Friday, April 30, 2010

April Totals

Been Racing

April Totals=269.4 km

YTD 1187.9

PYP tomorrow , getting my race face on. Really looking forward to a warmer run , 24C high and the chance of a shower.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lunch Run

Back on days, did a 5K lunch run again. 2.5K@4:50 , 2K@4:30 then a 0.5K cool down.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On the Trail

11.1K trail run done to day at a blistering 6:08 pace! I haven't been running much this week , end of mids and PYP 50K on Saturday I figured it was time to give the body a rest. I don't like not running but its been to busy to fit it in anyway so I guess its a win win situation. I was bagged when I did Seaton , lack of sleep , a week of lazing in the Sun drinking beer and a steady diet didn't exactly make for a high energy day. I felt really rested today , felt like I was floating through the woods. When I was done my 11.1K loop I felt like doing it again...usually I am toast and today's run is as fast as it gets in the woods. It wasn't an all out effort , more like a moderate pace. Tomorrow its back to work, will do a 5K at lunch same on Friday and then Friday Eve its the Run Clinic.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lunch Run

5K @4:50 pace done at lunch. Feeling tired ... need to get off Mids!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

3am sort of LSD

20K run on the books at 3am this morning. Was intending on a longer and faster run but I just didn't have it in me. First 15K were at a 4:50 pace then I dialed it back to a 6:00 pace ... 5K cool down shall we say!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Run Clinic +

5.9K done with the Run Clinic last night! We ran from the new Durham Activity Center , WOW what a facility. It was rebuilt after it was destroyed by a Tornado last Summer. All new equipment and a very well thought out floor plan.

Another 3.5K done at work this morning.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lunch Run

Almost fully recovered now , 6K done this morning. 5.5K at a 4:50 pace and a 0.5K cool down. The 4:50 pace felt natural , easy and like I could do it forever.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another 5@5

Did another 5K Run at 5am. 0.5K warm up, 4K at cruise control 4:50 pace then a 0.5K cooldown.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5@5 I did it!

Managed to run this morning , first time since Seaton. Quads are still a bit sore but I manged a 5K Run at a 5:30 pace.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can't run....

Quads are killing me , the delayed muscle pain has peaked 48 hours after the race. Tried to run but it just hurt too much. Managed a 2K walk ... going to be a day or two before I am back in the saddle.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seaton Trail Race

The Ultra Season has began. Did the Seaton Trail 52K trail race yesterday. Garmin says it was 53.68K done in far my slowest 50K ever.

I did the 26K Seaton Race last year. I went out hard for the "short one"...boy did I find out what this race was all about! Most who run the OUS series agree that Seaton is one of the toughest , if not the toughest race in the series. After doing the 52K event I would have to say that I agree! I have been trying to figure out just what it is that makes this course harder then the rest ... could be the time of year , maybe the elevation , maybe the wet feet , maybe the long rocky downhills that never really let you open up. I really cant nail it down so I think its a combination of all the elements.

Race day started early and as is usual I was up at 3am , an hour before my alarm went off. Had some breakfast then jumped in then jumped in the hot tub for an hour. It was snowing and blowing , real nasty but I decided it was going to be shorts! I packed enough extra clothes to run in any weather from -20C to plus 30C just in case I changed my mind. I headed out just before 5am. It was a lazy drive to the city, I was feeling quiet tired but excited to be starting the Ultra season.

