Saturday, February 28, 2009

February total

207 km

Cold LSD today , 23 km Durham Loop

Sort of a good day for an LSD run. It was Sunny ... that's good and very little breeze but it was cold, -8C ! I have more or less avoided the long runs in the cold but the Sun and lack of wind were calling me to take it outside. I did the "Durham Loop" , same route as Feb 2. I took nearly 12 minutes off my previous time with a HR increase of only 4 bpm! Conditions today were a little better then Feb 2 , 90% of my running surface was bare road , I wasn't running with my studs on either! Did my Gel at the Durham Rd Hill , 9K mark. Walked to maintain my heart rate while going up the hill and eating the Gel. Coming into Durham is a steep downhill for about a half K then a less of a drop for another half.... lets just say I "Flew into town". Last 8K up the second was better then the previous couple of times I have done the route this year. Hands were getting really cold. I microwaved my Gator Aid before I started and it really was a nice hand warmer for the first half of the run! I was pretty good with the hills , really didn't change pace and didn't even really notice them. Last time I did this route I remembered thinking , 5 more hills ... 4 more hills etc and really having a tough go of it. When I got home I made a box of macaroni then jumped in the hot tub for an hour! Going skiing tomorrow so I think the first day of March will be runnless!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

5K Today

5K at a 5:30 pace done at lunch today.... cant wait for it to get warmer!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fast 5 at 12!

Did another fast 5k at 12 today , 4:00 pace done in under 20 minutes. Wore the heart rate monitor and was surprised that I wasn't able to get it past 167 bpm. I use to think that the max was 177 but that was established a few years ago. No wonder I feel so fatigued when I hit 164 bpm. I will have to adjust my HR zones based on this new info.

Resting 47-49 , Max 165-167

Monday, February 23, 2009

5K at lunch

Just a little 5K at lunch today , easy does it 5:30 pace.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Full body workout then a 10K run.

Took it indoors today , did a full body workout then a 10K run on the treadmill at a 5:00 pace.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tough run today

Didn't really feel up to it but I managed to get out the door and in a couple of Ks it was a go! Managed 17K +340m -360m at a 5:44 pace , Avg HR 151 BPM. It was a pretty reasonable late February day when I started . -3C , overcast and a light breeze. Well the temps hung in there but it really started to snow and there was a bit of wind here and there. Wasnt sure when I headed out how far or exactly where. I ended up going North on the 2nd for 7K to the Holland/Glenelg town line. Usually I turned around and head back but today I decided to head east on the town line to the baseline and then back South. The journey east was into a strong wind , two big hills and 2Ks later I tuned South on the baseline heading back. Instantly I lost the wind and was on a very narrow road with no ditch ....cedars right up to the road. It was one of those running moments of bliss when it all comes together! I really started to fatigue coming down the baseline . I knew I should take in some carbs but I didn't want to pause and end up getting chilled so I carried on. I did have a few hundred mils of concentrated Gator Aide that helped. The baseline ended at Grey rd 12 and I had a 2K run due West in the heavy snow but I had a good tail wind that pushed me along! When I got home I quickly stripped , grabbed a tall glass of chocolate milk and hit the hot tub for an hour!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

23K inside today

It was wet and snowy outside today so I thought I would take it inside! Was doing more base training, kept my heart at a constant 140 bpm pace with the exception of the last couple of Ks . Started around 12kmh and ended around 11kmh to maintain a constant 140bpm. It was an easy run but I did feel a slight burn deep in the upper leg at around 8K.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Re Frigee Eighter today

It turned out to be a silver medal day , did the race at a 4:41 pace. Fastest I have done anything in a couple of years.

Before the race I meet up with Run Manias CGraham and another fellow from Waterloo. The hour went by quickly and before I knew it I was standing at the start/finish! Weather was as good as it gets for February , Sunny with temps around freezing. My race goal was simple do as many 4:30Ks as I could , not go out too fast and try not to tail off at the end.

Passed quiet a few folks in the first couple of Ks and was passed by a guy pushing a running stroller with 2 kids in it.... I was hoping he was an 8K runner! Around 3K I was passed by a fellow that was a really cool older runner . I watched his stride , it was different but supper efficient. It just didn't look like he should be going as fast as he was!!!! I passed the fellow a few times on the uphill and he would pass me on the down or flat ...this went on a few times! While running with him I thought that I would be better off following his pace. After the race I learned that I was following Ron Gehl , the name was so familiar from past race results.

The course was kinda neat , lets just say I ran the "Big Dipper" ....

See what I mean ......

You start at the handle , run around the bowl twice and back up the handle to the finish!!!!!!

