Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trail Tuesday

Love running in the rain today.  Logged 10.7 K looping my backyard trail.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mid 7

Wrapped up speed week with a similar run to yesterday logging 14K this morning.   200m 4:45 fartleks at 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10K.  At 11K I stayed at a 5:45 pace until 11.7 then did 300 meters at a 4:30 pace before beginning a long 2 K cool down.  Looking forward to hitting the trail this afternoon.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mid 6

2nd last night shift which means a 12 hour shift and a longer lunch.     Logged a 12K run this morning on my meal break.  Originally set out to add one more K and one more fartlek however I decided to stretch out the last fartlek to a K at the 9K mark then at 10K start a long long cool down wrapping it up at the 12K mark.  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mid 5

9K done on my meal break this morning.   Avg 5:00 pace ,  5X.2K 4:45 fartleks.  HR was lower not even close to Zone 3 topping out at 139 BPM.  

Just decided to do it

Working mids sleeping is always a challenge.   I get into different modes ... sometimes I will sleep for 8-10 hours ,  sometimes I hardly sleep ...cat naps here and there.  This week its the power nap ... one deep sleep cycle 3-5 hours then awake.   Today after 4 hours of good solid sleep I woke up knowing it was a sunny and comfortably warm day and I just felt like going for a trail run.  I wasn't hungry ,  thirsty or in need of Coffee just wanted to hit the trail for a bit and that's what I did logging 5.7K on the backyard trail.  After I ran I grabbed 2 Beers for breakfast and floated around the pool.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Mid 4 - Zone 3 Baby!

Strangely enough I spent more of my run with the HR in Zone 3!    Logged an 8Ker with 4 fartleks.  It was hot hot hot ...the shirt I was wearing is suppose to be a tech t however it is thick and heavy and doesn't breath ... good heat training!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mid 3

3 Fartleks at 4,5 and 6 K today logging a 7K run at an otherwise 5:00 pace.

Huron Shores Rotary 10K Picture

I almost look like I belong.  There is nothing quite like spending 3/4 of the race with the Heart Rate pegged in Zone 4 and even hitting Zone 5 briefly.  

On my way to a 45:43

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Evening Trail

Wasn't planning on it but I had the opportunity to spend a little time on the trail logging 5.3k on the backyard trail.

Mid 2

6K done tonight on my meal break.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

04:30 am ... Mid 1

5K the usual way on my meal break at 4:30 am.


Temperature,  Time and Tired ....3 T's why I only got 5.6K on the trails yesterday.  

Working mid one this morning.  Busy night and short staffed so I may not make it the Gym.  

Niagara Pictures

#154 is Kirby Dunstan 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Trail Sunday

Logged a little 5.6K on the backyard trail today.  Felt a little tired otherwise pretty much fully recovered after yesterdays 50Ker.  

Niagara 50K Ultra Marathon - Saturday June 20, 2015

Did my 6th Niagara 50Ker yesterday.  Strangely enough this is the third time I have finished this race in 53rd.   Its was also my third fastest Niagara and the third time I finished 53rd!  

2009 -   4:40:11     Rained like crazy!  
2010 -   4:52:51     The year I BQed at STWM
2012 -   5:06:10    53rd/172
2013 -   6:07:11    Wan't racing it this year shooting video like a tourist
2014 -   5:07:49     53rd/172
2015 -   5:06:00     53rd/199

 The race start of 7am made for a 2:30 am wake up call...early as is usual for any race in the Golden Horse Shoe.    Felt really tired on the way down after a somewhat apprehensive sleep.  Can't fool the subconscious for what I was about to put my physical part through!  

 Great weather at the 7am start,  cool 12C no breeze and sun but I knew that this would change.    Settled into a relaxed sub 6:00 pace for the first 11K.  Gelled on schedule at the 45 min mark and continued every 45 min until the end of the race.    Climed the escarpment over the 12th and 13th K logging a 6:35 and 6:42 K.   At the 15K mark my left knee complained loudly so much so that I visioned dropping out of the race.   I slowed the pace a bit and in about 5 min the pain dissipated and I was able to continue.   Running the last few Ks of the loop through the Tourists never dissapoionts...always a thrill and the mist and the power of the Falls is just magical.   Made it through 25K in 2hrs24min14sec.    So having a little time banked I felt that I had a real shot at a sub 5 hour day.  Heading back the goal was to keep as many Ks around the 6:00 pace as I could.   It was really starting to warm up heading back and the first 10Ks were almost entirely exposed to the Sun.    There is a pretty good little climb coming out of the falls at around the 28/29K mark...on fresh legs no problem but with the distance already logged and the rising temps I geared it back to a 6:30 pace.    Made it to the 30K mark in 2:54:39 but I after leaving the fun part of the run behind I just wanted it to be over.  For the next 30K I battled to keep the pace near 6:00 but it was getting increasingly difficult to do.   I was through 40K in 3hrs59min47sec.   I took some solace in keeping it to an avg 6:00 pace but I knew a sun 5hrs probably wasn't going to happen so I just kept chipping away 1K at a time just wanting it to be over.   I also did my first and only S Caps of the day downing 2 of them heading into the last 10K.  So I kept moving ,  walking was tempting me but I only did that briefly on a couple of small hills otherwise I kept chipping away.   Last 5K were logged in  7:05, 6:19, 6:30, 6:27 and 6:41.

