Friday, October 30, 2009

Unintentional taper

Haven't run much this week , did a 11K run last night .... 10K at the marathon 4:55 pace and then a 1 K cool down. I was going to run a 5K tonight but I think I will just go home and go to bed instead! So I guess this week has been a real taper.....

10K race in 44:50 with a 6K warm up and two other runs and that's it! I hope I haven't forgot how to run!!!!!!

...saving it for Sunday , I hope!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Indoors tonight

7K indoors at a 4:55 pace on my dinner break this evening.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn Colours 10K Run

Did my second 10K of the year the Owen Sound YMCA's Autumn 10K Run today. The dull, damp and rather gloomy weather of late gave way to a crisp Sunny Autumn day. It was ideal conditions for a couple of laps around Harrison Park. The race was suppose to start at 09:00 am. I stated warming up at 09:40 by doing a 3.8K run at a 5:30 pace. I was in position right on time only to hear them announce a 10-15 minute delay due to an unexpected number race day registrations. It about 5C and I was up to temp with a bit of a sweat on so off I went continuing my warm up , another another 2.5K at a slower 6:38 pace. As you can see I was quiet warmed up a ready to go when the race finally started at 10:19, managed to avoid getting chilled and the heart rate and core body temp were race ready.

The race consisted of a 5K loop through park paths and a wee bit of road. It was more of a trail race then I expected , really pretty with a few small hills... Garmin said +367/-362m over 10.08K. First K was fast , there was 7 out in front of me ...figured I would be able to catch at least four of them during the race. Picked off the first 2 between 2-3K , guys that you just knew got caught up in the quick start. Picked of another at 5K and that would be my last pass of the race. I held 4th position up until the last K , a young fellow in his teens pushed me 7 through 9K but he had more left then I did and passed me shortly after the 9K mark. I wished I had it in me to challenge him but it just wasn't the day.

No chip timing , not even sure if they were timing the race .... didn't see any results posted but there was a guy with a laptop at the finish so I suspect there is a Gun Time. My Garmin said that I completed 10.08 K in 44min54seconds for an average pace of 4min27sec/km. I placed 5th overall out of around 50 paticipants and 2nd in my age group 40+ . In my AG catagory I was beat by Wayne Sphar from the OUS circuit by about a minute, good guy to loose too! So I was pleased , quiet pleased .... I didn't prep for this race. It was Beer and a Chinese food feast for dinner last night and barely lost any sleep last night!

Next Sunday its a BQ attempt at Hamilton's Road 2 Hope..... and I am hoping for as good a running conditions as we had today!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Run Clinic

3.6K done at a5:30 pace , couldn't get any worse weather for our 5K Run Clinic this evening!

Lunch Run

Slowed it down just a little today , 6K done ... 5.5K at a 4:50 pace then a half K cool down.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Turning it up at Lunch

4.5K at a 4:50 pace then 1K at a 4:30 pace followed by a 1/2K cool down. Felt a little sluggish at first but I settled into the run after a few Ks.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting ready to hope...

...that's Road to Hope. Its all about speed now , jumped on the treadmill at lunch for a 6K run , half K warm up /cool down with 5K at a 4:50 pace.

Fully recovered from Vulture Bait , its an encouraging sign that I am ready to go 48 hours after my fastest ever 50K Trail Run.

Weighed in today after today's run, 173.6 lbs. I was just below 170 late summer and would like to get there again before Nov 1. It could be bit of fluid retention after Saturdays Ultra, will have to check it later this week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

2009 Vulture Bait 50K Trail Race

Just realized I ran my last OUS Race of the season, its going to be more then 6 months before I run another Ulra!

It was another wonderful day on the trail. I was really tentative about how to dress in the cold but things worked out far better then I expected. Temp at race time was -1C but there was no wind and the Sun was out. I wore a short sleeve compression shirt with a long sleeve tech over it and to top off the upper body it was my Sagoi shell. In a real leap of faith I wore shorts ! Before this race the coldest I have ever run with shorts was 8C so I now know I have a new benchmark when it comes to running in shorts ... always my preference. It didn't take long before I took the Ball Cap and Gloves that I started with. If I was a bit warm I undid the shell a bit and when I cooled down I did it back up. I think I am prepared for the Road 2 Hope in Hamilton in a couple of weeks ... it will probably be allot warmer.

