Friday, July 30, 2010

Taking it to the streets

Long run done today , 31.4k done at an avg 5:54 pace. There were a few things that made today different! The biggest factor was cooler and dryer air , it was sunny with the occasional cloud and a nice dry breeze from the North...temps 18-22C. I wanted to churn out a moderate pace and NOT slow down near the end. I pretty much manged to do as planned but I cheated a little. At 12K I stopped for a few minutes and had a small carton of Chocolate Milk...this was the first I drank. Then I decided to climb the Durham Hill at Hwy 6 then loop through town back for more Chocolate Milk at around 20K. The milk went down great , I then decided to have a giant freezy ...YUM! OK this was a little more then an aide station break , spent 10 minutes eating the freezy watching the water go over the middle dam! No there were no excuses for the last 10K , had to be the same as the first and second 10K and that's more or less what I achieved! Got home and decided to jump on the Mountain Bike for a couple of hours ....looking for new trails! Is now the evening and I am beat , really beat ...mission accomplished.

Check out the Durham Hill, its the spike in the middle. More repeats to be done here!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last luch run this week

Another 5K lunch run today , the usual 0.5K warm up and cool down with 4k at a 4:50 pace.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2nd run

Did a 2nd run today. Picked the toughest hill . muddy trail and added a swamp! Killed the legs and was walking after 4K.! Fun Fun Fun,

Lunch again

5K the usual way

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What woudl I do without lunch

Yup , another 5K at lunch the usual way! Maybe run after work if the urge to drink beer and float around the pool doesnt win!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another short lunch run

Did another 5K lunch run the usual way! Legs felt a little tired after yesterdays speed work.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

21.1 at lunch

Was in an hour early today so I took a longer lunch and did a 21.1K on the treadmill . 5:00 pace through 18.5K then 2K at a 4:30 pace then a 600m cool down!

Great way to start the running week.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Speed Work

OK , cant forget about a little speed. 12K done at lunch today , 10K at my 4:40 pace , 1K at a 4:00 pace then 1K at a 4:30 pace. Had to make a sudden stop and called it a day at 12K! I was really lost in my head on the treadmill today, it was fun to actually run today... definitely a better after glow then the slower runs.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting turned around ...

Did a 19K Gravel Rd/Trail/Tractor Trail Run today ... totally git turned around in the forest and was going dues West when I thought I was going do East ... came out on Hwy 6 when I expected to be near Townsend Lake. It was overcast and humid with temps in the mid 20's. The weather made for a slower pace , avg 6:57 /K. Its been the Summer of learning to run slower!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saratoga Springs Run

Did my first run after TLC yesterday. Was visiting my folks in Saratoga Springs NY and did a little 12K loop through town.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

TLC 56K Ultra

Ultra #6 was completed yesterday, the Limber Lost Challenge ...and what a challenge it was !

Day started real early, 4am after a night of very restless sleep...usually a good sign, and it was. Left home at 4:40 am , it took close to 3 hours to get there but I arrived feeling fresh , awake and ready to go.

As is usual the race started without much fan fair. The course was absolutely hands down the most beautiful and very runnable trail I have ever been on! Rocks, trees and lakes it had all the trappings that we associate with Muskoka. The trails were also fairly technical, lots of roots , rocks and forever undulating and turning. At first I was thinking a 7:00 pace but I figured it would be much slower and I was. The big challenge of the day for me was to manage myself better in the heat, I didn't do that very well in Cremoore or Sulphur! The first 14K loop was done in 1hr45min. Stopped and dropped 4 eload caps , grabbed some ice and water from my cooler and headed back out feeling a little beat up . The 25C temp was starting to take its tool so I started in on eating ice. I was carrying a bag of ice on the last 3 laps (42K) and was constantly eating it when ever I walked up a hill! The second loop went well done in 1hr58 min. Stopped at the car again , did Yogurt, Watermelon and Oranges then grabbed more water and downed 4 eload caps and 500 mg of salt....I had lunch! The tummy was feeling a bit full and I was feeling quite fatigued with 28K to go. Trying to prevent a blow up I walked the first few Ks of the second loop. The goal was to recover and allow the food that I ate to be absorbed! The strategy worked because I more or less was able to run the rest of the day and almost stayed away from the big blow up. The third loop was done in about 2hrs21min. Stopped at the car for another 4 eload and 500mg of salt as well as a bottle for Gator Aid and Ice . I was really happy to still be moving well and was feeling tired but quite good. I really wanted to get the loop done and hold off the pack of runners that were not that far behind , these thoughts really moved me along in the last loop. There was a big downhill at the 11K mark that quickly got you to the 12K marker. When I got to the bottom of the descent it happen , with 2K left I was seeing stars. Nearing the end I wasn't taking in carbs or electrolytes and was starting to pay the price. I walked for the next 1.5K after running a good part for the last loop. I had vision of a ton of folks passing by but I only gave up 2 positions before I emerged on the last stretch about a 1K of gravel road. After 200m of running on the gravel I wanted to walk, looked back over my shoulder and there was 2 more runners that were just coming out of the woods. The site of them made me pick it up and I managed to jog in the last 1/2K . Last loop was done in about 2hrs19min, two minutes faster then the third loop!