By the time I made it around the bowl it was 6km. First 6 were 4:25, 4:27, 4:34, 4:36, 4:48 and 4:36 not too bad. 4-5K was a bit off , I was into a strong head wind but I was still on Ron Gehls heals so I figured I wasn't too badly off. AT 6K we repeated the bowl of the big dipper with a little 1/2 km detour on a residential street. The half K loop was a good way to see the folks that were a couple of hundred meters ahead and behind you! At the 7K mark I saw "Farmer Pat " from Hillsburg , he was less then a 100m behind me but it gave me a bit of a boost because he usually finishes a few minutes ahead of me! At the end of the second loop around the bowl , 11K in Ron Gehl began to pull away and I was passed on the big hill by Farmer Pat. They pulled a hindered or so meters ahead of me but I kept them in my sights hoping I could catch them near the end. 7 to 11 K times were 4:45, 4:37, 4:47 , 4:47 and then 4:43. The last couple of Ks had lots of character , the biggest hill was at 11K , it was a 26 meter climb over 700 meters... usually not a big deal but after running hard for 11K its was tough . I clocked a 5:14 k as a result of the hill. With 1K to go Ron and Pat were about a 100 meters ahead ... my goal was to try to catch them. I pushed hard and closed within about 20 meters but I didn't quiet have enough in the tank .... last 955m ( just shy of a K ) was done in 4:23.

So here is how I finished , Pat and Ron too!

47 443 Ron Gehl 1:00:47 LM60-64 1/4 45 7:36 1:00:43 Kitchener
49 414 Pat Burke 1:00:56 LM45-49 7/12 47 7:37 Hillsburgh
50 460 Ronald Irwin 1:01:02 LMW-200 1/4 48 7:38 1:00:47 Durham

I finished 47th out of 154 runners , 1st in the 180-199lb Clydesdale category!

After the race I meet up with Run Manias Robbie T and CGraham. Both of these guys finished 2nd in their age group and check out these times......
10 510 Rob Tolman 49:34 LM35-39 2/12 10 6:12 49:30 Erin
7 444 Christopher Graham 48:30 LM40-44 2/22 7 6:04 48:25 Toronto
Two very , very , very fast guys!

I also met up with Mike Tickner , he is one very fast trail runner! Chatted with him over a couple of beers last year in Creemore ... check out his times.....
5 555 Mike Tickner 47:52 LM35-39 1/12 5 5:59 47:49 Kitchener

They have a ton of different categories, probably a quarter of those who ran walked away with a medal ... very nice! I look forward to doing this one again next year , I have my eye on breaking an hour!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting ready

Rest day today , worked 8-8 and a 5K at a 5:30 pace yesterday. It been hard sitting all day today. Fell like a spring all wound up ready to uncoil.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

On plan

At lunch I did a 5K treadmill run at a 5:30 pace.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10K in the rain

Couldn't really decide what I should do this week to prepare for Sunday. Did a 10K road run at a moderate pace , managed a 150 bpm average heart rate.

I was raining and 6C , I only wore two layers along with my running cap! I was quiet comfortable , not cold maybe a little on the warm site. The shell kept the cool wet out and let the warm in out! As soon as I started I noticed that the air was very fragrant with the smell of wet cedars , a few K in I passed a truck of fresh cut logs and did it ever smell strong. About the only smells in the air though the winter has been wood stoves!

I didn't wast to go out too fast but I didn't want to go at an LSD pace either. There are 10 hills in my route , I decided to use them as intervals and run hard up the hill then recover on the down and flats. Doing this gave me somewhere around a 5:10 pace. I kept holding back , this wasn't planned as a speed event. In the past I have ran hard and fast days before a race causing me not to perform at my peak when I needed too!

Tomorrow and Friday it will be a 5K at a 5:30 pace , Saturday reset and Sunday race.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rest day today...

Rest day today...been doing allot of back to back days of running. Did a 13K on the road after dark last night, first run with the new headlamp! Legs felts a wee bit tired , probably a combination of not enough sleep and lots of running so today I rest!

The Petzl Myo Xp Belt Headlamp worked great. Used the diffuser and pointed it low and I had all the light I needed! Look forward to trying it on the trails in a couple of months. I also strapped on a Petzl Signal Safety Light on the rear strap , this is a LED Flasher that is visible for 1km. The entire 13K was done without passing a single vehicle ... hey I was safe.


Tail light ...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Another 5K on the treadmill at 3am, didnt really feel up to much so I cut it short and kept it easy... last mid!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Speedy this morn....

OK, once again I had to prove to myself that yes indeed I can run sorta fast!
I wanted to mimic next weeks 8 mile race while keeping an eye on the heart rate. Started a 1:00 am by taking my resting hr, to my surprise it was 49 bpm. All that base building appears to be paying off! So , on to the run. First 2 Ks were building from a 5:00 pace to a 4:30 pace. At 2K I was doing 4:30 and I held it here for another 10K then geared down a the 12K mark ending 12.8 km in 58:40.
At the 2K mark until the 12K marks I held at a 4:30 pace. HR was interesting to watch averages were 3K 140, 4K 146, 5K 150, 6K 152, 7K 155, 8K 156, 9K 158, 10K 160, 11K 161, 12K 163. The gradual rise was quiet interesting to observe! 12-13K was the start of a cool down at 157 bpm. After 13K I did 2 more as a cool down and ended the run walking with a hr of 126 bpm.
I didn't feel too stressed until I passed 160 bpm then I felt like I was going behind a bit. I let the Garmin run for another 11 Min's after I was done running , at the end the HR was down to 92 bpm!
There is no doubt that the base building that I have been doing is having a huge effect on my overall fitness level.
I weighed in too, but naked after the run it was 180.9 lbs. I enter the Clydesdale class next week . 180 - 200 lbs! If I can get near the 60 min mark I should make the podium!
So , the prediction . After tonight's run my 8 mile predictions , Bronze 65:00 min, Silver 62:30 and Gold 60:00. I am confident in being well under 65:00 but how close to 60:00 is up in the air!
Going forward I will do an LSD tomorrow , 20K at a 5:45 or 5:30 pace. Monday rest , Tues and easy 10 on the road , Wed ?? , Thurs and Fri easy 5Ks and the reset on Sat prior to the Sunday race.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