After the looking at the Toad data and with the upcoming BQ attempt I decided on a little different strategy at VB. They say that on the average when you compare the trail to road running you add 1:00 to pace. So if I can do a 6:00 pace on the trail it should translate to a 5:00 pace on the road. Instead of going out easy I decided to go at a comfortably faster pace and hold it to the 42.2K mark. The first half ( 25K) of the race was done at a 5:50 pace. The next 17K was a bit slower but I did manage to get to the 42.2K distance with a average pace of 5:59 on the Garmin. When I have been going out "easy" I have managed to get past 40K feeling fresh , the last 10K of a 50K race has always been a challenge and my goal over the winter is to train for the last 10K . Anyhow going out fast a VB made the last 20K tough .... really tough. I managed to keep going without walking with the exception of the odd hill but it felt really really hard. I took a 90 second break at the 42.3K aide station. I was quiet dizzy and a bit unstable , I was OK but suffering the affects of pushing it. There was a fellow at the aide station with a radio watching me rather closely ... like they were accessing my condition. It made me feel a bit weird but I knew exactly what was going on and what I had to do going forward.

I had some minor to major tummy issues at the Toad and Haliburton. Again I used VB to try a different nutrition/hydration strategy. I decided not to Gel every 45 minutes on schedule and I skipped the Eload Caplets. I had Heed in my water bottle and stopped a nibbled Jubes, Gummies and drank a bit more heed and water. I had some Gu2O powder in a flask that I was carrying and I had spiked it with table salt ... too much table salt. At the 42.3K aide station I mixed it up with water and started drinking the salty solution. I really wanted to see if there would be any benefit to using salt tablets. I don't think it made me a whole lot faster but I do believe I felt allot better after taking in the salt. So I am sold and will be buying some salt tablets for future long runs!

Last year at VB I went down 5 times. I was determined not to repeat that this year. I more or less kept to my self the whole race and didn't listen to music. In the "technical" sections I kept my eyes glued to the next foot fall. I didn't go down but I did stumble 4 times in the last 6K of the 25 K loop . With about 3K to go I had the closest call , It took me a good K before I shook it and picked up the pace for the last couple of Ks to the finish!

VB was my first repeat 50K event. It was a good measure of just how far I have come in the past 6 months with my Ultra Running. My goal was to shave at least 20 minutes off last years time but I managed to almost double that margin and finished 39 minutes better then last year, I was pleased.

I was hoping for a top 30 finish but there were allot of really fast folks on the course.... some very amazing times . I was 38 out of 82 finishers and my gun time was 5:13:38, in my age category males less then 50 I finished 18th out of 30 and I was the 29th male out of 55.

Garmin data....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Found pictures ...

Was cruising last years VB and came upon some pictures that I didn't know existed!

5K Run Clinic

Another great evening with the run clinic. 4.8K done at a 6:02 pace ... a perfect warm up for Vulture Bait tomorrow. I will be off to bed in a few minutes , the alarm is set for 4am!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Slower at lunch ....

Run or not to run, 50K on Saturday say no... me wanting a break at lunch says yes! So I did a 5K at an easy 6:00/K Ultra Pace!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trail Trial

Well its cold, really cold suddenly! This is good and bad , it was an opportunity for a dress rehearsal for Saturdays 50K. 3C , shorts and my lined long sleeve winter running top with my Nathan Shirt over top! This didn't work so well, the shirts had lots of pockets that cool air sat in next to the abdomen. So I will revert to layers instead, base will be a compression shirt then a long sleeve tech shirt then my shell and shorts! I am going to bring an extra buff for the neck and an extra long sleeve tech shirt.

So I did a little 10K trail run at a 9K trail run at a 6:03 pace. That's two runs in one day , tomorrow will be a rest day. Friday its the 5K run clinic and its going to be any easy one!

