Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On the Trail

11.1K trail run done to day at a blistering 6:08 pace! I haven't been running much this week , end of mids and PYP 50K on Saturday I figured it was time to give the body a rest. I don't like not running but its been to busy to fit it in anyway so I guess its a win win situation. I was bagged when I did Seaton , lack of sleep , a week of lazing in the Sun drinking beer and a steady diet didn't exactly make for a high energy day. I felt really rested today , felt like I was floating through the woods. When I was done my 11.1K loop I felt like doing it again...usually I am toast and today's run is as fast as it gets in the woods. It wasn't an all out effort , more like a moderate pace. Tomorrow its back to work, will do a 5K at lunch same on Friday and then Friday Eve its the Run Clinic.

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