Arrived just in time to see the 73Kers off at 7am. There was a bitter cold wind so I decided to change into tights. My goal was comfort , race plan go out easy and finish the first 26K loop feeling like I was warmed up and ready to go! The start was uneventful , after a few words from George Sarason we were off. Headed out real conservative and was running at a pace that I was easily able to chat . Talked to JD about his great Sustania 100 mile Winter Run in the Yukon.... quiet an adventure. After the river crossing at 3K I was on my own for awhile and was dialed into the music. Not too long after the river there was a very steep dirt downhill...Garmin says 100m. I was in with a BOP 26K runners that were really struggling to make it down. My Adidas Super Nova Trail has great grip and I had no problems at all. Stoped at the first aide station , had some eload and gummy bears. Running at an easy pace I was really able to take in the beauty of the trail. Its hard to believe that on the edge of Pickering there can be such an amazing trail system. The race director had a very creative imagination. We were constantly deviating off the beaten path to trails that we either unused or just flags though the bush that we followed. It gave the race allot of character but also added a level of difficulty that is unique to Seaton....Bravo to the race director. Past the second aide station I was passing quiet a few 26K and fast 50K runners on their way back. I was wathcing the faces , some showed a huge amount of strain and others looked like they were sitting on the couch watching TV and some were just plain zoned out. I believe that a good game face is the couch sitter , no matter how I feel on the inside I I try not to let it show. When I reached the 13K turnaround I quickly realized that I wasn't going to be as fresh as I thought when I completed the first loop. I was having some issues getting the clothing right and was over heating a bit. My Saugeen Tri Sagoi Firewall jacket is amazing but maybe a little too much for the conditions. It was hat on / hat off, gloves on / gloves off and coat unzipped then zipped up. I was struggling to maintain a comfort and was afraid of dehydrating. Heading back I ran with a women from Owen Sound doing her first ever trail race...she sure picked a good one I thought to myself! She told me about a bear encounter on a rail trail just east of the city a couple of weeks ago! A short time later I ran with a women from Markham. She was using the Seaton 26K run as a lead up to PYP 50K in 2 weeks. She was very kind and had an amazing supply of racing goodies. She gave me some salt tablets ...I downed a couple then save some for later then she had some e load caps and these sweet tart things ...yum! In retrospect I really really need this stuff due to the amount of sweating I was doing. Made it back to the start finish feeling a bit drained. I knew that the next 26K were going to be tough and was really looking forward to getting past each mile stone , the river , the first aide station just take it on a little bit at a time. I was glad to get the river crossing out of the way, the next time though I would be on the home stretch. Ran with Kinga Miklos most of the third leg. It seems like she knows every runner on the course. Lots of stories and background from her. There are so many amazing folks doing the OUS series its an honour just being out there with them. A week after Seaton Kinga was has a 100 miler planned , unbelievable! Kinga also talked about the pain the and desire to push to see how much we can endure. This started me thinking about my own pain or lack of. I wouldn't say that I am in pain , its more of a fatigue thing for me. The pain starts when I am done and peaks around 48 hours later. In the later stages of the run I am not hurting , just tired beyond imagination and frustrated that the body doesn't respond like it did when the event began. Started in on boiled potatoes dipped in salt on the way back...a new Ultra favorite. I was craving salt and the potatoes went down super easy and tasted really good. I was also munching on Watermelon, Pretzels and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I also took on Coke on the final loop. Lost Kinga at the turnaround and ran the final 13K solo. There were quiet a few hikers on the trail, as I passed by one they said " I don't know what you guys are running for but the prize better be really good" made me smile and reflect on what I was doing. I was surprised that I was able to keep going walks except for the hills. The last big one was the 100m dirt hill that I watched everyone struggle on early in the race. I remember getting to the top totally winded , heart pounding and staggering as I tried to start running again. After the river crossing it seemed to be forever to the finish, I was keeping my eye on the time wanting to get it in in under 7 hours. It was such a relief when the trail turned into the field leading to the start finish. The last couple of Ks I was struggling with nausea and felt like I was going to be sick. Crossing the finish I felt like I really accomplished something ... time wasn't all that important, I was just happy to be done. After a 10 minute break at the finish I wandered to the car changed and then drove home.

I felt a little stiff Saturday Eve, typical after a race of this distance. The real pain was 24-48 hours later. My quads are trashed, going downstairs is not pleasant. I tried to run early Tues morning on the night shift but it didn't work , did a 2K walk instead.

Really looking forward to the 50K Pick Your Poison in a couple for weeks. I am going to approach this one the same as Seaton. PYP has quiet a reputation after all the DNFs last year...should be a blast.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Run Clinic

I am a run leader in the Durham Run Clinic. Did a fun 4.8K on Friday Eve.

Two More Cuba Runs

Been vacationing, not blogging.

April 12

Did a hot 9.7K Run on the Beach at noon. It was hot but there was a strong wind making it possible to Run in 30C Weather.