Ditto yesterday

Did another 6K treadmill run at lunch today , 4:55 pace. Felt goo, felt right ... didn't want to stop!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Same as yesterday , 6K at lunch indoors at a 4:55 pace.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lunch Run

Working Turkey day, 6K done at lunch....4:55 pace.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Turkey Sunday Trail Run

Did my classic trail loop , 11.2 K today. Had my Garmin on , didn't check it until I was done. Figured I would come in around a 6:30 pace and it turned out to be 6:24 , pretty close. I felt like was overdressed at first but I actually became more comfortable the longer I went. Wore a long sleeve tech shirts with a tech T over top , my Shell and Running Pants.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It turned into a tempo run

I choose to lay low on the LSD front and did a short 21.3K run today. Because I wasn't going long I picked up the pace and had one of my quickest road runs of the year averaging a 5:12 pace. I was really happy with the result , the route is anything but flat an it was mostly running on loose gravel and uneven surfaces. I was a touch on the cold side , it was cloudy with occasional sunny breaks but there was a stiff breeze and it was around 10C . Wore a compression shirt , short sleeve tech T and shorts. Would have been better with a long sleeve shirt with gloves... would have been about right! After the run I jumped in the hot tub, definitely the perfect way to end an aggressive run when the different body parts are at varying temps.

Run clinic last night

2nd week in a row of rain and cool temps. Managed 3.4k at a 5:39 pace in the dark , cool rain! Heading out now for a somewhat shorter LSD. Going to do a 20K country road run , should be pretty with the fall colours.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lunch run

Took it indoors at lunch today , 6km at a 4:55 pace.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trail after work

Did an aggressive little trail run after work today. Just about perfect weather , 12C / Overcast / Light Drizzle ... it was shorts / Compression Shirt and a Long Sleeve Tech T, just about perfect. Ate a massive pasta meal at lunch , felt a little heavy at first but I was able to pick it up after a few Ks and really enjoyed the run. Did 11.1K at a 5:48 pace.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Run at Lunch

Another 6K Run at lunch , .5K warm up and cool down with 5K at a 4:55 pace. I felt great , just amazing ... felt like I could have run another Ultra today.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Run For the Toad 50K

I did the Run for the Toad 50K Trail Race yesterday. Finished in 41st place out of 116 participants , I was 14th out of the 36 in my AG Male 45+, Gun Time was 5:29:28 and the Chip Time was 5:28:42. The 12.5K Splits were...... First 12.5K 1:19:19, Second 12.5K 1:20:11, Third 12.5K 1:19:36 and Fourth 1:30:24.

I decided to try something a little different at the Toad. I ran with no GPS or Watch , totally Gizmo free. I decided to pace by feel and see what happened. I really thought I would be able to do the loops in around 1:15:00 , at last years Toad my 25K splits were 1:13:20/1:11:12.

1st loop...

I started about 1/3 of the way back in the pack. I didn't hear the official start but I knew what to do when everyone in front of me started moving. I took me 46 seconds before I hit the timing mat. First K was pretty slow due to congestion but it wasn't long and things started to thin out. When I was able to open up it was at a fairly easy pace, I felt maybe a little too easy but then I had the whole race ahead and would have ample opportunity to pick it up later. Gelled at 7K and was drinking enough water but I was starting to overheat. I was running in shorts but I had 3 layers on up top, compression shirt , long sleeve tech then my Natahn Team Canada shirt. I removed the long sleeve short and became more comfortable. Nearing the end of the first loop I was really anxious to see the clock. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw 1:19:XX as I approached. I was almost 5 minutes off my pace but I was OK with that and decided to try to pick it up a bit on the next loop

2nd loop...

I started to run a bit faster , or so I thought! I was feeling really good but from time to time I felt a bit chilled. I was drinking lots and gelled again at the 15K mark. Gelled again just before the end of the loop. As I approached the start/finish I saw 2:39:XX on the clock. I really though that I had picked it up a bit but I was OK with the time but more importantly I was feeling good, my heart rate was comfortable and my breathing was easy!

3rd loop...

Once again I figured that I would pick up the pace. I was still feeling chilled now and again but my breathing was easy and I was running everything but the bigger hills. At the 30K mark I took a couple of Endurolytes and shortly there after I did my 4th Gel. As I approached the start finish I saw 3:59:XX on the clock. Crunching the numbers I was pleased that I was able to do the 3 loops so consistently , splits were 1:19:19/1:20:11/1:19:36.