In the gym at 3am

Another early morning workout. Did a full body weight routine with emphasis on legs and core then an easy 5K run at a 5:45 pace.

Friday, February 6, 2009

5K today

Just a short one this morning at 3am , was feeling a little bit buzzed so I cut it short. Managed 5K at a 5:30 pace... good enough I guess.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another 10 this morning

Just finished another 10K this morning , easy 5:30 pace. The balmy -29C outdoor temps made for a cool gym , 14C ! Started with a sweat shirt on , lost it at 1K then at 3K the compression shirt went... add a few more K and I was sweating pretty good! First K was at a 6:00 pace , gradually picked it up until I hit the 5:30 pace at 6K , at 8K I did one at a 4:30 pace then used the last K as a cool down.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10K at 2am , inside of course

Did most of my run somewhere between the Aerobic and Anaerobic zones. Started at a 6:00 pace and then over the next few K's I geared it up to a 4:45 pace. Held the faster pace for the last 6K of the run. First few "fast" Ks were a little hard then I relaxed into it, breathing wasn't to laboured and I felt pretty good! Tried to check the HR but the one built into the treadmill is so-so. Just at then end I managed to get a reading and it was 146 bpm but that was a few moments after I ramped it down from 12.6 kmh to 10.0 kmh.

I didn't really feel like running or doing anything! This is mid #2 , didn't sleep very well today ... typical response to switching the sleep patterns around. I was having perpetual running dreams ... 5K in 19:58! I will sleep better today!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My training zones ...

Found a cool little calculator , results are ...

Heart rate zones
My resting heart rate is: 58 My maximum heart rate is: 177

Long, slow runs, easy or recovery runs; 60-70% 129 - 141 bpm
Training in this zone improves the ability of your heart to pump blood and improve the muscles' ability to utilize oxygen. The body becomes more efficient at feeding the working muscles, and learns to metabolise fat as a source of fuel.

Aerobic zone or "target heart rate zone" 70-80% 141 - 153bpm
Most effective for overall cardiovascular fitness. Increases your cardio-respitory capacity: that is, the your ability to transport oxygenated blood to the muscle cells and carbon dioxide away from the cells. Also effective for increasing overall muscle strength.

Anaerobic zone 80-90% 153 - 165 bpm
The point at which the body cannot remove lactic acid as quickly as it is produced is called the lactate threshold or anaerobic threshold. It generally occurs at about 80-88% of the Heart Rate Reserve. Training in this zone helps to increase the lactate threshold, which improves performance. Training in this zone is hard: your muscles are tired, your breathing is heavy.

VO2 max "Red line zone" 90-100% 165 - 177 bpm
You should only train in this zone if you re very fit, and only for very short periods of time. Lactic acid develops quickly as you are operating in oxygen debt to the muscles The value of training in this zone is you can increase your fast twitch muscle fibers which increase speed.

Monday, February 2, 2009

23K LSD today

23K +365m/-342m at an average Heart Rate of 139 bpm. I kept an eye on the heart rate throughout the run keeping it at less then 140 bpm. Here is an interesting comparison...

Jan 23 , 23.01 km, Time 2:18:00 , Avg Pace 5:59, Avg Heart Rate 150 bpm
Feb 02, 23.01 km, Time 2:22:56 , Avg Pace 6:12, Avg Heart Rate 139 bpm
Still working on base building , in the scheme of things it really didn't make a huge difference running at 77% of Max HR vs 83%. On an interesting note I wore a pedomerter today , it redistered 21,484 steps...23K obviously my stride is a little over a meter.

Weather was great for a run today , as good as it gets for February. Sunny , a Southerly breeze and temps just above freezing.... and today the wind cooperated and didn't switch around , NICE! The LSD was bit easier , this is the 4th in 5 weeks. Started a 20 on the treadmill, then an 18 on the road then 2 23K Durham loops.

Jan mileage was 159.5K , Feb goal is 200K with at least 4 23K LSDs. March will be the same or a little more then Feb. The new season isnt that far away.

The Refrigee Eighter is less then 2 weeks away , I am thinking defiantly under a 5:00 pace , more towards a 4:45 average. I wont be hard to beat last years time!!!!

Base Building

Yesterday , Sunday I stopped in at work on the way to get groceries. Did a 10K run on the treadmill, not to a specific pace but to heart rate. Started at 124 bpm and ended at 127 bpm, pace was 5:30 / min. The more of this sort of running I do the more I believe in what I am doing!