Sunday, June 14, 2015

Six Segment Saturday

21.4 Trail Ks logged in 6 segments yesterday.....

1 - House to trail head

2- 12 Laps of the backyard trail followed by a 2 Beer cool down in the man cave at the trail head.    Hammock time with classic rock via the Internets Okemos Brewing.  Particularly enjoyed the Doors Tune " This is the End".   Acoustics in the forest are amazing and I never realized how much background distortions such as hiss added to the Doors tune.

3- After the cool down decided to head for home the long way.  Cooled down again with 2 more Beers whilst floating around the pool before heading back out.

4- Made my way back to the trail head for the second time that afternoon.

5- Another 6 laps done all be it a wee bit slower then earlier in the afternoon.   Thought about going another 6 laps but I could only run by the cooler with Beer on Ice so many times besides the runs achived what I wanted them to and I was satisfied.

6- All great running days have to end so after getting hammered in the Hammock I returned home.

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