Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wow Run

 The "recovery run" turned out to be a "wow run".   Its hard to believe that after all the runs that I have done a little 11.3K Run around the neighborhood can fire you up and make you excited.

First ...new shoes.   Not just any new shoes these are my first pair of  Montrails the " Mountain Masochist II".   Montrail very graciously gave me these shoes as for Running a 50K Ultra inside the Owen Sound Runners Den on their short track during the "Grand Re-Opening".  I have been dying to take these new kicks for a ride but with 4 back to back Ultras in 4 weeks there was no opportunity to "try something new".   I have been looking at these shoes even trying them on a few times...first thought were "fast" and "good foot support".  I say fast because of the heal design.  The mid sole is more akin to a  road shoe with a bit more flex for a better launch off the toe.   The support was right under my arch and I suspected would really help my Metatarsal issues.     I was a little leery  of how they would perform on the nasty parts of the Bruce Trail ...maybe not quite the rock plate that I so often look for.     So once I put these puppy's on they felt great.   The foot started to act up a bit but I was able to relax into the shoe and it became quite comfortable with no added support.    It was really hot and I am still recovering from Limerblost but first impression was very favorable..... glad to have these guys in my running arsenal .

 Montrail also gave me some recovery sandals the "Molokai"  These are the ones that you put on the oven then form them to your feet.   Let just say everyone who has ever laced up should be so lucky as to have a pair of these to slip into.

The other thing that got me fired up today was running my new trails.   Did a little 4.7K Gravel Road / Tractor Trail / Trail then ran the "easy" part of my new trail.  As it turns out there is a .870 K loop at back of my 1.6K loop.  Its 90% shade most of the day and has about a +/- 60 meter change with no monster hills more gradual.   The elevation is according to the Garmin so I have a suspicion that its not all that accurate but averaged over time I may get a better idea.   I loved the loop ,  all double track ,  few hazards and I will eventually totally eliminate them soon.     I am going to add a little .130 K flat , narrow single track side trail to make it an even K ...very excited.  I am also going to look into a timing system capable of counting loops  and also multiple runners....see where I am going with this!  

Enough of the blah blah blah...time to hit the pool with a Ice Cold OV.


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