April 14

Same as the 12th, 9.9 hot beach Ks ...even stronger winds and very hot!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Running in Cuba

April 9

11.1K Cayo Coco Cuba Beach Run today. I was a little hung over when I started at 07:45 am…not good to be dehydrated at the start of a tropical Run. The Sun was already up and it was humid and at least 24 or 25C. Initially I ran through the resort to get oriented then I hit the beach. Heading out the Sun was in my face and so was the breeze. 4+K in I decided to head back and when I turned around the Sun and breeze were at my back. I felt almost no breeze, man it was hot. I didn’t have all that long to go but it was really really hot. I wanted to go longer but that was it …I was done!

April 10

25.2K Run today, going long ..or at least trying too was the flavour of the day! I was up long before the Sun, a quick Coffee then I was off into the start of twilight on the beach at 6:18 am. Did the first 12 K on the Beach. Tide was high so there wasn’t allot of firm sand to run on. I raced two cruise ships that were about 20-30K offshore. They brightly lit and look like floating apartment buildings. When the Sun was above the horizon I hit the resort for the second half of my run. It was allot easier running on the cobblestone walkways and I was able to pick up the pace. Heat was a factor, the resort loop was 80% shaded and there was a good breeze but the heat made for a rather slow pace. When I hit 25K I had had enough! Finished the run at the Lobby Bar, lined up a shot of Rum, Beer and a glass of Water. The rest of the day was spent at the pool…great recovery.

April 11

10K done was going to make it a rest day but I settled for a short one instead. I couldn’t run the Beach this morning. High Winds made for some big Waves, combined with the high tide there wasn’t any firm sand to run on. Did the 1.6K loop around the resort again. Recovered with a dip in the pool and then dried off in the morning Sun before heading to Breakfast.

And after a mornigns run its a day at the......

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Faster Lunch Run

6K done, 3K 4:50, 1.5K 4:40 , 1K 4:00 then a 0.5K cooldown.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lunch Run

Did the usual 5K Lunch Run. I gave myself a break yesterday and had a much needed rest day! Felt really good once I got going , the kind of feeling I like to take into a long run.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

LSD Easter Sunday

Managed a 32K LSD today....a tough one! Started great, first 10K at a comfortable 5:19 pace. It was really windy for the first 15K. It was a warm wind and I was quiet comfortable in the full Sun. When I made it to town I did a loop then 19.5K in I stopped for a Chocolate Mile, Snickers Bar and a bottle of water I mixed with some powdered Gator Aid. I got really sweaty waiting to pay but I found a nice spot out of the wind next to the river to eat. While I was stopped I was so relaxed I wanted to have a nap....its like I knew what was coming. I headed off through the conservation area , hit the trails next to the river. After a loop of the park I headed for the road feeling quiet fatigued , I peed and it was quiet dark ...I was dehydrating. I had drank a bottle of Gator Aid , 200ml of Milk and was on my next bottle of Gator Go juice....guess that wind took allot out of me. So for the next 8Ks I practiced my Ultra walk up 5 hills and a bit. It felt just like the Hamilton Road to Hope Marathon and the end of the Toad, I just couldn't muster up a constant run. I was out of breath , couldn't find a sustainable pace....very tough. I think the prime culprit was dehydration!

Yesterdays tough trail race , today's hard LSD was very humbling after ATB. I am preparing myself mentally for the 52K Seaton trail in 2 weeks. My race plan is simple , Ultra conservative. Tomorrow is an official rest day ... I haven't been taking enough. Next weekend its no more then 20+K LSD followed one or 2 10-20K Runs early in the week then 2 rest days before the big one! This should work...I hope!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trail Run Saturday

Its was a warm April 3rd 20+++ degrees when I headed out around 11:00 am and getting warmer. Started off with my traditional 11K trail loop then started doing extra loops to repeat some of the bigger hills. Took it real easy , the way that I am planning to run Seaton...even walked the bigger hills. I originally set out with the idea of doing a 3-4 hour run but cut it short due to the heat . Managed a 17.8K run in 2hrs9min.

Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2 Lunch Run

Working Good Friday , 6K done with the cruise control enabled.

Thursday, April 1, 2010