 Although I fell short of my A goal it was a solid result that I am pleased with.   Being able to run the entire 50K was a good mental after having more or less a 20K death march at the end of my Sulphur 50 miler.    Up next I am back to Niagara in 2 weeks for the 50K Laura Secord on the Bruce Trail.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

and now I rest

Last run before Niagara 50K Saturday a little 5Ker are lunch again.   Thus begins 42 hour reset period.  Before doing this again.....

Trail Wednesday

Just a little trail tripping and hammock time after work yesterday logging 5.5 K on the backyard trail.  The run was just an excuse to have a few Beers in the Hammock whilst streaming  http://www.okemosbrewing.com/ .

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lunch again

5K the usual way on my lunch break .   Max HR topped out at 139 bpm.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

One more

5K the usual way on my lunch break.  Trail after work ...I hope!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Back to work

Mondays 5K lunch run done without breaking 140 bpm....

Forgot to turn the Garmin on until I was .6K in.  

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rainy Sunday

10.3K logged looping my backyard trail in the rain today.   Really enjoyed the 18C +Rain ...so peaceful in the forest.   Wasn't moving very fast as it was a little slippery here and there as well is was probably feeling yesterdays efforts.   Now its time to gear back a bit with the Niagara 50K in 6 days.  

Six Segment Saturday

21.4 Trail Ks logged in 6 segments yesterday.....

1 - House to trail head

2- 12 Laps of the backyard trail followed by a 2 Beer cool down in the man cave at the trail head.    Hammock time with classic rock via the Internets Okemos Brewing.  Particularly enjoyed the Doors Tune " This is the End".   Acoustics in the forest are amazing and I never realized how much background distortions such as hiss added to the Doors tune.

3- After the cool down decided to head for home the long way.  Cooled down again with 2 more Beers whilst floating around the pool before heading back out.

4- Made my way back to the trail head for the second time that afternoon.

5- Another 6 laps done all be it a wee bit slower then earlier in the afternoon.   Thought about going another 6 laps but I could only run by the cooler with Beer on Ice so many times besides the runs achived what I wanted them to and I was satisfied.

6- All great running days have to end so after getting hammered in the Hammock I returned home.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Lunch Run

Last 5K "Lunch Run" of the week done the usual way.


2 Run Thursday logging 5.7K on the backyard loop.   Wore my HRM and challenged myself to some Zone 3 time.    

Grey is my heart rate,  blue is my pace and green is the elevation.   Booted it through 4K then geared down a it completing 6 loops in a record 36min43sec.  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Staple

Yup ,  another lunch run ...5K the same as every other day.  Garmin WiFi at work is spotty and didnt upload so I will add the data later.   HR didnt break 140 until the 4:45 fartlek at the 4K mark.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Forgot to log Tues ... same as Mon and Wed, 5K.   Is it Fri yet?????

Same as Mon/Tues

Another 5K lunch run done the same as Mon and Tues .. .is it Wed already?????/

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2nd Run Monday

Had an opportunity after work to sneak in a little trail logging 5.6K on the backyard Trail last night.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

Lunch Run

5K the usual way today.   Hookas are back ... felt like a greater effort but I didn't observe any difference in the HR topping out at 143 bpm at the 4K fartlek

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Trail Sunday

Felt a little tired today so I opted to loop my backyard trail today logging 10.6 k today.  

Trail Saturday

After a quick 10K yesterday I really didn't feel like I had run yet so after I cut the Lawn I grabbed my gear and some Beer and headed to the backyard trail logging 10.6K.    What a contrast running the trail vs a short road race ....went from a 4:35 pace to an 8:30 pace.  Did 5K  then sat down and practiced fueling with Beer then headed back out and really enjoyed the 2nd 5K.  

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Huron Shores Rotary 10K - June 6, 2015 - Southampton Ontario

Its been 3 years since I ran this short a race and I really didn't know what to expect.   Since the start of the year I have been doing all of my treadmill runs at a 5:00 pace so I felt fairly confident I could get the 10K under 50 minutes ,  goal C.  Goal B was to beat my first ever 10K and the first ever time I pinned on a bib logging 47min28sec at the 2005 Trillium 10K.      I have 10 more years of running experience but I am also 10 years older now at 53 vs 43 in 2005.   The A goal was to beat 45min  ... the last time I did that was in 2011 the same year I ran Boston and my First 100 Miler logging a 44min14sec result at the Run for Health in Walkerton.

 I must admit that I struggled a bit with the very idea of doing this race.   I am happy just to be able to run the Ultras content with however I do always determined to finish....its that simple!   On the other hand the 10K is a speed event ...more or less pedal to the metal start to finish.  I saw today as barometer to measure this aging runners ability to still run with a bit of speed.    Small local races are also a bit of an ego booster with a very good chance of finishing in the single digit percentile as well as the occasional shot at the glory of maybe just maybe win and Age Group Award.  But wait ...thats not my mental ...what am I doing ...considered skipping it all together ,  would have loved to have slept in!    Burt I went ... conflicted as to why but none the less determined to actually give it my all and as it turns out that is exactly what I did.

