscle pain from the weekends activities otherwise I am pretty much recovered ready for my next Ultra Creemore this Saturday.   Going to go out for a couple of hours in the heat of the day tomorrow to help me prepare for a hot run this weekend.  Creemore is a tricky course and I have never really run it well.   Best strategy is to make it as even an effort as possible and resist the temptation to fly down the hills to bank time!

Recovered and ready!

Had some muscle pain after Saturdays Ultra ,  no big deal stuff.     Sort of gave into i t ,  Sunday I stacked 10 Face Cord of fire wood.  Yesterday it was the Jays game.   Thought about running last night but decided a couple of days of rest was good idea.  I am feeling great today and really looking forward to hitting the trail.  

June Totals

Run     309.2km
YTD 1824.2km

One race ,  the Niagara Ultra and one other long one 50K at the Runners Den , Owen Soubd Grand Reopening.