All and all I would say it was a great day, I managed the heat and held it together and only gave up a couple of positions in the last part of the race. My 8hrs21 min time looks slow but I was quite pleased with the time.

......and now for the "other race report", nothing to do with time , performance or physical well being ... actually its the heart and soul of what keeps me coming back for more ...those moments with nature , the solitude and the other runners!

Pre race talked to Sheldon and Kristi and the amazing Char. Lots of Hi's , Hello , how are you nice to see you stuff and the excitement. There is nothing quite like the anticipation and bottled up excitement before the race. Lots and lots of traffic on the first loop. Lots of folks but it was very quiet. I was always with someone almost stepping on their heels. I was enjoying the natural beauty trying to imprint the various sections on my brain so I would be familiar with my surroundings when I was out there alone in the later stages! There was a really cool rock around the half way point , it was rectangular sitting up right almost like some one placed it there. This rock became know as "flat rock" , I had a great conversation with it as I passed by it. Shortly after flat rock there was a small stream crossing a smooth rock that I slipped on , after a few words I decided that this was "slippery rock"! The second loop was quite surprising, I was alone ... really alone! I didn't expect the solitude so early in the race but took it all in. Had some fun with the volunteers on the ATVs , knowing they were Ham Radio guys I laid some Morris Code on them ... Dah , Dah Dit, Dat Dit Dit Dah , which is TNX or short for thanks. I got to see my buddy's , Flat and Slippery again ... exchanged a few more words ... gave flat a high 5 and cursed slippery as I went around the slippery part! Had lunch after the second loop then slipped away into my mind going out the third time! The third loop was like running a new course , first loop was the remembering loop , second loop was the oh yea I was already here I remember this but the third loop was wholly crow , I don't remember this. 28-42K in and my mind was really playing tricks on me! Approaching Slippery and Flat I had a good old conversation with them. Shorty after seeing my friends there was a couple of hikers on the trail. I told them I was just having a little conversation with the rocks and trees, the laughed and then I joked about the wait til you see me on the next loop! The last loop was the sharing loop , I did a hop scotch kind of routine with Jerry! We were both in about the same shape with our peaks and valleys occurring at different times. Jerry would get out in front then I would be on his heels and occasionally it was the other way around. About half way through the loop a woman ( name escapes me but I will edit when I look at the results) a rather familiar face ... she looked really fresh as she flew by, I really didn't think I would see her again. I was quiet surprised but two or three times mid loop we exchanged positions but nearing the last third of the loop I didn't see her again! I also became aware that Jerry was no longer within site. All alone again I had great conversation with Slippery and Flat . Kissed flat and said see you next year...its been fun and then avoided the slippery part of slippery! It always seems to suddenly end ... the last few mile markers seem to be further apart and then that's it , ITS OVER ...SUDDENLY. 8hrs21mins , a long time for sure but wow was it ever amazing!


The day after the race I had no muscle pain but I felt really really sleepy . Drove 8 hours to Saratoga Springs NY and in spite of the coffee and coke I never shook the sleepy feeling. Monday I still had ZERO Muscle Pain...amazing!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trail repeat

Trail repeat today , another 22.3 K steamy run done. Temps were cooler , around 24C but it was a whole lo more humid. Originally I planned on 3 loops but I quite after 2 ... just didn't have the time! Not much planned this week with the LLC on Saturday.