Could not have asked for any better weather when the Gun went off at 09:00 am.     The start was slow due to traffic and the fact that I seem to take a little bit longer to get up to speed then I use to.  By the time I was through the first K I felt like a fish out of water sucking air already.   Decided to concentrate on the Garmins average and current pace conveniently displayed on the same screen.    I was through the first K in 4min44sec so I knew I had my work cut out for me.  I didn't dare look at the heart rate monitor .  I almost didn't wear the HRM Strap but decided at the last minute to wear it thinking hoe cool it would be to look at it and perhaps I may establish a new Max Heart Rate.    Ticked down the avg pace to a 4:37 through the 5K mark.   I felt a bit of a lactate acid build up in the legs around 5K but it passed.    It seemed like I would surge ahead a bit ,  go behind in the O2 then let up a bit recovering but it was quite apparent to me at the half way point that I didn't have anything in reserve and my goal was to maintain the avg 4:37 pace. I was a little disappointed that a sub 45m in day was not going to happen but I really felt like I could blow away the time that I ran in 2005.   Continue to  surge and let up though 7K where I tried to pick up the pace thinking maybe just maybe I could run a couple near a 4:00 pace but it wasn't meant to be.   After a slight incline pat the 8K mark I got a little choked up ,  felt the lungs were slightly congested and was coughing a bit.    Gear it down slightly until I got things under control with the plan to surge through the last K.   Posted 4:39  pace  in the last K not bad but not the surge I was looking for.   Crossed the mat at a chip time of 45min43 sec   satisfied with my effort but a bit dissapointed that I didn't get it under the 45min mark..... I awarded myself a B+.

 Looking at the Garmin Heart Rate Data afterwards I realized that I really didn't leave anything out there and awarded myself an A- instead of a B+.    The heart rate was more or less pegged at the top of Zone 4 from about the 3K mark on and I discovered that my Max HR is 167 not 166 as I had previously though.   So I was running at around 98-100% of my Max Heart Rate for about 30 minutes of the race.   I really couldn't have gone any faster today!  

So I finished 22nd out of the 175 Soles who laced up for the 10K,  17th out of 53 Men ( 3 to 1 ratio Women to Men in the 10K ... where were you Guys???) ,  2nd out of 12 old guys  50 years + .   To boot I had a negative split ...Garmin says first 5K 23:01 ,  second 5K 22:49 that a 12 second negative split.

So here is all the data from the Garmin....

( the HR Data early in the race is bad ...until I start to sweat I get data that shows high )

Friday, June 5, 2015

Second Run Thursday

Yesterday after work I need to stretch out my calves so I hit the trail in the backyard for 6 loops and a grand total of 5.6K.  

No running today as I have a lung burner tomorrow morning.  

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lunch Run

5K the same way as yesterday.  May be the last run before Saturdays lung burner.  May be ablt to squeeze in a little trail this eve.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


It would be so easy to skip a Run but most of the time when I am feeling less then perfect a Run makes me feel a whole lot better!  I am not sure whether it was all the Green Apples , the 4 Beer in the Hammock after last eves trail or perhaps the KFC that I more or less gorged myself on less night but today was one of those less then perfect sort of days.   The Heart Rate was much lower ...sitting  tying up my shoes it was 45 bpm.   Hitting max speed at the 4K Farltek it was 141 BPM and then at the tail end of my cool down it dropped to the mid 90s!   The run also helped to move things along and now I feel a little bit more like I usually do ... almost perfect!  

2nd Run Tuesday

 Nothing like a little trail to cure what ales!  Upper right leg pain persists ... a familiar ache that I know I can run through.  Nothing a little 5.5K of trial cant cure.  

 Some time in the next little bit 3 guys that I work with are going to lay out some $$ and race my trial ...6 loops.    I typically run my loop rather slow but last night I did a "hot" lap and a bit logging a K at a 6:30 pace.   The loop runs so much different fast ... corners are tighter and the hills are higher.  I think my fastest absolutely giving K would come in somewhere around 6:00!  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Because three is better then 1

3X4:45 farleks today logging 7K at the usual pace on my meal break.

Looking at the data this week my cadence has dropped.   When I am recovering from a long run and am suffering muscle pain my cadence and heart rate are higher.   Avg pace through this run was 5:00 and when I did my fartlek at a 4:45 pace the cadence increases.  Cadence should remain the same regardless of pace but thats just the way I Run.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Back to work

5K done the same as every day last week.   There was no run yesterday ... was doing firewood,  I like to think of it as cross-training!

May 2015 Totals

May    276.9 km
YTD  1333.2 km

One race in May the Sulphur Springs 50 Miler.   Logged 12 Trail Runs logging  179.6 km  and  12 Treadmill runs logging 97 km.