4th loop...
As soon as I cleared the start finish I stopped at the aid station and did another Gel. There is a K or two of paved road before heading back into the trails. I tried to pick it up a but it was getting really hard! I was really having a tough time breathing and my heart was racing. I started walking small hills to recover but I was only able to run a to the next incline where I would have to walk again. The Oxygen deprivation was so bad that I was starting to see black spots. I was also hearing heavy breathing behind me , I kept looking to see if there was someone there! At 40K I did my last two Endurolytes I was also starting to feel Nauseous and I continued to struggle with my breathing. I slowed the running pace way down but I was still having to walk the hills that I ran earlier. At 42K I did my last Gel and then did Coke shots at the last two aide station stops. With a few Ks to go I started to feel a whole lot better and was doing a constant Run again! As I approached the finish line I saw the clock counting 5:29:XX and was able to sprint to the end. I finished standing up and felt really good wishing I could go back and redo the last loop!

So , what went wrong? I rule out Hydration , urine was clear and plentifully after the race... did I drink too much? I was quiet Nauseous, maybe I wasn't processing the 6 Gels / E Load/ Water / Gator Aide / Gummies. Was my lack of 02 my body metabolizing fat and muscles or was it due to a lactate acid buildup?

I looked at the results and came to some rather interesting conclusions about the way I paced my race. Here are the splits of the 10 runners that finished ahead of me .....

1:17:25 1:12:07 1:17:04 1:28:02
1:07:35 1:12:09 1:26:11 1:29:47
1:07:21 1:10:52 1:21:04 1:37:06
1:18:39 1:15:27 1:22:05 1:20:45
1:07:59 1:10:45 1:26:03 1:32:43
1:11:30 1:14:11 1:26:08 1:26:05
1:11:38 1:16:58 1:25:12 1:24:06
1:11:14 1:17:08 1:23:15 1:27:54
1:14:54 1:18:28 1:29:25 1:23:43
1:12:53 1:15:44 1:21:08 1:38:15
and my splits....
1:19:19 1:20:11 1:19:36 1:30:24

I was way slower then everyone on my first two loops but I beat all but one person on my third loop. Even in my lousy fourth loop I still managed a better time then 3 of the 10! So this got me thinking about my race strategy. I have been of the mindset that I would choose a pace that I felt I could maintain for the entire distance and if there was anything left I would use it up at the end. I really have been holding back early on! I am quiet sure I could have easily done a 1:10 on my first loop and I do not think it would have made any difference to the time I recorded on my last loop.

All and all I had a fantastic day , all that stuff above is me just trying to learn from the experience. The day started real early , I was in the Hot Tub with a pot of Coffee by 3am. Arrived at the Toad a little later then I expected , at 07:30 am after two Tim's stops and a brief 20 minutes of panic ... got turned around in Ayr! Picked up my race kit and did all the usual pre-race activities. Got to meet Benoit from Natahan, he was the one that picked me as the 2009 Nathan Team Canada Ultra Runner. Bumped into some Running Mania folks, Doonst briefly , Rabid Chipmunk, Mini-T, Tortoise, he isn't a Tortoise at all ... spotted him and then he disappeared like a Hare! I was really happy to meet Donald aka " Trailer" , two first for him , a trial race and a new distance! He was pumped but seemed really focused and having a great day and sticking to his race plan. I meet up with him after the race and he was still smiling...congratulations Donald, I know we will see you out at the OUS races next year! Ran with Rabidchipmunk for about half of the first loop. Caught up with the Viking and ran with him for a near then end of the second loop. I was in awe as a guy blew by use like we were standing still , the Viking said we were just lapped by the 50K leader!!!!! As I was heading out on my third loop Marg introduced herself as I ran by. Loop 4 was pretty solitary , two things really picked me up were the girls at the "Skeleton Hill" , they were encouraging me as much on my fourth visit as they were on my first. I don't know who there were but they were great! Hats off to all the walkers that graciously cleared the path as I ran up behind them. When I finished Mini T presented me with my medal!

After the race I relaxed over a coffee and donuts and chatted with Doug and Joanne Barber. The Toad would have been his 249th Marathon or longer Run, sadly he had to cheer from the sidelines due to an injury. I was satisfied with my snack and decided to skip the meal and get home, second year in a row!

I will definelty be back next year , I have some getting even to do with that 4th loop!

Run Clinic

4.5K done Fri Eve with the Durham 5K Run Clinic. Not a pleasant Eve to be out but we had a hardy bunch set on Running in the cool rain!