Trail Saturday

Getting ready for TLC, headed out for a warm 22.4K trail run yesterday! Wore a white Tech T ... was cooler then wearing nothing. Also had a white hat on , jurys out on this one ...80% shade but I really didnt neeed it ...may have kept more heat in. It was a good test of apparel , 27C , light breeze and Sunny.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Trail Friday

There is a theme ....

10.1K trail run today , it was still very steamy in the forest but I managed a 6:25 pace in spite of the heat!

Tomorrow I will do 2 loops and then 3 loops of my trail the next day. Getting ready for TLC.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wed/Thurs doors out of the heat!

Wednesday Eve at 11pm jumped on the treadmill for a 10.4K run. 2K at the 4:50 pace followed by 8K 500m at 4:30 followed by 500m at 5:00 pace. It was fun to run faster.

Thursday eve at dinner it was a 5K run the usual way.

Going to hit the trails tomorrow though the weekend !

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tues Eve

Jumped on the treadmill at the end of my work day and did a 9.1km run, 7K at a 5:30 pace , 2K at a 4:50 pace!

This was my first run after CVC. My legs were 100% after the race , absolutely no muscle pain what so ever! Feet were pretty beat up in a different way. Big multi blister on my right foot between the Big Toe and the first little toe. It was deep and it took me a few day to finally clear all the fluid. Last night it was like running on a pad , today it feels much better... almost normal.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Creemore Vertical Challange , 50K Run

Did my 5th 50K Ultra of the season today , the Creemore Vertical Challenge.

The race plan was to go out at an easy to moderate pace keeping hydration and heart rate in check.

The first 25K loop was amazing , I felt like I was in total control and everything was 100%. So often its the course that dictates what happens but I knew what to expect running 25K two years ago and the 50K last year, I was calling the shots on the first loop, 2hrs38min!

Second loop was a different story! A solid sleep the night before the race , the near 30C temps forcasted and receiving Bib #13 were all omens that I wasn't going to have a good day. I felt amazing passing the start finish , did two gels washed down with water and heed! Off I went along the river for about 2Ks ... one of the few flat sections BUT its like a switch went off. Air by the river was much warmer , the sun was beating down and the humidity was building and I over heated with 23K left in the race. At the first aide station they had Ice , I filled a small bag I brought with me and grabbed a glass to eat. Decided to walk the first big one at around 32K , took advantage of the pace to balance the Ice on my head and continued to cool. When I over heated at Sulphur I couldn't even run down hill due to legs that felt like cement , I wasn't about to let that happen with a 2K downhill at the 37K mark! Core temp cooled I managed the 37th and 38th Ks in 6:22 and 7:10... a significant improvement! After the long downhill came a very tough uphill know as o2 ...this is where things really fell apart. It took 24mins49sec to do the 40th K. I sat twice ...first time for 3min30sec , the next time for 6min15sec. I just didn't have it in me to keep going, my heart was pounding , I was breathing heavy and I had a pain across the top of my shoulders. For a moment I thought about packing it in at the next aide station but then I thought 10K to go .... its going to be slow but I can just walk , the new objective was to just finish! The last 10K was walking on the flat and uphill sections and trying to run downhill! Prior to dropping into "Valley" there is a generous 1K down hill at the 47K mark ... best I could do was a 7:21 pace!

Finished up with the Garmin time of 6hrs43min32sec, an hour slower then last year!

It was hot, 28-30C and Sunny with a Breeze here and there! I was drinking lots, gelling as prescribed and took 4 Eload caps at the 20, 30 and 40K mark One of the greatest contributors to my demise was running without a shirt or something on my head. Shade on the course was the exception! I was more or less totally exposed to the sun for hours! I believe that a properly fitted tech T with a white cap would have helped. I am sure that I would have slowed down but I would have been done allot sooner!

Friday, July 2, 2010

First July Run

With Cremore looming tomorrow I decided to do a 10.2K run was just too nice and I had the time!